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Princess Xena's Diary

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WoW 2 days in a row

February 6th 2013 5:08 pm
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WOW oh WOW Hi friends can you believe it, once again I am DDP! Now I really feel special and wonderfur because HQ and diary lady chose me once again.

I feel so lucky to be special for another day, feel lucky for all my friends for helping me today to celebrate yet another DDP honor. My friends who have visited me today thank you for my gifts and your comments, pictures you sent to me. Mom has been busy lately and we must say we are behind but will get caught up and hope we won't miss anyone.

Today is a gray day out, went out for a short time, but too cold this morning. Mom brushed me and cut my claws today so guess I got the works. After all the pampering I got it was time to go get my morning catnap. I asked Mom to let me in her closet, so I climbed in got comfy and dreamed of wonderfur things and my handsome sweetheart Tully, he is so handsome and sweet.

Well I gotta go now time for my special dinner I will be getting again tonight for me being DDP, served like a princess I must say cause that is who I am...a princess...

Love is Valentines day, the day of celebrating love...



Ol Lady Thank you

February 5th 2013 8:55 am
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Hi Friends well here we go again, this ol lady is also on a roll with being chosen DDP again. WOW I think I deserve some wonderfur smiling catnip for this honor. We are surprised that we keep getting DDP'S but we love it cause we are sharing what is going on with us here, even if it isn't much going on. THANK YOU HQ AND DAIRY LADY for choosing me today. THANK YOU friends for the gifts and comments

Well my day started with Mom letting me outside on my leash, I went over to the grass and ate some, then I wanted back in too cold for this ol lady. So much going on in the house with the start of the day, everyone wanting their food wall at the same time...poor Mom!

So I finally get me food and turn my nose up to it, Mom isn't happy cause it has my medication in it to help with my CRF and kidneys. So she tries a new can of wellness for me, I ate just a little then I walked away. I ask to go outside again but Mom says no, but the ol lady is not giving in, Mom gave in and outside I went.

Now Mom just found out that I am DDP again, she comes outside picks me up and gives me a big hug "Xena my sweet girl you are DDP again today, can you believe this we CATS are on a roll" MOL Mom this is great, now put me down and then when I come in give me my catnip....the rest of my day will be sleeping and feeling the high from wonderpurr catnip...

Thanks again, we love you all, we pray for those in need!!!!!!

This Ol Lady who love catnip



Catnip High Thank You

February 3rd 2013 4:56 pm
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This lady may be getting older, I am wiser now...but this lady will never give up her CATNIP HIGH!!! no I won't cause I just love the CATNIP HIGH! As I take time from my day of rest and feeling good I want to say THANK YOU HQ, THE DIARY LADY AND MY SWEET FRIENDS. This is a very special day cause my special Angel Sister TALLULAH is being honored today too for her diary...

My on My what a wonderful day this is! flying angel and high kitty from catnip being honored.

Xena the catnip kitty


Love is

January 31st 2013 4:53 pm
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Love is a bag of catnip to get high on.

This cat can smell catnip anywhere in the house, love sticking my head in it and eating it...what a high!!!!

Catnip Loving Girl



January 29th 2013 4:45 pm
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Love is respecting the fact that some independent felines just don't take to being cuddled...

I am independent Xena


Love is

January 28th 2013 4:04 pm
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LOVE is leaving some of us be; we're not all outgoing, but creatures of many temperaments and many moods.



January 23rd 2013 2:31 pm
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Wow my family is on a roll, three DDP'S this week, only one that hasn't gotten the DDP is Kody....our paws are crossed that he will be one too...

Thank you all for my gifts, comments and pictures I have received today. What an honor and my diary about me having a good yearly check up. It is making me and Mom so happy!

Thank you diary lady for choosing me today and getting my friends to read about my check up.

Well I haven't done much today it is a quite lazy day for us all, we are mostly sleeping today. I was outside for awhile and I just came in to write in my diary. I think it is time for my late afternoon nap before dinner time.

Talk soon, hope you are all doing good and having a great day!




January 20th 2013 1:42 pm
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Oh you won't believe this, I had to go to the vet again, this time for my yearly check up and I got to see my Dr. Kathy. I do have to say that I did not want to be there again.

Well I have good news I am doing well, my numbers for CRF are good they didn't change...GREAT, WONDERFUL!!!!!! and I am maintaining my weight too.

She checked my heart too and told Mom no change so she doesn't think I need to see the heart specialist, she doesn't want to put me through any tests that don't need to be done. So if Mom sees any signs that I am having trouble she is to take me back and then I will have to see the specialist. Sure hope I continue to do good and not have to go to any vet or specialist.

