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Kitty's Mews

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...and then this happened

July 29th 2011 3:13 pm
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so Mommy came home last night and a'course I got some loves and pets and some sweet words, 'cause I'm the boss and lady of tha house, and then she went to say hi to Harry...well...that dooooooood, who I swears has gained like a pound a day since he's been here, wiggled away and ran thru her legs and into tha living room...

and then....I went right up ta him and he right up ta me and we went sniffies on each others nosies...and I didn't hiss akshully. I just meowed and kinda made a whiney noise and looked at Mommy, who said it's ok, and then I walked away....

and then....stinker himselfs followed me and we sniff sniffied each others noses again! And I just meowed so Mommy ran quick ta gets the treats and turkey fur me and I wasn't inta them, but I just kinda walked around and meowed a little then rubbed uo onta Mommy. Then Harrison climbed up onta his ledge of tha cat tree and just watched us. Then Mommy put him in tha bathroom and let me go inta the bedroom so I could has my window perch and some brushing.

Can you believes that dooooood? Well, I has to say that I did keep my compushhhure tha whole time pretty muchly. Later on, when I was on my perch getting some brushins, he somehow bopped tha door open with that big head a'his, that's gained a pound a'day since he's been here, and jumped onta the bed ta sniffie my nose. This time I hissed. I like Mommy and me time. So he went outta the room again and then inta the bathroom fur sleepies so I could mosie around the 'partment ta my heart's content.

Some cats...pfffft.


alright alright

July 28th 2011 11:12 am
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So this stinker has been at my house since Sunday...I guess I am getting used ta him. I still gets ta sit on my cat tree in tha mornings and sleep on my window perch in tha evenings, so that's the kewlest. I don't smells his fur on those things, even though he's been hanging in the bedroom during tha day since it's hot and the bathroom gets even more hot! I has also been getting turkey pieces! Yum! I gots my mom trained MOL!

I haven't been eating too much though-I guess I am just not hungries fur anything that's not turkey! And I has been kinda hiding a little bit, like in tha closet or behind tha couch, which I only used ta do when Indy bugged me a lot-so Mommy asked me what was tha matter and she said she's worried, but I just meow at her and let her give me loves and brushing. She did something strange though! She tooks a sock and rubbed it on me, and then took anothfur one that stunk and rubbed that on me too! And then she put the stinker's sock next ta me when I got some treats this morning and I kinda made a chattery noise and then ate my treats.

I think it's awwwl gonna be goods though. You know what this cat does!? I heard Mommy talks about it...he akshully stretches up ta her and puts his arms up ta be carried! It's kinda funny akshully 'cause he's a man cat and it sounds like only kittens would wants ta be carried around, but I guess he can check evfurrything out if he is tha same height as Mommy...which isn't that talls MOL!

I has to send thank yous fur the special rosettes I have gotten!

Thanks to Sweet Riley my special fur for the Rose!
Thanks to Hooch the kewl cat fur the Blue Ribbon!
Thanks to Sparky, tha funny guy fur tha Ice Cream!
Thanks to Milo, sweetie cat fur tha Lips!

Maybe I'll has more ta write about this adopted brofur of mine tomorrow! You know what he did akshully....he somehow got outta the room aftur Mommy rigged up this contrapshhhion where he could only look out, but not fit...but he somehow squeeeeeezed thru and ran in tha living room! He came up ta me and I just ducked down and Mommy got him quick and put him back...I guess maybe's he's not sooooo bad, it's not like he tried ta attacks me or anything, just wanted ta say hi....brofurs...sheeesh



July 26th 2011 8:53 pm
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I swears that I am having a trick played on me or something! There's the stinker, and he is so nice! How come? I mean, he is here in my house, but isn't even being an annoying brofur! All he wants ta do is lay down wherevfur Mommy is sitting or sit on her lap and make muffins while trying ta nurse from her at the same's like he thinks he's a little itty bitteh kitteh, but he's a big dude! Well, not big, it's all fluff MOL!

Ok, so I know he's fluffy 'cause Mommy said so...I haven't akshully seen him yet, only his fur stickin out from under tha door. But he's a fluffpooffluffterman. But thanks fur reading my diary and giving me some good advice! I know it takes time...and I know MOmmy did this, not Harrison (that's his name by tha way) so I just tells her I'm confooooooosed!

I do like the brushing though with my pink glove brush...even if it smells like that floofyfacedfluffypants! And all the extra treats! Lucky fur me that I don't gots fluffy pants 'cause I overheard Mommy saying something like gettin a piece a'poopies outta the fluffs...MOL! Gaaaarrrooooossssss! (sorry Lovebug Leo! I love your fluffy pants and is sorry when you has a poopie-butt!)



in case there were doubts....I'm HOH!

