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Princess Xena's Diary

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Good Morning

January 3rd 2014 9:27 am
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Thank you God
for waking
me up today
and giving me another precious
day of life.



January 2nd 2014 1:17 pm
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Someday everything
will all make purrfect sense.
So for now, laugh at the
confusion, smile through
the tears, and keep reminding
yourself that everything
happens for a reason!




January 1st 2014 5:12 pm
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January opens
The box of the year
And brings out days
That are bright and clear
And brings out days
That are cold and grey
And shouts, "Come see what I brought today!"

So January begins yest another year



New Year Wish

December 31st 2013 1:58 pm
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I want to wish you all
So many things this year
This page won't hold it all
But I'll let yo know I care.

I want a better year
For each of my dear friends
and this one finally ends.

It's nearly time for that
This year will just be history
BUt youR new year's coming
Full of lovely things, No mystery

I'm going to promise you
I'll pray for you this year
More passionate than before
asking God to please
your good health restore!

I ask for a great bounty
To be given you
Where there'll be food enough
To share with others too

Dear Friends I pledge to you
My friendship filled with love
As God has blessed my life
and brought you all my way,
While looking from above!

I feel you're all a gift from God
Because He loves me so
So He crossed our paths in time
For me to really know!

This is a sincere wish
from my heart to yours



Merry Christmas to all of our friends and families in- Catsterland

December 23rd 2013 3:11 pm
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As the eldest in my family I have been chosen this year to wish all of our friends and families here in Caterland a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, may you all have a wonderpurr day, be safe, stay warm and many blessing, good health for 2014.

We also want to thank our friends who have sent us cards this year. We are all enjoying reading them, well Mom reading them to us & seeing some of your pictures...oh we just love looking at your pictures.

We love you all and wish nothing but the best for all...know we are thinking of you all, purring and praying for those in need.

We send our love and hugs with Angel butterfly kisses

Xena, Tu Two, Zeke, Kody, Kandi and our special Angel QT, of I almost forgot Mom too


Dear Santa Claws

December 16th 2013 4:49 pm
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Dear Santa Claws,

Have you considered using cats instead of reindeer? Here are the reasons why:

1. Cats eat less.

2. WE make faster deliveries of presents because most houses have doggies
and we move very swiftly when dogs are around.

3. We're softer.

4. We make nicer sounds. Purr purr purr

5. Children are more likely to leave out snacks for you if they
know that you're traveling with cats. Hope they leave out some catnip
tea and cookies for the kitties.


Well it is a good thought and wish to have kitties fly with Santa Claws don't you all think!


Dear Santa Paws

December 13th 2013 3:48 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

I am an old cat.

All I want for Catmus is an autographed picture of Felix the Cat.

The younger kitties don't even remember Felix the Cat.



It's a wonderpurr life for me and my 16 years

November 29th 2013 3:13 pm
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Yes my friends life is wonderpurr for me, you wanna know why....I am doing well for a 16 yr old. Yes there are days when it shows in my walk, Mom won't let me jump up and down much anymore, I do have to have fluids for me CRF, but I am doing well and holding my own. I love to get my can food, spend time in my special bed in Moms closet, get loves from Mom and Dad...what more wonderpurrs could an ol girl kitty like me want. Life is good for me right now.

I had a very quite birthday, we just hung out all day, Mom cooked Turkey dinner for her and Dad, our human girls didn't come over, the oldest is a nurse and worked and the youngest well she refuses to drive so she had to stay we had a nice day doing nothing.

Mom gave me lots of love and hugs, I got wellness turkey dinner, don't like human food. I know I am a lucky girl and happy to be here, getting love from my Mom.

Thank you friends for all of your gifts, pictures & special gifts for my birthday and for Thanksgiving what a special day to have my birthday. We hope you all had a wonderpurr Thanksgiving too.

Sending our love and hugs to you all



My 16th Birthday

November 27th 2013 4:13 pm
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Hi my friends, wishing you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

MOL tomorrow I will be 16 and just think it is turkey day too. As me and Mom reflect on my life we can't believe I am 16...where have the years gone. I am the oldest now, the oldest kitty Mom has had since she was a little girl. We have been together thick and thin, through good times and bad....but always there for each other. I am more of a loner, but when I want love there is no stopping me.

