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June 20th 2009 9:44 pm
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Last night I pretty much slept with Mommy all night long and that has been a long time since I did that. It was a looong day with no sign of her fur like, ever. She told us, and uncle Ben was gonna come, but then Mommy got out of work early, so thought she could make it home before she went to her showzy, but nofing like that happened at all! Mommy said it was cuz dis thing called traffic and she tried to come home three different ways, but it was impossible and Mommy says that is what is worst in this town. So, she never got home and uncle Ben didn't vist cuz he got stuck in the traffics too.

So I got worried! And so when Mommy came home to sleep, I told her how much I loved her and I not only gave her headbonks, I gave her full kitty face bonks!

She got me a new toy today too!

I loves her =) She loves me! Mommy akshually tells me all the time that I changed her life, and she changed mines too!


feel tha breeeeezes

June 19th 2009 10:00 am
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I love the fan sooo furry much! Mommy akshually turned it off dis mornin, but when she got back in the room, I was sittin on my hidey-hole BUT the fan was blowin full speed! Meow-how-how-how-how! I is so smart and beautiful too-Mommy is lucky fur sure.

Mommy was gone fur so long, but not really too in a way 'cause she came home to give me some noms, even though it was the kind I don't like like Indy does-so I ate my kibbles instead. And then she left again fur long time. The kibbles are delishioush though! Since Mommy gave us the new kinds, my fur is so shiny and soft and not all sheddy anymores.

Uncle Ben or Auntie Joanna might come by to say meow to us since Mommy will be gone a long time. That means good stuffs though since she will end up being home fur two whole days to make up fur it!

love Kitty


Diggin the fan!

June 18th 2009 9:22 am
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So, Mommy has this thing called a fan and it swirls round-n round and feels oh so delifurful! Our house gets puuurty hot akshually. Mommy can't really leave the windows open unless she is with us because my knucklehead brofur likes to climb the screens ovfur and ovfur no matter what Mommy says so she leaves them open a little bit-enuff so we can catch the breeze but not enuff fur us to fit out. Furbrained Indiana! So it gets hottt. Even when it's not. And Mommy leaves this big loud cooling thing on sometimes fur us too though. Anyways, so as I was saying, Mommy put this little floor fan thing on and my hidey holes (yes they both mine!) get the breeze from it, so now I like to chill out on top of them and feel the cool! I know most kitties like the sunshines, and I do too, but this is nice. So nice akshually that this morning when Mommy was getting ready to leave us (all day AGAIN) she came in the room and I was laying out on my back with my belly all out and my legs n arms all stretched too! Mommy started to giggle and came to me and sang something and the woman kissed my belly! and petted it too! and I just looked at her like, ok, you are my Mommy but yr being silly. Then she stopped and I got to chill some more!


man oh man

June 17th 2009 8:47 am
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Last night ROOOCKED! Mommy was home fur pretty much the whole night-she came home late from work and then met up with my Uncle Ben fur pizza she says, and came right home afturwards and then played with me and Indy. I got to swat at Da Birdie thing a few times and then I just watched Indy do it. Here was the best part though...
Mommy got into the bed to go to sleepers and I jumped up with her and made her hold me like a babykins! And THEN! she wrapped up the blankie with the lamb face that Indy likes to suckle around me and I just stayed there fur what seemed like furever. I even looked up at Mommy fur some lip bonks on my nose and then I gave her a bath cuz her face needed cleaning I thought.

The best part about it was that Indy didn't come to take over! He climbed up too, but just hung out with us and didn't try to get me to bonk him with my paw or anything.

It was nice!

Oh yeah, Mommy says Uncle Ben might come by and give me and Indy some foods and stuffs on Friday because their show opens that they've been working, which is why she is like never home right now, and she can't come see us fuurst. I can't wait cuz maybe he will do the naughty thing and let us walk outside fur a minute, though Mommy won't like it, but she doesn't have to know eithfur. Meow-how-how-how!


oh boy

June 16th 2009 9:35 am
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Oh, man. Indy was Diary of the Day yesterday...AGAIN. It's a good thing he doesn't let it get to his head, 'cause then I would have to tell him who's in charge here. Ok, not for real, but maybe a little like when I have to bonk him a little.

