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I Has a Sad

January 22nd 2014 4:31 pm
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My dear furrriends, my dear diary,

I am so sad. I am so heartbroked too. And my mommmy is the same. We don't wanna lose all our catster furrriends after having such wonderful furrriendships now fur so long.

I has a facebook and so does meowmy. And we will post the links here too soon so we can hopefully keep in contact.



My tum tum today

August 2nd 2013 11:57 am
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A week and a couple'a days later and finally my tum tum is feeling betters. There was sooo much going on with this whole tum tum business-I went to the vet doc doc and had to get gross medicines, which, to show Mommy that she wasted her money, I threw up-then I got special foods, which akshully I love a lot, and then the doc game medicines to my mommy again in a capsule and the lady at the vet called it into the wrong compound pharmacy so more days went by without it, because it wasn't there when it was time to be picked I only akshully took medicines for like a day, and I spit it all up mostly. I got canned pumpkin mixed in my yum yums and that helped. Now I am all playful again and happy!

I am so happy I slept the whole night with Mommy again the other day! I haven't done it in awhile, just to make sure Jack knows that the window perch is off limits at night to him! But I cuddled mommy and Jack even slept on the bed too! it was like a kewl furmily again.

No other mews to report except Mommy is gonna helps a kitty get to her furever home tomorrow by driving her from one place to another, where she will go to another person too. I am happy fur that kitty, but I am so happy that I gets ta stay at home!




July 26th 2013 11:02 am
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Well, Mommy heard back from the people at Merricks and yep-they did change the recipes. And I still has my...ssshhhh...poopy pants. But I still wanna eats other yum yums so hopefully it will get better. But what stinks is now I gotta go to the vet doc doc tonight! I am trying ta eats to show Mommy that I am all good, but since my pants has been poopies fur yesterday, and today, and kinda on Wed night, well, she is a momma and says even if they says nothing, she wants ta be safes.

We lent our carrier to tha cuuuutest little kit-her name is Sunshine and she looks like a blank panther kitty! She had ta gets the fixins and she is so teeny tiny, but her Mommy asked if she could use the carrier.. See when the carrier disappeared I thought yes! No more vet doc doc evfur! but I was wrong!

I hope things go ok at the doc doc. Mommy is gonna tell Dr. Coates too all about Jack Jack and see what she says about bringing him in too fur a check up sometime. He did get the shots and stuffs at the fix place, but since he's a housecat now, Mommy says he should go just 'cause.

Mommys think they is right all the time, but I don't knows-when it comes to the vet doc doc, she can say whatevfur she wants, and I still won't wanna go, even though they keep me all cozy in my blankie.

Oh....and guess what! I has a boyfriend!!!! Mommy thinks he comes to see her, but he really is coming to see me! I love him so much that I likes to lay on him fur pets and stuff. MOL! I'll write more about him later!



my tum tum

July 25th 2013 11:54 am
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Oh diary!
I seems to be having trouble with my tum tum today-akshully since last night. I still wanna eat lotsa yum yums though, so I don't know what my tum tum is tellin me.

I had this different flavfur of the Cowboy cookout yum yums yesterday and I ate it and then I gots the same fur dinner only fur dinner I didn't really want it, but I ate it eventually. But, and I know it's my tum tum and I can't blame Jack, I went potty and where my poop was s'posed to be was liquidy insteads! And this morning it was like that again. But I wanted to eat my yum yums still and I did.

Mommy rubbed my belly too and said she thought it felt a big bloated-I think it might be eating lots of treats. I've not wanted to play too much lately because it's been so hot and since Jack has been here I don't play as much (Mommy has a sad 'cause of that 'cause she doesn't want me to be upsets), but I still get my daily running zoomies because Jack likes to chase me a bunch. I think Mommy is nervous though.

You know what though-the cowboy cookout yum yums are in new packaging and stuff now-I wonder if they changed the recipe or something and that's why my tum tum is botherin me. I just hope that it feels better soon because I do not wanna goes to the vet doc doc!

Will my furrriends send me some purrrs purlease?
Thank mew and bonks and purrrrs,


what happens at your house?

July 11th 2013 12:30 pm
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Does your little brofur or sisfur look cute sometimes and then they bug you likes, a second later? Mine does!

Does your little brofur or sisfur make cat chirpy sounds while trying ta bites the hair under your chin, which makes you run away? And then he chases after you!?! Mine does!

Does your little brofur or sisfur wanna take your spot on the window seat sometimes when your not there, 'cause you let them share, but then they watch you like they are hungries when you are in the spot, and they run when Mommy looks at them? Mine does!

Do you like to steal the yum yums from under their nose and mouth when you realize they is still eating their share, and they do nothings about it and just let you? I do!

Does your Mommy pet the little stinkers and then you, and then call them all the same cute names? Mine does!

