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Grandma is an Angel now

March 17th 2013 3:57 pm
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My Mom is so very sad, Grandma is an angel now, her guardian angel...

Grandma passed away yesterday morning at 5:34am...even though grandma left, Mom says she has been gone for a while now...it was her body that left. I was there with her so was her Mom, Dad and all of our families kitties & doggies. Her Dad picked her up and carried her body to heaven...as he did this Grandma looked back lovingly on my Mom giving her peace and calm cause she knows that Mom was always there for her and took good care of her. We all took her to my butterfly garden letting her know that her time had come, that her job on earth was down and now she has work to do as an angel, to watch over Mom...she will be my Mom guardian angel.

Tallulah's Mom- my Mom never woke up, ran a fever that never broke..not sure what happened except my daughter who is an RN thinks she became septic..with my Mom being weak, having lewy body dementia just wasn't able to wake up to eat or drink. We made the decision with the help of a hospice nurse to put her in a hospice home and let her go. It was so very difficult for us to watch her leave us, knowing she really didn't want to leave, but her body was so weak. I said my good byes and then had to go back out because my daughter was saying she is waiting for you Mom then she will leave. So I went back out and it was so very hard for me to once again say good bye hug her and kiss her knowing that once I left I would never see her again, that was Thursday, we really thought she would go, but she hung on till Saturday morning.

It is hard knowing she will never be here again, but she has been gone of a while now, still hard for me. I am at peace and calm knowing that she is no longer suffering, confused or hurting. She will always be with me, I know she is my guardian angel along with Tallulah..thank you all of my friends for being here for us yet again. I many more days to grieve, get my Moms ashes and take them to several places, places she loved.

All of us angels are purring and praying for my Mom now that she will be OK...I will not leave my Moms side. Rest in Peace Grandma!

Angel Tallulah and Mom


Watching over my grandma

March 11th 2013 7:24 pm
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I am here with my Mom helping her as she is now going through a hard time. This past weekend my grandma, Mom's Mom went into the hospital. She was running a fever and she has a UTI...I must tell you that she has had Lewy Body Dementia, it has progressed very fast and she is going down hill...when anyone tries to move her and does anything for her she cries out, she no longer recognizes Mom or anyone, blank look.

So Mom and I were with her yesterday a case worker came in to talk to Mom and she decided we need to have a hospice nurse come in and talk to Mom. Today Mom and her 2 daughters went to the hospital to visit with Grandma and meet with the nurse.

All decided it was best to have Grandma go to the hospice home, she will be kept comfortable, no measures will be made to keep her alive, she has the DNR. She still isn't eating and only drinks little sips. Mom isn't sure if she will pull through or if it will be a matter of time.

I came to Mom to tell her Mom I am with your Mom I am laying with her and if it is her time I will be there with her Mom & Dad to take her to heaven.

This is very hard on my Mom, they always did things together, but Mom knows this is best because it is taking it's toll on Mom.

We just wanted you all to know because you have always been here for all of us and know Mom will need you all again...please pray for my Mom and my grandma during this hard time that my Mom is having to face again...letting a love one go...

Mom may not be here much, but like I told her this is a good place to come even if for a short time.

Now I really must go give my Mom angel hugs and go be with my Grandma while Mom can't be there...

Sending butterflies from heaven


Heavenly Angel Thank you

February 4th 2013 3:53 pm
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Hello again my sweet friends, this angel can not believe it DDP again today, two days in a row....as I fly high up with my beautiful pink angel wings that glow in the sky I say thank you HQ and Dairy Lady for choosing me again....what an angel honor!!!

Angel thank yous to all my friends for your gifts and comments. I fly down to earth now to visit each of you I whisper thank you and wrap my wings around you, my gift to you...did you feel me and hear me?


When you are lonely or frightened, talk to your guardian kitty angel. You can do it out loud, or inside your head---your kitty angel can hear you whenever you speak.

Ask your kitty angel to be near you, to put his or her paw on your shoulder to give you courage and protect you.

At other times, just enjoy the company of kitty angels.
May your day be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you.

Your Kitty Angel with pink wings


From Heaven I Fly to Say Thank You

February 3rd 2013 5:44 pm
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As I fly from heaven and earth to visit with friends and Mom I have to take the time to say THANK YOU HQ, DIARY LADY AND FRIENDS for choosing my special little diary entry telling Mom thank you for loving me enough to let me go when I was too sick and ill to go on here on earth. My time to leave and do other good work was in the cards as they say. I had to leave to continue to do my special work...KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS....

Mom and I are surprised to see that I am DDP along with Xena today...WOW we all are being honored so much lately.

Now I must fly on and visit with other kitties in need, I have been with Sugar Bear and she is doing well. I have been wrapping my beautiful angel wings around her comforting her and giving her strength to fight this cancer. Sugar and I will be co mascots for her Mom when she walks the Avon Breast Cancer walk this year.

I am leaving butterflies from heaven for all my friends, may you all have a wonderpurr week...



From heaven love is

January 31st 2013 4:58 pm
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Love is putting me to sleep and out of anguish when the vet says it is time and I'm incurably ill.

Thank you Mom for having the love for me to let me go almost 3 years ago, even though it was hard on you, you loved me enough to say goodbye and let me make my journey to the Rainbow Bridge...I always send you butterflies from heaven with love.

