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Mom is feeling better, but.....

December 7th 2012 4:34 pm
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Hello my friends, well Mom is letting me come to visit and see what is going on with our friends. So here is the latest.

Mom is feeling better, but still has the nasty cough!!!!!she just can't seem to get rid of it and her energy level is low, but she is on the road to getting better. This is the first cold Mom has had in many years, she just doesn't get sick so this is so unusual for her!

We have all been giving Mom lots of love, yes even me the loner most of the time....I go into bed at night to visit her after seeing her get up, but I don't stay long I like to be out and wonder around while everyone else is sleeping cause lately I am hiding more because Tu Two and Kody like to stalk me and bother me. Today Mom broke down and got another litter box to put out in our area not in the laundry room, so if I need to use the box I can go in it and not have Tu Two wait for me in the hall which she has been doing lately and jumping on me...Mom is worried about me cause I hide too much. She hopes this will help! Mom doesn't know why Tu Two has decided to bother me and Kody follows everything she does.

Well I need to go and visit with Mom give her cuddles and watch her drink her nice hot tea she so loves to drink.

Thank you again for all of your comments on my diaries, my gifts for my birthday and DDP....with Mom feeling better she is hoping she will feel more like letting us visit again more and not be gone, but she does need her rest....starting the 21st she will be very busy again until the first of next year.

hugs, love, purrs and prayers for all



Mom is sick, so we are not around

December 4th 2012 4:46 pm
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Well my friends here we go again! Mom got sick last Thursday, she was in bed for 2 days sleeping and resting. Luckily she had the 2 days off, not a good way to spend her few days off, but guess it was better because she wasn't feeling good at all....thanks for Dad he is the one that brought the sickness into the house.

Well Mom is still not feeling well, but now she has to take care of 2 kitties while their Dad is in Europe for work till the 14th, tomorrow she has to take care of 2 tiny doggies for 3 days and she is still doing her 2 dog by the time she gets home again she isn't feeling good, takes medicine and then falls asleep.

We just wanted to let you know that we are still around, just having to take a break while Mom is trying to get better....this is the worst time for Mom to be sick cause starting next week she will be even busier till after all of the holidays are over.

I want to thank you all for my gifts for my birthday, being DDP and any other things I have missed or my family.

Hopefully Mom will feel better very soon and we will be back. We think of you all often and we are sad we are not here right now.

hugs from all of us


My Birthday

November 28th 2012 4:51 pm
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Hello my friends, we have to say friends have made my day even more e,special today with all of the gifts, the love, my birthday cakes and pictures. We tried to thank everyone and hope we didn't miss anyone, if we did we thank you here from the bottom of my heart.

As Mom reflects today she says were did the time go, she remembers when she first saw me in a little pet store, she had just lost one of her first kitties as an adult her name was Bobby-Lynn! She was with my young human sister, they decided to just look and the rest is history...actually they saw me and played with me and my siblings, Mom remembers my sisfur was a calico, so she wasn't sure if she was going to get me or my sisfur. It was the day before Thanksgiving back then so they left without me, but Mom couldn't get us out of her mind.

A Vet had found us and brought us to the pet store we were in a cage like Mom has for all of us. The day after Thanksgiving Mom and my human sister came walking in, asked if they could see me and my sisfur, they got us out and we got to run around and let them see us. Well as you all know Mom picked me, you want to know why---well it is because I have a face like the mask of Phantom of the I came home that day the 28th. Not knowing what day I was born Mom decided this was my birthday because this is the day she got her special Xena to help her heal from loosing her Bobby-Lynn who was only 8, just died suddenly while Mom was at work.

I came into my new home and let everyone know I am the warrior and a princess so I will fit in, run, jump and be that warrior I am names after.

I loved jumping on top of doors, above the kitchen cupboards..which I might tell you I don't do anymore this girl is getting too old to be that warrior.

I have always been healthy, the only thing that happened to me was having my back leg break when I was fixed at the vet office, yes when they released my legs from the table after the surgery my leg snapped, I was in a cast and it never stopped me, no it didn't.