As the years creep up on me and Mom too my old body is starting to show my age, with me having CRF I like to report I am doing well and holding my own. My kidney numbers are good, I still love to eat and just loves to sleep in Moms closet. I sleep more than I am awake now and sometimes it takes me a while to get up.

I think I will be getting a special dinner tomorrow, I know I will get lots of love and hugs...but no gifts because we will be moving and we will get gifts then.

I am sure I will get a new bed, Mom already told me I am and a new harness for our trip, a new Vet not sure about that and of course a new closet for me to be in, she will fix it up just for me.

Well my friends I need to close Mom says she needs to get busy and finish what she was doing before our dinner time.

We want to let you all know once again we are still here, just that Mom is busy with going through things to get ready for the big move we wait for a date we can move into our house April/May.

Purrs, prayers, hugs, kisses and butterflies from heaven from all of us to all of you.



We are in a whirlwind around here

November 18th 2013 4:20 pm
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Hello my friends, sorry we haven't been around much there is so much going on around here, Mom says she feels she is in a whirlwind and we are right there with her.

Mom did great on the flight to Arizona, but we were not happy to be left alone only for our pet sitter to come visit with us.

I was tucked in my bed happily to be left alone, Zeke came in my special place to hide as well...that is OK him and I are good buddies we love hanging out together.

Tu Two and the doggies were stuck in the same area, Tu Two always hides from the pet sitter, but she slowly comes out to watch what she is doing. Doggies in their corrals being crazy like dogs are...what a sight to behold them being crazy.

Poor Kody was all alone in the front room, he had to be alone because he can't eat any of our food especially the dry and that was the only way Mom could make sure he was good and not eating Tu Two's food...he couldn't eat mine or Zeke's because we were in Moms room.

And of course Kandi is always in her room alone she doesn't mind at all, but wanted out from what I could hear.

Our pet sitter was afraid Kody was not doing well being alone so Mom told her to let me be out with Tu Two and leave the door open so he could go in the other areas, just not with me or Kandi. He was a good boy she made sure he didn't get Tu Two's food she would pick it up. We all did good and Mom was so happy.

We even had a special visit from our human sister, she stopped by to make sure we were all doing OK especial Kody and of course me & Zeke.

Now Mom and dad picked out all of the things for in our new home, it was overwhelming and Mom told us it took all day to pick and make sure everything looked good together. Because Mom wants something called the under mount sink, not sure what that is, they had to upgrade to the gourmet kitchen. They are getting quartz counter tops, Mom doesn't like granite, she says the ones they had were ugly and too busy for her. They are getting a stove top, built in stove and microwave...all stainless steel and of course the dishwasher....Mom told us it is going to be so pretty, with wood floors and tile in the wet areas...they are even getting window coverings...that is a blessing for Mom she was wondering what they could have on the windows.

Now for the see Mom and Dad paid off their house, they need to sell our house, but can't until our house is ready, but then they need the money by then for our new house. They are working on getting a loan, what a hassle! They had a realtor come on Friday to see how much they could sell the house for. Mom and Dad have a lot of options but everything has to work out at the same time, if we sell the house before the new house is done, mom and dad want to rent this house until we can get out, that way we don't have to be moving more than once. What a whirlwind, plus Mom is always going through things around here...with 35 years of stuff, plus our sisters things from when they were little, their parents things...Mom has a lot to go through.

Mom is sad that she will have to give up her business here in San Diego, but hopes to be able to do some in our community once she is ready again. Just too much for Mom to do and very little time because it looks like we will be moving sooner than later. Dad is moving up his retirement date so we can be out of here no later than June 1st....

So the whirlwind continues around here, just know we are still here just can't always be on because Mom is busy and when she isn't she is today the doggies were in her chair with her and they all fell asleep...

Hugs and love from all of us, know we think of you all, miss you and hope to be on when Mom lets us..

Xena, Mom and family

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