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been awhile

July 8th 2009 12:27 pm
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So, It's been a few days since I wrote in my diary. Sorry fur that, but I haven't been feelin up to it akshually. I've been more interested in sitting in front of my fan, which has been furtastic!

So, the day came and went where stuff s'ploses in the sky and I was not scared-I didn't really hear much at all. Mommy took us to visit MyCat, who is Mommy's teachers kitty. Well, I haven't seen her in furever so I was a little shy. She came right up to me and gave me some kisses, but I just went to hide in the couch-it's like a maze in there! Indy though, got all hissy hiss hiss at MyCat and even tried to bonk her, but then she would just look at him and walk away, so he would follow her.

MyCat even sat in our carriers and played with our toys and ate our kibbles. She even stole some kisses from Mommy, which was alright I guess.

Not much else is happening. I feel like sitting on my hidey hole now 'cause even if it's not too hot outside, our house gets hot!



July 4th 2009 11:54 am
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Happy Lights in the Sky Day! I am going to see my furrrriend MyCat!!! I hope she remebers me! When I was so teeny tiny I met her and she started givin me a bath fur awhile and then I met her some more and cuddled with her.



Purrrs purlease

July 2nd 2009 9:22 am
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My furriend Hooch is not feeling furry well at all. Please send lots of purrrs his way and to his furmaly because they all need them too to help support Hooch.



my brofur

June 29th 2009 9:10 am
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Hey Diary,

Well, I feel good and bad today. Akshually I feel lazy. All I did all morning was sit on my hideyhole in front of the fan and slept. And I played in the...guess what!...real live tunnel Mommy got us!!! Oh my Ceiling Cat! it is amazing! It is super long like a tunnel, not like my hidey hole one, and it even krinkles!!! I loooooves it!

So, anofur thing I have to mention today is that my little brofur is a little sick. Mommy was a mess yestfurday and I tried to give her lovins, but the best thing I did was try to take care of Indy fursts. He sits a lil funny-not all straight like me, but with his feet stickin out a little, and he isn't a good jumper like me. I just thought it was 'cause he is a silly boy, but now mom asked the vet doc and it looks like he might be hurt or worse-he could be made this way. Alls I know is that Mommy came home from the vet doc with him, she put him in the othfur room right aways so he could clean himself so I wouldn't get all hissy, but I wouldn't have that and I pushed the door and started to give him a bath. And wouldn't you know the one day, ONE DAY, I try to help, he didn't want the bath. But I kept up and I followed him and sat with him because I knew he was upset. Mommy told me he got some shots at the vet doc, and it didn't go so good because she and the other two ppl there had to all togethfur hold him down. But Mommy said she was cuddling him while she did it. And the funniest thing was that Mommy said she was callin him her baby boy and then the cute vet doc assistant did too! he said, "good baby boy!" and gave him some pets! MOL!

Alls I have to say is that I am a princess at the vet doc 'cause that same boy told Mommy that I am the best cat 'cause I am so behaved. I guess evfurry one is different. I jus tlike to get it ovfur with.

So, back to my brofur though, even though he is hurting in his back, he was trying to make all these daring jumps and the vet doc laughed a little. So, in conclushion to my diary writings...I am going to try to be a little nicer fur the week, until Indy goes back to the vet doc fur xrays..

On a side note-Mommy found some mystery spit ups of kibbles in the window last night-I will totally take the blames fur it, even though I am pretty sure it was Indy, even though I am the barfing kitty of the house.


trying fur fun

June 25th 2009 1:09 pm
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So my brofur Indy is kinda advenshuresome and so I thought I might try to be a little more fun. Or something. Anyway, so Indy keeps trying to get out and the little guy did too and met the neighbors, one of which screamed like he was mean and grumpy.

So now when Mommy comes home I like to sit at the door and make Meowsies. A lot of them. I just sit there and Meow and look back at Mommy and then look at the door some mores.

I guess it's not as advenshurous as my brofur, but at least I'm askin fur permission and not just doin it!

I know I am not lookin fur a boyfurriend, just wanna go out and see stuff.

Thats all! Gonna sit by the door now and wait fur Mommy to come in!


And so...

June 24th 2009 9:50 am
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Anofur night has gone and I have not slept wif Mommy. I just really like being on top of my hideyhole thing. Plus I feel like my brofur has claimed the bed as his own, even if he is all ovfur the place like he was last night.
This morning tho when Mommy was gettin' ready to leave us again, she picked me up, put me on the bed and gave me head rubbins and I loved it! And I cuddled her fur like a minute. I akshually did that this morning too before she got up.

Mommy was a little sad last night and I'm not sure why. I wish I did but it doesnt matter much because I will still give her lovins. Maybe she got sad that I was gettin all hissy at Indiana again aftur not being all hissy fur a few days-I even gave him a bath and let him give me one this weekend! But that now is not happenin. Maybe it will later.

