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whats up with my brofur?

October 18th 2010 6:35 pm
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Its been two days since my rotten satfurday, and I smells much better and feel so much better. Indy is still mad at me though! I gave him a little lick on his side and he hissed at me! Its like he doesn't even know me or something, but I smelled bad fur only a little while, I swears! Mommy helped me get a washcloth bath and another one and I gave myself one too. I am fluffy and brand new!
He sounds like a little monster when he eats cause he's gurgling!
I didn't even get ta sleep in the bedroom last night cause mom has us separate.
I hope he likes me again soon, before my appt. On wed!

Thank you furrriends fur telling me your stories! Now I don't feel so embarrased! I love you guys! And my sweet boy Riley too!


horrrrrrible day!

October 16th 2010 1:37 pm
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OH NO! I had to go to the vet doc doc today to get my bloods drawn fur my upcoming dental visit and it went all wrong! Nevfur befur have I evfur been bad at tha vet. I leave the badness ta Indy, but today this tech guy just wasn't write or somefing and when he poked me I FLIPPED! Mommy heard me in tha waiting room, I was that loud! I also had accidents on myself. How horrible and embarrasing! I am so sad! Once I saw mommy I calmed down like always, but now I is so stinky cause I did some poos and pees and didn't want them cleaning me.
Indy is mad at me too now. I'm in tha beddie room till my bath and he's hissing at the door. Such a horrible day!


Monday Monday

October 4th 2010 10:15 am
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It's Monday, Purrrr-duh. MOL! I have been reading diaries, just not writing in mine. Things are ok lately-it's been suuuuuper hot and now it's cold and chilly so it's been confusin' lately so that I don't feels like doing much. Plus, since Mommy runs around a lot, when she comes home she wants ta play wif us instead of sit on that catputer all night, which is ok with me. I;ve been doing this new thing I hasn't done since I was a little kitten and I has been rolling around on my back ta show Mommy my bellie and to get her ta come play MOL! I let her see and kiss my belly all tha time, but nevfur all playful like, only in cuddle time. So she thinks it's cute and so I am doing it evfen more!
Indy has been a bratty little brofur must be tha heat 'cause things were pawretty good. Plus I think it's time fur a new calming collar soon and Mommy said when she gets paid she wants ta get anothfur couple fur us. But he has been a pest! Mommy has kept him in tha bedroom while she works the last couple of days. Today she didn't and I know she is worrying about it...I will just has ta tell her what happens when she gets home.
An update on our outside kitty, Kit-tha car covered in tha tarp that she was sleeping under is gone! It has nevfur moved tha three months we has been in tha new place so Mommy got really upset when she saw it gone because where is Kit gonna hide now? I helped her make a little box wif a towel in it and tested it out too-one of our furrriends told Mommy on facebook how ta make it more waterproof so Mommy is gonna try ta make a better one if she can, if Kit is still needing us. She still wants all the pets and Mommy petted her side again and this time she didn't get angry fur Mom touchin her there, so it's pawrogress. Mommy just says she is giving Kit time. Tha purrrson who also is feeding Kit must know anothfur person is too because tha bowl of water Mommy was leaving out (it was ovfur 100 degrees and Kit didn't have water!!!) now has kibbles in it. So Mommy labeled the box "For Cat" and put it in this hidden kinda walkway by tha door to their shop by the bowls-so hopefully they won't get mad that anothfur person is helping the kitty. We hopes anyway.
Aweee...I just feel sad fur tha kitty and so does Mommy. I wish there was more to do!


Kit tha kitty, part 2

September 22nd 2010 4:18 pm
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What a weeeeekend! I went to tha vet doc docs, no bueno, I gots some liquids up my nose fur a vacccination, and I played a lot. And it's already Wed, so tha weekend is almost here agains!
I has ta tell you all about this kitty outside. Mommy is getting halps! She contacted a siamese rescue, but they said they couldn't help, so Mommy contacted Pat, tha nice lady from tha shelter she adopted Indy from, and Pat is soooo up ta her ears in kitties and ringwormies she said, but she said she will try ta help with Kit! Mommy was happy! I am happy! I smelled that Kit on Mommy and Kit smells ok, even though Indy hissed fur a minute ovfur it...but Kit comes ta Mommy when she goes "tsk tsk tsk" and says heeeey Mommy is hoping that Kit will let her pick her up and take her to tha vet doc doc. And Pat from tha shelter said ta calls a special vet (akshully it's tha one that Mommy HATES the technicians) but she told Mommy ta say she's bringing tha kitty with Purrfect Solutions, her shelter, so maybe they will be better.

