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December 8th 2011 2:09 pm
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I had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!! I walked into the bedroom all by myself this morning!!!!!


Mommy was so stunned when she realized what I did that she did a happy dance and she gave me loves and kissies and yum yums!!!! Tha furst time, Mommy was not in there, and I just did a quick look around, and the second time Mommy was in there and I went right up to her fur some bonks!

Mommy also put my yum yum bowl like, right at tha edge of tha invisible forcefield and I still ate it-I looked around fur Harrison, but I still ate it...awwwwls!!!

I even gots my turn last night ta sleeps with Mommy and so I took tha guardian watch cat pawsishion furst on her chest, so I gots ta feels her heart and give her face a bath, and then I gots on tha side a'her and cuddled tha arm cuddle spot.

Ya know-I don't wants ta talk too much about it ta jinx it and awwwl, but I think it's tha kewlest thing when I makes Mommy happy, 'cause she says it makes her happies, and when she is happies, that means more yum yums fur me.



Mews fur me and stuffs

December 7th 2011 2:29 pm
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I realized that 'cause of Mommy, I has been soooo bad about posting on my diary and giving thanks. We was just so shocked fur our dear furrriend Natasha making her Bridge Journey, plus Mommy was acting awl likes she had a raincloud ovfur her head or somethings. And so that means she reads our furrriends stuffs to us, but nevfur gives us a turn. But here I is! I has some thanks to give out too, so belated (hiss Mom)-thank mew to:

My sweetheart Riley fur the pumpkin pie-I miss you sweetums! And tha kewl Tabbies at Trout Town fur tha pumpkin pie too!
Tabatha and Monster fur the Blue Ribbons!
Ozzy and Harriet and Mercy, Oly, Noah and the furmily fur tha Turkey!
Gunnarr and furmily fur the heart!

and ta my Secret Santa from Pen Paws fur not one, not two, but three hearts!!!

I needs ta post some clarificashuons too fur my Secret Santa, 'cause I thinks my diary makes me sound so naughties, but I swears I has been sooooooooooooo good!!!! It's just my sishuashions with Harrison that makes me seem naughtier than I akshully is! In facts, you would be so proud a'me SS! I did such a good thing Monday night! And this is how tha storie goes...

T'was tha night befur Tuesday and awwwwl thru tha house, I heard tha pitter patter of paws...and not from a mouse.
It was my brofur Harrison, tha stinker that he be...
in tha beddyroom-far away from me...heehee!

then Mommy arose ta see that stinky boy, and put him in the baffffrooms, with neither yum yums nor toys.
And when she closed tha door there arose such a clatter-I sprung just ta sees it-well 'cause I'm a cat and tha reasons why doesn't matters!

the clatter was Harrison-sprung out from tha room-headed straight towards me-leaving a trails of his drool...

He jumped on me with his paws all a flutter,
but did I hiss-NO! I thoughts, "oh why bother!"

I peed in my spot and then dashed outta sight-Mommy grabbed stinker with awwwls of her might (not really MOL!)

He wents in tha pottyroom, in such a big huff-and then Mommy came ta finds me, ta sees if I was roughed.

I was cool and calm and as purrrfect as can be-even though yes, in fact, I had peed.

I got putted in tha beddieroom, ta cuddles up awl nice and warms-and Harrison got tha living room-and played up a storms.

Mommy did not swears, nor yells nor cry-'cause she knew we would sense it, so she kept her eyes dry...

Well ok-so you gets it, right Secret Santa??!! I was tha good girl here! Harrison was tha stinkerpuss. And I was a good girl, even though I peed on myselfs. I has been purrrfect. I has been taking this medicines, I know-it stinks, but it has helped and ya know what-I is hanging out in places I was scurrrred from befur, and I am trying ta be braves again. Tha only naughty I has done is, and I know it's naughty 'cause Mommy says no no no no! Is I has been checking out tha Christmassssy tree and lights and seeing if they has flavfur-and I know I gots ta stops.

So that's what happened lately-one more thing is Mommy talked to tha dooooood who puts his hands in tha litter again and she is super confoooooosed-but now he says he will visit again in December with us and he thinks that Harrison isn't doing well on tha medicines he is taking-and Mommy agreed-'cause he is still obsessed wif mes. But he has connections or something and is gonna call anothfur vet doc doc fur a second opinion and stuffs. And he said ta keep up doing what we is doing-specially since I is getting braver.

