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Anothfur weekend

May 10th 2013 2:46 pm
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I think my mom is going bonkers. She can't remember the dates and stuffs, or like, timeline of things. We were trying to think of little Jack and how long it's officially been, cause Mommy has got to return the special trap that we borrowed to catch him. But it's been about 3 weeks, which means fur the trap it's been 4 and she's gotta bring it back tomorrow.

Things have been ok at my house right now. Well, you know I sniffed a booty, and Jack has been coming out a lot-he kinda nevfur wants to go back into the kennel really unless it's tha only opshuns. But he got a big scare, and so did Mommy, and he hid in there all night the other day.

Ya sees, we has this big dresser in the bedroom that is so old and big and Mommy wishes she could just get rid of it, but it's like, impawsible to moves-we can like, push it on the floor, but to get it out of the room I think we will have ta smash it! But underneath it there is a crawly space that if you're small enuffs, you can squeeze into....I know 'cause I did it before! And Jack decided to walk into the bedroom fur the furst time and he heard Mommy's feet and he knew like magic where to hide. And it's like impawsible to know if or when he would come out and Mommy didn't want it to be unpredictable 'cause of me. So, she dragged that dresser as much as she could so that Jack couldn't hide and then something awfuls happened! The curtains by that window got caught on the dresser and they all fell, the rod too, right out of the wall! Jack ran out so fast and into the kennel and even Mommy got scared and ran too. And I just watched the scaredy cats MOL!

So Jack was frightened so much and just sat in his bed in the kennel. But at night time he got out and was sleepin on the couchie like he does evfurrynight, on the soft blankie. But he was extra careful to hide from Mommy after the curtain stuffs. Last night though, he was in the kennel and he is letting Mommy touch his paws and moved his back paw up too-and so Mommy, while she can't pet him like she did aftur his procedure, she can pet him on his head through the bed and so she did. and she rubbed his ears and cheeks and he liked it. but he is still afraids of hands. I've been braver too and been kinda just ignoring him and stuffs and getting lovies from Mommy.

I'm still really curious fur him though and am always sneaking around, walking from hidey spot to hidey spot watchin.

So that's what happened this week. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it's something. Oh, and now that it got hot fur a day and rained, we got these big black flies that snuck into the 'partment. Jack doesn't even care about them, one was right by his paw, but me, I am getting lottttsa exercise!




May 8th 2013 10:32 am
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I sniffed his booty...I sniffed his booty...I Sniffed Jack's Booty!

I don't know why I am kinda excited about that 'cause the booty area, according ta Mommy, is a stinker and said some people are bootyheads...MOL...but Jack was in the window on a cat tree watching and Mommy walked into the room to see where I went, and there I was, sniffing at the back of him, where his tail I guess it was not technically his "booty" because his tail was curled around him, but I was curious enuffs ta sniff. And then Mommy said oooh hi! or something, and I got caught sniffin and so I hissed, Jack turned around, and I ran. I guess he didn't hear me back there until Mommy opened up her mouth!

So at the advice of anothfur fur's mommy, Mommy is gonna try ta keeps her mouth SHUT! Yesterday I was talking around and stuffs and was comfy on my cat tree and Jack was hiding as usual, but he walked around a bit. Mommy even accidentally fell asleep without closing the bedroom door, but in the nighttime she woke up and closed it, just in case I went out there and got scared or something. And of course I am in the bedroom when she isn't home, since that's my favfurite place anyways, and Jack hasn't gone in there.

He likes to sleeps on the little couch too, on the fuzzy blankie that Indy and I used to love-it's got a little lamb face sewn into the corner and is soft like a lamb, even though it's just a blankie. He sleeps all stretched out up there and Mommy thinks it's cute. He still likes to hide though, but likes to eat so wherevfur he is hiding at dinnertime, Mommy puts the wet stuff there. And I guess I should be proud a'him, because he always uses the litter box too. And another spot he hides now, instead of running into the kennel, is under the table next to it, but on the chair legs that hold the chairs together on the bottom MOL!

It's been 2 weeks now, so we are still in the what's gonna happens phase. But I just wanted ta gives an update. He does sometimes walk to where I am sometimes sitting, but if he hears Mommy, he hides, and again, it's funny 'cause he goes so quick that he slips on the floor, just like I did when we furst moved to this place.

So that's the mews. I sniffed a booty and I guess I liked it, until Mommy saw. MOL! ewwww gross!


