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those treats...again....

April 10th 2013 4:36 pm
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Well, since evfurryfur who commented on my diary last time when I wrote about my addicshuns to the treats, Mommy decided ta make a special trip to the petstore that has the freezedried yum yums that I likes. And boy did their selection grow! Mommy got me some freeze-dried turkey, chicken, salmon...and I can eat those yum yums allllll day!

.....which is why I write today.....well, I got to tha yum yums on my own, without mew mew mewing a storm fur Mommy to give in a little. It was very dark-nightimes, when Mommy was sleepies, that this happened. It was very windy too, which halped me in my naughtiness a little. But awls a sudden, as I eated my way through that bag of turkey freeze-dried yum yums, that I got awl tha way off the counter, out of tha kitchen and onto tha floors, I heard a noise and right away I knew there was gonna be trouble. But then the taste of the yum yums took over in my mouth and back to eating I went.

Well...that noise I heard was Mommy! She heard the treat bag and got outta beds and then I looked up and mewed at her, and she had tha nerves ta say No No No! and she took my yum yums away. You know-I think she may need ta start putting them in a glass container 'cause I opened the top off the plastic one she had before, and I got into the cabinet where those yum yums were once too.

I don't think I am naughty though-I am just hungry. =)




April 3rd 2013 4:00 pm
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Guess What!!! Finally, we heards back from tha peoples who helps catch the outside and homeless and stray kitties ta helps them and they are gonna let Mommy has a trap to catch Fiona and bring her in fur some vet care! I think then this Saturday she might have ta learn how to use the trap in a special class.

I hope that I am ok with the kitty living in the bathroom fur two nights-ya sees, we gotta catch her on the night before and then keep her the night of her vet stuff too. I think Mommy hopes she is furrriendly, but I think she is gonna be scared so much! I would be if I was brought inta a strange place when all I know is the outside, and I am growned up! I mean, Yah, that's how I came home, but I was an itty bitty, so I was happy ta has a mommy to cuddle and foods in my tummy.

Does you think we has some hope?? We gotta check on her too like evfurry hour ta make sure there is no complicashuns from the vet stuff. Imagine aftur all this she already has been to the vet doc doc somehow?! I don't think so 'cause she is so shy, but who knows!

I'll tell ya more when I knows more!



Treats!!!! I gotsta has them!!!

April 2nd 2013 12:13 pm
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OOOOOHHHHH!!!! Mommy should've listened to my buddy Jackson when he told her that Temptations treats were like Kitty Cracks-whatevfur that means... Evfurrytime I gets some of those, it's true, I is tempted fur more, and more, AND MORE!!! Mommy does spoil me with treats, it's very true, but now, evfurrytime she goes into the kitchen, I mew and mew and mew fur some treats. I used ta go up onto the middle counter shelf thing that separated the kitchen from the dining room, but since she got rid of my wobbly cat tree I don't go there, so I just get under her footsies and gives her my mew of desperations!!! And believe me, I make sure they sound pretty desparate. It's like, I am so tempted by these temptations, I can't get enuff. Mommy likes to hide some throughout the 'partment so I can has some while she is out at work...she did get this treat thing fur the wall that if I pull the jingle ball then they come out, but seriously, that is too much work fur me! Especially when my temptation is so high!

I even started to climb into the refridgerator fur them, like whenever Mommy opens it, hoping that they will fall out or something. It's a little chilly at furst, but then I look at her and does the mew again and she says, "Out!" and so I moves, and then the pursuit continues.

I know what some of you is gonna say-those temptations are no good Kitty P! But I just gotta has them! Purrrlease don't tell my mom not ta gives them to me anymore, they is just sooooo tempting!!!




March 21st 2013 12:41 pm
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Oh furrriends,
I am a little worried right now, and Mommy is too! We are worrying about Fiona, our outside kitty. Every night she comes to the door, usually when she hears Mommy's garage door open...she follows hers up the stairs and sits atop the top steps...a'course still scared fur pets, but still, she comes fur yum yums. And sometimes, rarely, she isn't there, but within a couple hours or so she is outside mewing. Plus I knows when she comes 'cause I watches out the window fur her.