July 25th 2011 9:31 pm
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While I gotta say, I LOVE mommy, I am so confused! Well, I had a good day yesterday! I was a DDP (thanks fur helping me celebrates!!!!) and I got a brofur. Mommy told me how nice he is and sweet and gentle, and Mommy wouldn't tell me fibs, but I'm not so sure how nice this dude is. He hasn't done anything ta me, but he shhhure does stink! Like another cat that doesn't live here! And then MOmmy stinks like tha stinker MOL! SHe's still giving me as much love as she always does, only I don't wants much of it right now. But I am getting treats, yum!

So, that's what's happening right now. Mommy talks ta me and I chirp and sometimes I answers in a hiss and then I want her ta scratch my ears, just ta show her who's in charge. Is this normals?!
Love Kitty



July 24th 2011 2:18 pm
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Wowie! I'm a DDP! Sooooo excited fur it! Thanks furrriends fur writing and rosettes and evfurrything! And fur the comments on my last diary. Well guess what...mommy brought home a stinkerpuss today. He smells like stinker and brofur. I akshuully catched a wiff a him Saturday cause she was covered in stinkerpuss fur and she put tha fur covered shirt in my bed...I was kinda indifferent fur the most part. Well last night we had a long talk and Mommy asked if it was ok to maybegive a sweet kitty a home and I said being indifferents. So she got that stinker.

Right now he's living in the baffthroom with one of my scratchers and food and stuff...I keep peekin under the door and he's got floofie paws. And he's got a loud meow! But I haven't gotten hissy or anything. I'm just interested who that floof stinker is! Mommy said we did such a good thing 'cause this guy was a stray, who had a home and then got adopted and then returned, so I'm gonna try ta be a good sisfur. All he wants ta do is love on Mommy she says, so I'm happy cause maybe he won't chase me a lot.

So that's the othfur exciting mews. Two big things in one day! Ill keep ya posted on stinker...I hope we get along!


am I ready?

July 22nd 2011 10:30 am
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That's what my Mommy has been asking me-am I ready fur a new brofur or even a sisfur. Ta tell you tha truth, I still sometimes wonder where Indiana is exactly-I mean, I can see him flyin around sometimes, which is pretty kewl, but sometimes when I jump on tha bed to cuddle with Mommy, I still look on tha blankie ta see if he's all curled up like he loved ta do.

So, how do I know if I am ready, or even if I wants another furbro or sis? And, is Mommy really ready? I'm not so sure-I think she's just wanting ta give more love. Even tho I gets a lot MOL! How do you know? I know Mommy, most 'portantly, wants ta make sure I am happy. I did love my brofur, but sometimes he bugged me too. There's this thing here in CA called Kittenpalooza that Mommy said she might check out this weekend, just ta see. She's gonna stink when she comes home like furs MOL!

On anothfur note, I got this new toy! It's like one I have already, only bigger and it's a puffy thing that Mommy can float around and I gets ta catch it! And I gots a 'Nip snail too! Yum!!!!

Love Kitty


Gotted bitten by Tha Love Bug!!!

July 20th 2011 3:45 pm
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A New Game by my dear furrrriend Leo the Lovebug - Lovebug Tag! To play, copy the 6 questions below and paste/answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I guess you can says I am a noisy kitty-my mews have a purpose, that's fur sure! I mew at Mommy all tha time fur yum yums and cuddles!

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
Well, ok, when my brofur Indy was still here I nevfur covered it up, and sometimes I still don't, but most of tha time I nevfur had a chance ta covers it 'cause he tried ta do it fur me before I was even finished! But I guess I don't covers my stinkies but definitely I cover tha other one!

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
When Mommy gets home I like ta rub on her and lay on tha floor and get cuddles (ps! She lays on tha floor with me! MOL! I am tha boss!)

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
getting my nails trimmed! Once Mommy tries I get still but sometimes I squirrrrrrm! Oh and trying ta get those toothies brushed too!

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I used ta likes them and Indy looooved them! I likes ta come say hello and either hang out and observe or just hang in my window perch 'cause they are boring anyways MOL!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
I think so! I used ta like a doggie, another kitty and a snake! And when Mommy comes home smelling like other kitties (she did this weekend!) I like ta sniffs them with no hissies. We even kitten sat too and I just watched those kittens 'cause they were cute n fluffy.

Here are some friends that I am tagging! Please, no one feel left out- if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to let your friends know they've been tagged by sending them a message or rosette! Angels can play, too! Tell us about your life at the bridge or your life at home before the bridge!

Riley my sweatheart!
Tha Catfather!

And anyone else! I know lots of furrriends already got tagged so you are tagged if you wants ta play!