Week 2

May 3rd 2013 2:22 pm
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I guess it's been 2 weeks since Jack has been visiting with us-so his sick stuff should be all better now, but when he goes to the box, his pee still is stinky! maybe it's the rest of his boycatness coming out too?
So far it has been kinda ok fur me. I mean, Mom keeps me in the bedroom with her a lot of times, I sleeps with her in there anyway, but now she keeps the door closed fur the night! And the last couple'a days I have been in there too when she is workin, and Jack has been in the living room. When he is in there, he either hides in the kennel, in a corner in a tunnel bed kinda thing I used ta hide in when Harrison was here, and another hideyhole in another corner, and he zooms from one to the other whenever Mommy gets super near. But then again, she laid down on the floor by one of them and he sat in there fur awhile before he zoomed out.

He likes to run around at night too and Mommy goes to check on him, and he dashes away, and sometimes freezes in place. He does like having yum yums on a regular schedule though, that's fur shure. When Mommy gets home I have been walking around looking fur him, and sometimes I lay down and looks, and sometimes I hiss and run. Last night it got confusing 'cause he got scared a'Mommy and ducked under a table that I was near, and zoomed right past me to go to a corner and I thought he was zooming at me! So I hissed and ran! but he wasn't trying to get me akshully.

Mommy still isn't shure what is going to happens. Jack hasn't let her give his chin scratches or ears a petting since the surgery weekend. But he has let her touch his paws with her finger. And he stares at her a whole lot. She does slow blinkies at him and calls him sweetie. I dunno about this though. Plus, my birthday is coming up soon and Indy's Bridge Day too, and Mommy wants evfurrything to be calms.

One more thing-can you purrrrr fur my friend Samoa? She isn't feeling so good and needs love and purrrrs.

Thanks and bonks,


My weekend

April 29th 2013 2:28 pm
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It is already Mondays!!! Mommy works so much during tha weeks that it takes away from my love time, and that's no bueno! So this weekend I made sures ta gives her lots of loves. It was also Harrison's birthday too-he is like, an old man cat now, but not old enuff ta join the Old Furts MOL!
I hope he had a fun birthday-which he shares with my great-grandmaw.

So, back to me...well, this Jack is an interesting boy. And he is stinky too-even though he uses the little box and his potties is not all red like the furst time, it still stinks! The reason Mommy knows is 'cause she has been letting him do some exploring and he went potty in an extra litter box Mommy had left out-she was gonna put it in the kennel and had litter in it and all, but then used a different one, but it had the litter dust in it, so I get it-he gots confoooosed and at least he tried to go potty in the right kind of place right??

So, Mommy has been giving him some time to explore and I have been making sure to keep to myselfs in the bedroom, and get cuddles. So far, so good-this Saturday I was getting my loves and this little Jack almost walked right into the bedroom! I sat up so fast and looked at him and then a'course Mommy moved, so he ran like the road runner back into the kennel. And then last night-oh my gosh-well, I was just in the living room and he had been hiding, but decided to come out, and Mommy was in the other room still, and she heard the pitter patter of paws on the wood floor and when she came to see-it was a shock! I was sitting on the arm of the couch and Jack was on the cushion-then he ran like the road runner right back into the kennel..again. I walked over there to Mommy and she said I am a good girl and gave me a petting, and I hissed at her and strolled myself into the bedroom. I'm the boss, members? MOL!

I have been checkin him out a lot though, but he is still nervfous, and me too a little. I like to walk over there though to the corner he is in and spy on him, then I meow at Mommy and get yum yums. He has been sniffing Mommy's fingers, but gets upset still with trying to be petted.

And at night time, oh my gosh-and even in the daytime, always when he is alone, he mews and mews and mews the mews of desparations. It's been keeping me and Mommy up at night! It's the same cry he used ta do at night at the door when he was hungries and there wasn't food there. He does it even if he is just sitting in his hideyhole in the kennel. Does anyone know what that cry means? He hasn't tried to get outside yet-he likes to sit in the window when no one is looking though. And he likes to eat a lot. I think he's already got some more pounds, cause he was only 7 before.

So, that's what is happening now. Mommy is still trying ta be patient and stuff. We still don't know what the final solushun is gonna be, but whatevfur it is, it will be the right one.



Not too sure about this stuffs

April 23rd 2013 9:15 am
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It's been a couple of days since this kitty has been in my 'partment. I'm not sure yet hows I feel about it. Mommy decided too, that since he isn't a Fiona, we are gonna calls him Jack, 'cause she said it just suits him I guess. I have been curious, but been keeping away from where he is. Mommy moved my food bowl 'cause I didn't wanna go by where he was just yet. So, that is something that she is thinking about, because I come furst and foremost! And if I am not comfy, then that is that!

