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Yesfurrrday was NAWT my lucky day!

March 21st 2014 1:15 pm
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Oh fuurrriends. What a day! We had anothfur earthquake! It was so small though compared ta the last one, but still scary. I ran and hid and a'course 'cause I am tha big sisfur and Boss cat, jack ran too just like I did and hid.

I got lotsa treats though fur it. and lotsa loves.

Oh but thank goodness it's tha weekend cause now I has mommy home fur hours and she said she can't wait fur the snuggles too.

I am watchin my cat dvd while I waits fur her MOL!



I was a DDP!

March 20th 2014 9:57 am
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Thank mew so much fur my DDP honors on Tuesday! I have been a little busy HIDING OUT!!!

I gots a message from my good furrriend Smiley Cassanova, thank mew! and from Buddie and all his kitties too!

And thank you Mac, Ivy and all your furmily fur the rosette!

And I even got Spam MOL! Fur St. Patrick's day from Fluffy and Alex! Thank mew!

So things has been cuuurazy here. And I has been hiding out. I am back ta normal now at least....fur now.

My Monday morning started off good. I was mewing at meowmy fur my yum yums and she was getting ready fur work. I had my yum yums and was eating them when alls a sudden the earth started ta moves from under me!!! And stuff fell off tha fridge right onto my yum yums, and a dish flew out of the cabinet across from me too, right at my yum yums!!! and picshures fell-Indiana's painting and Pawprint flew too (and thank goodness the paw didn't break 'cause Mommy would've been even more upsets! But when the earth started shaking, I ran. Jack ran too. Mommy ran too, 'cause my boyfurrriend was sleeping and I ran in there and so did Mommy, ta wakes him up. And then it was all over.
I was so scared I burrowed into the closet and Jack hid under the bed. I felt back because so much shook that Mommy started ta cry a little bit and instead of comforting me, my boyfurrriend comforted her! And then he had ta go check on his furmily.

Mommy cleaned up tha mess and had ta go to works. And I was too scared ta come and eat yum yums all day. Mommy got home early from work and checked on Jack and me, and Jack was kinda ok, he was hanging in the window, but hid when Mommy came in. I was still in the closet, and Mommy got me out and hugged me so tight. Then she came with me to explores the 'partment 'cause I was still jumpy and scared of any noise that I heard. And Jack ate all the dinner yum yums fur once, since I was too busy looking around for more of this shaky business.

Mommy left fur class and when she came home I was a little better and hungry so she gave me a little more yum yums. And I made sure ta sleep close to her that night. Jack did too.

But since then I has been getting a little sick. I just got so stressed out! My eyes are a little red (which means tha eye drops came out...ewwww) But today I am feeling much better. It just took a few days I guess ta get comfortable and feel safe. I hope the earth doesn't move again, but they says it might. If it does, I hope Mommy is home to pawrotect me.

So that's the latest mews! I am so thanfur to be safe and sound and have my mommy, my brofur, and my boyfurrriend that cares about me. So in the end, I am safes aftur all!



Kitty violence

March 11th 2014 4:15 pm
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I am sure most of my furrriends who has TV or the internets knows by now, but there is big news about a kitty who made his furmily call 911 on him fur being scared and upset...because they kicked his bum and he got his tail pulled!

Ok, so I am upsets about this. And Mommy is too. Because I got labeled as an "aggressive" kitty at my old vets, and Indiana did too at other vets.

My story is that every single time I evfur went to the vet doc doc, Mommy was always told how great I was and well behaved! I was even told that I was the best cat evfur. Because honestly, I am scared and just wanna get it ovfur with. The only time I made a hissy other than "the incident" was because I was hurting and the doc touched my hurt spot. But when "the incident" happened....I was labeled trouble. and we found a new vet. I had ta get my bloods drawn fur my dental, which on another note was like waaaaay expensively overpriced!, and the vet tech poked me wrong when he tried ta sucks tha blood out. And I got very upset. So upset I went potty all ovfur myself. and the vet doc doc, not the tech, came out and got me and said there was an accident and to please come in. I just melted inta Mommy's arms, covered in my stuffs and all, and was so happy fur comfurts. And the doc doc, not the tech, admitted it was their fault. But then next time I went, my file had orange stickers all over it saying I was aggressive...and the vet doc doc, who was the same one on the day of the incident, said..."Oh I must have the wrong file...wait..what? She isn't aggressive?" see, even she knew that I was good.