Does your stinker, 'casue it sounds like I am talking bout really stinky brofurs and sisfurs, do they like to pretend to lick your ear, so you let them, and then try ta chews it instead!?! Mine does!

If you gots a situashun at home like this, because you could answers yes to at least 1 of the questions, then you gots a little brofur or sisfur that you loves, but they are stinky little furs too!


My Gotcha Day!!!!!

June 29th 2013 2:57 pm
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It's my Gotcha day today!!!! I am so happy ta be gotted and has a wonderful home! I wish all kits could get gotted, and I will purrrr fur them. Thanks fur helping me celebrates! I will write more later!


Hot! Hot! Hot!

June 28th 2013 3:48 pm
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my cattttnissss! It is soooo hott at my house right now. Mommy said somethin about like 100's, and I think that that is not good-at least it doesn't feel so good. I have been laying on the floor cause it's cooler than the window bed. I got some of the eye goopies too-I think it's from tha heats somehow cause I was fine until it started yesterday!

Things have been pretty ok otherwise. I'm getting the yummi foods and my brushins and stuff. Jack is kinda behaving himselfs, even though he does like to try and wrestle with me. he is so small though that I feels like if it came to a duel, I would win! Then again, he is an outside cat who did all this crazy stuffs to survives, even sneaking up in the pouring rain to make sure he got his yum yums. I hates the water!

Mommy has been super busy lately and then all sleepy so we haven't been up to much at my house, just lotsa sleeping. When I am on the floor Mommy puts a pillow there and lays beside me so we has special time together. Jack likes to lay close by too and then he rolls around on his back and watches me-I'm not really sure what it means, but it looks funny! MOL!



This Brofur business!

June 25th 2013 2:51 pm
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As you all, my good furrriends know, Jack is gonna stays and so I have accepted that I gots a new brofur. I do think he is kinda cutes and I likes ta give him the lick licks on the ear and on top'a his head, but he is annoying sometimes! Like, sometimes he just dives right inta the fur my neck ta play or try ta be boss-and I hiss and mostly I just walks away and go meow at Mommy ta let her knows how I feels about this whole sishuashun...I have been gettin lotsa turkey MOL!

So, yah-Jack Jack is here. He let Mommy pet his head too this weekend and even got a little chin scratch of his own. He kinda made this shudder-like Mommy was gonna hurts him or something, but a'course she was just giving him loves like I gets. On Sunday too, I got extra special loves. I just needed a good nice naptime with Mommy and a good cuddle. I likes ta be top cat, and top cat gets the cuddles!

It's been hard the last few days though, during tha weeks, 'cause Mommy has been so busy, but she promises me some special time fur us girls-no boys allowed! I'm even gonna get more brushins with my favfurite brush! (and I don't knows about you but when I get the brushins, I make sure Mommy is kissing my forehead at the same time!)

Not much else is happening lately. Just been hanging out and watchin out fur Jack-I does a hissy at him evfurryday, but fur the most part, they are little ones (the secret ones I do when Mommy is home is a secret!). Now that he is more comfies, he is talking a lot-I mean, he always had lots ta say, but he knows the sounds of when Mommy is getting us yum yums, and he runs in tha kitchen after me and mews and mews until Mommy puts his bowl down (I get mine furst, cause ladies are always furst!) and he even knows my little trick of listening extra hard fur the sound of the treat bag. And then he mews some more. He even went on the bed the other day when I was there and took a nap until Mommy came in the room. And OMC! Sooooo funny!!! we was playing a game and it was my turn ta runs away, and so I zoomied out of tha room and he hopped over the bed like a bunny MOL!!! or a Lemur, mommy says, or something like that! Definitely not like a kitty!



I was a DDP and other mews!

May 24th 2013 2:52 pm
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oh geee! Thank you Catster diary hoooooman fur picking me as a DDP yesterday! And thank you to my furrriends who helped me ta celebrates!

Thanks always to Angel Buddie and all his furmily fur their pawsitive pawmail, as well as Smiley Cassanova and Jameson! And Jameson, thank mew fur the photo!

And thanks to Monster fur the Rose, Tyson fur the tulips, and Tate fur the Memorial flag.

It's an impurrrtant weekend this weekend, fur lotsa reasons. One of them is 'cause it's Memorial Day weekend, and we is remembering all our hoooomans who did service fur us to lives in our country. Some of my hooman uncles and my grandpaw all are people who served, but they are still here today, so we are a lucky furmily, but some are not as lucky, so we is putting our paws together fur the brave people.

