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Kitty's Mews

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Scurrrrred kitty

February 28th 2012 10:54 pm
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I am so frightened! There's these doooooods I can't even see in my house bangin on tha pipes and walls and I is stucks in tha bedroom with Harrison, who's in prisons! And even in prisons, he still scurrs me lots! I don't even wanna eat my yum yums AND I hissed at mommy outta my scaredness! I keep peekin on Harrison, even tho he's hidden under a blankie, in tha prisons, and when he's in tha other room I spies too. We gots these doooooods fixin tha pipes fur three more days too! And a painter doooood fur two next weeks! Horror!

In another bit a news, my name is in tha new Humane Society newsletter! It's so kewl! So is mommys and some of my furrrriends too, and even their pishuuures! Mol! Cats rule!

Purrrlease purrrr that I won't get so scurrrred fur too much longer. Mommy did talks to my vet doc doc and she said even tho we took a few steps back (like cuz Harrison tried ta eats me the other day even with is harness on!) ta keep tryin. I hope she's right.



Paw Stretchies and stuffs

February 22nd 2012 12:14 pm
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I decided ta stops being a pawrincess and laying with my Calming Collar Sachet, which is PAWSOME!!! and ta stretch my pawsies out, and write in my Diary. It's been too longs, and too much stuffs has been happening that I just gotta shares!

Furrrst, it was Valentine's Day and I got lots of loves, but Harrison...he gotted a Valentine! MUOW! MOL! Our good furrriend Blizzard, tha Catfather, has a furrrr at his house named Panda, and she asked Harrison and then he got awwwl drooolie like when Mommy pets him. I still has my sweet boy Riley, although he's not on Catster so muchly right now, but I sends him loves in my thoughts evfurryday.

We allllso has tha screen door, finally, up and so Harrison and I gets ta see each other, but not touch. He stinks though and still tries ta jumps but then he bounces off tha screen MOL! We has tha dooooooood, Jackson, who is s'posed ta come back soon. Mommy and I watches him on tha teevee too and when I hears him talks, I look up.

I has become much more happy too lately. I am playin with my green and while ball, all tha times, and a stringy too that the mousie fell off of. Mommy has been sleeping in tha living room lots too lately, I guess she likes ta take tha turns like we does, in tha beddie room and out tha beddie room. It's kewl though 'cause wherevfur she is, if I'm there then I squiiiiissh my head in her face fur Bonks and then I lay in her Mommy arm nook, ya know that one right...where we can lays on Mommy and still be fully wrapped up in her arms at tha sames's tha bestest!

I also has been looking good on my chinny chin chin-Mommy felts some bumpies, but gave em a squeeeze (like tha vet did) and it was good. And the vet doc doc called us to ta checks on us.

guess what....I kinda has a crush on my hoooooman furrriend that's a boy too. MOL! (don't worry Riley, you are always my sweetie!) When tha hooooooman comes ta visits, I likes ta sleeps next to where he is on tha other couchie, and sometimes if he falls asleeps too on tha couchie, I spies on him on the arm of the couchie =)
And I know he loves me too 'cause ya knows why...he calls Mommy Kitty Korsnes, MOL!, And that's my name!!! So he must does it 'cause he thinks I is so special! Not 'cause Mommy is a cat lady MOL!

Anymeows! It's been lots a'good days lately and I know mores is coming up!



My acting demeuw!

January 13th 2012 8:02 pm
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Furrrriends! I'm a movie star! Mol! At this link you can sees me awwwl pretty! If you look closely, I is in two spots! Furrrrst under that Christmasssy tree (shhhhh! We hoped no one would notice it!) and then on the magic couchie pawrotecting my mommy from robbers haha!



Mew Year, Mew stuffs

January 1st 2012 6:44 pm
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I can't believe it's already anothfur year! I'm gonna be 4 yrs old soon and stuffs mol! This year had so many good stuffs and so many bad stuffs too, but I'm glad ta has sush good furrrriends to helps me thru tha bad times and ta helps me celebrates tha good times, and this year will be just as specials.

M chinny chin chin is getting a little better, thanks fur the purrrrs! I don't likes tha medicines on it, but when mommy puts it on I sit still and lets her. And guess what! Even tho I has a hurted chinny, I is a movie stawwww! Mommy and her furrrriends made a little movie at my apartment and I gots ta be in it and the kitty sitting on tha couch mol! I looked right into the camera and blinked my pretty eyes. :)

I am also a diary pick today, thanks Diary gal! Thanks Tabatha fur the picshure too and Buddie fur the pmail and the healing ribbon! And thanks ta Sparky too fur the gingerbread man! And Mayflower and Mikey fur the snowflake ta melts away my hurts. I love my furrrriends!