She hasn't come fur dinner since the weekend-Mommy keeps putting food out-and last night and the night befur, somefur ate it 'cause most of the yum yums was eaten, but Fiona eats it awwwl. And this fur didn't finish, and even late into the night one night no foods was still eaten. They were doing some work on an apartment in our bldg and made a huge mess! Mommy is worried that she got scared from that or worse-'cause the bushes where she hides had all this yucky watery stuff poured there. On Sunday night, late at night, we woke up 'cause we heard a cat scream, and when Mommy has heard it before, she has been able to see kitten and the other kitty outside and distract them away from each other. This time no kitty was saw'd.

Maybe she got hurt? Maybe she found a new place fur better yum yums? Mommy has been checking the local shelter listings, but then, if she is so scared, would she be listed even? Mommy emailed the fixnation people fur help with trapping her ta get fixed, but they never got back to her so Mommy doesn't think that they got her.

Another fur is missing too-Monida's outside kitty! Our mommies are both worried mommies! Maybe you can purrrr fur out outside furrriends please? And send purrrrs too when you has extras to my furrriend Blizzard the Catfather's kitty-they are helping a kitty in need, and she needs our POTP.

Love and Purrrs,



The Mews!

February 20th 2013 4:46 pm
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Wooowwwieee!!! Thank you to my furrriends fur all the Valentine's Day treats! I didn't visit my diary that day because I was too busy giving Mommy some lovins MOL! Thank you evfurry fur so furry much.

Well....other than lovin on my moms, guess what's been happening fur me....I had ta go to the special vet doc doc the other day...tha emergency one, AND I had to go to my regular one again this past Saturday!!! My mommy is trying ta do me in, I swears!

It's awwwl 'cause I has a little 'fection in my eye so it got tha goopies and I was making squishy faces because I was blinking lots. I had this befur, and Indy had it like awl the time kinda-those goopies, so Mommy didn't wanna waits till the weekend last week fur the vet-'cause they don't take appts after a certain time on weekdays. The doc doc said I had the kitty conjunctivitis again. Mommy kinda thought that-she had the same drops from before that she had been trying ta give me. So after all the stuffs, getting me all scurrred fur the doc doc, they said ta gives me the same old drops and if it doesn't get better to go to the regular vet doc doc.

Well, my eye started to get better, it was like cured, and then, well, it came back again! So off to the doc doc we went, and this time my doc doc said that since it's occured before, that maybe I has some viral thing and it's gonna flares up from time ta times and I should start taking some stuff called Lysine with my food, and I also got more drops too...which kinda doesn't helps too much only because I am so good at getting away from Mommy when she gives them to me anyway, but she can try MOL!!!

I have been doing good though otherwise. We has a houseguest at tha moment and so I don't feels lonely all tha times and he makes this funny squeeekie noise to me, which I think is kinda funny 'cause I never made that squeeeekie noise as a kitty, MOL!!! But those humans...they nevfur know smart stuffs like a kitty does. Tha doc doc said even though the houseguest comes ovfur lots anyway, maybe 'cause there's awl this new stuff in the house that came with him that I might be stressed, so that's maybe why my eye got goopies. I don't know about that tho! There's some kewl stuffs I can sit on now, like this stool Mommy put my bed on, so I am off tha living room table, and this other cushy couch/chair thing too-plenty ta keeps me occupied!

Indy visited Mommy the other day! I think he's gonna tell you awl about it though, since it was specials!

Love, bonks and 'nip,


Diary of the Day!

January 14th 2013 2:12 pm
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Holy smokes of catnip!!!! Yesterday I gots a very special honor, and it was being chosen Diary of tha Day. I haven't written so much lately, but my mind is always fulla things to mew about!
Thank you purrrrs fur all my furrrriends who helped me celebrates!

Angel Buddie and furmily fur the nice message!
Tundra fur the beautiful picture, which I need to still put up!
Monida fur the Heart of gold!
Smiley fur the red ribbon!
Milo Blue Eyes and the furmily fur the pink ribbon!
Morris angel and the furmily fur the rose!
Frankie fur the rose!

Thank you so much!!!

If I fur got anyone I am sorry!



January 4th 2013 1:36 am
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It's a new year! Whenever we has a new thing come upon us, whether it is a new toy, treat, home, or year, everything seems so different fur a little while. Like, where's my old ball....why does I has a new one, it doesn't jingle the same or feel the same when I catch it in my toothies. And how some new treats are yummy, and some of them I can't believe my mommy would try to make me eat...