Meows and Bonks!


meowin' and purrrin'

July 15th 2011 11:13 am
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So, lately I has been talking to Mommy much much more than usual. I mean, I always was one to mew about the 'partment, but now I gots a purrrrpose. If only Mommy knew what all mews mean! I mean, she knows tha ones when I am hungries for yum yums and when I wants ta show her something, but sometimes I just stand there and looks at her like she is a piece a tooooona or like she's gots a birdie on her head, and she talks ta me and I just meeeeewwooowwerrrrw! And then I walk away or I start ta zoom around. I used ta do laps in my tunnel along fur ago, remembers MOL!

Well, now when I zoom, it's like Indy zooms and I makes sure ta reach the wall, then zoom ta the other one, then zoom up tha cat tree, onta tha bookcase, knock down tha treats like Indy did, then zoom off, inta the beddie room, ovfur tha bed and onto tha window seat in a single zoomer. It's paw-mazzzzing!

I has ta tell you about something very specials. Well, I know I talked about my brofur Indy, and I know he paw'd a diary too, but I has specialness in my hearts of thank yous. I gots this kewl basket in the mail the othfur day full a'toys! and some treats too! AND NIP! And the kewlest part evfur is now I GOTS A HUUUUGE CARDBOARD BOX TA PLAY IN AND SIT ON TOP OF!!!!!! MOL!!!!
That box is so specials! And a'course so is the pawresents and the love that was shared in making it fur me. So thank you, my dear furrriends-fur caring so much =) I really loves that box MOL! and there's this kewl ball too that I nevfur seen befur that I loves! It's like, a bright color and looks kinda sparkly but isn't a sparkly ball really and is softish like soft plastics or something, and it jingles!!! My favfurite toys of all time are tha balls that make noises that I can chase! =)

Othfur than my zoomies lately, not much is happening. Mommy said she is stickin close ta home this weekend 'cause of something called "carmageddon" or something where they is closing tha road here, like tha main big one, fur constructions. She even gets ta come home from works early today! Yay fur me!

And then we is having visitors ovfur ta hang out and then in anothfur couple'a weeks I'm gonna has some houseguests who always love me cause I'm so sweet! Even tho they nevfur met me MOL! and then!!! Maybe even grandpaw might visits, tho I hope he doesn't make that scary noise outta his old nosie at night when he sleeps MOL!

Oh and guess what! Mommy found a kitten she is helpin out! he is all black and tiny and she named him Figaro-what a weird name if ya asks me. He is living under a furrriends house so Mommy gave him some food and is winning his trust. I hopes he keeps coming fur tha foods 'cause Mommy gets good stuffs and I would hate it ta not go in my mouth and go ta waste. =)
Just kiddin MOL!

Love Kitty


just a quick post for now!

July 11th 2011 5:39 pm
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Hi furrrriends! Just posting real fast! I is sendin a message fur our furrriends Finnegan, Lacey and sweet angel Alex! Their meowmy is having an internet fiasco at home (its not workin!) And she asked me ta helps! So if anyone's tryin ta get in touch with them fur anything, like IBD stuffs too, they will get back ta you as soon as pawsible!
Purrrs and bonks,
Kitty P!


Share tha Loves!

July 6th 2011 3:30 pm
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Oh my Cat! Thank you fur all the love shared with me fur my Gotcha Day!!!!! I am so happy I was gotcha'd, even more now than I was then 'cause I know how special I must be ta be Gotcha'd, like all my furrrriends.

Thank you fur all the rosettes and messages =) And OH MY! I wouldn't be right if I didn't say thank you to my Catster furmily fur tha gift basket they had sent to me! We gots it and I sniffed it good and even got ta eats some treats from it and chased a tinsely crinkly ball around! I gots ta crackle on tha plastic too with my paws MOL!

And I also has ta say thank you fur sending me and my Mommy such a goorrrrrgeous picshhhure of Indiana. We got's it in the mail and I sniffed it good ta makes sure it wasn't real. Mommy had lotsa rainy eyes when we opened it and that meant more squeezes than I needed, but I a'course likes ta squeeezies and cuddlies too, sometimes!(i get more treats that way MOL!) But when tha rainy eyes comes, I mew at Mommy, and makes her chase me inta tha bedroom and then what I do is I climbs up and start bonking her head like mad 'cause I know that bonks are tha best. It's true! It's like when I gives her warnings 'bout stuffs....I mew and mew till she follows me and then I address tha sissshuashion MOL!

It's been seeeeeeew hott in my 'partment! I been hanging out under tha bed a lot, even when that loud machine is on blowin tha airs awl cool. I guess I just like tha comfurrrts of tha bedroom and the hidey spots I gots.

Did you see that pawsome picture I put up??? It's from my sweetheart Riley for my Gotcha day!

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