Ooooh! Mommy told me that she gots me a present and it should come in the mail in 5-7 bizniz days! It's a video she says, that I can watch and chase the animals on the tv! I cannot waits!


1 whole year already??!!!

June 23rd 2009 10:20 am
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GUESS WHAT! I have lived wif my Mommy fur almost 1 whole entire year! I cannot believe it, but it's true. Mommy took me home on Sunday, June 29th. She met me on June 26th, and my brofuer that she named Shredder and almost took home instead of me-but I claimed her as my own that fateful evening when Auntie Stephanie took me inside wif my brofur and sister and gave me a bath to get de bugsies off me. Like I have written before-I didn't even let Shredder have a chance 'cause right aftur the bath, I figited with Aunt Stephanie to get to Mommy, then curled right up, all wet n evfurrything, and went to sleep right on her lap, then moved and slept on her chest, still all wet! Then she came the next day to feed me and my brofur and sister because Aunt Stephanie was gone fur the day, and again, I climbed right up to her shoulder and layed down!

Yah, I knew that furrst night that she was mine and I was hers. So, now, since Mommy didn't really know my true birthday, she picked May 13th, but I think we are gonna have to celebrate on the 29th too fur sure!

Dis is a strange occurance, but my Mommy wants to write in my diary too!!!

*from Kitty's Mommy*
Kitty, you have changed my life in so many unimaginable ways. Never did I think that one kitty could make me feel so happy and complete, yet everyday that I see you and your bright eyes, I am grateful that I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be your Mom. I can't believe almost a whole year has gone by, because it seems like just yesterday I brought you home, so tiny that you fit into my two hands, and was able to love you. You are my world! And when I felt like I couldn't believe in anything or anyone anymore, I knew I had you with your unconditional kitty love and I could love you back! I love you Kitty! You will always be my little baby girl!



June 22nd 2009 8:33 am
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Oh My Ceiling Cat!!!! I cannot believe that I, Kitty Pryde, got diary pic today! Thank you so furry much fur answerin my prayers. Ever since Indy got it twice, I was hoping someday I could get the honor too and now I have!

Thank you to my furrriends Oliver and Dewey for the tasty treat! And thanks to my angel kitty furriend Buddie and his family, angels and all fur the good wishes! I am like, so excited fur this.

The weekend was furry nice. Mommy stayed home fur some of it like she promised, and like I said Saturday, I have her lots of lovins on Friday night. She slept sooo long and I think she was trying to pretend to be me, since I pretty much just lay around mostly. Indy behaved fur the most part too because I know he knowed Mommy needed her cat naps like us.

Then, yestfurday Mommy went out fur a while and came back with some of the cold stuff that tastes so yummy and I tried it too! She said it was ok fur me to try since it had no milk and all. It tasted good 'cause it got a little warm in the house. And Mommy got me and Indy some new toys too! He likes the goggie mermaid, but I like the fuzzy yarn balls, and too bad fur my brofur 'cause she chewed his all up and brought the pieces to Mommy's bed fur her. He better think twice bout takin mine, that's fur sure =)

Oh mans, I am like really so furry happy to be diary pick. Thanks so much Catster fur thinking of me!

Meows n headbonks!



June 20th 2009 9:44 pm
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Last night I pretty much slept with Mommy all night long and that has been a long time since I did that. It was a looong day with no sign of her fur like, ever. She told us, and uncle Ben was gonna come, but then Mommy got out of work early, so thought she could make it home before she went to her showzy, but nofing like that happened at all! Mommy said it was cuz dis thing called traffic and she tried to come home three different ways, but it was impossible and Mommy says that is what is worst in this town. So, she never got home and uncle Ben didn't vist cuz he got stuck in the traffics too.

So I got worried! And so when Mommy came home to sleep, I told her how much I loved her and I not only gave her headbonks, I gave her full kitty face bonks!

She got me a new toy today too!

I loves her =) She loves me! Mommy akshually tells me all the time that I changed her life, and she changed mines too!


feel tha breeeeezes

June 19th 2009 10:00 am
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I love the fan sooo furry much! Mommy akshually turned it off dis mornin, but when she got back in the room, I was sittin on my hidey-hole BUT the fan was blowin full speed! Meow-how-how-how-how! I is so smart and beautiful too-Mommy is lucky fur sure.

Mommy was gone fur so long, but not really too in a way 'cause she came home to give me some noms, even though it was the kind I don't like like Indy does-so I ate my kibbles instead. And then she left again fur long time. The kibbles are delishioush though! Since Mommy gave us the new kinds, my fur is so shiny and soft and not all sheddy anymores.

Uncle Ben or Auntie Joanna might come by to say meow to us since Mommy will be gone a long time. That means good stuffs though since she will end up being home fur two whole days to make up fur it!

love Kitty

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