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Nikita's view of the world.

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Nothing going on Not a good day, week month or year yet

February 6th 2013 5:05 pm
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well tis is a crappy day. First Gremlins, then Spam and nOw I had an extreemly hard time getting on Catster. What gives. I am worried that My human sister will not be able to get jobs by June then we will be homeless. It is scarry times. Nothing going on in the neighborhood. No birds, squirels or anything.! Boring!! 6 days until I get my teeth surgery which I do not want. well I got to go get dinner and then cat patrol.


spam, Gremlins and dingbats

February 5th 2013 7:55 pm
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well first I have to deal with Gremlins and my typist miss spelling words and not spel checking. Now i am getting spam on my diary pages. On the comment section. I WELCOME LOVE and AAPRECIATE commnets about my diary just Not Spam! Well Now I found out my human sisters have not been doing their job and posting nice pictures kids snet me on my page- what Dingbats! Not much else going on just on cat patrol aand helping look for jobs. My humans need a decent job by May or we willbe homesless in June- Very scarred and worried. I have to go and help look for jobs. see ya. Have a GREAT DAY! It is a week before my teeth surgery- I need to go and get treats before next tuesday as I willnot be able to eat them for a ew days and I do not want Lucy and Abbey Dog to eat them all.


Day After superbowl Ugh! Ravens won

February 4th 2013 11:13 am
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Hello' I have sad news to report- The Baltimore Ravens won- Now I just hope the birds do not get bigger heads and attitudes because Birds won!. Ireally amnot up tomuch today. I am just going to help clean the home.look for jobs and do cat patrol. Next Tuesday I have to have my teeth surger- I am going to look for a place to hide so that they can not find me when it is time to go. yesterday I snuck and had some frosting- It was very tasty- it was Lemon- they got it becauae of teh superbowl- that is one good things Humans have special food on that day and some times us pets can get some. well I am going on Cat patrol and Iam going to see if these birds have bigger attitudes because The Ravens won. see ya


Feb 2 2013- Oh no my assistant goofed up-- Ground Hog Day

February 3rd 2013 5:38 pm
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HUMANS!! what can I say- My assistant goofed up yesterday! She put my diary on Lucys Page! What A ding Bat Air Head!!!
Happy Ground Hog day!
well it looks like the Ground hog in pennesylvania did not see his shawdow and we will have an early spring. Well i am not surprised as it seems like spring. I saw several robins around here already in January 2013. Sunday is superbowl sunday- I want the 49ers to win- I think if the Baltimore Ravens win the birds heads will get bigger! which we do not need. I am tiredof hearing about Colin Kaperkee the 49er Quarterback- i would like him a whole lot better if he had a tatoo of a cat perferably a simese/Burmese that looked like me. Well I got to g and help look for jobs with my human sister. see ya later Go 49ers!


Superbowl Sunday- 49ers Ravens Harbough game. No bears, Lions or Jaguires

February 3rd 2013 5:29 pm
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well it is the day- the superbowl. I do not know why they call it that. I do not think it is more super than anyother football game. I really do not care who wins- mY team Chicago bears or Jacksonville Jaguires are Not in it or the Detroit Lions. I just hope if the Baltimore Ravens win the birds do not get big heads( they are ahead at half time) I think it is a waste of money- the money that is used for the game could be given to charity to help people out and Animals!!! Well i got to go Abbeys still Has towrite before Half time is over. Dinner is coming see ya


I am a good kiity- Minding my P's and Q'S what ever they are

February 1st 2013 8:29 am
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well this lavender stuff is working- It is keeping me calm and out of trouble or mischief!!!! I have not gotten in any fights. My human sister says I am minding my P's and Q's what ever they are!! I was a real sweetheart this morning- I jumped up on my humans lap and wanted to be petted and cuddled and I just Purred and purred. well It is Friday Friday and only 3 days until the superbowl- I want the 49ers to win- no birds- Ie the Ravens it will just swell the birds heads. Speaking of Birds- did you see or hear that on channel NBC news with Brian Williams they are blaming cats for the bird population going down!!! what there could be other causes! like pesticides and ruining the environment. Cats are boycotting NBC news and Brian Williams. well I am going to go help look for jobs and go on cat patrol. see ya


Lavender stuff

January 31st 2013 5:43 pm
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Congrats to Lucy for being DDp again on catster. I am the only one healthy- both Lucy and Abbey are sick- Abbey with he back and Lucy with her tummy. Yesterday My human sister Brought me some lavender stuff that she sprays in the room- It is suppose to make me feel calmer ad I think it does- I hope I get used to my new home soon. It seemed like spring here- and I saw a Robin today. The human world is scarry with all the gun violece and stuff- Boy I am sure glad that I am a cat! I hope the economy improves and jobs are created, so my human sisters can find jobs. Then there is the weird weather- boy all I got to say that I am sure glad that I am a cat- and I think I am going to stop watching Human News- it is depressing- just pay attention to cat news and cat gossip. well i am going on cat patrol- see ya- Going to read the neighborhood news paper.


Nothing going on== DDP

January 30th 2013 9:13 am
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Well Nothing going on today. Oh Thanks to Catster for picking me as DDp I appreciate it and all the nice comments on mypage and prizes. I am very happy about it. It is a cold day. Thankfully Lucy and Abbey are Not picking fights with me. I saw another Robin so spring must be around the corner. Saturday is Ground Hog day which is when we find out if we have 6 more days of winter I would say yes we do. Sunday is the superbowl game so an exciting weekend.
see ya


I am so mad I could Hiss the house a way!!!!

January 29th 2013 7:34 pm
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I am supper dupper MAD!!! I am mad at my whole family, This is what they did today.
1. They always take Abbey the duffus Dogs side all the time. She is always in my way, stealing food and looking doopy . I ge mad at her , hiss at her hit her ears and I am the one who gets in trouble. =Not fair!
2. They took Lucy on a bye bye today and it was not to the vets. I was almost ready to go and Lucy started a fight in our Carrier and I hissed and I got blamed- Yanked out of the carrier and left home= again Not fair! but i bet I had a better time at home than she did,
3. My typist wrote my diary on Lucys Page- It is a good thing I noticed I could correct it right away- it was RUDE and not fair- I am very steamed about that!
4. I still have to go t the vet and have teeth pulled even though I say my teeth are fine- How do they - my humans know they are Not their teeth. My teeth are just fine and my humans should stay out of my bussiness.
I am jsut sitting under the buffet staring at them and they can not reach me. I know they want to pet and play with me. But ha ha on them they can not reacch me. I will come out when I think that they paid enough for it.



January 28th 2013 7:33 pm
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I think my family has been unfair. It seems to me that they favor Abbey.
Ever since she has been having problems with her back leg muscles wasting away she gets by with stuff. For example she is on predisone and is always hungry so she steals my food and does not get in much trouble, she goes through the trash without getting yelled at. If I did that I would hear "Nikita stop that now" Instead I hear "Abbey please sweaty do not do that" She is also here more as she can not walk as far as she use to so she is home more and she gets on my nerves. I have hissed at her, and yes of course I get in trouble. It just is not fair. It just makes a cat mad to see her get all the attention and never in trouble. Dogs are favored

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