Love Kitty


Kitty Pryde and the no good, terribly rotten, awful stinking- day!

December 29th 2011 11:33 pm
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Today was a rough one. I am so luckies though, that it was not as awfuls as some othfurs. I had to go to the vet doc doc today cause I had a swollen lip and my eye got a little goopies again....well, even tho my acne was looking much clearer, it was growin under my skin on my chinny chin chin...and caused some bumpies, and I scratched one and it was a yucky mess! And then the doc doc, who was furry nice so I stayed still (and she let me hide under my blankie) squeezed tha bumpie and some yuckie goopies came dribbling out too! And I gots tha red blood stuffs all ovfur my pretty fur! No bueno!

The nice lady took me in tha back and gave me a needle with medicines and I gots eye and nose drops and Mommy's got ta get me the medicines cream from the special pharmacy tomorrow that has the antibiotics in it. I has ta go back if it doesn't get better in a couple weeks....and if I start tha scratchies then I gots ta wear a cone! Mommy tried ta put it on me, so I stopped scratching to be a good girl. I can still eat my yum yums at least, and I lost some weight, which is not good, but that means I gets more food again and not just at the special mealtimes, but it's gotta be fed in tha special spot so I still get comfurtables again with Harrison being close by. We don't wants ta break all tha rules that the doooood gave us advice on.

Harrison is being a good boy fur that most part. Mommy took him on walks the last three days and he even gots ta see the front lawn. And then he ran like a crazy wild cat, with his kitty holster on, so mom was able ta keeps him safe and secure. He even came inside with it on and I was sitting on the ,couchie and I didn't even hissies and he was too excited bout outsides I guess ta notice me. Mommy said good job ta us both.

Befur I says night night, I wants ta ask fur some special purrrrrs fur my furriend Colette. She needs them, so purrrrlease send her and her mommy some love and POTP!



Merry Christmasssy and other mews

December 27th 2011 2:27 pm
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I cannot believes it, but Christmasssy is ovfur! I got prezzzies though from Santa Paws! And my Secret SANTA! Thanks fur all the rosettes too from my furrrriends! Mommy was home with us all day and will be here all weeks too! We also got a visit from tha doooooood too, and mommy aksked him the most very important question fur my furrrriends too....why did ya put your paws in tha litter box on tee veeee? And he said cause sometimes yur gonna touch poooopies mol! It was a pawsitive meeting tho and we is on a good track and mommy is gonna put up a screen door. And Harrison is gettin something called a kitty holster and is gonna go on walks evfurryday.
We hopes all our furrrriends had a happy happy Christmasssy!
Love Kitty


Yesturrrday DDP!

December 11th 2011 11:25 am
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Thanks Catster diary gal, fur making me a DDP yesterday! I can't believes I missed it! I has been feeling a little under tha weather, and Mommy has too-so we didn't spend mush time on tha puter...I thinks I gots some pawroblem with my little pretty eye! It's a little pink. My acne stuffs was going away all nice since we gots the new fountain too, but Mommy was cleaning my chinny chin chin and now I gots a huuuuuuge gross thing on it! WHy would my mom make my chinny worse??! Now she's tryin ta washes it, but I don't wanna let her.

Thank you Milo fur the snowman!!! And Da Tabbies fur tha Stocking! and Tabatha and Buddie fur the pm!

I hopes today is just a day fur cuddles. I needs them I thinks. Oh, and about my pawrogress-it's pawrogressing I guess. I walked inta the room on my owns a couple more times, but when I got on the blankie Harrison sleeps on I did a hissy, but then I slept on it MOL!




December 8th 2011 2:09 pm
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I had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!! I walked into the bedroom all by myself this morning!!!!!


Mommy was so stunned when she realized what I did that she did a happy dance and she gave me loves and kissies and yum yums!!!! Tha furst time, Mommy was not in there, and I just did a quick look around, and the second time Mommy was in there and I went right up to her fur some bonks!

Mommy also put my yum yum bowl like, right at tha edge of tha invisible forcefield and I still ate it-I looked around fur Harrison, but I still ate it...awwwwls!!!

I even gots my turn last night ta sleeps with Mommy and so I took tha guardian watch cat pawsishion furst on her chest, so I gots ta feels her heart and give her face a bath, and then I gots on tha side a'her and cuddled tha arm cuddle spot.

Ya know-I don't wants ta talk too much about it ta jinx it and awwwl, but I think it's tha kewlest thing when I makes Mommy happy, 'cause she says it makes her happies, and when she is happies, that means more yum yums fur me.



