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Only The Good Die Young

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Study Buddy

July 17th 2011 10:15 pm
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That was my job tonight. See, my oldest girl is studying for this important test she has next week called the Bar Exam. Only I don't think it has anything to do with making drinks, it seems to involve a lot of reading out of this giant book. Well, she looked like she was having no fun doing it, so I decided to keep her company. I got up in her bed so she could give me cheek scritches as a study break. I have my own corner of her bed, and her dog, Whitley, has another corner. We also get in the same spots (my spot is WAY better by the way) and we were both up there tonight. I think it cheered her up some to have us in there (well, at least to have me in there - hee hee!) And those cheek scritches didn't hurt either - MOL! And of course, it never hurts to keep one of the providers of the Cheesy Fancy Feast happy!

Maurice went back to Austin earlier this week. I was kinda having fun with him, but shhhh, you gotta keep it a secret. I've been being good lately too, more business in the box. See what a little bit of Cheesy Fancy Feast can get you people?


I've Been Invaded!

July 12th 2011 11:55 pm
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Yep, that Maurice cat is back in town, at least for a few days while his momma is home. There was a little bit of hissin' and stuff, and I've done some pissin' to let him know this is MY house. He just walks around here like he owns everything, and that is wrong, I own everything. But I've also been caught playing with him. Maybe he is not too bad after all, running around like crazy was fun. But man, he has gotten big. Way bigger than me, he is a huge cat. He's 'sposed to go the vet tomorrow (ha ha ha) so I guess we'll find out exactly what he weighs. I am happy I'm gettin' to stay home - hee hee! Still waiting for the humans to go get some more cheesey Fancy Feast - I want my cheese!


Warm Days and Sunshine Naps

July 5th 2011 9:11 pm
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Hope y'all had a good Fourth of July, I had a pretty relaxing day - the humans and the dogs went to go see fireworks, but I just stayed at home and snoozed. I like to sleep out in the sunroom sometimes during the summer. It is really nice and warm in there. But I've gotta be careful and make sure the door doesn't close. Usually though, one of the dogs will sound the alarm if I am stuck out there and want back in. I guess they are good for something besides making a whole lotta barky racket. Sometimes, anyway. Most the time it is usually just yapping non-stop. Hope y'all are having some nice sunshiney summer days!


Watch Where You Roll . . .

June 30th 2011 6:25 pm
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That's my message for my dad who was apparently not to happy with the deposit I left by the back door. I coulda gone in my box since it was just inches away, but where is the fun in that one? I gotta be creative and think "outside the box." The humans say I don't gotta think outside the box all the time, and especially not for that, but I kinda like everything smellin' like Eau de Jez and the box seems to muffle it some.

I've got some bad news - we are out of my Cheddar Fancy Feast. I am not happy about this one and have been meowing for more more cheesey goodness, but the humans haven't made it back to Pet Supplies Plus yet and Kroger is not carrying my cheesey yumminess yet. They better get on it! I want my cheese now - behold the power of cheese!


The Best Thing!

June 22nd 2011 10:59 pm
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Y'all may know I love Fancy Feast, but I have discovered something even better than regular Fancy Feast. Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar. Yeah, you read right, cheese. I love it so much! I always finish it all and I don't ever just lick it. It is the yummiest thing in the world - I can't believe they made Fancy Feast even better. The human servants say it isn't at the grocery store yet, but they did find it at Pet Supplies Plus. So if you are like me and love cheese, tell your humans to be on the lookout for some.

Unfortunately, today comes with a little bit of bad news too since the humans found my hidey hole. I guess I'm gonna have to work on getting a new one!


I've Got A Hidey Hole!

June 14th 2011 10:29 pm
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And I am not letting not anyone know where it is! A couple times recently I have been off hiding. And the humans run around looking for me going "here kitty, kitty" and "Jezzy, come here" but I don't move at all. No meows, no nothings. I wait until the coast is clear and then I just randomly appear - today it was in the kitchen. The humans are thinking I might be hiding in the dining room which is currently packed with all my oldest girl's stuff since she has moved home for the summer while she studies for the bar exam. MOL - I'm not letting them know for sure! A girl needs her secrets!


Enjoying the Heat!

June 6th 2011 11:49 pm
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It has been pretty hot here, and I am enjoying it. I've been getting in the warmest room of the house, the sunroom, and sleeping on the couch out there. All this warmth just feels good. I even have a favorite spot out there that has a pretty big accumulation of Jez hair. Hee hee! Hey, at least it is a non-offensive way to mark things. That Maurice cat has gone back to Austin, at least for now. So all I have to put up with is the two dogs. At least they don't try to bury my business and use my box! Hope all you kitties have a nice warm sunspot to lie in!


Soggy Bottom Girl

May 30th 2011 11:55 pm
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Well, since Maurice has been home, I have been doing a little bit more of claiming my territory than usual - and that claiming involved spraying some Eau de Jez all over the living room. I was really bold about doing it and even did it in front of the people a few times. Tonight was one of those times. I was spraying a blanket one the ground when my youngest girl yelled "Jez! Stop!" Then I heard "Bad Cat" and before I knew it I was being lifted up in the air. But I was still peeing and leaking some. My mom carried me to my litter box (which that stinker Maurice had used earlier - I don't care if it was cleaned, I know he was in there) but before she put me in she noticed the blanket wasn't the only thing covered in Eau de Jez, so was my rear-end. So into the tub I went to get hosed off. And I was very unhappy about that. So I was a soggy bottom girl tonight and the humans thought this was funny and kept calling me wet butt. It was NOT funny at all!!!!


Happy Fifth Birthday Finley!!!

May 22nd 2011 12:22 am
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Today is my doggy buddy Finley's fifth birthday. She is a pretty good pal - I like snuggling with her some time. But Finley, no you cannot have my Fancy Feast today - I don't care if it is your birthday or not. But I'll make sure to eat plenty for you so you can get to lick out some of the cans!! Hee hee!!!

I have been having a pretty good time. I don't understand that Maurice though. He keeps getting in MY cat box because he wants to bury my business. It is MY box, if I want Jezzy scent wafting through the house, it is MY decision! He digs like he is diggin' to China or something - he is one crazy cat!


He's Back!

May 19th 2011 10:59 pm
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And I'm not too happy about it. That Maurice guy is back here, at least for a couple of weeks. And he just walks around like he is the king of this whole place. I am the Queen Kitty around here. I just need to find a way to convince him of that. He keeps trying to play with me. What makes him think I would deign to play with him?? Especially when his idea of playing is jumping on me. So I tried some spraying today to tell him this is my place. And the humans get mad at me for it! They're the ones that brought him here. Ok, I might have done it even if he wasn't here, but still.

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