I love my family and my life, I love being able to just sleep, spend time out in the yard and now in my new kitty tent. I sometimes will sleep with Mom, I used to do it all the time, till Tallulah came in and took my place, now Tu Two...I love getting brushed.

As the years have gone by I have had a wonderpurr life, this girl is getting older, Moms oldest kitty...when I was 13 it worried Mom so when the year came and then 14, now 15...most of my furblings haven't lived past Mom knows I am really special and she cherishes everyday she has me.

I have CRF, but I am doing good, I am still eating and enjoying my days. Mom says I am her warrior and she can still see me jumping all over the place and being her little is hard for her to see me getting older and slowing down now, but this girl is here and isn't going anywhere anytime soon...afterall I am the oldest and I have lots of knowledge to pass on to Tu Two and Kody and so much to teach them...

This is a good birthday one that is a relaxing day, I will get a special dinner tonight...

Mom says she will be putting some of my kitten pictures on my page soon. Then you all can see how cute I was and know why Mom picked me to many years ago and this day my birthday!


Mom can't believe I will be 15

November 27th 2012 5:07 pm
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MOL can't believe I will be 15 tomorrow 11/28/2012 and neither can Mom. Where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday I was a very tiny little kitty with my cat Mom, I don't remember her, but I will always love her. Mom actually adopted me on the 28th so she made it my birthday because I got my forever home and new Mom.

Mom says for me being 15 I am in good shape, I have always been healthy never been sick,only thing I had was I broke my leg at the vet office after I got fixed...till last year my vet told Mom I have the starting stages of CRF. I am doing good, I eat well, I still love going out and getting fresh air, once in a while I will play and I still love catnip.

I am a good girl and my Mom loves me lots and I love her. I have always been a kitty that just likes to be left alone, but I do have my moments. I do love getting pets, scritched and combed everyday.

where has the time gone, I am Moms oldest cat she has had since she had her own kitties. So Mom tells me everyday she is so happy I am with her and she loves me.

I got a present yesterday, actually it is for all of us but Mom thinks I will enjoy it more than any of them...we got a big tent for kitties...yes we have a tent.

Mom put it up yesterday and she put me it is, I wasn't sure about being in there at first, but then I realize I don't have to wear my leash, it protects from from harm and the sun...this is going to be great just hanging out in my protected tent...Mom took can see them on my page...



On this Day We Are Blessed and Thankful

November 21st 2012 2:33 pm
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As the elder in my family I have been chosen today to say just a few words...

We are blessed and thankful, yes we are!!!! blessed that we have our forever home, Mom and Dads love, warms beds, food a plenty and each other....

Thankful for all of our friends, your love and friendship means the world to us. You have always been here for us in good times, bad times and sad times. We know we can count on you for comfort and love.

Yes this day of Thanks we are all blessed and thankful.

May you all have a blessed and wonderpurr Thanksgiving from our house to we can't wait to have our Thanksgiving dinner!!!! how about you!!!!yum yum!!!!

We pray for those that are sick, those families that have lost their beloved furbabies, for the animals that don't have what we have and we pray that they will too find their forever loving homes.

Hugs and Love from all of us
Xena, Mom and family


Shelter here rescued kitties & doggies from Super Sandy

November 20th 2012 4:41 pm
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We have to tell you that the shelter where we got out precious Tu Two along with Sea World & Southwest Airlines flew to New York/New Jersey and took 30 kitties and 30 doggies to San Diego to get them new homes. They were in shelters and the shelters were flooded and they may not have been alive because of Sandy distruction. They are all getting treatments, fixed and they will start getting adopted tomorrow...this shelter is a no kill shelter so they will be there until they are adopted.

The shelter is Helen Woodward Animal Center...Mom donates to them, has done walks to help raise money...and of course Tu Two was also brought from a crowded shelter.

We are happy they were able to help kitties and doggies from NY/New Jersey and give them all a second chance....