Also, another impurrrtant thing is Indy's Bridge day tomorrow. It seems like all Mommy has been talking and thinking about, and it's understandables, so lots of cuddles are in order. Plus, Mommy had gotten this book when Indy went to the Bridge-it is an art book that she is s'posed ta fills in with memories and anything she wants, and she has nevfur been able to do it. But this weekend she is gonna starts and a very special furrriend who is an actual real artist is gonna helps her too if she needs, in case she has some troubles, ya know, with the weepies, and because it's not all gonna happen in one day, filling it all out.

Jack is doing ok. Some of my furrriends here are furrriends of Mommy and me on the facebook site, and she put a video link of us on there-since some furrriends are not on there, I am putting the link here too. I hope it works (Mommy's helping me from work and the site is blocked so we can't click the link ourselves!)

here ya goes:

Thanks the mews right now. Jack likes toys now too-which is good 'cause geeez, we gots so many and I only like ta plays with my green and white ball, so Mommy keeps finding toys all chomped up! And he is trying out the scratching posts and sitting in the windows, and even just this morning, which I think is importants, when Mommy went ta gives him breakfasts, he went to run, but Mommy said, "Jack." AND HE STOPPED! I THINKS HE KNOWS HIS NAME! And then she showed him the yum yums in the bowl and put it within sniffin range, and wouldn't ya knows it, he looked around and then when mommy snuck away he ated up all those yum yums.



Belated Thank mews and stuffs

May 21st 2013 9:37 am
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Dear furrriends,
I was keeping Mommy so busy this past week that I didn't get to say thank mew fur the rosettes fur my DDP and my Birthday and Mother's Day!
Thank Mew so much evfurryone!!!

Thank you to Jack, Kiki and Kosuteh fur the Cupcake!
Thank you Tink and Snow fur the Cupcake!
Thank you Lacey and Finney and Angel Alex fur the Tulips!
Thank you Mia, Milo, Xena Pawrincess Warrior and Angel Qt and furmily fur the Tulips!
Thank you Angel Taag, Nuk, Gabby and Sweets fur the Birthday Crown!
Thank you Tyson fur the Heart!
Thank you Big Harry, Patches and furmily fur the Pink Ribbon!
Thank you Molly Angel fur the Rose!
Thank you Sleeper, Samhain and furmily fur the Heart!
Thank You Samoa fur the Lady Bug!
Thank you Ozzy and Harriet fur the Bouquet of Flowers!
Thank you Teebo, Callie and Rose fur the Lady Bug!
Thank you Ingen fur the Flower!
Thank you Monster fur the Mousie!
Thank you Buddie and all the furmily and Smiley fur the Pmails!
and Thank You to all the furmilies fur the Mother's Day zealies, Luky, Tully, Sammy and furmily; Foggy Babez, Jezebel and Charlie and furmily; Walker, Alexandria and Molly; Sleeper, Samhain and furmily; Molly Angel; Tink and Snow; Autumn, Samoa, Calvin the Angel and furmily; and if I furgot to mention anyone I am sooo sorries!

As fur the other stuffs, lot's has been happening. Furst, I want to send some POTP to all the people and pets in the terrible storms. Mommy read something about a doggie that was found in the rubbles, and was so sad fur everyone, but the doggie was alive in this story at least.

Also, Indy's Bridge annipurrrsary is coming up on Saturday and Mommy has been thinking a lots about that, and how thankful she was fur Catster when Indy left us. We is gonna think of him and maybe do something specials.

And Jack...he is kinda an interesting furball. I don't know if he wants ta eat my brains yet like Harrison did, but he sure likes ta be around wherevfur I am. Mommy keeps us apart when she isn't home, but she has been letting us kinda free when she is home, and he barely goes into the kennel anymores, cept to go potties and eat yum yums. Mommy moved the yum yums out of there last night. And like I said, he hasn't gone fur my brains yet, but he follows me and looks fur me and Mommy didn't know where he was the other night and he was layin right below my window perch on the floor, and I was on the window perch. It was weird. He is tryin ta learns stuffs too, at least that's what Mommy says. She showed him how ta make a ball go around this circle thing, and she keeps hearing stuff crashing and it's him, tryin ta plays with the ball in the circle-round MOL! and she got Indy's turbo track back out too and tried showin him how ta plays with that....I nevfur much liked it purrrsonally.

He still runs though from Mommy, but he makes lotsa noises now, and now the mews a'desperashuns. He makes little chirpy sounds when he looks fur me. I hissed at him this weekend 'cause he gots a little too close, but I usually am lookin fur him too....just in case my brains is at stakes. I think I like him. I'm not sure yet. Last night Mommy gave me treats while he watched and she gave him some too and he looked at me and her like he didn't knows he was s'posed ta eats them!!! but he watched me gobble them up and so he tasted them, but he left them fur me, I guess maybe so I might likes him a little more, I don't knows.

I'm not sure what ta thinks. Mommy isn't either. hmmmm. I guess I will thinks on that!


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