Your angel Tallulah....thank you Mom


Sharing UTube for Sugar Bear

January 30th 2013 4:00 pm
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Hello my sweet and special friends, I am taking time from my watch over sick kitties to share this information with you.

For those that know Sugar Bear we wanted to let you know she is doing well, she is home with her Mom wearing her e collar, sleeping in the sun room while her Mom works from home to be with her.

What we want to share is her Mom has her on U Tube and here is the link to watch it...please share with others as this is another way we are spreading the word about Kitty Breast Cancer.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nug6ssGc9eM&featur e=youtu.be

Sugar Bear's Mom will be adding more when she does I will share with you. Hope you all watch it, keeping up your purrs and prayers for our sweet friend and remember always check your kitties for lumps.

Your angel friend



January 29th 2013 4:33 pm
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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart.

May your days all be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you.

Angel love, hugs and butterflies from heaven
QT Moms beautiful angel


Another kitty friend with Breast Cancer

January 27th 2013 5:54 pm
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Today I am flying down from my heaven butterfly garden to bring you sad news that our good friend and Chai Latte's sisfur Sugar Bear was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past week, she has her surgery yesterday and is doing well right now. I have been with her and watching over her.

We can't believe that Chai's Mom that walked for the 3 day breast cancer and I was her mascot the twist of fate that now she will be dealing with her kitty having breast cancer.

Unfortunately they are no longer on Catster but I know a lot of you know Chai & Sugar and her family, we are asking that you all pray and purr for her & her Mom. I am sure some of you go to FB so make sure you stop by and let them know you are praying & purring for Sugar.

Mom called Sugars Mom and they talked for a while, of course Mom had to hold it together and not cry, but she cried before and after she talked to her Mom. Sugar's Mom said if it weren't for me and Mom she would never had known and would not have acted as fast so I am still helping so many with me spreading the word.

Mom will be there for her, she will help in any way she can because Mom knows what it is like and what Sugar will go through, she hopes it will help Sugars Mom. Mom says it brought back so many memories of when she found my lumps and I had my surgery...the affects of cancer will always be with Mom it will never go away.

So now I must fly back and bring lots of butterflies for Sugar & her Mom. I will be with her holding her paw as she recovers from her surgery, it was in the same mammary gland and same side as mine...so I will be healing her with my heavenly love and special powers that angels have.

Calling all angels we need your help to be with Sugar.....for those that have my bracelet wear it for Sugar and remember to tell someone to help spread the word, Mom did today she was at the cat show.

angel hugs and love


Angel Thank You

November 6th 2012 8:56 am
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Oh my Angel Cat! what is this I see from heaven, my butterfly garden! is it true, it must be I am DDP again today. Another angel honor about Kitty breast cancer and me thanking HQ, diary lady and my friends angels and kitties on earth!

Now I must catch the cloud to earth and thank all my friends today, I adorn my pink wings and bring most beautiful butterflies to earth to help celebrate this honor...just think me one little kitty from heaven is being honored.

I fly down on my pink cloud shaped as a butterfly so beautiful to be seen by all to thank you today this beautiful day to visit my family, whisper again to my Mom and to tell her I am here to thank you for carrying on my fight and helping others learn about Kitty Breast Cancer...but we remind everyone how important it is to check all earth kitties and yes even doggies for lumps, don't take a lump lightly cause you just never know what that lump will be....

Again as a reminder November is Pet Cancer Awareness so lets honor those that have made their journey from this horrible awful disease it takes way too many kitties and doggies way too soon. Also purr and pray for those that have cancer and be there for them as you all were for me, they need you and your support I know I can count on you.

Now as I fly around on my pink butterfly cloud leaving special angel dust on all my friends, diary lady for today, your gifts and comments which all mean so much to me and my family...I leave too butterflies for all....just look & you will see.


I feel lucky to have found you-
My friend that are so kind and true;

To lift me up when I am down,
and make me smile when I frown.

It's hard to find the words to say
just how much I care.

But these will have to do:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you,

From the bottom of my angel heart.

Queen Tallulah Angel in Pink

Angel love and hugs


Thank you

October 31st 2012 12:57 pm
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Oh My Heavenly Angel I am one of the diaries being honored today, what a heavenly surprise this is and it is the last day of October....breast cancer awareness...actually for us kitties it is Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I say a heavenly angel thank you to diary lady for picking me today, HQ for putting my story on Catster for others to read, for all of the comments, help and always being here for me and my family.

I flew down this morning to be with Mom as she found out I was a DDP today. I sat next to her in her chair, purred and whispered to her...she felt me there and she was so happy to see me being honored again the last day of October.

As the month comes to an end so does our kitty breast cancer awareness month, but we will continue to make others aware that it does happen to us kitties.

Even though I am being honored today all of my family and us angels purr and pray for those affected by the nasty lady Sandy that caused such a mess for so many. Us angels are trying to be there for our friends and watch over them, we are in over work mode. Lets hope soon we will hear from more of our friends.

Now I must leave and help those in need of our help.Next month is PET CANCER AWARENESS AND PET DIABETES MONTH AS WELL.

Thank you all once again!
Sending angel love and hugs to you all

QT angel in pink & Kitty breast cancer awareness

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