Mews fur me and stuffs

December 7th 2011 2:29 pm
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I realized that 'cause of Mommy, I has been soooo bad about posting on my diary and giving thanks. We was just so shocked fur our dear furrriend Natasha making her Bridge Journey, plus Mommy was acting awl likes she had a raincloud ovfur her head or somethings. And so that means she reads our furrriends stuffs to us, but nevfur gives us a turn. But here I is! I has some thanks to give out too, so belated (hiss Mom)-thank mew to:

My sweetheart Riley fur the pumpkin pie-I miss you sweetums! And tha kewl Tabbies at Trout Town fur tha pumpkin pie too!
Tabatha and Monster fur the Blue Ribbons!
Ozzy and Harriet and Mercy, Oly, Noah and the furmily fur tha Turkey!
Gunnarr and furmily fur the heart!

and ta my Secret Santa from Pen Paws fur not one, not two, but three hearts!!!

I needs ta post some clarificashuons too fur my Secret Santa, 'cause I thinks my diary makes me sound so naughties, but I swears I has been sooooooooooooo good!!!! It's just my sishuashions with Harrison that makes me seem naughtier than I akshully is! In facts, you would be so proud a'me SS! I did such a good thing Monday night! And this is how tha storie goes...

T'was tha night befur Tuesday and awwwwl thru tha house, I heard tha pitter patter of paws...and not from a mouse.
It was my brofur Harrison, tha stinker that he be...
in tha beddyroom-far away from me...heehee!

then Mommy arose ta see that stinky boy, and put him in the baffffrooms, with neither yum yums nor toys.
And when she closed tha door there arose such a clatter-I sprung just ta sees it-well 'cause I'm a cat and tha reasons why doesn't matters!

the clatter was Harrison-sprung out from tha room-headed straight towards me-leaving a trails of his drool...

He jumped on me with his paws all a flutter,
but did I hiss-NO! I thoughts, "oh why bother!"

I peed in my spot and then dashed outta sight-Mommy grabbed stinker with awwwls of her might (not really MOL!)

He wents in tha pottyroom, in such a big huff-and then Mommy came ta finds me, ta sees if I was roughed.

I was cool and calm and as purrrfect as can be-even though yes, in fact, I had peed.

I got putted in tha beddieroom, ta cuddles up awl nice and warms-and Harrison got tha living room-and played up a storms.

Mommy did not swears, nor yells nor cry-'cause she knew we would sense it, so she kept her eyes dry...

Well ok-so you gets it, right Secret Santa??!! I was tha good girl here! Harrison was tha stinkerpuss. And I was a good girl, even though I peed on myselfs. I has been purrrfect. I has been taking this medicines, I know-it stinks, but it has helped and ya know what-I is hanging out in places I was scurrrred from befur, and I am trying ta be braves again. Tha only naughty I has done is, and I know it's naughty 'cause Mommy says no no no no! Is I has been checking out tha Christmassssy tree and lights and seeing if they has flavfur-and I know I gots ta stops.

So that's what happened lately-one more thing is Mommy talked to tha dooooood who puts his hands in tha litter again and she is super confoooooosed-but now he says he will visit again in December with us and he thinks that Harrison isn't doing well on tha medicines he is taking-and Mommy agreed-'cause he is still obsessed wif mes. But he has connections or something and is gonna call anothfur vet doc doc fur a second opinion and stuffs. And he said ta keep up doing what we is doing-specially since I is getting braver.

Mommy called this radio dude too on Sat and told him about our sishuashion and he said that we shouldn't be separates, Harrison and me, but we has ta be right now-but Mommy's gotta has visitors ovfur ta hold both me and Harrison so we can sees each other, but not touch. We did try that with the harness and leash too-Harrison is just zombie-hungries fur my fur.

Whew! my paws are tired! But that's the mews I has right now. I am sending lots a loves out to my furrriends and their furmilies who has had sadness this weekend-we at my house is with you.

Love always,


So Sad

December 2nd 2011 4:43 pm
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I just got such sad news. I am mewless. My good furrriend Natasha is making her Journey to the Bridge tomorrow. here's what Indy purrr'd from the Bridge-he needs helps:

Furrriends and angels,
I have a huge favor to asks tonight. One of my very good friends is making her Bridge Journey tomorrow. She has been such a good furrriend and her Mommy was always so kind to my mommy-my good furrriend Natasha. She has been doing very well, but her mommy just got the heartbreaking mews today. Purrrrlease purrrr and pray fur her. I will be waiting at the front of the Rainbow Bridge to welcome her with my paws open.

Here's her diary: plus_years/

Angel Indiana

Purrrlease send purrrrs tonight and POTP

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