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My Favfurite spot

February 28th 2011 1:11 pm
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I has a new favfurite spot! Indy doesn't even try ta bother me there fur tha most part, which is good! It's on this little bookcase that's close to tha heater! I loooove tha heater so much! It gets cold and tha heat rises so it's extra cold sometimes, but when I sits on that spot I am always warm, especially since my donut bed is there too.

We had a fun weekend. Mommy was home and is tryin this new thing with Indy, MOL, and makin him work fur his treats. She says it's somethin like clicker training, but I get treats and Indy's gotta touch his nose to this eraser furrrst, and then he gets tha treat! It's so funny ta watch! Mommy was gonna try with me too, but I wasn't interested, plus I is a good kit fur tha most parts so I don't think I need it much at all.

Oh, we had lots of rain this weekend too, which brought in tha spiddddahs, and I didn't get ta nibbles on one, but Indy did. I just watched from my favfurite spot MOL! With all tha rains too, we had furrriends come ovfur. Mommy had our new cool dude furrriend come ovfur a couple of times and who loves ta come and give us cuddles and talks to us (Indy even lets him rub on his belly) and always makes sure ta say goodbye, so that was fun. Mommy's othfur furrriends came ovfur too one night and they had lots of yummy foods that I could smell, even though I didn't tastes them.

The only not so nice thing was that Mommy said I needs a nail trimming....wish me lucks!


What annoys me!

February 2nd 2011 10:15 am
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My Sweeetheart Riley tagged evfurry fur, so I am going to tell you all what annoys me!
I am sorry I have been not writing diary! I have been trying ta keep warms in my donut bed by the heater and on the blankies in the bed! Mommy has been giving me mucho cuddles which leaves no time fur tha catputer!

Here's tha game!!! PS! I love to play tag!

1. When Mommy goes to tha refrigerator and doesn't give me turkey pieces when she closes tha door! She buys them fur me! So gimme some!

2. When Indiana stands there and paws at me so I gots ta get up on tha chair and then Mommy walks ovfur and so he plays all innocent, but tha minute she walks away he starts again...sheeesh!

3. When Mommy doesnt roll ovfur and let me lay on my favfurite cuddle spot, right next to her heart!

4. Tha monster that cleans up tha floors!!!

5. When I am sooo hungry and Mommy tells me that Indy has ta has a chance ta eat his yum yums befur I can has it all! I want all tha wet stuffs and even aftur I eats it all, I want more!

Oh boy! I has catnnippshhhions about a lot of things MOL! So many furs already has played, so I invite anyone who hasn't ta play!


Purrrs fur a furrriend

January 24th 2011 9:30 am
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Dear Diary,

I am so worried about my furrriend Natasha. She is a lot like me 'cause she has a brofur too and sometimes he bothers her. Well, she is not feeling well and her meowmy brought her to the vet doc doc and she was sick. Purrrlease stop by her page and purrr fur her! She is so sweet that I just want her ta get better!

Kitty P

Natasha's page:


Me....a kitten sitter?!

January 13th 2011 12:53 pm
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My mommy is looosin her marbles! Furst, I must say that it's been so cold at our house, so I makes sure ta lay right in front of tha bathfroom heater when Mommy has it on and I lay right on top of tha small bookcase that has my donut bed on it, which is right next to tha heater, so I can stay warms.

So I am at least warms....I should be happies, but 'pparently I is gonna kitten sit...these kits came ovfur tha othfur day and I wasn't too interested in them akshully 'cause Mommy broke out tha turkey slices and that is like my most favfurite thing in tha worlds ta eat right now! So I ates my turkey and Indy's bits too so I didn't even see where Mommy took them kittens, but she took them into the bedroom, where I sleeps right next to her on tha bed. I smelled one of those kittens under tha bed later that night when they was gone and I sniffed anothfur one on my blankie...I wasn't mad tho-just curious. Indy wasn't even mad akshully and he still suckled on blankie like normals.