This kit had a boo boo on her ear and it somehow now tha big scab or something is gone, but there was blood on it. So Mommy isn't sure if someone took it off, but Kit still is a little scared. Mommy is just workin on getting her trust up and then maybe she can catch her in tha carrier. Like I said, she comes ta mommy and wants pets, and when Mommy tried ta touch her side, she did a mini hiss and jumped a step away, but then came right back ta mommy, so Mommy wonders if she is hurted there too. Hopefully aftur all tha visits she will be ok with Mommy.


From tha mommy: So, this kitty is just so sweet. I am grateful that Pat from the shelter is offering her help. She wanted pics of the kitty, but Kit is afraid of the camera. I was able to take one, but it's not very clear-I think her fear is from being outside but also because the place she is sleeping is in a parking lot/back alley with a fast food drive thru right there, which is scary! I got a little concerned because last night she didn't want to come out to me-she was underneath the tarped car she hangs out at, and she kept peeking out, but didn't even come to get the kibble or sardines I put out. There was also a car with kids hanging out just on the other side of this fence, so maybe she was scared of the noise. I went back a few times and the last time she was gone, but this morning all her food was eaten, so I hope it was her. I just really hope she starts to trust me enough to pick her up. She climbed up my lap once and when I come near she comes right out and walks to me. I just hope she is ok.


Kit, the outside kitty

September 18th 2010 4:26 pm
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So, there is this kitty mommy just refers to as Kit-we shared some kibbles with Kit and some sardines too...he/she lives outside we think and ran away from Mommy a few times but guess what! Today in tha broad daylight, Kit saw Mommy in tha car and once Mommy parked in tha garage she ran ovfur ta Kit and Kit let Mommy pet her. When mommy finally came in tha house, I started sniffin right away...Indy hissed at mommy's hands, so she washed them. I wonder why Kit has ta lives in tha street and we gets ta live in a 'partment. I don't mind sharing food with that kit at all.

oh...and this stinks...we went to tha vet doc doc today fur some check ups and a vaccination. That vet doc put liquids up my nose AND she told Mommy I gotta get my toothies cleaned 'cause my gums is all red on one side. I'm scarrrrred!

From Mommy:
I am scared of the dental too! the vet said Kitty might need a tooth out if something is effecting her gums underneath since the one spot is red. her teeth look ok, but they need to examine the area with her asleep they said. Also, with Kit, the kitty outside-I am kind of at a loss of what to do right now and would love kitty and meowmie advice. This is a beautiful siamese cat and I don't know if it's a he or a she (shes very fluffy) but she has let me come up to her now and as just craving affection. She wanted to climb on my pants actually. The thing is-I am not sure if she is a "stray" because she has a very visible medical issue happening, but today I saw a food bowl and water dish out for her-this is behind a small liquor store/laundry/odd store complex-so someone is putting food out, but she needs a vet. She has a huge thing that almost looks like a hardened crusted over infection something over her right ear opening and she looks like something burned the hair in a line down the side of her right cheek. Whoever is feeding her I don't believe to be friendly-the door that the bowls were by had two dudes there this morning (plus the napkins with food I've been leaving out at night have been removed each morning) just glared at me when I was kind of driving by looking for Kit. When I pet her she was dirty too-I can't bring her in my apt because I dont want Kitty or Indy to catch anything but I am not sure if I should try to catch her and bring her to a shelter, but the shelter would most likely put her to sleep and I am just not sure what is worse-being out where she is getting fed or going into the sure death at the shelter. Los Angeles shelters are especially crowded and have a very high kill rate. She clearly is friendly though after only seeing me a few short times...what should I do?? I am worried about whatever happened to her ear and if its a human caused injury or something else.
purrrlease for some advice?


