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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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In my Rainbow Garden your Angel Kitty

May 2nd 2012 3:05 pm
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I am in my rainbow garden taking care of the butterflies, always in the arms of God...watching over you...I am safe, I am young again and healed...always in the Rainbow Garden and in your heart.

In The Rainbow Garden

Your tears fall
Your heart aches
I have gone away
Gone to heaven to play
The memories remain
Of the happy days
A meow and a purr
As you feel the soft fur
You gave me your love
No more could you do
A short life of joy
For I am gone
Off to heaven.
your kitty angel is gone
but within your heart
the love will live on
Standing in sorrow
and in your mind's eye
look into heaven
and please do not cry
For there in the Rainbow garden
Stands God and in his arms
I am the kitty angel softly purring
safe from harm

Sending butterflies from heaven
angel hugs and love


Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Awareness Month

May 1st 2012 3:16 pm
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Talllah angel in pink flying down from the rainbow bridge to report that last year Mom found out that Blue Buffalo once a year has a fund raiser and awareness month to get more pet owners aware of cancer in dogs and is happening now the month of May.

They have partnered with Petco, Mom donated last year, came home went to their website and put my story and picture on their site...she can't believe it has been a year already that she did that...

Mom will donate again this year because cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of dogs and cats...

When a furry family member gets cancer, it's devastating.

There is also a place you can go to do a tribute to those pets who have fought and survived, and to those whose memories live on.

I am not advocating Blue Buffalo, but I am always looking for ways to donate to dog & cat cancer...Mom and I are still fighting for all who have gone through this horrible nasty disease we hope that one day they will be able to stop this or help us to live longer and or be cured.

Cancer in us devastates us all sooner or later and it saddens us that we are unable to stop this and Mom wanted to pass this on to anyone that is looking to donate to help....we are still selling my breast cancer awareness bracelets that we are sending 100% we raise to UC Davis for Kitty Breast Cancer research...

I need to fly back to the RB we have a lot of angel kitties with birthdays for one day we are celebrating...

Remember I always send butterflies from heaven

hugs and love from me to you


March 21st 2012 3:02 pm
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Spring is finally here and I have sent the butterflies to catsterland and for them & you will see....I will keep sending butterflies from heaven

Butterfly, Butterfly

Hoping to catch your eye
Circling around you, oh my
Butterfly, butterfly, come into the light
Oh, what a beautiful sight
Flying so gracefully
Into the sky, the butterfly
Trying to catch a butterfly
Fly, fly, fly, butterfly
There she sets upon the mums
I'm having so much fun
Here's another on the sill
Your standing so still
You go to touch her
There she goes, the butterfly
I hear a tapping on the window
It's the butterfly, fly, fly, fly
There she goes into the sky
Flying so high, the butterfly
I'll see you another day
Butterfly, butterfly, away

Mom I am sending you a special spring butterfly, hope you will see very soon...she will be so pretty she will remind you of me and you will know that it is me...saying Hi Mom, I am here!!!


QT from her butterfly garden in heaven


Monday Candle Ceremony

March 20th 2012 3:24 pm
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This is a special ceremony that Mom has done in the past and still tries to do on Mondays...she has a special candle and it is her time to remember me and her other furbaby bring her peace, she cries, she smiles and she feels the love from me and my angel family.

We wanted to share this in hopes that this ceremony may help others as it helps my is a time for her to reflect on each of us...we hope it will help our friends Moms too.

Tonight, Monday, we join hands, hearts and souls across the land as one large extended family to pray for our sick and dying pets and to pay tribute to our furbabies who have gone ahead to Rainbow Bridge.
Someday, we will meet them again, with hugs, tears and kisses, as we walk together, in eternity, to our new home.
Until that blessed day, we honor these precious souls and remember them with the warm glow of flickering candles, sending a message of love, light and healing, and the faith to believe in miracles.
PRAYER: God, Creator of all living things, we ask that as we light our candles, the healing warmth of love will flow into the brokenhearted who are tending their ailing pets.
Give to them Your strength and comfort.
We also pray that the soft glow of light will part the clouds of grief and sorrow to surround our furbabies at the Bridge.
May excitement REIGN SUPREME as wagging tails, ecstatic purrs and flapping feathers feel our gentle touch once again.
May they know the gratitude we hold in our hearts for their faithfulness and gift of unconditional love as they are forever remembered.
We are temporarily separated for only a short while.
The silver cord that connects us through time and space can never be broken.
CANDLE 1: PERSONAL FURBABY. Anything you wish to say.

