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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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Scarey strom

July 13th 2014 7:37 pm
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We are having a big strom tonight, it is right over our house. The sky is making lots of noise & the sky light up. It is so loud we are all scared, I am laying on the cat tree with my paws over my eyes. To Two & kody r hiding on Mom's bed, Xena isn't TCSbothered at all she is in the best place in Moms closet inside her bed. You know who is more afraid our dog Milo yep the dog he is shaking in Dads lap.

We sure hope we don't loose ou_r power, mom is using her phone instead of her lap top just in case. It is really windy too..MOL these monsoons can be bad! Mom what have we gotten into moving here with all this thunder, lightening and hot. I think we need to go back to San Diego.




Our new life in the desert

July 12th 2014 3:03 pm
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Oh MOL what a trying few months it has been here for us all, but we will got through our move adjusting to this house all the sounds & new place to sleep & hide. It took me time to relax & not run any time there was noise.
Me & Xena hang out in Moms closet, love sleeping on mom's bed once dad comes to bed I sleep by mom's head and pillow. We all take turns looking out back from the highest purch.

Mom hasn't put our enclosure together yet guess she will get to it one of these days.

Best part of our move is having mom home all day so I can sleep on mom.

I am doing good and learning all about the desert life.


Doing well and beginning to like it here

May 30th 2014 8:44 pm
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Hello friends well the move is all over and I am doing well. Mom was worried that the stress of moving and living in a new house would make me sick, but to her surprise I am doing really good. I haven't gotten sick knock on wood as Mom says and no asthma attacks, guess this dry hot weather suits me fine, but then we are still we will see.

At first I wouldn't come out of Moms closet that is where we all stayed for a while, but then I saw Kody go out and then come back in. He was telling me to come out and see this place. So slowly I went out this Kody to see this place. It is so different but slowly we are getting more relaxed and getting used to being in our new home. We still get scared and all run when the doggies back, stupid dogs and the door bell echos in here because there are no carpets in the living areas. Mom and Dad have to order a big rug to help with that echo....

We love hanging out in Moms room looking out the big window into the back yard and we discovered a side window in the dining room we can look out and see out front.

We hear lots of trucks on and off because they are still building houses as you know I don't like trucks...from our back yard right behind the brick wall is a cancel, then dirt and sidewalk and the dreaded road, but it is real busy because of where we live and it is a community...but the trucks do come near and if I see them I run.

I am getting used to my new house and I am getting to love it as well, we all has been a big adjustment for us all and I mean us part is we have Mom and Dad home with us most of the time...

Mom has to take me to the vet for my yearly checkup so I will be going in soon, hope I am doing many have been sick here lately, Mom doesn't need anymore sick kitties.

I do love hanging out with Xena we are pals, we spend time in different beds and places in the closet, we sure love this big hugs closet so does Mom....Mom comes in and brushes me and Xena everyday, we even got some really good smelling catnip in the mail from a Catnip Farm...loves it, we got grass seed too so mom can grow grass for us. Heaven for sure sweet organic grass and some good smelling catnip what else good one kitty ask for.

Well that is it from me, hugs to you all


My Gotcha Day

January 26th 2014 5:22 pm
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Hi friends, it is a sad time, but I am celebrating my gotcha day today with sleeping in my warm heated bed at our bay window...Mom forgot with all that is on her plate and worry about catster closing...just overwhelming for her right now...but she will now celebrate the day she saw me at the cat show...which is here this weekend and she attended...she remembers that day very clear..

She was with her Mom, her Mom loved going to the cat shows, but now Mom goes alone...she saw me and knew she had to adopt me and bring me home it was love at first site for both of us...I too knew that she was the one that would love me no matter what...

Well she didn't know I was getting sick with the time she got me home I was sick within a few hours I was really really sick. She called the place she adopted me from, they offered to take me back, Mom could choose another kitty or they would get me well and Mom could bring me back home. Mom said no to both and Mom nursed me back to health. She kept me in the bathroom with the humidifier, she hand fed me special food and spent hours with me....she took me to the vet, I go medication. After about a month I was able to come out to meet my family and see my forever home.

I was luck that day because for me I got the best Mom ever and my loving home...since then I have had many adventures, was taken to many vets to find out why I was having trouble breathing, finally Mom found our wonderpurr Vet that figured out I have asthma...I am doing so much better now.

I lost my sisfur Tallulah, gotten a new sisfur and brofur that I love so much, we got another kitty she was my grandmas, grandma got sick and she became an angel so she is here, but she doesn't like any of us...she was never around any other animals. But life goes on and I am a happy loving mama's boy and I am proud to say that because if not for my Mom I don't know where I would our new adventure to another state will begin soon..we all will become Arizona kitties...

Thank you Mom for choosing to adopt me and give me the best home for me...I love you Mom and I am happy to be your kitty boy

On another note check out our friends dairy entry, there just may be hope for all of us yet!

Lady's Page

We love you all and we thank you for being our friends all of these years

Zeke Huggie Bear


Busy Busy

January 8th 2014 3:51 pm
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It's 8 am and time to nap
It's 10 am and time to relax
It's 12 pm and time to doze off
It's 3 pm and time to zonk out
It's 6 pm and time to slumber
It's 9 pm and time to snooze
It's 12 am and time to sleep
It's 4 am and time to hang upside down from your bedroom ceiling, screaming

Not me, I don't do that, I wait to get my food, I do nap, relax, doze off, zonk out, slumber, snooze and sleep...I never hang upside down from the ceiling...that's not me...but when I decide I want my little snack of dry food I hunt down Mom or Dad and meow loudly until I get my evening snack!

Time to take a nap til 5pm and wait to be serve my evening meal!




January 3rd 2014 9:31 am
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There is
something to
thankful for!



January 2nd 2014 1:31 pm
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Today is a good day to simply say
'thank you'. To God, family, and
friends, We all have our fears,
disappointments, and outright

Choose to let Love, Faith, and Prayer
be stronger than any of them.


May Next Year Find You...

January 1st 2014 5:15 pm
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May next year find you
in a place
where your dreams come true,
where your smallest desires
will be granted to you,
where the weather will enhance
your precious moods,
and everything that happens
becomes a blessing for your good.




December 31st 2013 2:31 pm
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OH no Mom is upset all of my fun stuff disappeared while we were doing my diary, she went to my page and it is empty....all of my pictures are still there just the fun stuff, Mom tried and tired to put my page codes back on and saved, but nothing, then she went back to fun stuff and the code is gone again...what gives...has this happened to anyone else....

Thank goodness my pictures are still there...

If this has happened to anyone else and they know how to correct it, besides waiting for Catster staffs help, please let Mom know....

Oh what a way to end the year!!!!sigh!!!!!

Zeke and Mom


Happy New Year

December 31st 2013 2:05 pm
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One year ends
a new year begins.
This is the time to
spend with family & friends.

Did you accomplish
your forever list.
Or will it be floating
in the sunshine and mist?

This new year brings
joy, hope and surprises.
Always keep in your heart
the sun always rises.

A fresh new beginning
to start each day anew.
May the warmth fill you up
and always the best to you.


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