Well, I was so excited about that turkey I was just talking about, that I missed the kittens disappearing into tha beddie room but then I saw Indy peering under tha door so I did too. They was there and I saw Mommy sitting there too talking my kitty talk to them. Then I noticed tha dish of wet yum yums right outside tha door so I decided I would eat some mores. And I did. And then I just layed in tha hallway watching Indy and listening to Indy and this kitten make noises thru tha door-Indy made tha mmrrrrwggrlthsghmmm sound like a doggie makes MOL! and that little kitten made a hissy kinda sound...if that kitty is gonna stay at my house I gotta teach her how ta makes tha proper hissy at Indy, that's fur sure.

So then tha kittens left. and we was all normal again. Indy got mad when Mommy tried ta leaves (I think he was confused) and made some grumblies and hissies at Mommy, just ta let her know how he was, I was looking fur more turkey. I likes it so much. =)

So these kits are coming back today Mommy said, fur a visit fur a few days. I think it will be ok as long as I still can sleeps wif Mommy. You know what, ta tells you tha truth, when I came back from tha vet doc doc a few months ago stinky and stuffs, Indy was much crazier than he was with these kittens stinking up tha place. Mommy said that's a good sign. Alls I know is that I gotta tell Mommy which room I wants ta stay in tomorrow while she's working so I get tha best spots fur sleepies!

I'll let you know how it goes!


It's a New Year!

January 1st 2011 8:40 pm
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It's 2011!!! That means I gets a birthday again!!! Yippppieeees! I am still getting ovfur this Chrisssmasssy! Mommy was home with us fur tha furst time fur Christmas and it was so much fun! Akshully, she was with us a lot since she had tha vacashhhions from works and ended up not going back to grandmaws housie. We have been keeping her busy, Indy chasing me fur attenshions (cause when he chases me, Mommy chases him and a'course he stops when Mommy gets up and starts once she turns away! its fur attenshions I swears!) and keeping her feeling good 'cause she was sicks and had a procedure done at the doc doc fur peoples. It was like when she gots her toothies pulled (our facebook furrriends saw what a good kitty I am at taking care of Mommy!) and so I kept her warms on her heart and indy kept her footsies warm. I'll be realll sad when she has ta go back ta works on Monday, which is her birthday! Shhhh-I hope she doesn't read this, but I is gonna plan a surprise fur her since she isn't gonna has grandmaw here ta celebrates and her furrriends are still gonna be out of town-I am gonna give her sooo many bonks and cuddles! I can't wait! MOL!

Chrissssmasssy was so fun! Indy and I got prezzies from my sweetheart Riley and his brofur Skippy Skipster! One is a mousie that hangs up high and is real furry! the othfur is a small mousie on a pole that we can chase! We also opened our Secret Santa gift from the Pen Paws group and Guido the Italian kitty and Yolo were out secret santas and they sent us so many kewl things like peacock feathurs tha chews and bat around (indy chewed most up already!) and a crinkly ball ta chase, some yeowwww nip toys and even something called Spicy Mice! Indy kept tryin ta attacks tha package so Mommy hid it till Christmas eve.

We even had a huge rain storm here that lasted fur like days! It was cold and wet and even Indy didn't try ta sneaks out when Mommy opened tha door 'cause he was ascared of the worlds outside. Last night too we had ta stay close ta Mommy 'cause of all tha celebratin in tha streets and bangs in tha sky-I got right on my spot on tha beddie and cuddled in my blankie and kept watch fur suspicious stuffs happening.

I can't believes it's a new year! I ate lots a stuffs and worked on my winter coat MOL! And officially tha cat tree Mommy got on Thanksgiving is mine MOL! INdy can scratch it, but it's mine fur sleepies like the one last year became his MOL! I likes having it all to myselfs!

Hope all my furrrriends had a good holiday time and new years! And purlease say special purrrrs and prayers fur the sick kits out there. on Catster and evfurrywhere else. Our special furrriend Hazel Lucy, a celebrity here on Catster that I am so happy ta be furrriends with is not feeling so well lately. She was in charge of tha Get Well Purrr list befur and now she needs so many!

Love and purrrs to all!
Kitty P


Christmassy time is here!