I will not look back for there is sorrow.
I will not look for today for there is longing.
I will look forward for there is OUR tomorrow.
Read the names of those who are ill or have gone on before us as a tribute to them and their loving parents.
As we all meet here, our Bridgekids will be meeting all newcomers, easing their way.
In honor of all the homeless, forgotten, abandoned, abused animals.
For the nameless furchildren who gave their lives for others, for research and as a result of humankind's inhumanity.
May the Higher Powers that be forgive the cruelty.
We light this candle for them.
As our lights shine brightly through the galaxy, may the angels smile upon us, and know that for a brief moment, we have put aside worldly differences to bond as ONE.
I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because I did not love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay.
"Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted."
Love, light and healing to all. Amen.
The candles being lit tonight;
Cast a soft and welcome flame.
And draw our loved ones to the light,
As we call to them by name.
Imagine spirits taking flight,
For a moment our souls entwine.
Say not Good Night, but in some
Brighter Time
Bid them all-
Good Morning.


2 Honors Bestowed Upon Me

March 14th 2012 5:57 pm
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I am singing & dancing in heaven, MEOW MEOW!!!MOL and OMC I haven been given 2 honors this week, me an angel...

Divine Diva #8 and Dreamette I wonder what did I do to get these honors...guess I did something right.

I am always here trying to help others when needed, we may not always be in casterland, but when needed I am here....

I was a diva on earth and I am an angel diva here in heaven in my beautiful garden and guardian of the butterflies.

I have no words but to say I am so humbled and honored that you have chosen me...Presley for making me a Divine Diva and Alfie, Ollie, Pete Angel, Milo and the rest of the group for making me a Dreamette Angel...

I am my families first to have been chosen for any of these very special honors...WOW! wonder if they are jealous, I don't think so because they know I am doing very special and wonderpurr things here in heaven.

Butterflies are ready for spring, they are all fluttering around getting ready for their journey to earth, they will come just watch as spring is almost here....

Sending special butterflies from heaven

love and hugs



March 9th 2012 2:20 pm
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Hello my friends from my beautiful butterfly garden in heaven, I am so happy to announce that Mom and Alex (Sweet Angel), Finney and Lacey’s Mom has been working on a fundraising project for kitty Breast Cancer…and we are happy to report thanks to Alex’s Mom she found out that UC Davis in San Francisco is doing research and helping kitties with breast cancer.

Now for the other good news, we are selling my Kitty Breast Cancer wrist bands in memory of me on Alex’s IBD Kitties web site to raise money for this cause. Click on their link below to check it out and help us raise money for a cause near and dear to me and my Mom’s heart. We will continue to spread the word about this horrible cancer that takes too many girl kitties like me.

IBDKitties Gift Shops

You can also check out Alex (sweet Angel) diary she has information too.

If you don’t want to buy one of the wrist bands there is information on the site about the Studies/trails where you can ask for the cover letter to send money…please make sure you tell them it is for Kitty Breast Cancer research, that way it will go just to that and not the general fund.

As you all know Mom is still fighting for me and this is one way she can help other kitties, our hope is one day they will find a cure & kitties (girl kitties)will live and not make their journey too soon like I did…

Before I leave and go tend to my garden and butterflies we want to thank Lisa for all of the hard work she has done to help us and for letting us have this fundraiser on her web site…FYI there is also research being done on IBD as well….


Sending you all butterflies from heaven
QT and Mom Peggy


Me an Angel being honored

March 1st 2012 2:48 pm
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Yes me an Angel being honored today for her DDP about Mom crying! from my beautiful butterfly garden in heaven I send thank yous to HQ who chose me and honor me, not forgetting me...and to all of my wonderpurr friends for the gifts and pictures that Mom has put on my page, they are so pretty it puts a smile not a tear on Moms face. Not today it is not a day to cry for I am being honored Moms special Angel QT...if there are tears it will be happy tears, not sad ones for me.

I am an angel, but not forgotten, I have many important things to do and kitties to watch over. But for me to be honored brings so much love to my heart and Moms too. No matter what each day brings Mom will have tears of sadness, tears of happiness and is one of the days for both because HQ decided to honor me an Angel...I was there for Mom & Xena is that why I am honored?...Angels are always there we never leave our Moms, we are always right there for them & with them when we are needed....

We are having one fun time at the rainbow bridge today because there are many birthdays to celebrate today and me being angel! wishing all of the kitties a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me an angel and my family...