Anyways, this morning we were playin a little. Mommy came in the room 'cause she thought that Indy was hurting me, but akshually I was playin with him! and nipped at his leg and he made the noise, but not a scary fraidy kit noise, just noises cause he makes a lot of them, while I make a lot of meows mostly. I was playin this time though and that is a step up fur me fur sure. Mommy got this book too about having more kitties in one house, but I don't think we don't get a long enuff to do what the book says, like separating us and reintroducing-we like to eat together and stuff, just I don't like to play all the time and I don't like Indy cleaning my bum!

Well, now that I made that clear, I want to sit on top of my hideyhole. I prefer that now akshually to Mommy's bed, unless I want the cuddles and lovins and headbonks.



June 11th 2009 9:16 am
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Can you believe my Mommy! Last night I went up on her chest fur cuddles and some bonks when it was time for sleeps and the woman fell asleep on me! Well, ok, she did give me some pettings and some lip bonks, but seriously, I made myself fit into the arm nook and evfurry thing. I like it when she holds me-her arm fits around me and she holds my kitty toesie paws with her one hand so I feel all cozy, and then I get her to give me the rubbins with the other hand. And when she stops, I nudge her hand till it wakes up and starts petting the top of my head again, because trufully, that is my favorite spot! Indy likes the chin rubs and I do too, but the head ones are the best!

Well, yes, so my hooman fell asleep on me and that meant I had to get up and find something else to do, so I went to my window in the other room because I let Indy have the window in the bedroom at nighttime now, though he was sleeping all spread out on the bed. He's really long! I just can't believe how big he got because he was so teeeeny when Mommy brought him home.

Speaking of my brofur, this morning we played some. Mommy was getting ready to leave us (again ugh!) and we were just watching because sometimes I like to jump on the bathroom sink and chat with her about my brofur before she goes...well, anyways, I was on the floor and so was Indy and he bonked me on the head! But it was a soft bonk, so I didn't get mad, and then I started to chase him!!! It was me this time! Not him! I think that made Mommy proud, though I had enuff chasins after a few minutes.

OMG! If my fur could change colors, it would have turned pink today fur sure! My friend Aldo says I'm purrrrry pretty! He's pretty cute too! He isn't feeling so good, so Mommy, Indy and I are all sending headbonks his way so he stops barfing. He made it almost 4 whole days so that is somefing to be proud of!

I remember when I was barfing, Mommy didn't know if it was cause I was eating too much or what, but since I would barf hours AFTER eating, we didn't think that was the problem. And I don't care what they say, I think I got some sick from when Mommy made me get "fixed" even tho I wasn't broken. my tummy was so puffy and that's when the barfing kind of started. The vet said no, but when Mommy got my test papers to show my regular kitty doctor, they didn't even give her all of them! It was nice though fur Indy's foster Mom to get me to the fixing doctor, because she gets all her foster kitties fixed there and she even helped Mommy with the cost because she saw how much Mommy already spent on me getting my shots n stuff-It all came with Indy because he was from the shelter, but since I was a street kitty, Mommy had to start from scratch she calls it.

Wow, I had a lot on my little mind today. I think I need a nap on my hideyhole now!


people think i'm puuuurrrty

June 10th 2009 3:33 pm
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Last night Mommy had some people over to work on some stuff they are doing fur a show, which was kind of cool. It was funny because Indy really liked to watch them and me too! I got lots of lovins from everyone and everyone was telling me how beautiful I was. =)
I hope they all come ovfur again. I even answered the door when they got there too! MOL!

Not much else is happening here. I got some new kibbles and it is soooo good! When Mommy mixed it with my old foods, I totally just went fur the new good stuff!

