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Oh fun!!! Halloween tagggg!

October 7th 2009 9:48 am
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I been tagged by my handsome and dashing furrriend Riley. I have to list five things I like about Halloween and list six furriends to tag. Hope you have fun like I am!!!

Happy Halloween Furriends!

1. Um, the kids outside playing in costumes-It gives me good stuff to spy on outside my window!

2. Treats!treats!treats!

3. mmmmm Pumpkin! I tried some fur the furrrst time last night!

4. Laughing at Indy when Mommy tries to dress him up MOL!

5. Waiting at the door fur visitors

Six furriends I tagged

1. Dewey
2. Ivan(WLC!)
3. Lucy
4. Andy (Anderson Montgomery)
5. Skippy
6. Aldo 2!


Just when things start to look up...

October 5th 2009 10:18 am
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I go and get all hissy agains. Mommy got me this medicines stuffs-and Indy is taking it too, but it's not real medicine, it's herbal or something...and It's supposed to calm me down and it kinda seemed to halp a little, but this morning I got into a fight with my brofur-but it was his fault completely. Mommy was playing with us befur works and I guess he wanted more playtime and thought I was a I am not!

Mommy tried the water thing someone told her and sprayed Indy, but it only worked fur like. .5 seconds and he went on me again and I screammmmeeed sooo loud! So Mommy got him and tried to separate us, and Indy got scared I think of Mommy 'cause he was trying to hide, but she got him and gave him a time out.

She had to leave fur works but we seemed to be ok when she did-I even let Indy sit next to me, so I hopes we have a fight free day. If not, Mommy says that she is gonna have to separate us fur longer than a time out to re-introduce us...I already knows him so I don't get that but I guess I have to wait and see, hopefully Hissy free.


Kitty Composure

October 1st 2009 3:13 pm
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Ok, so, yeah. I've been mad fur a few days now-more mad than usual. And then it seemed as if I wasn't mad anymores, and I kinda furgot why I was mad fur a bit, but then Indy tried to play again and I got mad all mad that this morning Indy's hair on his tail puffed up soooo big and that nevfur happens and even though I'm mad, mine has stayed normal. Oh, and I knocked ovfur our two food dishes too and got our yum yums all ovfur the floor. Mommy didn't yell or anything though, she just looked at me and Indy and shook her head and got out the monster she holds in her hands, but since it's like, much smaller than the other monster, I like to watch.

Anyways, so Mommy decided to call my vet doc again, since we were just there not even a full week ago, and tell her that her suggestions on how to handle the "behavior" stuff with me and Indy were not working...she told Mommy to try Feliway, and we already had that and it works and doesn't work, and she said to Mommy to let me tell Indy who is boss....I've been telling him, trust me.

So, Mommy called the vet doc and this vet doc is sooooo nice. I liked the old one, but she didn't like Indy, so that's why we went here so I hope she likes Indy when she meets him, cause I wanna see her again. But, back to the call, the vet doc told Mommy that she should separate us fur a little bit...I am not sure about that. I know Indy bugs me and makes me MAAAAD, but when he's not around I look fur him, and not look fur him 'cause I'm on the look out, but because I do like him sometimes. And the vet doc told Mommy to maybe try something called Composure, which is something that I and Indy would take, even though it's not prescribed medicines...but it's supposed to calm us down the natural way. I told Mommy I would try it, but if it's the yuck yuck pills, she can furget it! Then the vet doc said that if that doesn't work, that I might need something called kitty prozac? What's that? I am a pro, yup! but I don't know the othfur stuffs... I just don't wanna be mad anymores. And Indy doesn't want me to be and I know Mommy doesn't want me to be eithfur.

So, I hopes the Composure works. Mommy said she's gonna try to get it this weekend, if the vet doc closes befur she gets there today. Wish me luck that my Madddddness goes away!



September 30th 2009 2:55 pm
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I am still mad from the othfur day. Not as mad as I was, but still a heap load of mad. I got a little calm fur a minute, and thank you to my furrriends fur wondering what was causing my madness and yeah, thanks fur tellin me to go easy on the bro. I try, he doesn't stop.

