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Mommy separated us

October 22nd 2009 10:19 am
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So, Mommy left me today all alones in the bedroom and bafroom part of our 'partment. I hope it's ok and I don't get lonely 'cause even tho I get all hissy and grumbly to Indiana, I do like him and like to check up on him (and give him mini baf's when Mommy's not lookin)

It started 'cause this mornin Mommy was in the bafroom in the shower thingy and all was goin on and stuffs and then she heard some loud screams frummm me and when she peeked out, I was hiding under her towel that I knocked off the chair thing and Indy was peeking in at the door...She thinks he was just tryin to play and so what! I didn't wanna! So she closed the door all the ways and let me hang out with her till she was done and then when we opened the door...who was on the othfur side!!! Indy!!! So I hissed and growled some mores and Mommy picked me up and carried me to the living room and closed the door! SO Indy was stuck by himself and I had the room with Mommy! And so I jumped on her lap when she sat on the couch to check the weathfur and emails and gave her cuddles and lovins and purrrrrs (like almost evfurry morning) and then she left me and went to play with my pipsqueeek brofur....just so you know I decided to call him that 'cause when she opened the door he was squeeekin and mewin and squeeekin.

So, she played with him fur a few minutes to get his energies down and then finished gettin readies herself. And then...I was scratchin at the door to come check Indy and Mommy out fur myself and when Mommy opened the door, I came in that part of the 'partment. It's hard to pikshurrr, but the livin room is one big room and the kitchen and front door are all there, then there's a door that separates the livin room from the sink and closet and then on either side afturrr the sink, there is the bedroom on the left and the bafroom on the right, with doors separating them frummmm the sink it's kinda like it's own little room, the sink room, but you gotta go thru it to get to the bafroom (no sink just the chair and shower thingy) and the bedroom... Anyways, so Mommy gave us both treats!!! And it was wonderfuuuul!

And then, I hissed. and grummmmbled. and hissed some mores and then went to sits on my hideyhole bed. Well, Mommy was thinkin 'bout separating us fur the day anyways since the morning grumbles, but was gonna see how we did togethfur before she left and since I got MAD, she separated us in the end. I was s'posed to get the big ol' living room (w/the fountain!) but insteads I got the beddyroom, sink room and bafroom. But I did get the good litter box MOL!

I hope it's ok todays and I'm not mad at Indy still and I don't feel like I got the bad deal with bein in the beddyroom. I likes it in there! but Mommy's been readin all these books about kittehs fighting and stuffs, like sooo many MOL! And the books always say let the scaredy-cat get the big room...but I guess my part is the same size as the other's just I like to hang out in both of them just as much so Mommy was worried I wouldn't get my choice. But she had ta make if fur me. And if we do ok when she gets home, then hopefully we won't haffff to be separated agains, but if we don't, Mommy said somethin about reintroducing us....

I don't know what that means since I already knows my brofur, but Mommy said that might be the best thing, even tho our situation is not like the books say-we like to eat togethfur and stuffs and play with toys with Mommy togethfur and I even sneak in those bafffs, but whenevfur Indy comes near me sometimes, I get all hissy...but then sometimes he walks by and I give his side a quick lick I'm not sure.

Wish me lucks tho! Mommy is coming home a little late tonights so she was worried 'bout leavin us longer if we were fighting, so that's why she separated us too. I'm crossin my paws that I can be less hissy and Indy can me less of an annoyin brofur!


I entered too!

October 20th 2009 10:32 pm
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Hi! I entered the coolest cat contest too!!! Please vote fur me =)

Vote for Kitty Pryde in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info


thank you

October 20th 2009 11:41 am
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I took a brief pause frummm my day now to say thank you to Izzie and his furmily fur the Pumpkin!!! =) Thanks furrrry much!


feelin kinda down

October 20th 2009 9:43 am
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I feel a little lost today. And last night too. I just feel blue-I wish I didn't. It's just things were going ok aftur Mommy got home, but last night Indy and I got into a fight...again. He just won't leave me alone! Mommy took him to the vet doc doc too fur his 1 yr old appointment and the vet doc doc (who's soooo nice!) said to wait and see fur one month more befur we do anything like give me medicines or him medicines. And so Mommy got more of the composure stuffs, but the chewy kind, not the liquid, and I like that much betterz akshully, but still, Indy won't stop. He just keeps tryin ta play, even when mommy plays wif him a whole lots on his own.