This year is gonna be a good one though, I'm purrrrty sure. It will be what we make of it anyways, and I plan ta make it good and help mommy to feel good too! What a tuff one this last one and tha one before was. This time we are trying to has a fresh start with everything.



Cat tree bluesies

December 11th 2012 9:38 am
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When is a cat tree just a cat tree? Is it just a cat tree, or somethings more? We is having that debate at my house right now. Ya sees, we has a lot of scratchers/trees at my house. We even gave Harrison his favfurrrite one when he went to get his new fur evfur home.

So, here's the blues we has, mommy needs to probably get rid of one of my trees, the biggest, tallest one. Ya sees, it keeps getting moths in it, no matter how much mommy cleans it. Mommy read somewhere that it could be from cat hair stuck in it, and since Harrison used it the most, his hair is still stucks in it, even though mommy vacuumed and everfurrythings. Plus, we just has so much clutter too, but it's tha biggest, tallest one I has!!!

And tha honest truth, which mommy realized last night, was that it's kinda the last big reminder of my brofur Indiana, and even Harrison too, since they used the cat tree mostest. It was silly a'mommy last nights, she got tha weepies ovfur a cat tree and the idea of throwing it out!!! And she even gots inta a arguments too ovfur it!
Of course too, that's when I decided ta sits on it again, even though I don't use it much except fur scratching and stretching my paws.

Has any other mommy of yours had the sadness over something like this? I think mommy feels upsets too cause why can't she just let something like that go? Is it silly ta gets upsets? I am not sure how I feels about it. Since I am head cat, I own evfurrything, but does I really need a cat tree that isn't tha bestest anymores?

Why is it so hard to let things go, things that most people's think are silly things ta get upsets ovfur?



Yesterday I was a DDP!

September 27th 2012 8:24 am
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Wahoo! Yesterday I was a DDP! How kewl is that! Thanks to my furrrriends who helped me celebrate and thank mew to Tabatha fur the kewl pic, Angel Buddie and furmily fur their pawsome message and Smiley Cassanova fur the message. And thanks to my kitten furrriend Juliette fur the heart the other day, you're so sweet!

It's been good fur me in my lifes the last couple of days. I get yummy yum yums and all my exercise zooming from window to window. And a course, all the cuddles. Mommy saw this video on a site called where the kitty trains her mommy fur love and bonks and that's me! I love head bonks with my mommy! It's like when our foreheads touch, I feels tha loves mol!

Hope my furrrriends have a happy day!
Love Kitty


Time flies by and things always change like the wind

September 24th 2012 2:47 pm
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Oh geeez! I cannot bulieves I have let my diary go fur so long that its gotten awl dusty paws on it! I hadn't even said thank mew fur all the rosettes, fur that, I am sorry. Blame my meowmie!

Is funny though how much time changes stuffs and it's true, it all floats by us like the wind blowin through our windows, with the hot heat of summers to the cooler breeze of fall, and soon the cold bite of winter....

I have been so independent lately but lonely too. Mommy has been doing lots of stuffs and leaving me to watch ovfur the 'partment, and so I watch it ovfur, do my daily zoomies around the living room and bedroom from window ta window, and I still is watchin ovfur the kitten that comes ovfur fur dinner. We play pawsiies as best we can by the front door, but that little one is so fast and smarts that its hard ta catch her. Slowly though I think she sees we is not gonna bites.

Harrison has been gone fur awhile now too. I feel how sad mommy still is, 'specially when I don't feel cuddly like he always did. This weekend I gots extra cuddles and gave 'em too! I even gave mommys good old sandpaper tongue bath on her face to wake her up mol! You know, Even though its been months fur Harrison and ovfur a year since Indy has been gone, I still get traces of them everywhere...on the kitty beds, the cat trees, my toys, and I get ta sniffing a bit and wondering about them. I'm not gonna fibs though, being head cat is kewl! I gets awl tha yum yums and now I'm getting big. You know what still scurrrrrrrs me though, mol! When mommy gets the plastic bags out fur the garbage and the litter....I Runs my little fluffy butt outta the kitchen so fast. Mol!

I miss my furrrriends, I hopes that evfurryfur is feeling happy and good as the time goes on and the breeze blows. I loves you awl.


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