Mom has to take me back to vet the end of April for my blood test, this is the big one, asked Mom what does that mean, she says they will check me for everything and it will cost more money.

So I got off easy this time, thank goodness...but we didn't go straight home, no we didn't, I had to go into a strange house with doggies. Mom goes right by their house on the way home from my vet so she took me with her to walk the doggies, that way afterwards we got to stay home the rest of the day.

Guess what I did when we got home? I went into Moms closet to hide! that is right in the closet I went, I had enough.

Now on to our great weather, we are having warm days right now and I got to go outside lounge in the sun and do my daily bathing and basking in the sun, felt so good. I was outside for several hours and I was so happy~

I must tell you one last thing, I love having Mom home more and getting more time with her, but yesterday Mom was cleaning & doing laundry so I slept in her closet again and I have been in there again today. This way I get to have a great catnap without you know who bothering me...well I gotta go back to the closet and finish my catnap talk to you all later!

Sending our love, hugs and prayers to those in need!



Sorry we have not been around & quite

January 16th 2013 4:35 pm
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Hi my friends, can't believe Mom is letting me write in my diary today. Well it is for you really, sorry we haven't been around lately and quite. Know we are still here, for Mom it is her slow time for a while, she has been busy doing her year end stuff for her business and of course getting things ready for taxes. She just did things for her estimated taxes.

Cleaning up and of course spending time with us, that is the best of all. Then she has been resting and relaxing which she doesn't get to do very often when she gets busy.

We want to congratulate all of our friends for their honors they have received while we have been away, sending belated birthday wishes as well...purrs and prayers for those in need and for those that have made their journey to the rainbow bridge.

I have a secret Mom has checked here for what is going on just not staying on long at all..

Well we wanted to let you know and soon we will be back, but it does seem to be very very slow and not much happening around everyone resting now like Mom?

Well Mom says it is time for me to stop now, so sending our love and lots of hugs to you all...



Today I went to the Vet

January 4th 2013 3:36 pm
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Unbeknownst to me, Mom had made plans to whisk me off to the vet this morning to visit the vampire guy, yeah a guy this time. It was a short visit hooray. But sadly they took my blood, yeah my blood...what gives why must they take my precious blood?

Mom had the nerve to leave me and go to the Postal Annex to mail a card to a special friend, she didn't come right back cause she walked in and what did she see a lot of HELLO KITTY items and they were all half price. So she had to look and got things for her business like notepads, notecards, stamps and a calculator...the nerve of Mom leave me there, they were done with me and I had to wait..

Soon they called in back to let them know Mom was back, about time I say. She paid the bill Mom was surprised that it wasn't much this time. Then I heard her ask the lady up front that she needs to bring me in for my yearly checkup. Not again, you mean I have to go through this again and come back here. Yes I will go back next Friday see Dr. Kathy and have her check me out...check me out well I have to tell you I am fine and I don't need this check me out stuff...luckily I won't get any shots, but I know she will feel me all over from top to bottom etc...thank goodness this is only once a year, Mom says that too.

Well finally we were on our way, but wait Mom is going a different way today, she tells me Xena you are going to work with me today, I have to drive north from here to go take care of a kitty named Riley, her Mom is gone on a business trip and I have to take care of her today. So we are on the freeway and all of a sudden Mom sees up ahead that the traffic is stopped, luckily she was far enough away to move over and get off the freeway and bypass the traffic....yeah we had to go out of our way, but Mom later heard that a big rig had an accident and dump gravel all over the freeway, so everyone was stuck. Thank God Mom was able to avoid that. Finally we get to this cats house, it is by the ocean, not that I care...we go in, Mom puts me on the counter away from the kitty, she didn't want her to know I was there, me I was so quite you wouldn't even know I was there. I watched Mom with this other kitty, the nerve again of Mom...but Mom tells me this is her job.

30 Minutes later we are getting ready to leave, she tells Riley good bye and she will see her again soon and we are on our way. Guess what the traffic was still stopped and backed up even more. Finally after driving for 20 minutes we are home...home sweet home!

For all that I had to go through Mom gave me some can food, of course the 2 partners in crime Tu Two & Kody think they should get some too, Mom gave Kody a little cause he is still growing and Tu Two got tuna flakes.

I am resting and enjoying my wonderpurr heated bed now...thanks Mom for caring and making sure I am doing good, now we just wait to hear from my Vet on the blood work results...hoping my numbers for my kidneys are good...

That is how I spent my day and I am glad it is over!!!hugs to all my friends


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