I guess that's why I feel sad...I wanna play too! And Mommy does play wif us both at the same time and it goes ok, but Indy always has to play wif evfurry thing! Even when he has his own toy!!!
So, last night I was inturrrrested in the toy (one of them broke tho and it's both our favfurrrite one right now too!) and then Indy, all quiet and on his own at furrrst, decides he wants to play agains. And then he decided that even tho he plays fur like, furevfur, that I was the toy and chased me and stuffs and I hissed and growled and swatted and he even knows he is being naughty 'cause he looks back to Mommy to see what she's doin! And then he pounced like a buncha times on me and I yelped sooooo loud! Mommy Hissed at us! Mommy clapped at us! Mommy said NO! at us! And Indy wouldn't stop!!! So, finally when she got him to separate from me he got a time out.

And then later I gave his forehead a good licking...but that is what's confusin the vet doc doc the most! She said that when kitties don't get along they usually don't get along all around, but we eat together and I give him licks from time to time, so what gives? Any of my furrriends reading this have any idea? Even Mommy isn't sure because it seems like we have a fight, big or small, at least once a day now! Mommy wanted to separate us fur the day, but who gets the good room with the water fountain?

I am just so confused!


my doggie uncle Marley

October 17th 2009 4:12 pm
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Mommy is home!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting on her lap right now as I paw this entry =)

All my catster furrriends who have doggie brofurs and sisfurs, would you please add my uncle Marley as a furrriend? He's a stinkin ol' dog, but he gre up wif Mommy and she's helpin him make a diary of his own....he's kinda cute I guess...but not as cute as us kitties MOL!

thanks furry muchly =)



October 15th 2009 3:53 pm
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I just huuurrd that Mommy will def. be home tomorrow! She's gonna pick me up late but I'll get to give her the cuddles n stuffs. It makes me soooo furry happy!

That's all fur now! I am just soooo 'cited!!!



Yah fur Rocky Ann and Hello Kitty!

October 13th 2009 5:43 am
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My furrrriend Rocky Ann is the kewlest right now!!!! She and Diego got the real live Hello Kitty Transfurmation kit-The one I wrote about in my diary a long time ago and thought I would nevfur have 'cause it's all the ways in Japan and realllllly expensives....well.....MY MOMMY ORDERED IT FUR ME!!!!! Rocky Ann told Mommy where to buy it and that it was onsale and also gave her infurmation to use a Japanese ordering service, since we can't order stuffs in America on our owns.

Mommy is still at her Mom's house-she was s'pposed to stay wif her Uncle in NYC, but has been stayin close to her Mommy insteads and I don't blame her 'cause I would wanna stay wif my Mommy ovfur any uncles anyday. So, even though there's sad stuffs happening all arounds, Mommy said that the Hello Kitty costume and Rocky Ann have helped to cheer her up a little bit. She said no one would understands how it can make her happy unless they gots Catlove like Mommy does fur us.

Only a few more days till I get to go home and get the cuddles frummmm my Mommy. I am mewing down the days.


sneakin on the 'puter

October 11th 2009 6:35 am
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Dear Diary,

I got to sneak on my Uncle Ben's 'puter 'cause he left it on and this is dthe highlight of my day! I was 'fraid I wouldn't be ables to get on at alls.