So, I didn't sleep with Mommy the othfur night and not last night either. Indy's been doing it, which was ok until I got all mad. She came and found me under the table in the living room and brought me to the room, but I jumped off and decided I could see things better from the floor. Indy was on the floor too, but he was hiding. I guess from me since I'm mad.

So, then last night Mommy played with us both and it was ok, but I pretty much wanted to watch mostly. And check this out! Indy walked by and I akshully gave the side of him a quick lick as he walked by, but when he stopped, I got all Hissy Pissy again. *sigh* Mommy keeps talking to me and telling me it's ok and that I shouldn't be mad and I don't know what to tell her. During our morning cuddles I have been trying to get some more cuddle time...I just feel confused. Mommy thinks that maybe I am fighting with Indy to rule the apt. and I guess I could be. But no matter what, he chases, I hiss...I have even hissed now when he looks in my direction only...I am really mad.

I hope I get unmad soon. When we eat, I'm not mad and when Mommy gives us treats and Indy tries to steal one (cause he always does) I'm not mad or hissy-so why am I evfurry othfur time?

I guess I just have to wait n see then.


Sooo Furrry Frustrated!!!!

September 28th 2009 11:34 am
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I am not a happy kitty at the moment AT ALL!!! And I don't think anyone understands why I am so mad. I don't even know really why I am so mad, but I am. I AM MAAADDDD!

I thought things were going kewl at home. Mommy was with me and Indy, I went to the vet doc and though I was scared, it wasn't so bad and Indy was trying to be all nicey to me 'cause he could tell I went to the vet doc 'cause I smelled like the vet doc. And I just got hissy a couple times because I knew he just cared.

Well...then I got MAD! Last night, I don't even know why, but I decided that Indy wasn't allowed to come near me or even look at me. And that was it. We went to bed ok, and my madness started aftur-I got hissy once befur, but then touched noses with Indy and gave him a head lick, but then I though, Why do that at all!

And so, I slept and Indy slept and it was ok. And then in the morning, I roused myself and so did Indy-Mommy was still asleep and I already got my cuddles from sleepy Mommy and so did Indy and then it hit me...MAD time. I guess Indy chased me and I didn't like it so I akshully ran to Mommy and jumped on the bed so she could protect me, and Indy just sat in the door and my hissssssssy hisses began. Mommy tried to give me cuddles and talk to me, but I just didn't wanna listen. And Indy, I guess was just confused and came up to Mommy and looked sad, but he didn't jump up or anything. Well, Mommy had to get up to go get in the water room and boy did I get MORE MAD! And she came out because I was so MAD at Indy that I sounded like a wild animal!!! And it scared Mommy 'cause she thought I got hurt bad. Nope. Just was MAD.

Then, it got ok and Indy hung out in the window and I hung out by Mommy, but decided I would get MAD at her too and gave her some hissies. Finally, I un-madded fur a bit and Mommy played with Indy and tried to play with me, but I just watched...then she went to the othfur room and Indy decided it was ok to play with me again. WRONG! MAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!

Now, I have to say, since Mommy took me to the vet doc, the vet doc said that she had to let me and Kitty fight if we are fighting, and so she has been trying, unless it is reaaaallly bad, and yes, I got reallly bad and was screeeeching fur halp! Poor Indy though, he doesn't know why I am MAD. He even put his paw on me to relax me and nopers. Not a good idea.

So, Mommy had to leave fur work. It's hot again today so he had to put that blower thing on-I think she was gonna separate us 'cause she is scared I might stay MAD all day and then it wouldn't be nice when she comes home...but since it is so hot, she didn't do that 'cause then me or Indy would be hott all day, and that would make me MAD if I were too hott.

I hope I am not so MAD later. I think Mommy hopes so too.

The only thing that is kinda calming me down is the Rose I got from Riley *heeeheee* and the bowl of yum yums I got from Sox. Thanks fur the pawresents. I hope they help me not be so MAD today.



being lazy now

September 26th 2009 12:11 pm
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Well, I went to the vet doc and it wasn't soooo bad. I'm lucky 'cause I am healthy right now, so it was not an emergency visit...poor furriends of mine who are going fur bad things.