Mom is unable to adopt another kitty and certainly not another she donated some money to help in their care. This makes Mom so happy to know that we were able to help...and how wonderpurr Sea World and the airlines was to give their time and plane to help these precious kitties and doggies...

Now they are California/San Diego fur babies...they said there is a lot of people ready to adopt them...lets hope they all find homes, but if not right away we know they will not be put down, they will be there till that right person comes in and they find their forever home...



I caught a lizard and it died

November 5th 2012 4:10 pm
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I am sitting out on our patio minding my own business the other day, then all of a sudden I catch something out of the corner of my eye! wonder what that could be, so I have been watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of it again.

Well it made the mistake of coming out and waam I caught that lizard I did...and I had it in my mouth....then it died...I didn't tell Mom.

After it died I moved on and was laying on the patio enjoying the sun just soaking up the rays. Soon Mom came out to bring me in, she took off my leash and in I went in. Then Mom went back out to bring in my leash and harness, that is when she saw the lizard under the chair. She thought is was just sitting there, but realized it was dead...She asked me Xena did you kill that answer I am not telling her I did, I just give her that look "who me"...she will never know for sure...

Well she knows for sure cause I was the only one out there, our doggie Milo was out there, but he isn't fast or smart enough to catch a lizard he is always trying, but just barks...cats are the best hunters...I know cause I have caught a humming bird in mid air one time,no I didn't kill the bird Mom made me drop it and it flew away...but I have killed one bird for sure.

Yeah this old lady still has it, I may be getting older but I am a warrior, I am the hunter, beware lizards I will be out there watching for you to come out and I will catch you eventually.



Halloween Wishes

October 30th 2012 1:29 pm
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Halloween Wishes
Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
Halloween spirits, ghosts and cats,
Weird-happenings and witches brew,
These are the things I wish for you.
May the only spirit you chance to meet,
Be the spirit of love and warm friends sweet.
May the tricks that you are asked to do,
Be a trick to help you gain a friend or two.
So, by tomorrow, pick three friends sweet,
And give them all a Halloween treat.
You only have one day, so hurry!
Leave a treat on the doorstep, then flee in a hurry!

We are thinking of our friends that are in the nasty storm...we purr that they are all safe and OKay.



Hello my kitty Xena

October 23rd 2012 4:24 pm
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To my Xena

Hello my kitty Xena you are very sweet
we love your heart and share the dream
you make things very neat
when I see you I start to beam
you have helped me when I'm down
you have turned my frown upside down
the love you have is in me
though I may not be perfect
you still work with it
making me feel that I'm worth it
so for all its worth
thats all brought forth
life can seem perfect
and for all your help
for making me worth it
thank my kitty Xena you make my world perfect!

Love Mom


Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Celebrate Life!

October 22nd 2012 9:49 pm
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Okay I know it is usually our Angel Tallulah writing about Breast Cancer, but I am writing I don't have it thank God...and I am doing well!

Now we want to say to our friends as we all know this is breast cancer awareness month. We wear pink proudly, we honor those that have lost their battle and we pray for those that are fighting this horrible cancer.

But mostly for me and my family we honor our Mom cause she is still fighting for Tallulah and all of the kitties, she is educating our humans about kitties getting breast cancer...I ask myself how can I honor my Mom...I know I will love her & cherish my special Mom! we honor our Tallulah for the brave fight she fought, never giving up. She was special and she is our angel in heaven helping others with Mom.

Hooray for Mom for helping make Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness world wide and for helping the parents going through this, it can be so hard on Mom, I see her cry and so sad, but she knows she has to help, keep the strength, never give up and always be here for those that need the help.

Tallulah has taught Mom to be strong, have pride! So this month we cherish life, the circle of caring never ends! Get your pink on cause this is after all Breast Cancer Awareness Month..for not only humans but for us kitties! yes we do get breast cancer and we must educate and learn...stand up wear your pink and let others know.

Celebrate life!


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