Mommy called this radio dude too on Sat and told him about our sishuashion and he said that we shouldn't be separates, Harrison and me, but we has ta be right now-but Mommy's gotta has visitors ovfur ta hold both me and Harrison so we can sees each other, but not touch. We did try that with the harness and leash too-Harrison is just zombie-hungries fur my fur.

Whew! my paws are tired! But that's the mews I has right now. I am sending lots a loves out to my furrriends and their furmilies who has had sadness this weekend-we at my house is with you.

Love always,


So Sad

December 2nd 2011 4:43 pm
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I just got such sad news. I am mewless. My good furrriend Natasha is making her Journey to the Bridge tomorrow. here's what Indy purrr'd from the Bridge-he needs helps:

Furrriends and angels,
I have a huge favor to asks tonight. One of my very good friends is making her Bridge Journey tomorrow. She has been such a good furrriend and her Mommy was always so kind to my mommy-my good furrriend Natasha. She has been doing very well, but her mommy just got the heartbreaking mews today. Purrrrlease purrrr and pray fur her. I will be waiting at the front of the Rainbow Bridge to welcome her with my paws open.

Here's her diary: plus_years/

Angel Indiana

Purrrlease send purrrrs tonight and POTP


Technical difficulties

November 22nd 2011 3:36 pm
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This weekend all we had was pawroblems with computer stuffs. And it was the worst weekend evfur because we missed out on furrriends becoming Angels. I am so sorry we weren't able to be there fur our furrriends.

It's been going ok fur the most part at my house-I had a break through this weekend mommy says! I played with the cat chaser toy!!! I nevfur really play too much lately, like I've paw'd about befur, but I don't know what came ovfur me-I just had ta jump in the tunnel of the cat tree and try ta cat it dancing around me!!! My acnes has not been too good either so Mommy finally got us a new fountain on tha internets, and it's awl fancy looking and is made of ceramic. We were gonna get the other one made of steel, but we hear they are both good, so if we get another one we might try that one.

Mommy also moved my window perch that fell off the window out into the living room by the big ol window that looks out back! It's kewl ta has there!!!

That's about tha most that's happening right now-Mom's got extra time off work this week! And that is pawsome!!!



Yes-I KNOW what NO means MOMMY!

November 17th 2011 12:06 pm
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Ya know, sometimes I wonder what my mommy thinks a me sometimes-'cause I am such a good girl that if I does something not like normals, then maybe something's up. Like she's not listening ta me-well, so I told her this morning!

Ok-so I do likes ta chews on tha plastics frum times ta times, or lick it 'cause it's gotted this flavfur that's like, hmmm, I don't knows, but it's fun. And always when I does it, Mommy says, "Kitty." and I stops. But then when she's not lookin I starts again and then I hear it agains..."Kitty!" like that too-like punkshuashions...I wish I could speaks it! then time number three comes, and so does Mommy..."Kitty Pryde! No No No No! You know not to eat the plastic!"

....and this time instead a'runnin, ya know what I did!?!?!! She said, "Kittttty" and I looked at her and I says, "Hsssssss" and she looked like I barked or somethings! But I looked at her straights in tha eyes and did that, my "Hsssss" and then ya knows what she did?!

She laughed at me!!! And then she came ovfur ta moves the baggies that I was nibbling on, evfur so delicatly, my nibbles was.

But here's a cool thing-I slept in the bedroom with her last night!!! See, she has this class and is always running round like crazies on Wed, and so she didn't separate Harrison and me fur the nighttime playtime and just played with him in the bedroom-and he played goooood. So at night she thought he could stretch his fluffypants and I could hang with her in a calm sisshuashion. And I did good! A'course I wanted ta get out, but I was patient and Harrison didn't cry at night 'cause he gots a good exercise, but I'm sure he missed sleeping on Mommy-'cause he uses her like his own purrrrsonal pillow usually.

Maybe that's why I hissed at Mommy this morning-'cause I had my wits about me 'cause I had an advenshuuuree-I gotta says, I thinks I might sleeps in there again 'cause Mommy could tell that even though I was a little watchful of tha door, I was happily bonking her face and cuddling and I hasn't been so much lately. Tha doooooood did tell Mommy that she makes tha rules, but I guess she still wants rules with us, but I guess she is makin this rule MOL!

And I am a DDP today!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!! Thanks fur tha specialness today!



getting discouraged

November 16th 2011 12:45 pm
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*sigh* I is doing that fur Mommy 'cause that's how she feels right now. And she is keeping up the works and being pawsitives, but right now she is feeling a bit down in the litterbox. Maybe it's other stuffs, so it makes our kitty stuff seem worse than it is, but she's getting discouraged about pawrogress.

