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Not a *Dreamgirl* but still pretty freakin dreamy :)

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Which one is me??

September 24th 2010 7:50 am
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Hi everyfur!

This was so much fun the last time, I wanted to do it again!

Here is a pic of myself and TT~ can you figure out which one is me???

Which one is me?

xoxoxo Tasha



September 6th 2010 11:04 am
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Hi everyone ;)

My brother TT and I have received some really nice heart gifts with wonderful quotes~ from anonymous!

We wanted to say thank you~ we are so happy to have gotten them!

xoxoxo Tasha


Q and A Game

July 28th 2010 12:11 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Colorado ;)

Q and A Game

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Sometimes~ when there are trespassers in the yard. I paddle the windows to chase them away and that wakes everyone up. Oh, and if there are birds early in the mornings, I chatter at them, that wakes them up too.

2.Do you ever tear up things?

Only if you count the rug in the dining room~ it is fun to scratch!

3.What's your favorite treat?

Vetri lysine plus soft chews & CET dental chews for cats~ LOVE EM!

4.Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

What is fetch?

5.Have you ever lived any place other than where you live ?

My mom was a feral cat; trapped when she was pregnant. She had her kittens in a nice quiet foster home. When we got older, we went to our current home as foster kittens and we ended up staying ;)

xoxoxo Tasha


I be COTD!!

July 16th 2010 5:51 am
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What a surprise!!!

Thank you to all my friends for stopping by~ you are the reason being COTD is so special for me!

If anyfur knows how to make a special COTD pic for me~ I would appreciate it ;)

I love you guys!!

xoxoxo Tasha


Playing with my new nanner

May 23rd 2010 7:35 am
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Mom got me a YEOWWW! Banana to play with!

I love my nanner~ but while I was playing, TT was decided he was going to attack! It's not fair to attack a girl while she is playing with her new toy! Here is what happened: TT Attacks!

xoxoxo Tasha


A Day in the Life Tag!

March 9th 2010 2:27 pm
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I have been tagged by my adorable friend Charlie!


The alarm goes off... I sleep at the end of the bed facing the window~ so I can keep watch for bunny rabbits. They trespass... I ignore mommy while she keeps getting up and hitting "snooze" for an extra 10 minutes~ she does this 3 times, so there is no need to get up with her.

I wait for mommy to take a shower and dry her hair, when she comes out I need to remind her to feed us. It is important to remind her because she has been known to forget~ she forgot to feed TT on 17-February, and he had to get his teeth cleaned on an empty stomach! She also forgot to feed Sasha on 4-March, and Sasha had to have surgery on an empty tummy! The best way to remind her is to meow at her loudly and repeatedly and direct her to the kitchen.

After we eat, we get our L-Lysine treats~ they keep our immune systems up so that we stay healthy. After our treats, I go sit in the front window and prepare to nap while mommy goes to work.


Mommy comes home for lunch and I greet her at the door. I am famished and need lunch. I herd mommy toward the kitchen where she prepares lunch. After lunch we play with the Cat Catcher for a while. The Cat Catcher is my current favorite toy, and I recommend you get one too ;) Before you know it, mommy has to go back to work, so I prepare for another nap.


Mommy comes home. I am starving, so I show her to the kitchen so that she can prepare my dinner. After dinner, mommy usually walks Sasha, but Sasha is resting from her surgery~ so we have time to play Cat Catcher again. Then we settle in to watch TV. I will cuddle with mommy for a short while IF she does not pet me too much. Then I usually either go to my Morgan's bed or the top of our scratching post~ it has a nice little perch for me to nap on. From my perch, I can watch for those devilish rabbits.

Late evening:

I need food! Mommy gives us another meal to tide us over until morning. After eating, I am wide awake~ time to play. TT and I race through the house as fast as we can~ it is great fun! Then I settle in at my post on the end of the bed to watch for rabbits. If I see a rabbit, I stand on my hind legs and paddle the window, telling that rabbit that I want to kill him! I do this throughout the night, as many times as it takes to keep the house safe from rabbits. I know mommy appreciates this, because she always wakes up when I do it ;)

I keep watch for rabbits until that alarm goes off, and we do it all over again!

Off to tag some furs!

xoxoxo Tasha


Are you allowed to...

March 1st 2010 4:10 pm
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I found a wonderful toy- a twist tie for the bread bag! TT and I passed it back and forth for a while, but Mommy took it away from us- she is afraid that we will choke!

Are you allowed to play with them?

xoxoxo Tasha


Ten Pound Tasha

February 4th 2010 5:27 pm
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Hi Everyfur,

Today was a difficult day for me- I was cat-napped against my will by my own mommy & daddy. Mommy stuffed me into my carrier and took me to the VET. I cried the whole way there- TT was there too, I got him to chime in. When we finally got to the VET, they put me on the scale and announced that I now weigh 10 lbs- this is 1/2 pound more than the last time. I can't help it, I am a foodie.

Then the VET decided she wanted to check my paws, to see how my pododermatitis is doing. She tried to roll me onto my back- a completely defenseless position! I was not having any of it- I fought back. That is when they called in re-enforcements... Another assistant came in with gloves that I could not penetrate- I used my best Black Mamba moves on her, but she had the upper paw. They jabbed me with needles before finally allowing me to go back into my carrier.

I stayed in my carrier while they tortured TT. I stayed quiet, better him than me right? Being quiet finally worked, and they decided that they would bring me back home.

So, now I have to go on a small diet-- but other than that, I am doing really good ;)

xoxoxo Tasha


Get to know your pals tag!

November 19th 2009 12:24 pm
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My good pal Sally just ran by and tagged me!

I have to answer 10 questions, and tell a little about my fabulous self ;)

Here goes:

1. What is the color of your collar?
I don't wear a collar- I'm a nekkid kitty! Mommy put a stretchy collar on me once and I flopped around like a fish until she removed it- mol

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Mommy is nuts about my food-- I get canned grain free Wellness, EVO and Weruva. Mommy rotates the flavors so I don't have to have the same thing twice- I must not have the same thing twice ;)

3. What are your favorite treats?
I get 2 types of treats per day- I get a CET dental chew once a day- which I LOVE! And I get Vetri Lysine soft chews (2 a day) to boost my little immune system.

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other?
I do not- I am pure and untouched!

5. Do you get table scraps?
No, mommy is afraid that I would become even more demanding that I already am.

6. What is your favorite toy?
Da Bird- it is the best toy ever. Da Bird lives in da closet so that I will not destroy it.

7. When is your birthday?
June 12, 2007

8. How many times a day do you eat?
I eat 4 times a day. I split 1/2 can with TT in the morning, at noon, at dinner and before we go to bed.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Black of course!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
Yes- it is fun!

If you want to play- copy this into your diary, but you have to come up with your own answers--molmol

xoxoxo Tasha


One Question Tag!

November 19th 2009 11:39 am
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My pal Simon tagged me :)

I have to say what flavor of ice cream I would be....

Black Forest Chocolate of course!


If you want to play; consider yourself tagged!

xoxoxo Tasha

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