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February 10th 2010 4:51 pm
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Oh my!!! I am seeeew ovfurwhelmed with purrrrrrs and happies today! My Riley, the handsome fur that is my special furrriend, muvs me!!! He wrotes all about it in his diary! I gaves him a Rosette fur Valentine's day and it said "Meow muvvvs you" and so he wrotes all about it!

I nevfur thoughts I would be soooo luckies!

I am mewless, fur once!

Kitty *sigh**blushes*


my Furrrriend Rocky Ann

February 7th 2010 3:16 pm
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It is such a sad day today, even though Indy is a Diary Pick-Concats to my brofur...
But, our furrriend Rocky Ann has made her way to tha bridge. stuffs like this just remind us that we truly have real furrriends on Catster that we love furry much.

We loves you Rocky Ann! You are prolly the most purrrfectly beautiful Angel with an ovfur flowing bucket of hearts.

Kitty P

Here's Rocky Ann's page


Valentine's Tag *heeeheee*

February 2nd 2010 12:34 pm
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My sweetie Riley has tagged me! *blushes* and he wrote tha sweeeetest stuffs about me =)
This tag is about Valentine's.

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?

Mmhmm! It's Riley-He's so sweet to me and is so handsomes.

2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?... Or would you rather be single? ...Why?

I like having Riley ta send pawresents to and ta thinks about. His brofur is nice too and so is his Mommy so that is nice that he has such a good furmily.

3.What's your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?

oh goodness! I don't knows if it's a love song really, but my favfurite is "You are my Sunshine" 'cause Mommy sings it to me evfurry time I cuddle on her, so I makes sure ta get cuddles all tha times. It goes like this:
"You are my sunshine (mommy sometimes says Kitty insteads)"
My only sunshine (Kitty)
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll nevfur know dear, how much I loves you
Please don't take my sunshine(Kitty) away?

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?

getting cuddddles and more cudddles from Mommy, Riley, Indy (if he's not rambunchious!), and lots of toooona and "nip! And getting all the toys to myself without Indy tryin ta steals them(i know i know, he's my brofur)

If ya reads this one, then you can go ahead and tags yrselfs!!! I love you all my furrriends!


My furrriend Rocky Ann

January 26th 2010 9:23 am
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My special furrriend Rocky Ann is not feeling so good. Please send her lots of hugs and Paws and Purrrs that she isn't hurting too much and that her Mommy's heart isn't hurting too much fur Rocky Ann.

Rocky Ann is specials to me-it's silly ta say, but she was tha kitty who halped Mommy ta get me my Hello Kitty transformation kit =)

And she has been just a good furrr and sooo sweet. I hopes that you do ok Rocky Ann. you's touched my life and Indy's and Mommy's too. We loves you.

Please stop by her page and check out how kewl she is =) Rocky Ann's page


slackin on my diaries....

January 20th 2010 10:49 am
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Mans, so I been slackin on writing. Sorries from my mommy, but she's tha one that's got ta helps me with it.

I have ta thanks too my furrrriend Andy and Minka, Angel Ava Corrine and all tha other furrrrs fur the heart =) I loves love and givin loves and so that made me so happies. thanks!

I also got a mousie frummm anonymous!!! I loves it, whoevfurr you are that gaves it ta me. Thank you!!! It's a mousie fur my own =)

It's been raiiiining lots here. I've just been watchin it out tha windows. Mommy said somethin like plagues of egypt happenin, ur somethin like that...I think it's frummm some movie we watched the othfur day where the guy gots a deep voice and says "joshhhhuaa" MOL! Mommy and auntie Cherrae lafffs about how that guy says it, 'cause there's a mooovie Mommy seen called Joshua about a naughty little boy who doesn't like his furmily. If only that naughty kiddie had a guy yellin his name all deeeps like the egypt guy, then maybe he wouldn't be so naughty!

So, by tha way, Mommy's camera idea ta catch Indy doing naughties ta me didn't work 'cause I knocked that stinkin thing off my collar! I kept my Hazel Lucy collar on tho, 'cause tha pretty color pink it is makes me feels purrrrty heehee!