It's like, we is doing evfurrything, but I still get awwwwl upset when I has to go into the bedroom and I pretty much just park my kiester on tha cattree, and Harrison wants ta play, but now aftur a full week a'playing, he's not so interested anymore, specially 'cause he realized that he gets yum yums aftur. So he just wants tha yum yums.

Ya know-and Mommy is so emoshiunals like my furrriends pawrents too when something isn't good with their furrrrs too-and when I am just hanging on the cat tree and stuffs, sometimes I think, she thinks I am awwwl sad 'cause I don't wanna cuddle or something, so she feels bad, like I is not getting my needs met and stuffs. Plus, she feels bad that I is alone awl day, then sleeps alone in the living room at night-and isn't that crazy fur a mom ta worry about such a small thing like that?

So I guess she's just feeling sorries fur herselfs, and I can understands that 'cause I feel sorries fur myselfs when I go to the refrigerator and meow fur turkey pieces (sorry tabbies!!!) and I don't gets none!

We has a talk with the doooood again on Monday and then scheduled tha visit fur the end of December, but I just don't know if I is gonna be ready to meet Harrison face ta face again, let alone be ready anytime soon. I do like to peek at the door to his room and stuffs, but when Mommy lets me out of the bedroom, I run sooo fast ta get outta there, it's like I gots fire in my pants!

On a happy thing, my good good furrrriends Leo, Lucy and Charrrrrlie are Cheezburgers MOL! It's sooooo pawsome! And I is thinking about my furrriend Natasha too, who had a vet doc doc appt. I hope you are doing ok sweet furrriend.



so hard sometimes

November 14th 2011 4:08 pm
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ya know, I know I am the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, and Mommy is lucky ta has such a precious jewel of a girl in her lifes, but sometimes it can be hard to keeps that pretty girl catitude when you has stuff going on at home. And by stuff, I mean Mommy making me switch rooms more than once a day! I have been doing it, but I still squirm and squish and squeeeeel when she does it-'cause I know that she is gonna put me in the bedroom. And she doesn't like me to be unhappy too-so now she's gotta sneaks up on me and just give me lots of affections so that way it throws off the surprise sneak ups when I get put in the room. of. doom.

The room of doom used to be my favfurite place where I used to sleep with Mommy evfurrynight and sleeps on the window perch, while Indy slept on the bed, and it was a kewl place just to hang. Now that the window perch is gone (oh the velcro came off and Mommy didn't put it back up yet) and there is a window height cat tree there, I hang there when I is forced...against my wills(!!!) to sit in there. Mommy even puts my yum yums beside me, since now she sees that in the room of doom, that one perch is my whole comfurt zone, and like, tha rest of the room is kinda like the forcefield thing in the hallway too-we can't sees it, but it's there. So we is workin on that one.

But a kkkkeeeeewl thing that happened this weekend is Mommy built a shelf fur me to climb up on from my cat tree, to the top of the bookcase! She bought anothfur one too-but aftur this one was measured carefully (yeah right! I was there MOL!) it is still crooked, but straight and secure enuffs where I can still sit on it and stuffs. I was frightened of it at furst, but then alls a sudden there were treats going from my cat tree, to the shelf, to the top of the bookcases! it was fun!

I also has been chasing the string toy more-and I even did something I hasn't done in a long time-Mommy was in the baffffroom lookin in the mirror and I came right in and jumped up onto tha toilet seat and then teh sink to see what she was doing! I usta like helping Mommy get ready and stuffs, and even though I just was there fur a minute or less, it was nice to see our pretty faces in tha mirror together...cause when I was a kitten she used ta hold me and we had a diff'rnt apartment then with a huge wall mirror in the bathroom, so she used to show me what a pretty girl I was all the times. it was specials.

Oh and one more thing-MOL MOL MOL!!!! you know what Harrison did this morning!!!! And It's funny fur me and fur Mommy, although Mommy feels bad!!! Well, Mommy cleaned the litterboxes yesterday and we has three total-one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom-well, she moved the cattree out of the bathroom this weekend and stuffs, and she cleaned the box in there, and she puts awwwl the dirty litter in a paper grocery bag, then puts that in a plastic bag-well the bag was sooo heavy and she felt sooo sick last night, so she didn't bring it in the garbage, and didn't put new litter in that bathroom box, 'cause I always use the kitchen one and Harrison only is in the bathroom fur like a minute when we does the room switch...well Harrison is akshully a good boy, even though you better furgets that I said that!!! He had to go potty, the peepee dance kind, and awls a sudden Mommy heard the paper bag and she went in tha room and Harrison climbed up onto the paper bag on top of the old litter and peepeed in the bag itselfs MOL! And there was no mess 'cause it awwwl got sucked up in the I guess he's not awwwl that bad.