Well, I think I am going to sit in my window!



June 6th 2009 2:32 pm
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Mommy found a little baby kitty last night. She named him Cody, but he didn't come home with her or anything. She told us all about him though tonight when she got home. I think he was akshually like a teenager kitty but Mommy was walking to her car last night after seeing some of her friends and saw him watching her from a wall so she slowly walked over and said "hi kitty!" and he froze and then ran...well, now that Mommy has us she is sooo worried about kits having delicious and healthy foods, and then she remembered she had some treats in the car AND a can of the delishious avoderm tuna. To the car she went and got the goods! Well, Cody was sitting on the sidewalk now and so Mommy went again to say hi and he jumped in the bushes then onto the wall again and watched. He must've know Mommy has kits at home so that's why he didn't run away again, even though he was still scared. So Mommy opened the can and held it fur him to smell and he did, but stayed still so Mommy put it on the wall and he ran. Mommy still didn't want to give up on Cody though, so she got the car and parked in the lot by the wall he sat on and waited to see if he came back and you know what!!! He did!!!!! AND he was eating that tuna can, which should've been mine, but I is ok that she shared for the baby 'cause I too was once a kit on the streets.

This time, Cody stayed on the wall and Mommy reached out her hand and you know what he did! He punched it! MOL! But he didn't have his claws out, so Mommy was oks. After that though, he didn't want Mommy closer so Mommy went back to the car and waited fur a few more minutes to see what Cody would do. He decided to hide again fur a while so Mommy left, but when she came home she told me and Indy she was going to go back and see if he was there again and if he would let her get closer, since she kind of scared him a little I think.

Mommy knows she would get another kit at some point, but told us we have to move into a house furrst, so if she finds Cody again and he lets her take him home, I think she's gonna help him find anofur home so he can be safe like me and Indy.

Indy, by the way, is furry furry funny! Mommy bought a new big blankie fur the bed and when we all went to check it out, you know what he did?! He rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled all ovfur the top of it! Mommy took some videos of it, but is having trouble getting them on the 'puter but when she does you can see how silly he is!

Well, that's all fur now! Happy Saturday!


Bonks A'more!

June 5th 2009 11:24 am
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head bonks, lip bonks, bonks for brofurs when they are annoying! I have had sooo many kinds of bonks! Of course I luf them so that is why I decided to mew about them, but Mom gets carried away sometimes! Like last night she picked me up and then lip bonked my face, my chin, my ears, my paws-I was like "Woman enuff!"

Then she tricked me and wrapped me in the Mommy blankie that feels like fur Mommy (indy thinks so anyway 'cause he sucks on it like always) and she CUT MY NAILS! I stayed still and was good, and so she gave me more bonks of all kinds. Woman even lip bonked my bellie when I rolled over!

I gotta tell ya, I love Mommy, but sometimes she gets carried away!



June 4th 2009 7:35 pm
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that's what it sounds like when I write in my diary Mommy says. Can you believe that I jump sooo high like, all the time and my brofur struggles to climb the back of the couch! MOL! I guess he is just clumsy. Mommy was watching this show on tv and there was a kitty on it and she was smiling! I guess she must be a happy kitty then. I am happy fur the most part, but today and sometimes it feels like everyday, I want to check out what's through that door my Mommy goes through where she doesn't come back fur like, furever sometimes! And I let her know too! Just tonight akshually I mewed and mewed and even scratched ( i know crazy!) at the door but all Mommy kept saying was no no no no no kitty, you can't go out there kitty.
I am not going to run away, but Mommy said there's some big animals that might not wanna be furrriends and she also doesn't want someone to take me fur their own, since I pretty much say hi to evefurry one.
I think she and I need to have a serious chat akshually because I am not a baby kitty anymore-I am a whole 1 years old!
Does anyone else feel like that sometimes diary? I can't be the only one.
Well, I think I'm gonna try to have that talk now.

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