I guess that's all fur nows. Mommy had this nice boy ovfur the othfur day ta go over stuffs fur class so I sat right in-batween thems and watched them sayin their lines MOL (I's a secret guardian of Mommy too MOL!)



it's rainy out

January 13th 2010 10:42 am
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That thing called rain is fallin outside my window right now-I likes it when it does 'cause I nevfur see it and it's fun ta watch.

I been pretty bored lately and just been hangin out on my window perch or under tha kitchen table. I think I've been kinda hanging out under tha table too so Indy won't bug me. That rascal is at it again yo! He keeps chasin me and stuffs and when I think it's cool ta give him a little lick lick on his forehead or neck, he wraps his paw around like someone cheatin in thumbwrestlin (that's what Mommy says) and tries ta tackles me. No bueno!

So, Mommy had taken us to some vet doc doc that her furrriend wif a cat called Trouble goes to....she figured if the cat is called Trouble, then this vet doc doc might be good MOL! Anyways, so they signed us up fur this thing called the animalbehaviornetwork and it's got all sortsa info on it.

That's all fur now really-I gots some thank you's ta write tho-
Thanks to my angel furrrriend Ivan...I stills am sad ta writes it, but he is watchin ovfur me and gave me a pretty rainbow star. Thanks Ivan =)

And thanks to Lucy fur the red heart. I loves tha love we all has!



My Angel Furrriend Ivan WLC

January 8th 2010 11:46 am
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It breaks my heart to write this, but my dear furrrriend Ivan has gone to tha bridge. I don't know that Catster will evfur be tha same fur me 'cause Ivan was always watchin out fur me and my brofur and makin sure we was good. All of us were luckies to have him fur our friend and now I know Ivan will be watchin ovfur all of us and his Mommy and Daddy and giving us his purrrs from tha Bridge.

Ivan was such a lucky old furrrt. Did ya know that his pawrents adopted him when he was good an older?! Not many people care enuffs ta get an "older" kitt, even tho we all gots our kitten souls inside those bones and under that furrr.

Purrrlease, fur Ivan, check out his diary. I loves you my furrriend and will miss you.



January 3rd 2010 3:33 pm
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it's Mommy's birthday todays and I am tryin soooo hard not ta hiss at Indy and he's makin it impossible! He keeps tryin ta show me he's tha boss by bitin my neck again like he used ta try befur....I'm tryin ta be good tho....just don't tell Indy 'cause then he might try ta make me mad and then Mommy will be sads...

Thanks to Chrissy Whitesocks and Ivan fur my kewwwwwl rosettes MOL! I likes tha reference ta bein' Spritely! MOL!



December 27th 2009 6:40 am
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Mommy's coming home! Mommy's coming home! I was extra goooood too! No hissing at Indy fur a few days eithfur!!!

OMC! I cann't write 'cause I'm so 'cited!


Meowless I am!

December 18th 2009 10:17 am
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OMC! I am soooo happy that I cannot mew my happiness!

My handsome Riley and his brofur Skippy sent me and Indy the most awesome-est pawresent evfur!!! It was a stocking ovfurflowing with toys!!! Fur a little while now I haven't been playin as much as I used to as a kitteh, but this made me wanna play again! It has jingly balls (2 diff. kinds!!!) tinsel balls, 'NIP!!!, feather stuffs, a little cat teaser and more! I was a little nerfous at furrrst, I must admit-I just took a sniffy sniff of the package and Indy tried ta open it MOL!!! But when Mommy took out one of the jingly balls, I got the zipz-zapz-zoomz like Indy does and ran all ovfur the 'partment battin that ball around! Mommy got ta take a coupl'a pictures, but I was so fast a lot of them are a blur!!! MOL! Once Mommy can get that cwazzzy memory card with tha pictures uploaded, she will help put some pics up...we had one of me on tha cell phone she put up and a'coupla ones fur Indy...She even took a video, but we couldn't upload that onto Catster.

I'm so lucky to be a'parta Catster and have all my furrriends. I don't know what Mommy and I would'a dones without it! =)

Hugs and kisses and headbonks,
Kitty Pryde

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