Sneaky Kitty

November 8th 2011 3:33 pm
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I have been evfur so sneaky lately, that Mommy thinks that she might calls me that from now on! I can sneaks up behind her and sneak inta the refrigerator when she's got it open (so I can looks fur yum yums!!!) and I even sneaks out of the bedroom when I get stuck in there evfur so quickly that last night she akshully went ta see how comes I hadn't snuck out yet, and I was right behind her MOL!

I'm also sneaky 'cause...shhhhhh!!!!! I been sneakin peeks at Harrison from under tha bedroom door-so quietly I sneaks there, that you can't even hear tha pitter-patter of my purrrrfect pink paws on tha hard wood floor. And when Mommy sees me sneakin a peekieboo, she tries, not so purrrfect like me, ta sneeeeeeeek with me, but then I runs away-'cause I don't wanna be caught checkin out that fluffy stinker!

And ya know, Mommy made me go inta the bed room last night and that stinky butt made a big ol'stinkin mess in tha box!!! As if I would evfur put my purrrfect pink pawsies in there aftur that one. And Mommy made me stays in that room fur an hour!!! It was 'cause there was a little old dude ovfur ta repair tha heater and so she was with Harrison tryin ta gets him ta play, but still. peeeeyeeeewwww! I guess tha only good part was that when that little old dude got that scuuuurrrry machine ta sucks up all the stuffs from tha floor I was safe in tha bed room and Harrison was out there and I think he had ta has gotten a fright in him from tha loudness!

I has been getting good yummy treats though, with tha clicker. I even was chasing around the string toy that usta has a mousie on it-besides my special green and while ball it's like tha only things I want to play with right now. But evfurrything else is ok I guess. I am just hungries! I want my yum yums all the time, but only gets them now at certain times, fur the last couple of days...That's not kewl, so I mew and mew and tell Mommy I'm hungry and she just says ta me, "I hear you Kitty, I hear you!" BUT SHE DOESNT FEEEDS ME, THAT WOMAN I CAWWWWLS MOMMY!

What is a girl ta do?

Concats to my goooooood furrrrriend Angel Alex too! She is the Cat of tha Week! What an honor!!! I betcha if she was at home she would get foods on demand MOL! But at the Bridge tha foods is abundant and plentifuls, and you don't even gets a tummy ache from all the toooooona I bet!

Yours and yum yum wishes,
Hugs and Bonks,


DDP thank yous!

November 6th 2011 8:30 pm
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What a kewl weekend! furrrst I make a new furrriend and then I am DDP!

Thanks to Hooch fur the Heart!
Thanks to Mallee and Milo fur the Heart!
Thanks to Timmy Tomcat and his furmily fur the Acorn!
Thanks to Tate fur the Acorn!
Thanks to Tabatha fur the picshure she made me, that I will soon post!
and thanks to Angel Buddie and his furmily fur the pawmail!

I feel so lucky!

Today has been a good day. I a'course got put into the beddie room twice, which feels like time out! but it was ok I guess, and I got lots of treats today when Mommy clicked this thing and then put treats down-that was the most fun akshully. Now I am just taking it easy with Mommy on the couch, keeping her warm with my kitty heart fire!

I has to say too, how truly sad I became earlier. I heard that poor Jack, the kitty lost at the airport back in Mommy's home town, became a Rainbow Bridge Angel today. He was such a fighter and with that strength he kept fighting to get better, but his injuries were just too much fur his body to fight anymores. I am so happy he got ta see his Mommy befure he made his journey. That makes me the happiest ta know that he got to see her, because he had to has been so scurrred this whole time. Sweet Angel Jack, we at my house will nevfur furget you and purlease look fur Indy at the Bridge. He is such a special boy and will helps you ta feel safe.



my day with tha dooooood

November 5th 2011 7:00 pm
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Oh man!!! Catster fleas!!!! I wrote this whole diary and then when I tried ta save it, it went blank!!! I hope I can remember all tha stuffs I just wrote!!!