Well, we got there and I mewed and mewed until we got there. Then, lucky fur us, Mommy got the seat right by one of the doors-the one that faces the street, so I got to spy on the cars n peeps walking and driving by. But then....I heard a doggie crying fur help! He was soooo loud and soooo scared and all I help hearing was "Haaaaaalp! Haaaaaalp!" and the poor doggie's Dad-pop wasn't even with him! He was in the potty! poor doggie. So, when I heard him crying, I hid! I hid under my blankie because, well, I couldn't see Mommy (I could out of the corner of my eye-just makin sure she didn't leave me!) and I couldn't see the other people, so of course I thought they couldn't see me! It's almost like walking thru walls like the real Kitty Pryde lady! MOL!

Well...I just have to say that hiding under your blankie DOES NOT hide you from the other people. So, unfortunatly I still had to go into the doc. And then I wouldn't come out of my carrier, so Mommy and the vet helper had to take the top off! I wasn't fighting, I was just holdin on fur my life! Well, Mommy got me out and I just layed on my blankie and the vet helper stuck something in my bum! And Mommy kept giving me kissies on my head and so I just held still, and then I got a needle. Ouchie. And then the vet doc came in and she was really nice to me. So it was alright. I weigh 10.8 lbs! I've grown lots! Then Mommy told on me...she told the vet doc that I get all hissy all the time, even when Indy isn;t bothering me. So, she said to keep trying the Feliway and then let me get all hissy and growly and try to stop from separating us so we can figure out who's boss. So I guess Mommy will help me only when I reaaaaalllly need it.

I am soooo tired! I feel like I had a long day, even tho it's only noon. Whew! Gonna go take a nappy nap.

Love Kitty


the vet doc?!?!!!

September 26th 2009 7:36 am
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What??!!! I can only paw fur a few minutes befur I have to go RUN AND HIDE! I heard Mommy saying I had to go to the vet doc and I don't wanna go!!!! The last time, the stuck things in places they shouldn't and poked me and stuffs....and what's this I hear about shots!!!! I am so good at the vet doc that they always say to Mommy, "this is an awesome cat" (heeeheee thanks!) unlike my brofur, but I don't wanna go!!! Uh Oh! I hear her coming now! Wish me luck in my hiding!!!


What's going on in tha world?

September 25th 2009 6:18 pm
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WHOA! There was some loud biznissss goin on outside my window today. I just ran ovfur to the window sill to see what the noise was and some big huge monster thing (like the one Mommy takes me in) was there and was makin a rackit!! I like my music to be nice, not boom booom boooom.. Even in Mommy's monster I am good and I am calm.

Mommy got me some new wet yum yums and I had some today and it was deeeeelightful! Even my brofur had some too and he is so picky.

My furrriend Leo is doing a little better, but it's gonna be a long road to being furry healthy once again, but I am purrrrring hard fur him, and fur my furrriend Calvin too, who's got something sooo bad that I can't say...he's also got a furrriend named Anne-mia....hmmmmm sounds crazy to me! I am purrrring hard fur him too!

Mommy is giving me some cuddles and I am kneading kneading kneading away!


PS! Thank you Riley fur the heart!!!! I got a heart and it's Riley's!!!


he likes me! And PUUUURRRRS NEEEDED!

September 23rd 2009 9:17 pm
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Firstly I have to say how furry happy I am about something. My furrriend Riley-well, he likes me too like I like him! He pawed the nicest diary about me and it makes me feeel all purrry and cuddley =) check out his page!

Secondly, I already wrote about it, but my furrriend Leo is soooo sick!!!! Please please please send purrrrrs to him and his furmily! He needs all the purs he can get! God, Please send good news to Leo and his furmily. He needs them so furrry much.
It makes me get the weepies because I can't imagine how hard this is fur him and fur his Mommy. They are so strong.


Mews update

September 23rd 2009 2:52 pm
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My furrriend Leo is very sick right now. Purllllease send Purrrrrs his way fur him and his furmily, who are worried and scared.

He is one of my kewlest furrriends and he is just a little kitt-too young to be so sick. Please purrr for him, purlease?


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