Thanks furrriends fur worrying about me and my Mommy. She's sad. -My greeat-grandmaw, my mom's grandmaw, is wif her angels now. Mommy is sad, but she said it's ok 'cause she's wif all her family (geeez lthere's a lot of them!) so, I am not so sad about being here at my uncle's fur now. Though, I did run to the window afturrr Indy did to watch Mommy leave us at his house. And then I mewed around fur a bit, but he told Mommy I am good. I got a situation right befur Mommy took me there, and it's sooo embarrasing and nevfur happened befur...I won't get into ickily details here, but the end was that Mommy had to chase me and clean my bum because it got icky.(gross I know!!!) and I made a mess on the floor, but I think I was just nervous 'cause Mommy was 'cause I've been fine now at my uncle's.

So, this great-grandmaw of mine seems like an ok lady, even though she likes goggies...she had one and Mommy told me that when she was a little kiddie, that goggie named Misty was her best furrriend and protected her. Strangers would come say hi to her grandmaw, and Misty wouldn't let them come see Mommy until she checked 'em out! MOL! If Mommy has kittens one day, I'm gonna be like Misty and protect them unless Mommy says it's ok MOL!!!

Guess what! Mommy FINALLY helped me to join this club on catster that invited me months ago! Can you believe she waited soooooo long?!! Well, they gave me a shrimpie! Deeeelishiousshhh!!!! I loves tha seafood!

Thanks fur the loves from my furrriends too. It makes me happy that Mommy and I gots the catster furrriends =) the peeeeople furrriends just don't got the same lovins that the catster furrriends do. Akshully, Mommy told uncle that aftur she dropped us off, Aunt Jojo and Aunt Cherrae came ovfur to take Mommy to the plane place since she had to go early early (like no time fur sleeepies 'cause she had to pack and go!) and Mommy went, "awwwww" and her one furrriend said, "what?" and the other said, "She's thinkin about the kitties" and laughed and you know what....SHE WAS RIGHT! Mommy said that 'cause we weren't there and she wanted the cuddles.

Anyways, I am gonna get off now, in case Uncle Ben comes and catches me...I gotta let Indy have a turn too =)



No Pawing in my diary fur a few days

October 9th 2009 3:56 pm
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This makes me soooo sad that I can't paw my diary fur a few's the one thing that helps me to relieve my stresses from my brofur each day.
Mommy is going to see her mommy and grandmommy, who is fighting hard-she must have 9 lives like a cat! One minute they told Mommy that she went to the people's bridge and now she's back. So, I understand she has to go, but I will miss Mommy while she is gone and her cuddles.

And I will miss my furrriends...'specially Riley =/

Purrrrs to my furriends and I will miss you and yr diaries fur the next few days.



October 8th 2009 9:57 am
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So, I guess I am just alright lately. Mommy has been really trying to make sure Indy and I are happy and getting along good. She's been tricking me with tuna to take this liquid stuffs and I don't think it's working, but I guess I am feeling ok.

Yestfurday akshully, more than once, I gave Indy a good ol neck lickin and stuffs and it was nice, until he put his paw around me-I guess he thought I was playing, but I was just givin him a good ol' bathy. So I got a little hissy but still Mommy thinks I must be doing a little better because only kitties that love each othfur give baths right?

I got tagged yestfurday by my boy Riley! He is my boy 'cause he thinks I am purrrrty =) It was kewl to write about what I like about Halloweeeeeeen time! And the one thing I didn't write that I like is the fact that it's nice n coool out so Mommy is leaving the windows open more a little crack when she is not home, so I get the fresh stuffs instead of the cranky old loud machine. And the nice warm blankies came out too!

On a sad note though, Mommy told me my great-grandma went to the people Rainbow Bridge. She is sooo sad and I just wanna give her kissies to make her feel better. This also means that I won't be able to write fur a few days 'cause most likely I am gonna visit my Uncle Ben so Mommy can get on a plane thing and see her Mommy and evfurryone else. Maybe Indy and I will get along at Uncle Ben's?

I'm gonna go check out the view from my window and get some fresh air and watch the kiddies out side =)

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