He seems to be doing ok though-he was feeling all woozy this weekend and now that it's Tuesday, he seems more alert and all. Last night Mommy and I had some alone times fur cuddles and she opened the crate and he acshully left it to explore the living room-a'course, when Mommy went in there to see what he was up to, he ran back in his special space. He eats a whole lot! And he goes potty a lot too-finally he had poopies, Mommy said-I guess that's good, but I has poopies all the time and she doesn't celebrates those! Maybe it's a boycat thing 'cause she used ta talks about Harrison and Indy's poopies too. Boys...ewwww. He pees a lot too, and it's stinky still-maybe that is a boycat thing, but Mommy said it's important that he is going-I guess he had some infection when he went and the kitty clinic gave him medicines fur it. She said something like there was blood in his pee the first time he went, and then it seems that there isn't any in the litter-is there a way to tell though or is it obvious?

He let Mommy pet his head and ears too and under his chin on Saturday-on Sunday she was gonna too, but he was scared and did a mini hissy and bopped her hand, and she gots a little claw mark, nothing bad though. Yesterday when he was insides his hidey hole tunnel thing, 'cause it can be smooshed flat, Mommy pushed it on his forehead and gave him a petting that way and he seemed ta likes it she said.

One kewl thing about this whole sishuashun is that remember how much I said I liked treats and Mommy wasn't giving me them?! Well, I'm getting lots a'them! MOL! They is healthy ones she says, and he is getting them too. He does let her crawl inta the special space he lives in, it's kinda big enuff fur a person-so Mommy sweeps up the litter that falls outta the box and any crumblies from food. the floor in there has something cawled puppy pads all on the bottom-not sure why, since he is a kitty, but I guess it makes tha floor not cold plastic or something. There are blankies all on top of it too, so unless I go right up ta it, I can't sees inside. Unless Mommy moves those blankies. Last night he was mewin a lot, like how he used ta at the door when he was hungries, and Mommy got outta bed and he had tipped over one of the hidey holes MOL! Mommy put that one in there in case he wanted ta go on the top of it, since the special kitty house is right by the window-that way maybe he can peek up, but he just likes to sit insides them, and he peeks out.

He even is sleepin with Mommy's little stuffed lamb that she got awwwwl the way in a place called Stonehenge -he is a fluffy little guy and I think Mommy thought maybe Jack would wants ta cuddles with something. It's been cold outside at night, so I hope he at least is happy ta be warms.

I know all my friends, you are all so good and helpful, so thank mew so much! Mommy still doesn't know if Jack is gonna stay with us or go back to his own home, wherevfur that is. Mommy has a tendency ta be impatients....if ya didn't know that already MOL! But she is trying too-but she is not gonna try fur weeks and months. I know that might make some furriends upsets, but, well, when Jack was Fiona, Mommy was happy just ta be able ta gets him...ta the kitty clinic fur some tlc. And since he was extra sicks a'course we didn't want to just put him back outsides-they say you let them go the very next morning early, and with the way Jack was, there's no way he would'a done ok on his own, specially since there are other kitties outside that Mommy heard picking on him before-whenever she saw it, Jack was always the one that was trying ta get away or walk past, with his head down, and the other kitty would be blockin the way. But, if I am still nervfous the way I am, well, again, I am the most important. And Jack can always come visits for yum yums and all. Who knows-if we could talk, maybe he would tell Mommy he likes the outside.

She was also reading this stuffs about how ta tells the difference between a feral kitty or a turned feral kitty or a very scared stray kitty-and it's so hard to tell what he is. He does a lot of stuffs that a feral kitty who nevfur met a purson would do, but he also does stuffs that seem like maybe he had a pawrent fur a very short time, so adapted ta lifes on his own. They also said he is 1 to 3 yrs old, and who knows, but when he started coming ta visits me, Mommy says he was so teeny tiny.

So that's the mews at my house right now. I had a lot on my mind ta get out, so if you read this, thanks fur reading it awls.



Updates on my kitty friend

April 21st 2013 8:42 am
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Hey guys,
I read evfurrything. And there's new stuffs too. Now that Fiona is getting more alert, he isn't getting too happy. He doesn't allow much petting except the top of his head and chin so far, but this morning he was crying for more yum yums and it woke me and my mommy up. She gave him some kibbles and he made sure he hid realllly good the moment he saw mommy. Then just now, mommy was scooping his litter tray, and he got upset and hissed and scratched. She isn't hurt, just a little hole on the top of her hand where his paw hit, but he seems now happy.

What do you think? Should we put him back outside so soon? Or wait another couple days? I know we can't keep him in the kennel furevfur. I'm a little nervous too. I can hear him, but don't want to peek inside the kennel, so mommy moved my yum yums a little closer to the hall so I would eat them. Now I just sit and watch the kennel fur his shadow in the sunlight.

Just in case anyone missed it, the rescue vet said they thought he was btwn 1 and 3 years old. We think it's on the lower end because when he started coming, I think around October (but I have to check) he was very small. Now he is 7 pounds.

