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Vet visit today!

April 16th 2013 3:20 pm
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I had to go with Mom today she took me to the Vet so the vampire could take my blood for my CBC blood panel and then they took some of my urine for my urine culture and urinalysis to see how I am doing (kidneys). Mom talked to Dr. Kathy about Tu Two bothering me so she would know if anything is off because I get stressed.

I have to tell you I wasn't the only one that went to the vet today, Zeke had to go too, he will tell you in his own diary.

We were there for an hour cause Mom wanted to talk to Dr. Kathy about us and asked her some questions.

So now we have to wait for my results to come in, I have to tell you Mom is a little worried, she hopes I am still doing good, nothing really has changed except Tu Two is always bothering me & I am always trying to hide...she thinks she is the alpha cat around here.

We were done and ready to go home, but we didn't get to go home yet, Mom had to go take care of her clients cat and then on the way home because she drives right by her clients house that she walks their dogs we had to stop there too...Mom took us into the house the doggies tried to smell us but they couldn't reach us.

Finally I heard the garage door open and I knew we were home and safe. Mom kept me and Zeke in the front part of the house away from Tu and Kody so we could relax, not be bothered by those two young ones. Both Zeke and I had to use the potty box, drink water and we ate, then it was time for us to sleep. Can't blame us after all the we had to endure this morning. Bad enough we have to go to the Vet but to be taken to other animals houses, smell strange smells and be kept in out grates for hours...

Well that is how my day went, but soon I will be asking Mom for a good dinner, think I want tuna back to my later friends.



Another DDP for Me

April 9th 2013 4:48 pm
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OH wow me and Mom can't believe it, today I got another DDP honor...first I need to thank Dairy Lady/HQ for choosing my spring tag I have to say it was nothing special, but guess they liked my answers...

Spring just love spring, everything wakes up from the winter, all the flowers bloom and the air is fresh, sun is out and I get to enjoy basking outside.

Thank you my friends for stopping by and making this day special, it makes mine and Mom's heart warm, puts a smile on our faces...

We certainly didn't expect to be chosen, but here we did and all I can say is thank you to you all...



I got Spring Tagged and now I tag others!

April 3rd 2013 1:55 pm
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If you would like to play the Spring game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your friends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Watching the birdies and dreaming of catching one
2. Sitting at the bay window with the window open
3. Fresh spring air flowing into the house
4. Sitting outside in the sun
5. Soaking up the sun on the patio or by the window

Thank you Tiny Mighty Moe and Sleeper for asking me to play.

I am tagging:


My Catness DDP Today!

April 2nd 2013 3:52 pm
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Yes my catness, we came here just to check on our friends and I have been chosen as one of the DDP'S today. Thank you diary lady for choosing my diary thanking our friends for our eggs and how special all of you are.

We have seen time and time again how all of our friends rally around others when in need even us so yes you are all special and we love you for that. Once again we have experienced this love and support, even for Mom because she lost her Mom....

I am honored and pleased to have been chosen today, thank you friends for your comments and gifts, this is a good day and it has made Mom smile.

Hugs to you all

You Made My Day
I appreciate your kindness
More than words can say;
The very nice thing you did for me & my Mom
Really made our day!



Thank you! we are blessed

April 1st 2013 2:08 pm
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Thank you to all of you our very special and wonderpurr friends for all of your love and special wishes on Easter. We love seeing all of our special egg gifts from you all.. Mom is reading all the messages and she said it is over whelming so many remembered us on the very special holiday. We are sorry we missed out on the fun

We were not on yesterday Mom just needed to rest and be alone, she is still trying to learn to live without her Mom. With each day that passes she knows it will get better...but knowing our friends are here for us makes those days better.

We hope you all had a wonderpurr Easter with family, you got lots of special treats and most important you all were with loved ones.

Mom got beautiful flowers to remember her Mom. They are pretty and in colors her Mom loved. Then we all just hung out at home.

So thank you all for your gifts,love and always being here for us...we are blessed thanks to you our friends.

Xena and Mom


My Mom

March 25th 2013 2:42 pm
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Well Mom let me come here today to let you all know that she is still very very sad that her Mom passed away. She knows it will take time to heal, she says she has a bigger hole in her heart now, one that will take time to heal.

All has been taken care of Mom is just waiting for the call that her Moms ashes are ready for her to pick up. She knows this will make it final and hopes that she can then move on and not feel so very very sad. Mom really hasn't cried much since, she did the last week her Mom was here on earth and telling her good bye one last time...they told Mom she has been grieving for her Mom for a while now so maybe that is why she hasn't had a big cry.

Mom is trying to get back on catster because she knows it can be healing like it was when Tallulah passed away, we know so many of our friends have been through this and knows how Mom is feeling.

We have to say so sorry we have missed so much by not being here lately, we always feel so bad when our friends have birthdays, gotcha days and special honors and so much more. Wishing you all the best and hope all of your special days were great.

Mom will be checking in when she is feeling OK...Well I need to go Mom has some thank you cards to finish and get in the mail..

Sending our love, hugs and want you all to know you are all the best.

Xena for Mom



February 13th 2013 5:01 pm
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LOVE FOR CATS is part of a universal love for all creatures which impels us toward a reverence for all life...

Love is Valentine's Day with our loved ones and all of our friends!


Hugs and kisses



February 10th 2013 7:33 pm
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OK, we have to say sorry to all of our friends tonight we didn't know I was DDP yesterday...we didn't get the message in Mom's email like we usually do, she looked and looked but no message for HQ...

Thank you HQ for choosing me yet again and for my friends leaving me messages and pictures. We don't know which diary they chose, guess it was good enough to pick me yet again.

Mom was gone Saturday morning and when she came home she had housework to do, then she was just too tired to let us on the computer. We missed me being DDP.

So I spend my day in my bed in Mom's closet away from everyone and all the stuff going on in the house with it being my dinner and my fluids then I crawled in my bed on the chair to spend the night in my warm cozy bed...

Hugs to all and thanks again


Love Is...

February 10th 2013 6:54 pm
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Love is being groomed every day with a soft brush...

and this is always a good time to check us for any lumps or sores...

Love getting brushed and groomed everyday, it is my time with Mom, this is how she found my lumps, thankfully they were not serious but I did have now Mom watches and checks me everyday.


WoW 2 days in a row

February 6th 2013 5:08 pm
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WOW oh WOW Hi friends can you believe it, once again I am DDP! Now I really feel special and wonderfur because HQ and diary lady chose me once again.

I feel so lucky to be special for another day, feel lucky for all my friends for helping me today to celebrate yet another DDP honor. My friends who have visited me today thank you for my gifts and your comments, pictures you sent to me. Mom has been busy lately and we must say we are behind but will get caught up and hope we won't miss anyone.

Today is a gray day out, went out for a short time, but too cold this morning. Mom brushed me and cut my claws today so guess I got the works. After all the pampering I got it was time to go get my morning catnap. I asked Mom to let me in her closet, so I climbed in got comfy and dreamed of wonderfur things and my handsome sweetheart Tully, he is so handsome and sweet.

Well I gotta go now time for my special dinner I will be getting again tonight for me being DDP, served like a princess I must say cause that is who I am...a princess...

Love is Valentines day, the day of celebrating love...


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