So, tha day started when this doooood came ovfur my house. I liked him right away and went ta says hi ta him. He was so nice and said what a purrrrty girl I am and stuffs. Then ya know what he did!!! He looked around and took my hiding boxes away!!! He told Mommy that I can't has places ta hide where Harrison might wanna chase me to, and has no place ta run to! He also said that he thinks Harrison just thinks I is a toy, better than all tha other toys, 'cause not only does I run, make noise and is soft, but I pee too, and all the other toys don't do that when he chases them!

He said I needs ta go into tha bedroom too, even if I don't wanna, 'cause Harrison needs ta has time, even if it's only 20 minutes twice a day, ta run and play in a big space, so he can see how much cooler the cat toys are ta chase than I am. He even tried ta has Mommy and them himselfs put me in the bedroom, but I didn't wanna and I scratched Mommy and tried ta nibbles on him when they tried ta put me in there....see, there is this invisible line that I don't wanna cross and he could see, and showed Mommy how ta tell, that when I got to a certain point in the 'partment, my confidence went from kewl and collected ta frightened and scurrrred. So we gotta works on that and help my comfurrt level. My homework was ta get into tha bedroom and aftur he left, Mommy did put me in there, and I was ok, even though I didn't likes it at furst.

So he also said that 'cause of my comfurts, I had ta has my food bowl moved so I would just walk right up ta it and away, instead of peeking around fur Harrison eat time I want ta eat. Harrison's bowl has ta move too, even though he is comfurtable wherevfur it is. I also am gonna get treats treats treats! He did want Mommy ta click and treat me again, but without the part that I has to touch something fur a treat. I just hear the click and get a yum yum, so whenevfur I hear the click, I know tha yum yums come.

I basically gots a month about ta get my scurrrred kittyness better, and then he is gonna come back ovfur and helps Mommy to akshully introduce me to Harrison. In tha meantimes, Mommy has ta make some changes, the kind like moving my food closer based on my comfurrts and the play stuffs with Harrison. He says he's got so much hopes 'cause I am such a happy and kewl kitty in tha way I interacts and stuffs, I just am nervfous with Harrison 'cause I just expects badness ta happen.

He thinks Harrison is a good dude-I'm not so sure about that MOL! But, I guess if Mommy works hard and doesn't push my comfurrts (that's her homework!) then maybe I will see what a good dude he is too. But fur sure tha most important thing is ta makes me feel safe in all tha places in my home, but let Harrison get his playtime out too so he doesn't play with me!

He told Mommy too that she's gotta trust her insticts with us, 'cause they are sooo right, but she's gotta trust them. So if she thinks that I can move a step up, then ta let me, but make sure she can tell my comfurts is ok. he was so nice too and Mommy told him all about Catster and so she is gonna keep updating my diary with how I am doing and send it ta him too so he can keep up on my pawrogress. Oh, and he is gonna talks to my vet doc doc too about evfurrything and ta change my medicines 'cause even though I is getting confidents again, he thinks I should be taking something else.

So awlll in awlll I think it was good-he gave Mommy some toys too fur Harrison ta chase 'cause he loves ta plays and he is a typical boy who is naughty, MOL! and has lots a energy ta get out. He most definitely said that he has so much hopes and that it's not as awfuls as it seems, as long as we go with tha flow and take time with steps. And no more kibbles!!! I love my yum yums so I'm not sure how I feel about that rule, but we will see! I do love my wet stuffs a lot. We gotta move tha litter box too when we get furthur along, and add some shelves up ta helps with the escape routes.

He said I am such a beautiful girl though and loves my behaviors and how I walk around and stuffs-I just can't hide anymore, or rather, has hiding spots that kinda blocks my perceptions of where Harrison is. And those baby gates aren't gonna come out fur awhile 'cause we gots ta be separate fur sure fur now.

It's awwwwl so crazy! But Mommy is gonna follow tha rules and hopefully evfurrything will be so much better fur us! And I know that Harrison was so happy ta has access to tha living room today. He drank from my fountain and went on tha cat trees and played with Mommy. I thinks he was more excited ta be in another room 'cause he wasn't as interested in tha toys as he usually is, but with the plan, he should look forward to tha play time and will get his yum yums aftur he gets awwwl worn out from playing!

If I can remember anything else I will let ya know! Right now I cannot remember much, there was so much infurmations! It's funny though 'cause Mommy was saying that she has read so many books and this dooood thought that was pawsome! But it is so much more helpfuls ta has a real purrrrson ta talk to and walk through the steps with, and help fill in tha holes that the books don't fully fill, or at least explain things in a better way even if it's written down!


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