Mommy isn't sure what to do. We know he had been outside fur his life, like, since he was a kitten that we saw him as, so we don't know if we are better to let him go back to what he knows. Maybe we can halps another kitty in need that is an itty bitty kitty who can learn everything new from me?

Confused and worried,
Kitty Pryde


New name fur Fiona

April 20th 2013 9:50 pm
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First, thank you fur celebrating my DDP with me!!! And the POTP fur Fiona. Mommy has been thinkin of new names fur him and its hard ta figure out! But here are some, what do ya thinks?

Anderson (fur tha silver Fox News man mol!)
Charlie, cause he looks like a Charlie or chuck
Tikle, only cause mommy likes that fur a name, but it's probably better fur a girl kitten she things
Or Micky, fur one of mommy's friends. Sme thout Logan like, fur Wolerine's human name, but then said no mol! Or maybe Kenny Powers mol!

He is doing ok. He ate two cans a'wet food, but he hasn't gone potty yet. He did let mommy give him a good bunch of pets on his ears and under his chin! He even moved around to get certain spots she was missing.

So what do ya think? I think he may be an Anderson...but I'm not sure! Or something foreign mol!



We got Fiona!!!!

April 19th 2013 10:26 pm
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Fiona is hanging out in my bathtub right now. Mommy keeps going in there and talking to HIM!!! Fiona is a boycat!!! His fruitcup and grapes are well hidden! We was convinced Fiona was a Fiona! I think we still will calls I'm that though. He made a mess of the newspaper in the trap. Mommy gave him some yum yums too and he gobbled them up! No more yum yums allowed after midnight though!
I can't believe I've got another mancat in my life!!! Furst it was Indy, then Hrrison, now Fiona! What's tha deal!

Wish Fiona lucks tomorrow purrr lease!


Urgent!!! Very Importante! Needs advices from my former- feral cat furrriends!

April 19th 2013 11:23 am
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Ok! So guess what! Mommy got tha trap to catch Fiona this weekend and tonight is the night....all week she has been eating her yum yums in the trap, but tonight's the night we gotta set it, and keep her in the baffroom until her appt in the morning. We gots ta keeps her covered at all times, and can't feed her after midnight-but what if she's gotta go potties in the trap?? They said she might, and then the newspaper is gonna be dirty then.

Also, afterwards, we has to keep her again, back in the trap, until Sunday when she can go free-since she is kinda friendly, even though we don't touch her, do you think it's smart to keep her inside out of the trap in the baffroom? I know she is gonna be scurrrred! And some cat, but I swears it isn't her 'cause Mommy looked a lot and she looks like a girl fur sure, but some cat is spraying by my door! We see the neighborhood boycat come up that lets Mommy pets him, and he fights with Fiona-well, makes not nice sounds to her. We don't know if he is fixed, but his owner is a butthead and doesn't want us ta helps.

Does girl cats spray? the neighbor next ta us is mad and stopped feeding Fiona on the nights Mommy comes home late. She comes fur dinner around 7pm too-should we wait till later to put her stinky yum yums out, so her time in the baffroom isn't too long from 7 am?

Halps! They said they wouldn't ear tip her if I thought I might try to socialize her....we are just not sure if that will work, and how to do it-like, if we let her out will she not like us anymore from being trapped...and what if she leaves and then her incisions get hurted?

I know there is info about this and they said to call a vet if while she is home after surgery, she is having pawroblems, but what about aftur the holding time?

Halps purrrrplease furrriends! It's like the midnight hour! I'm gonna post this in the forums too fur helps!



those treats...again....

April 10th 2013 4:36 pm
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Well, since evfurryfur who commented on my diary last time when I wrote about my addicshuns to the treats, Mommy decided ta make a special trip to the petstore that has the freezedried yum yums that I likes. And boy did their selection grow! Mommy got me some freeze-dried turkey, chicken, salmon...and I can eat those yum yums allllll day!

.....which is why I write today.....well, I got to tha yum yums on my own, without mew mew mewing a storm fur Mommy to give in a little. It was very dark-nightimes, when Mommy was sleepies, that this happened. It was very windy too, which halped me in my naughtiness a little. But awls a sudden, as I eated my way through that bag of turkey freeze-dried yum yums, that I got awl tha way off the counter, out of tha kitchen and onto tha floors, I heard a noise and right away I knew there was gonna be trouble. But then the taste of the yum yums took over in my mouth and back to eating I went.

Well...that noise I heard was Mommy! She heard the treat bag and got outta beds and then I looked up and mewed at her, and she had tha nerves ta say No No No! and she took my yum yums away. You know-I think she may need ta start putting them in a glass container 'cause I opened the top off the plastic one she had before, and I got into the cabinet where those yum yums were once too.

I don't think I am naughty though-I am just hungry. =)


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