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Only The Good Die Young

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Happy Girl!

May 10th 2011 10:28 pm
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I am one happy girl. My momma is back and she brought back the oldest girl with her. I really like that, I have been purring a whole lot. I'm so happy to see everyone, I'm being super-affectionate and sitting in their laps and stuff that I used to not like to do very much when I was younger. I've always liked sitting next to people, but I have been letting the humans hold me and pet me for a long time these last couple of days. I am so happy, I don't even mind that they brought the dogs back with them! MOL, I actually like those dogs. Plus, having them around makes it harder for the people to know if it was a Jez mess or a dog mess. And that's always a good thing!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 5th 2011 7:10 pm
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Wow - I'm a DDP again! Thanks Diary Gal! Well, now I am back with just hanging out with my daddy since my momma has left again to bring back the oldest girl and the dogs. And I am actually being a good kitty for him too and doing my business in the litter box and all. I'm happy to have him around - I get a lot of pets from him when it is just me and him and it's really nice. But I'm looking forward to everyone being back soon - the more humans around, the more Fancy Feast they can feed me! Hope every cat has a happy cinco de mayo!


They're Back!

May 2nd 2011 7:44 pm
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My human servants, well 2 of them anyways are back. And boy did I tell them off for leaving me! I was meowing non-stop and my mom said it was the loudest she has ever heard me meow. And I am quite the meower, so that is a real compliment. I left some poopies around for them to clean. I don't know what else they expected, a queen kitty like me can't be expected to poop in a box that already has a poopie in it! That is just gross! Anyways, I told them off pretty good. They didn't bring Finley, the little white dog, back with them, but I heard she and Whitley, the other little white dog, and my oldest girl are all gonna be home soon. I'm pretty excited about the girl being home, not too sure about the dogs! Ok, secretly I actually like the dogs, but don't tell anyone ok. I even cuddle with them when no one is looking. But seriously y'all, keep this a secret, I can't have rumors like this getting back.

Now I'm gonna get back to my Fancy Feast which I am also very happy to see again!!


Jezebel Week Continues . . .

May 1st 2011 8:59 am
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With a DDP today! I guess I am on someone at Catster's good list. But there is no one at home to help me celebrate with extra treats since my pawrents are gone helping move my oldest girl back home for the summer. Which means no extra treats today which stinks but it also means party at my house! I'm sure we can all figure out a way to knock over those treat bags and enjoy those yummies and have a big party! And don't worry about messes, that is what the carpet-cleaner is for (and it is gonna be getting some use tomorrow when the pawrents get home - HEE HEE!) But first I think I'm gonna celebrate with a nice nap in a sunspot to get enough energy to pawty the night away.


Cat of the Week!

April 25th 2011 7:16 pm
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Wow! Thanks so much Catster! I'm really happy to get to be Cat of the Week. And I'm glad someone took my suggestion about a whole week devoted to all things ME, because my humans did not. Can you believe that the only one around now to help me celebrate is my dad? My whole family is getting ready to move the oldest girl back from law school, so it is just me and my dad here right now. Even the dog left. But I've still been getting in some celebrating my leaving some stinky Jezebel messes for him to clean up - hee hee!

Thanks so much for all the gifts!! Y'all are great friends!


It's Jezebel Week!

April 19th 2011 6:52 am
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Wow! I'm a DDP today! Thanks Catster. I think this week must be Jezebel week, first an 18th birthday and now a DDP. Well, all I have to say is - it's about time! I've been waiting to have a whole week in my honor, a Queen Kitty of age 18 deserves more than just a day! In fact, I think I deserve every day of every week of the whole year!! Hee hee - see, I'm long-lived and modest too. I think I need to get some extra Fancy Feast for my celebration and some extra kitty treats!

Thanks everycat for the pawmails and gifties! I'm so lucky to have such great furiends!


Birthday Thanks!

April 17th 2011 5:26 pm
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Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday gifts and comments! It is so nice of everyone to celebrate my 18th birthday with me!

I had a good day yesterday, lots of extra Fancy Feast and treats!! I even had my humans sing Happy Birthday to me - one of them was trapped in this phone thing. I don't know how they got her into something so small, but somehow they did. I was even good for my birthday - I did all my business in the box. And today I got up a hairball, so I am feeling even better. I think I need some more brushing to deal with all the fur that is flying now that it is spring!



April 16th 2011 9:48 am
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Today is my eighteenth birthday! Well, no one is exactly sure when my birthday REALLY is, but the humans picked the 16th to celebrate since they knew it was mid-April and our basset hound, Delilah, already had that birthday. And I have been celebrating! I have been eating a lot of Fancy Feast. And not just licking the gravy either! I also have some packages of yummy treats for presents. I even got a nice birthday brushing last night to help some of that spring hair that I am losing come on out. I am hoping we can have ribs or something yummy like that for dinner - MOL! I'd also take a nice bowl of milk, that sounds pretty yummy!

Thanks so much for all the gifts and rosettes and pawmails. It is great to have such good furiends.


They Could Spare a Rib!

April 10th 2011 7:08 pm
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So today when I was meowin' for more gravy, my momma told me "a cat cannot live on gravy alone." I think that translates too "I am too lazy to find more crazy for you Jezebel, my Queen" or something like that. Anyways, I decided they were right. A cat cannot live on gravy alone. So when they came in the kitchen and caught me in the middle of the floor with a baby back rib, they shouldn't have been surprised. After all, a cat cannot live on gravy alone. So I hopped up to the counter, snagged a rib and hopped down to eat. I got about a third of it before I got caught with it and got it taken away. They gave the rest of that yummy rib yumminess to the dog, apparently I had "had enough pork." I don't think so, I was still eating! Anyways, I think next time I need to work on hiding any yummy human food I steal since apparently these crazy people think it is not supposed to be for me!


Hi. I'm Jezebel and I'm a Gravyaholic.

April 9th 2011 9:16 pm
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That pretty much says it all. I am a gravyaholic. I love the Fancy Feast where the food is in gravy. I hop up and I lick all the gravy off then I meow for more. But for some reason, the humans keep telling me I have food and I'm not getting any more until I eat what I have. But I want more gravy. So I keep on meowing.

Life is so unfair around here. What does a girl have to do to get a bit of gravy. I've been thinking - I'll be 18 in a week. And I know when you turn 18 there is all kinds of stuff you can do, you are an "adult." And one of those things you can do is buy a lottery ticket. So my plan is this - buy a lottery ticket, win, and then have all the gravy my heart (or stomach) desires!!! I'm thinking this is a pretty good plan. I'm dreaming of endless bowls of gravy now.

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