When I got spayed I was a little upsets, but that is natural 'cause I was on drugs. But I just hid in the carrier until I heard Mommy come to pick me up and I just layed with her.

And the one time I got aggressives like 911 kitty was when the strange dude walked into our 'partment on accident and I was pawrotecting Mommy. See, us kitties are smart and know what's up, 'specially when out pawrents are good ones.

I'll speaks fur Indy too-he had a pawroblem at the vet doc doc only aftur his neuter surgery. The rescue Mommy got him from took him in fur us, cause he was a "foster" until his fixins, and they said he was very upset after, and the nice rescue lady had him wrapped in a blankie on her chest all day. She said he only perked up to look out when he heard my voice coming to the back door. But aftur that, he hated the doc doc. And that same doc doc who did his neuter...well, it's in his diary, but their techs are so terrible. They had ta gives him a vaccine and the dude missed somehow, and then tried like at least 6-7 more times and Mommy was telling him to stop. and he got the big glove out and said Indy was a bad kitty. And the vet doc was like...oh he is aggressive because of the shot...and I said...yeah I would be too being poked over and over! So at the newer vet we went to, when he had some troubles jumping, the doc went to pet him and he bopped her, and she was like...Oh I can't examine him. he is aggressive. we will need to sedate him to take xrays of his legs....nope. We went to the doc doc who we loved until my "incident" and they were always able ta take Indy's blood and handle him just fine and he even let them give him loves.

So there you has it. An upset kitty is upset from circumstances. And that 911 kitty has sad circumstances, and I hope he finds another home with all the news attenshun from this story and doesn't get hurt more because his pawrents are embarrassed at their stoooopidity. Because he needs a furmily that will love and nurture him fur the handsome boy he is (and by tha way stoooopid hoooomans....he's not a Himalayan kitty! unless I am stoooopid!)

Yours truly,
Kitty P


Technical difficulties and Thank mews!

March 10th 2014 2:38 pm
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Oh furrriends! Thank mew so much fur sharing my special DDP with me!!!
I have been having a pawroblem adding to my diary-but it is working fur me now!
Thank mew to Buddie Angel and his furmily fur the message!
Thank mew to my awesome furrriend Smiley Cassanova fur the message too!

Thanks to Paisan fur the 4 Leaf lucky clover!
Thanks to Snowy, Toby and Queenie Sweet Angel and the furmily too fur the 4 Leaf lucky clover!
And thanks to Ginger fur the 4 Leaf lucky clover! I am full of lucks!!!

Thanks to Mac, Ivy and furmily fur the sweet Rose!

And thank mew to Buddy and his furmily fur the Pink Ribbon and to Milo Blue Eyes, who's got two beautiful eyes ta my one blue eye, fur the Pink Ribbon too. Pink is my favorite and best color =)

And thanks fur the comments too furrriends! I am so happy ta has the special honor again, and lucky that we are all still here together to celebrates!

Love and bonks,



March 3rd 2014 12:06 pm
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Today was D-Day we foughts! But here I am, on my diary, and it's wonderpurrrr!

I am so happy I won't lose all my furrriends (even though some of you furs are on facebook and furrriends wif me and my Mommy)

I heard a thunder the other day and it was scurrrrry. We had lots of rain and wind too. I know it wasn't as bad as all the bad weather my dear furrriends have been having though, and fur that I am grateful!

Oh, and I gots a new donut bed! I lovvvvve this bed. Mommy now has kept it on tha bed so I can sleeps on it there. She gots another bed too this weekend aftur that, to see if I would try it or Jack Jack, but I guess we just like the donut ones best. this one is a little bigger and a lot softer too, but I pawfur the donuts purrrlease! MOL!

Mommy was purrrty bust this weekend so Jack and I had some alone time ta thinks about stuffs. A whole day and night a'alone times! I just knew she would be back though, and yep, she was and she brought home treats fur us, just a'cause she knew we deserved it fur being such good furrrrs on our own fur a day!

I don't know what else to paw about! I am just so happy that I can paw about stuffs in tha furst place! meowwwwwwwww!!!!

Love Kitty


I am A DDP today!

January 29th 2014 12:15 am
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Ish a strange things fur me, to be a DDP today. I nevfur thoughts that I would, and meowmy, be so attached to my furrriends, all of whom I nevfur ackshully mets in real lifes. And yes I am sad fur shure. I am sad too that Jack doesn't have such a big diary like I does too and nevfur gots ta meet awl my furrriends, and even my special furrriend Riley, befur he left catster a long times ago. I bet Riley and his brofur Skippy would be so proud of me fur being a good sisfur.

