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Cold day and National Pet treat day and Gremlins

February 23rd 2013 8:33 am
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Hi Cats
Boy is it cold and windy. Gremlins are taking over my computer- it keeps messing up my computer. Today is National Pet treat Day! Boy am I happy about that a Ilove my treats. Now my humans can not complain about the amount of treats that I eat because I am celebrating the day, National Pet treat day is like the 4th of july to me. Party Bring on the treats! I have come to the conclussion that our new neighbors in the Hood are very strange. They like to party! and now one got a yorkie just to breed her and make money on- silly and crazy people pets are not to be used to make money but to be loved and companions even if it is a dog! It is very Windy here- Feb came in like Spring and going out like Winter, I guess March will come in like a lion and go out like a Lamb- or maybe be a lamb in the middle and lion at the end. well I am going to go and get some treats to Celebrate the National Pet Treat Holiday! CELEBRATE KITTIES!!!


Feeling a being wild

February 22nd 2013 4:42 pm
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I sure do feel good since I had my teeth removed. I do not like the fact that I do not have any teeth, but at least I feel good. To bad they do not have dentures for cats. Anyway I have been chasing Lucy, jumpin around and discipling Abbey. I love to run around at night as it is so much fun.
I have also been very loving. I gave Lucy a lot of cat kisses, and I also have given my humans cat kisses which they love. Humans seem to love us to kiss them. However, I have drawn the kissing line at Abbey. I refuse to kiss her. I do not like her, and I would never give her a kiss However, I did hiss at her a couple of time.
Well, I hope you have a good day



February 21st 2013 5:54 pm
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well it is a boring day. Not much going on- it is a very cold and rainy day. I had to have my claws clipped , I do not know why my humans keep them so short! Just so I do not claw- well i do not claw that much. OMC I for got to say becuae it is hard to believe that Abbey was choosen DDP shocking because I agree with Lucy that her diaries are well--- dull and boring. she can not write as well as us cats- proberly because she is a dog! I got some new treats today and they were very good. I LOVE my treats!;) I think I should go to Lake Tahoe and eat some of those Mutant Gold Fish there are hangingout there! The news just reported that I Love fish. I will have to think about that. well i got to go to dinner see ya later. Oh yes I guess I should Congratulate Abbey dog For Being DDP- to keep me out of trouble and extra treats, hey I give kitty kisses that should bing treats- Like I said I I LOVE TREATS!!! and I am NOT FAT!!


I am a sweet kitty but NOT an Alarm clock!

February 20th 2013 7:44 am
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Hello kitties
well I am a Very Sweet kitty! I gave my human sister many kitty Kisses last night. I am such a love bug. I hope it does not rain today- we got alot of rain yesterday I thought we would float away! There was even thunder, lightening, and haile. Then last night it got below freezing, it was int he 70;s 2 days ago. I say it is Climate change! I am glad that my human sisters finally figured out we are no alarm clocks, ohsure some times I wake them up when I want something but I amnot alarm clock and it is not my fault they over slept yesterday and did not get up until 7 am. It messed up my day too after all I did not get my breakfast until then 7 am not like I ususally do at 5 am. 2 hole hours late. I say they are not the brightest lights in the room- Not like us Cats that are BRILLIANT! Well atleast I hope they get the jobs they interviewed for- Ia m getting real tired of helping them look for jobs- it is hard work for a cat. Now my one human sister my typist says that she might not have time to write in my diary every day- what is up with that!!!! well got to go n cat patrol see ya!!


mommas Birthday

February 19th 2013 5:48 pm
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Today would have been our mommas Birthday. we miss her so very much! We wish she was still with us- it is awful with out her. It rained and tehre was Thunder, lightening and haile. There were also Toredo sigtings around. My human sister had 2 interviews I hope she gets a job and my other sister gets her job she finds out this week. well Nothing else goingon see ya


Presidents day

February 18th 2013 8:28 am
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Happy Presidents day. It is sure nice day we are expecting rain which we need. I hope all you cats enjoy the day off with your Families. My teeth and mouth are getting betterwhch is good. We got some nice treats from the pet store yesterday- I love my treats. I was on cat patrol with Lucy last night there were some parties going on- they were pretty quite, I guess they were celebrating Presidents day early. It is nice that Caster points out that Cats lived in the white house too and should be celebrated too- Not just Dogs and people. Well I am going to go and help look for jobs see ya. Enjoy your day!


A party for 2

February 17th 2013 8:12 am
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Hi Lucy and I had a party for 2 last night, we chased each other around the place. It was fun!!!!;) We ran all over over furiture,shelves and people. We woke our humans up severla times. I guess we were just partying like 2 of our neighbors but not as wild. My mouth is feelin fine after having all my teeth pulled- I only had to have pain meds for 3 days and I was fine. It is suppose to rain this week which we need, but it will be sad because the month of of Feb has been like Spring. well I am going on Cat patrol then nap. You cats should try partying like Lucy and I did it was WONDERFUL!


Thank You

February 16th 2013 9:02 am
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Let me say Thank You for all the nice Chocolate you cats gave me fo Valentines day. My Mouth is getting better after having all my teeth pulled. My human sisters had a job interviews I hope they get the jobs- I am keeping my paws crossed for them. It is like Springhere. very nice weather but next week it is suppose to get cold and rain - well It is still winter so it suppose to be like that. well I think I am going to go and take a nap, I am still on Pain meds andhey make me sleepy. see ya. Have a Good weekend.


Valentines day= NO teeth and sore mouth

February 14th 2013 8:09 am
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I am back. Happy Valentines day!! I hope all you kitties get special gifts from your humans. I got a nice bag of treats- a new kind. I had to get soft treats to eat. I had ALL My TEETH PULLED!!! on Tuesdayby the mean old vet. I have NO teeth left!! My mouth hurts but I have some pain meds for them. I have been busy doing nothing much. I guess I should go and go on Cat patrol- it seems that there are alot more squirrels here than orginally thought. It is going to be 70 degrees today then rain Next week. It feels like spring! I guess it is Climate change in the works. I hope the president does something to stop it. I hope all you kitties get something special from your family. I gave my human sister cookies that helped make. Well going to help look for jobs. I helped my human sister with her firts aid and pass the test. see ya and Thanks to the gifts- catster and all and Thanks to the nice comments I got for being DDp on Tuesday 2-12-13


Finally feeling more comfortable

February 7th 2013 9:04 pm
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I guess I am beginning to feel more comfortable in my new home. Last night I spent most of the night running around. My human sister could hear me running all over the place. She did not stop me as she knows I love to run. Then this morning before my human sister went to work I played strings. I jumped, pounced ran and chased the string all over. I guess I will be ok here. I am going to play some more later on so I will say good night

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