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Only The Good Die Young

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Our Third Award

January 23rd 2014 11:13 am
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This morning, Travis and I were discussing who should get our third FUSM (Fantastic Unique Special and Marvelous - yes, that is the meaning, stop thinking naughty thoughts) when he left to use the litter box. And the stench that came out of that almost knocked me over. That little kitten can clear a room. And that's when I told him, I always have to tell him what to do, that today we are giving the poop king an award.

This gorgeous blue-eyed boy wrote the book on poop. Literally! Although the next edition may need a new chapter after he smells Travis'. I'm sure the scent waves have made their way to Arizona and are wilting the saguaros as we speak.

Newman, you are our FUSM Poop King!

Congrats Newman!

Poop On!

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


Our Second Award

January 22nd 2014 10:03 am
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Our second award was a no-brainer. Which is good because the humans around here seem particularly low on brains this week, even for them.

These kitties were always runnin all over Catster, helping to make any special occasion more wonderful with their celebratory spirit, they bestowed badges of beauty that they and their meowmy made for DDPs, birthdays, gotcha days, rainbow bridge days, and helped to decorate our pages with their wonderfulness. Of course, my page had even more wonderfulness than most because they featured pictures of ME, but all of their badges were lovely. Mine were just more lovely. Remember to save yours if you haven't done it already.

Pipo and Minko

Congrats Pipo!

Congrats Minko!

We all love you, Pipo and Minko, and looks forward to you starting your own blog once all the dust settles...

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


FUSM Awards

January 21st 2014 2:20 pm
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We are announcing our very own Catster awards - the FUSM awards. Get those naughty thoughts out of your head - it means Fantastic Unique Special Marvelous awards. It's only a coincidence that Say Media's initials show up in there. Really, you don't believe me?

The dogs were discussing what to do with the zealies we have and I told them we should have our own awards. Of course, I had to tell them what to do, those dogs may work as heaters, but anything that requires much actual thought beyond "treat" is beyond them. I told them that those murdering the community should not be the ones deciding who gets awards and honors - we should.

Our first award goes to Platelicker for funniest name. Lots of cats have good names, some are creative, some are sappy (looking at you Miss Princess Fluffy McFluffpants Snookums Sweetie Pie - you know who you are), but Platelicker's name always made us smile. Congrats Platelicker.


Stay tuned - the next FUSM award will be announced tomorrow.


Contact Page

January 17th 2014 10:10 pm
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Hey everybody. We wanted to let you know about our contact info. Da typist set us up a Faceybook page - That silly dog is in the profile and got her name on it, but me and Travis are in the big picture, so I think we won. Besides, everyone knows cats are always the winners. And me and Travis are gonna have a blog too - it are The typist hasn't set it up yet, but she are gonna be working on it tomorrow.

And a couple of our Dogster pals have set up a forum for all of us Catster/Dogster people. It are Me and Travis are over there too, so stop by and say hi. It are a nice way to stay in contact if you're uncomfortable with Facebook.

Please stay in contact so we can stay pals.


Catster is Ending

January 16th 2014 7:19 pm
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I'm so sad about Catster ending. We've made so many good friends here over the years. And so many people were so kind when poor sweet Charlie made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

But I don't want this to be the end of our friendship. Me and Travis are going to be setting up a blog in the next couple of days, our doggy sisters already have them. It'll be a lot like diaries - and blogs are actually easier to design and add pictures. I know the Tabbies of Trout Town already have a blog, if you have one let me know.

And our furmily will probably be getting a Facebook page too. So if you're already on Facebook, send me your username of the link to your profile so we can find you.

Y'all mean a lot to us, and I don't want the end of this site to be the end of our friendship.


Meowy Christmas!

December 23rd 2013 1:23 pm
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It's getting close to Christmas - I can tell! The tree is up, there are presents surrounding it, cookies are baking. And today I was forced to take my annual Christmas photo - can you believe I had to wear a Santa hat this year!! Oh the indignities I must suffer. I'm almost 21, and I'm forced to wear a Santa hat and pose in front of the tree. That girl is lucky she didn't get clawed for Christmas.

I've been real hungry lately - I ate three breakfasts this morning! I think having that crazy kitten around is inspiring me to eat more since he'll steal it if I leave any. He still has to be locked up when I eat because he has no manners. So sometimes I'll be sure to take extra long when he's locked up and yowling.

We've become pretty good buddies. He tried to give me a bath last night. I wasn't that pleased with it, but I pretty much let him. At least he's warm.

Hope all my pals have a meow Christmas and don't have to deal with obnoxious little brothers like I do.


Don't Believe Him

December 10th 2013 1:44 am
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Travis are saying all kinds of lies about me in his diary. Lies dat we are bestest friends and snuggling. It was cold outside! REALLY cold! I'm talking 20 degree, inches of ice on the ground COLD! That kind of weather would make anyone think that cozying up to a warm kitten is an ok today. I didn't do it because I like him. Really. Do y'all think I would like a goofy little 8 month old kitten who is already bigger than me? Me?? I don't think so.

No, it was just because of the cold. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Christmas is Coming!

December 3rd 2013 10:02 pm
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So the humans have been real busy decorating the past couple days. We have all the Christmas lights up outside and my oldest girl has her room done. They still haven't done the tree, but with the bad weather coming this weekend, they wanted to get the outside done first. It was 75 today - hard to believe it's supposed to be freezing rain and maybe even snow in a couple days! Glad I'm inside and don't have to deal with that.

I've been doing pretty good lately. Travis has to be locked up while I eat because otherwise he will stick his head right in the bowl with me. He always eats my leftovers, so there's always fresh food. :) He's not too bad, for a kitten.

If anycat wants to exchange Christmas cards with me, send me a message with your address. The humans are working on those too. I'm glad I don't have to work on anything other than finding my sunspots, which tend to disappear in the winter.


That Crazy Kitten

October 28th 2013 9:25 pm
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That crazy Travis actually thinks I want to snuggle with him. He keeps trying to come rub on me and lick me! Most the time I shoot him a death glare, but occasionally I let him. It's not that I like him, really! I'm just tired and don't want to bother.

Anyways, I'm doing really good. Spending lots of time napping on my oldest girl's bed and sleeping on laps. And I'm eating really good - I think having the other cats around has made my appetite even better. Probably because around here, you better eat before someone (Travis) eats it! He'll even try to eat of my bowl at the same time I'm eating - he doesn't try to push me away, he just tries to share. I don't like that, so he gets locked up while I eat.

He's getting really big - he's already a little bigger than me! Maurice is worried he's gonna get bigger than him - I guess we'll see. He definitely eats enough to grow that big!


Food Thief

September 10th 2013 11:54 pm
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We've got a food thief around here and his name is Travis. The humans have to look him up in a room just so I can eat in peace. He goes nuts when we get fed and will try to steal my food right out from under my nose - literally! He'll stick his little face in my bowl while I am trying to eat. Talk about a kitten with no respect. And I am nice to him!

So he gets locked up when we eat. There's one good thing about his ravenous appetite though. He does clean up and will always eat that old food I didn't want so I get fresh all the time.

Other than dealing with a crazy orange kitten, I'm doing good. Still enjoying my sunspots and pets. And snuggling with the people!

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