I am so lucky ta has met such a wonderpurrr group a furrriends to help through awl the times, good and bad, sad and wonderful.

I'm not sure if anyone will even halps me ta celebrates my special day today, since so many furrriends are already gone, but it's ok, 'cause the most special thing is that we gots ta share these special times together fur so many years.

Love and bonks,
Miss Kitty


I Has a Sad

January 22nd 2014 4:31 pm
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My dear furrriends, my dear diary,

I am so sad. I am so heartbroked too. And my mommmy is the same. We don't wanna lose all our catster furrriends after having such wonderful furrriendships now fur so long.

I has a facebook and so does meowmy. And we will post the links here too soon so we can hopefully keep in contact.



My tum tum today

August 2nd 2013 11:57 am
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A week and a couple'a days later and finally my tum tum is feeling betters. There was sooo much going on with this whole tum tum business-I went to the vet doc doc and had to get gross medicines, which, to show Mommy that she wasted her money, I threw up-then I got special foods, which akshully I love a lot, and then the doc game medicines to my mommy again in a capsule and the lady at the vet called it into the wrong compound pharmacy so more days went by without it, because it wasn't there when it was time to be picked I only akshully took medicines for like a day, and I spit it all up mostly. I got canned pumpkin mixed in my yum yums and that helped. Now I am all playful again and happy!

I am so happy I slept the whole night with Mommy again the other day! I haven't done it in awhile, just to make sure Jack knows that the window perch is off limits at night to him! But I cuddled mommy and Jack even slept on the bed too! it was like a kewl furmily again.

No other mews to report except Mommy is gonna helps a kitty get to her furever home tomorrow by driving her from one place to another, where she will go to another person too. I am happy fur that kitty, but I am so happy that I gets ta stay at home!




July 26th 2013 11:02 am
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Well, Mommy heard back from the people at Merricks and yep-they did change the recipes. And I still has my...ssshhhh...poopy pants. But I still wanna eats other yum yums so hopefully it will get better. But what stinks is now I gotta go to the vet doc doc tonight! I am trying ta eats to show Mommy that I am all good, but since my pants has been poopies fur yesterday, and today, and kinda on Wed night, well, she is a momma and says even if they says nothing, she wants ta be safes.

We lent our carrier to tha cuuuutest little kit-her name is Sunshine and she looks like a blank panther kitty! She had ta gets the fixins and she is so teeny tiny, but her Mommy asked if she could use the carrier.. See when the carrier disappeared I thought yes! No more vet doc doc evfur! but I was wrong!

I hope things go ok at the doc doc. Mommy is gonna tell Dr. Coates too all about Jack Jack and see what she says about bringing him in too fur a check up sometime. He did get the shots and stuffs at the fix place, but since he's a housecat now, Mommy says he should go just 'cause.

Mommys think they is right all the time, but I don't knows-when it comes to the vet doc doc, she can say whatevfur she wants, and I still won't wanna go, even though they keep me all cozy in my blankie.

Oh....and guess what! I has a boyfriend!!!! Mommy thinks he comes to see her, but he really is coming to see me! I love him so much that I likes to lay on him fur pets and stuff. MOL! I'll write more about him later!



my tum tum

July 25th 2013 11:54 am
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Oh diary!
I seems to be having trouble with my tum tum today-akshully since last night. I still wanna eat lotsa yum yums though, so I don't know what my tum tum is tellin me.

I had this different flavfur of the Cowboy cookout yum yums yesterday and I ate it and then I gots the same fur dinner only fur dinner I didn't really want it, but I ate it eventually. But, and I know it's my tum tum and I can't blame Jack, I went potty and where my poop was s'posed to be was liquidy insteads! And this morning it was like that again. But I wanted to eat my yum yums still and I did.

Mommy rubbed my belly too and said she thought it felt a big bloated-I think it might be eating lots of treats. I've not wanted to play too much lately because it's been so hot and since Jack has been here I don't play as much (Mommy has a sad 'cause of that 'cause she doesn't want me to be upsets), but I still get my daily running zoomies because Jack likes to chase me a bunch. I think Mommy is nervous though.

You know what though-the cowboy cookout yum yums are in new packaging and stuff now-I wonder if they changed the recipe or something and that's why my tum tum is botherin me. I just hope that it feels better soon because I do not wanna goes to the vet doc doc!

Will my furrriends send me some purrrs purlease?
Thank mew and bonks and purrrrs,

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