So as I close this diary and head on into my butterfly garden with Pinkieton Flutterby I wish you all the best today and to take the time to love your families, give them hugs and think of me & my butterflies from heaven because me an angel who sends butterflies to earth all the time. Think of your angels cause they are with you no tears of sadness only tears of happiness & joy!

Thank you again

On The Wings of A Butterfly

Your friendship is special
Like the flowers that bloom,
Or when a butterfly emerges
From within its cocoon...

You remind me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colorful,
For the world to see...

We will share sunshine and rainbows;
Sometimes, the rain and the snow;
We'll stand together through it,
While the cold winds blow...

When the time is right,
We won't stop to ask "Why?"
Our friendship will take flight
On the wings of a butterfly ...

Sending you all butterflies from heaven
QT an honored angel


Mom Cried for Me yesterday!

February 23rd 2012 9:10 pm
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Hello friends all the way from my heavenly butterfly garden! I have to report to you that yesterday Mom was so sad and she cried! do you want to know why!!!

Well here goes, she had to take Xena to the heart specialist at UC Davis and it is in the same building she drove me for the last time to help me make my journey that day in August 2010...Mom was dreading going there, but she knew she had to take Xena...

Luckily it was in the back of that building, Mom wasn't sure she would be able to go there, not now anyway, too many sad memoriesof where she had to say good bye to me and me to her...

Mom was trying to hold it together and not cry...but when another lady came in she was very sad and the ladies in the office came out to see her and they were talking about her kitty that had just made his journey...again it brought the sad memories back to Mom...I helped Mom to not cry it was about Xena yesterday and being there for her...I was there for Mom I was sitting on her shoulder whispering in her ear that Xena was going to be OK & Mom you are going to be OK too....and then I was down on the table holding Xena's paw while they were checking her heart! lub shoosh dub I heard, but I wasn't going to let my Mom go through anything else not I made sure Xena's heart was OK, just a murmur!

Once we all knew Xena was OK, but she still has to be checked and Mom needs to watch for any signs, she had tears in her eyes I did to, they turned into healing dust! they were tears of happiness and sadness...

Mom knew she needed to get out of there before she got the tears, she got into the car and cried with mixed sadness and broke Moms heart to drive past the front of the building where we said our good byes but she knows I am in a better place now and I am helping as she got on the road and the sun was shining she put on a smile and thanked me for being there with her & Xena...

Mom cried for me yesterday!!! and I cried for her...then happiness for our Xena...

Sending butterflies from heaven...gotta go we have new angels to help and love



Valentine from Heaven

February 13th 2012 7:53 pm
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Fluttering down from heaven on my pink cloud with my special butterfly Flutterby Pinkieton!!! we have come to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Flutterby Pinkieton is my special butterfly that helps me always, she is with me always and when Mom needs comfort and love we flutter down to visit Mom...we now come to be with our Xena when she needs comfort too...we visit kitties that need the angels to be with them...Flutterby Pinkieton is just as busy as me..have you met her, she is on my page please stop by and meet her.

So me and my Flutterby Pinkieton will be flying and fluttering all over catster land tomorrow delivering special butterflies, make sure you all look and you will see!

I send special love to my sweetheart Meridoc, my Sheriff Scout, my special sweetie Rex and of course my King Simba how I miss you all and love you....and all of my friends...

We will be having a pawsome angel time tomorrow here as we will be celebrating the day of love....

Now it is time for me to flutter back to heaven on my pink cloud with Flutterby Pinkieton...LOVE, HUGS AND away I go...



February's Angel Olde Furt of the month

February 1st 2012 3:34 pm
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Hello my friends I can't believe that I am being honored all month (February) in the Olde Furt's group...WOW and just think I am in heaven and my friends are still honoring me.

What is an angel to do about this honor, well I will tell you I am going to make sure I angel up to this honor and continue to fight for Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness and never give up...I will continue to help others get through what kitties must go through when they get this horrible disease and Mom will be right there with me....

We are in the works with Angel Alex's Mom on raising funds for kitty breast cancer research...soon we will me making the announcement on how you all can help...

Yes we all get old and things happen to us and some become angels and we are all so happy we have a group that supports us and then honor us, even us angels...angels may be gone in body but we are here always in spirit and we do good things one just has to believe...we are here to help other kitties and their Mom/Dads...are jobs and love never stop...

I am a very lucky kitty angel that had a good life, I fought hard and still fight and now this honor....THANK YOU ADMIN FOR OLDE FURT'S for making me angel furt of the month....

Sending butterflies from heaven


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