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so hard sometimes

November 14th 2011 4:08 pm
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ya know, I know I am the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, and Mommy is lucky ta has such a precious jewel of a girl in her lifes, but sometimes it can be hard to keeps that pretty girl catitude when you has stuff going on at home. And by stuff, I mean Mommy making me switch rooms more than once a day! I have been doing it, but I still squirm and squish and squeeeeel when she does it-'cause I know that she is gonna put me in the bedroom. And she doesn't like me to be unhappy too-so now she's gotta sneaks up on me and just give me lots of affections so that way it throws off the surprise sneak ups when I get put in the room. of. doom.

The room of doom used to be my favfurite place where I used to sleep with Mommy evfurrynight and sleeps on the window perch, while Indy slept on the bed, and it was a kewl place just to hang. Now that the window perch is gone (oh the velcro came off and Mommy didn't put it back up yet) and there is a window height cat tree there, I hang there when I is forced...against my wills(!!!) to sit in there. Mommy even puts my yum yums beside me, since now she sees that in the room of doom, that one perch is my whole comfurt zone, and like, tha rest of the room is kinda like the forcefield thing in the hallway too-we can't sees it, but it's there. So we is workin on that one.

But a kkkkeeeeewl thing that happened this weekend is Mommy built a shelf fur me to climb up on from my cat tree, to the top of the bookcase! She bought anothfur one too-but aftur this one was measured carefully (yeah right! I was there MOL!) it is still crooked, but straight and secure enuffs where I can still sit on it and stuffs. I was frightened of it at furst, but then alls a sudden there were treats going from my cat tree, to the shelf, to the top of the bookcases! it was fun!

I also has been chasing the string toy more-and I even did something I hasn't done in a long time-Mommy was in the baffffroom lookin in the mirror and I came right in and jumped up onto tha toilet seat and then teh sink to see what she was doing! I usta like helping Mommy get ready and stuffs, and even though I just was there fur a minute or less, it was nice to see our pretty faces in tha mirror together...cause when I was a kitten she used ta hold me and we had a diff'rnt apartment then with a huge wall mirror in the bathroom, so she used to show me what a pretty girl I was all the times. it was specials.

Oh and one more thing-MOL MOL MOL!!!! you know what Harrison did this morning!!!! And It's funny fur me and fur Mommy, although Mommy feels bad!!! Well, Mommy cleaned the litterboxes yesterday and we has three total-one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom-well, she moved the cattree out of the bathroom this weekend and stuffs, and she cleaned the box in there, and she puts awwwl the dirty litter in a paper grocery bag, then puts that in a plastic bag-well the bag was sooo heavy and she felt sooo sick last night, so she didn't bring it in the garbage, and didn't put new litter in that bathroom box, 'cause I always use the kitchen one and Harrison only is in the bathroom fur like a minute when we does the room switch...well Harrison is akshully a good boy, even though you better furgets that I said that!!! He had to go potty, the peepee dance kind, and awls a sudden Mommy heard the paper bag and she went in tha room and Harrison climbed up onto the paper bag on top of the old litter and peepeed in the bag itselfs MOL! And there was no mess 'cause it awwwl got sucked up in the I guess he's not awwwl that bad.


Purred by: Laura W

November 15th 2011 at 10:40 am

MOL !!!!!!!! KP, yur brother haz gottz talent bein able ta due his buziness in de sack like that, N we bee reeely happee ewe men shuned...he's knot all that bad !!!! see stuff IZ gonna be OK N werk out !!!!

Purred by: Charlie Chocolate Paws (Catster Member)

November 15th 2011 at 10:35 pm

MOL! Harrison!!! I'll have to try that! And hang in there, Kitty P. It's just going to get better and better!


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