so sad and so confused

September 14th 2010 11:18 pm
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Oh boy, I am soooooo sad tnight, and confused too! So many diaries were there and now are gone! What's going on? I don't understand what this kenneled stuffs is 'cause I don't think I read any badness from anyfur. I heart catster and my furrrriends and don't wanna see any fur going away or being kenneled, we is all mostly from furmilies where our pawrents care so much that we akshully has catster pages in tha furrrst place MOL! Meowmie only shares our stuffs with special people.
Purrrrplease let us know what's going on. I miss my furrrriends and their updates.
Kitty P.


Purrrrrs needed fur a special furrriend!!!

September 8th 2010 2:29 pm
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Oh dear!!!! My sweet boy Riley and his Mommy are so worried!!! I am so worried too! Riley's brofur Skippy is not well. He is at the vet doc docs now being watched ovfur and tested fur being sick! He was scared a few days ago and had some embarrasing tests and blood tests and now he is sneezy and sick! Purlease purrrr fur him and stop by his page! His mommy and Riley and him are so sweet and special and need the POTP!

Here's his page!

Kitty P


Hello to a new weeeek

September 7th 2010 9:33 am
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What a nice long weekend we had at our house! I loves it when Mommy gets ta stay home fur longer! It was hot fur sure on two of tha days, but then it was ok. We played and cuddled and I had some yummy foods and I gots ta spy on coooool stuffs out tha window. I am tryin ta convince Mommy ta get anothfur window perch fur that back window, but fur now Mommy only has a chair there since it's cushiony and stuffs. Plus she says we gots two perches already but what's anothfur, in my kitty opinion MOL!

I have gotten so much love from all my furrriends! Thank you evfurrry fur! I guess that's all I has ta writes fur now. I'm thinkin it's time fur a cat nap MOL!


Thanks Catster

September 1st 2010 9:11 am
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Hey! Did evfurry fur notice the new zealie Catster is letting us give to our furrriends fur free?! I know we are all still having trouble with the fleas on here, but it's a nice guesture fur sure! Indy and I send out some today! We nevfur noticed that you can send to more than one fur at the same time, which makes it pretty coool!

No othfur news ta reports. I am purrrring fur some furrriends right now. Poor Skippy had a long day at the vet doc doc yestfurday so keep him in yr thoughts and purrrrs. =)

oooh! It's gonna be hot again today! I has been enjoying tha cooler weather in California 'cause when Mommy gets cool at night the cuddles are warmer, but it's back to heat. I hopes that we don't get too hot!
Kitty P


morning routine

August 25th 2010 8:39 am
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Evfur since we moved into tha new 'partment I've been changing my routines with Mommy and Indy to make it better fur me MOL! Indy used ta get all tha beddie cuddle time, but now we both share it and I think it's bettur fur all of us, including Mommy, when we shares. Lately my morning routine is ta let Mommy wakes up and take her shower and then when she goes ta get dressed, I sits on tha bed with her and helps her get ready. Then, tha minute she sits down I hop on her lap and snuggle into her chest so I can get head kissies and face kissies! Then she checks tha 'puter on her lap and so I snuggle in realllllly close in her arm and purrrrr.
It's special mommy and kitty time fur us! Even Indy doesn't interrupts usually unless he wants ta sit with us, but mostly he waits fur Mommy ta look at the clock and realize that he needs his morning playtime ta get tha energy out befur she leaves, and so she makes me get up...sometimes I can tell just befur and get up on my own, and then she goes and plays with Indy so I go and spy on tha birdies hanging out evfurry morning outside tha window.

You know what too! Last night Mommy brusssshied my teefffths a little! i loves tha toothpaste and she knows so she put a lot on my toothbrush and let me lick some, but then she got me and brushed my two big fangs! A'course I got up and moved, so she let me just chew tha rest of that toothpaste off, which was yummy hehe

Hope evfurryone got ta has their morning routine today =)

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