December 16th 2010 9:05 am
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Hi furrrriends,
It's been awhile. We has been busy at home lately, with putting up our very furst real (well it's a fake) tree that's like, a Christmasssy tree and not just a mini table-top one, and playin with wrapping paper and ribbons while Mommy tries ta wrap pawrezzies fur our furmily and furrriends. I already gots a prezzie from my special kat Riley!!! It's akshully tha furst prezzie we put under tha tree, and then Indy and I got our Pen Paws secret santa prezzie yestfurday but it smells soooooo catlicious that Mommy couldn't put it under tha tree! MOL! So Mommy has no prezzies and we gots a bunch!

Thank you to my furrriends Monida and sweetie Riley fur tha rosettes, and my secret santa too! Hopefully now that Mommy will has some time off soon fur tha holidays (and she's staying here with us!!!!) we will be on the puter more-'cause we gots a new one too!

Hope evfurrry fur is having a warm cuddly day!


Oh Happy Day!

December 1st 2010 4:13 pm
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I have been meaning to writes in my diary fur a few days ta write all about tha turkey I had fur Thanksgiving and about how incredibly thankful I am fur my furrrriends, but now I must only write this right now-How So Furry Happy I Am That My Good Furrrriend SKIPPY Is Home From Tha Vet!!!!!

Skippy, my sweetie Riley's brofur, had ta get emergency surgery! We've been so worried fur him and his Mommy since we heard =/ but...

He is home! Purrrlease stop by his diary and help us celebrates his being back home with his furmily!

Kitty P _skipster/701688


Calming Collars and my vet! MOL!

November 10th 2010 4:40 pm
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OMC! Tha vet doc doc just called my mommy ta ask about the calming collars we have! She wants ta refer a client MOL! That's tha kewlest thing evfur!!!
We is so happy ta share!
calm Kitty p



November 1st 2010 9:23 am
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What a weekend! It was Howl-o-ween, but Mommy didn't dress up, only once when she furrrst got me that year she looked really scary! but not since, but she did dress me up with my Hello Kitty collar and made Indy wear a collar with a bat! MOL! He liked it too! We didn't do too much. Mommy had two furrrriends ovfur ta watch a scary movie, but it was too frightening so I stayed in tha beddie room on tha window perch. Mommy even hung up these funny lights that made tha room a funny color. We didn't see any scary costumes, but someone knocked on our door last night fur treats and I got all excited fur a second 'cause I thought they meant they had some fur me! MOL! But I was unlucky, but at least Mommy got tha freeze dried salmon fur me again 'cause I loves those treats and they aren't too crunchy, though I did steal some kibbles this weekend. Shhhh!

Thanks to my furrrriend Natasha (she has a brofur who bugs her too) fur tha Ghost! It was scary and I can scares Mommy when I stare at nothing MOL!
Thanks to Utu fur tha pumpkin!

and thanks to my anonymous purrrrson who gave me a heart! it's my secret santa!!! I am excited fur that 'specially 'cause Mommy is staying home fur Christmas too this year fur tha furrrst time evfur! She said we is a furmily now so she's gonna see her furmily aftur. I am a secret santa too! MOL! It's sooooo kewl!



No Fairs!

October 26th 2010 10:08 pm
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Dude! Evfur since I had my toofies cleaned, I have not been allowed to eat kibbles or crunchy treats! I am stuck with wet food only, which normally I loves, but I want some of those yummy kibbles too!!!! Can you believe my mommy is starving me like this!?! I even has been naughty-like and snuck up into the kitchen cabinet and tried ta chew the treats bag, which I never do usually, but I am just sooooo hungry. Mommy says I need to not be so picky and she is getting me yummy foods, but unless she is letting me eat it off of her fingers, I want nothin ta do with it at all! seriously! MOL!

Would you please tell my mommy to feed me purrrlease? kibbles purrrlease! I know I got my toothies done, and I got medicines in them, but I neeeeeeeeed kibbles! I need crunchies!!!!!

Kitty P

ps. I took my spot back on tha beddie! I sleeps ta Mommy's left and Indy gots his spot on tha right!

Pss: It's my furrriend Calvin's Bridge anniversary today. Knead On Calvin! Your Heart Basket is ovfurflowwwwwing!

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