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Nikita's view of the world.

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I have a lot of things to Meow about- But NOT a GRUMPY KITTY or Diva or TROUBLE MAKER!!!! Just a- very SWEET KITTY

June 30th 2013 7:46 pm
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Boy is it hotter than H---!! Itis 108 today! I have never seen it get so hot! Monday is 110 and tuesday is 112!! What did I move to the desert?? I do not like the heat- I think it is climate change!
well last time I wrote about my family bringing homa a Dog= well she is still around and a bigger pest than before. She is a constant Diva needing all the attention and eating it up! she is a real pest and NO I do not like her and I Never will!! She steals toys and breaks them, She thinks she is cuterr than I do not know because I think she is one ugly dog! and has a real bad personally. Then to make matters worse my family brought home another Cat- That is right a cat. This cat is a real Diva to who thinks she is one of the cutest cats ever I think she is ugly with Bad personality. If they can not get along with me then something is wrong with tem NOT ME!! My humans think I am a trouble Maker THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!
The say I am grumpy and a Diva and it is my fault I do not like them- yeah Right maybe they should have gotten them with decent personalities. or better Not Did not get them. I was Purfecetly fine with being an only. I was Not lonely. Humans!!!!-(
Well I have been watching Big Brother with my human sister it is my favorite shows. I do not like any of the people on the show- especially Ellysa who is Rachel Riley's sister- for all the cats who watch it you know what I mean. I just do not like any of them!!
I wish the humans would do something about the climate Change issue theya re ruining the world. The heat and strange waether have got to go. My one human sister finally got a better paying job that is also full time. Now the other on needs one- hey maybe if she does she would not be brining strange pets home.
MY Humans say that shelter cats are more appreciative of people than Rescue group cats or others. I do not think so. We rescue group cats just know how to train the humnans better and they kiss up to us instead of kissing up tp them. You should see Rpxie the dog and BiJou or as Icall her Bite U kiss up to the sisters. Roxie is a terrier mix I have not clue what she is- A norfolk Boarder terrier and Jack Russel A real mess of a dog no wonder she has problems!! Bijou is a Black short hair with Golden eyes. What cat had golden Eyes?? Everyone knows that a Simese is the only cat that knows where it is at- My view and in my oppionion my View is 100 percent Right! Roxie is from the SPCA and Bijou is from the county shelter. By the end of july They should both have their pages. Abbey and Lucy would not put up with these kids. Why Me. thoygh my humans say that they would like them- I say No.
well I got to go get back to my cool spot beofe the invaders take it and finish watching BB. see ya/ Hope you are all Cool. Have a good one. see ya later. the terrible day we all Hate is just days away-- YIKES!!! My computer has heat Gremlins it is messing up!! BYE!!


NOT A Good Surprise!! Yeah Right!! Very Mad!!--- A new dog

June 24th 2013 4:03 pm
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It is raining alot in summer! well I guess we need the rain. It is a gloomy day in more than the rain. One of my human sistrs is gone and the other said she was going to go and bring me home a nice surprise. I thought treats or new food or worst a kitten. No no a dog I did not think since the other human was not here. Boy was I wrong!! ( the first time in my life- in five years) my human sister brought home a DOG- Yep you read right a silly dog!! it is a Puppy to make things worse! Why did they want wqant one of those?? We should have gotten a kittn or cat which makes much more since. No a silly old dog. She is a Norwich Heitz 57 , Her name is Roxie. Well she has been here a few hours and I see No good in her at all!! I can see why her people gave her up. well I let her know right away who was boss by hissisng and scratchin her nose. You have to let these Dogs know who is Boss and let them know. that Cats are #1 For some strange reason she thinks I want to be her friend- Yes I can see why she would want to be my friend since I am such a WONDERful Smart Cat. But I let her know I will Not be her freind. I was not Abbeys and will not be hers. Compared to her- Abbey was an Angel. Now I am going to have to train a Puppy and put up with her. Why me. I think 2 cats would have been so much better than a house with 1 cat and 1 dog
well I am going to go and sit in my place and keep an eye on the dog make sure she does not get into my stuff. see ya. Yep it is summer and it will rain on Tuesday too.



June 15th 2013 4:00 pm
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well it has been 1 day since I have become an only pet- and lets say I hte it!! Humans are ok as servents and osmetimes playtoys but no replacement for a cat ok even a dog. I am lonely. I hope the kitten that comes and the dog are nice kids. The kitten comes in about or within a month and the dog by Aug. It is sure lonely!!! I really miss my friends like my humans do. Lucy was a GREAT cat and Anney was ok as long as dogs goA humpty dumpty type dog. A nice laid back push over. Well THANKS to All the nice furs who left very nice notes on my page and others pages. Oh to all the Big brother Fans it starts very SOON!
see it it is Hot in the 80's I am going to find a nice cool place to sit. Hope all the Colorado kids are safe fom the fires and all are safe from the weird weather- climate change Exteme weather problems


Abbey--- Very sad day- Abbey dog--the pest is Gone

June 14th 2013 12:12 pm
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I have some very very sad news. Abbey Dog--AKAthe pest died today June 14 2013 around 10 am. Surpising I am sad and Lonely. I do miss her. I am the Only pet now, Abbey was very sick for a while now, I was such a good kitty to her that I slept next to her and took care of her when she was sick, My human sister says I look sad and miss both Lucy and Abbey. well they have been living with me for 4 years and Now I am all alone. I hear rumors that a Kitten is coming and by Aug 2013 will have another pest-aka a dog I hear they want a sheltie mix/ or Cairin terrir mix. that is all I need is another dog- I could put up with a kitten but a dog- Yes I know I am lonely and do miss them. Now I will have to retrain the cat and dog- Hey I just thought I can have more servents. well I am going to go and bug my human sister. she said she might take me on a bye bye. What I am Not a dog and do not like going to human stores
I guess we do need a dog - so I od nto have to go on bye byes. Well I am going to go and find something to do- Itios Very very LONELY here!!
Rest In Peace Abbey!! I will miss you. It had been fun! Please Bring some Luck to the humans! It sure is quite with out YOU and LUCY,



May 24th 2013 7:21 am
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well last night something strange happened. I was sitting on the chair and it started to move with out any cat doing anything. It was a Very weird feeling. Then my human sister said thatit was an Earth Quake- or the after effects. It was very scarry. I had a very weird feeling in my body about it- they say us animals are very sensitive to these things. It was a 5.7 Earth quake about 100 or miles away in a town in Plumas County callen Freen something by Alamore lake. It is very cold out today weird weather= Climate change. well got to go and help my human look for jobs. Have a Happy memeorial day weekend. Be safe


Wild day

May 23rd 2013 9:13 am
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well s now that Lucy is not with us any more, my humans are trying to make me into a dog. The house need repairs and the landlord came to make them and my sister took me on a bye bey. she was afraid that I would get outside and run off. Well I went to the laundry place got groceries. i got to go to the pet store that was fun and exciting. Abbey road int he cart and I was in my carrier. It was fun to see all the neat stuff but did not like all the dogs there. I saw some fish and mice that looked like it would make good lunch and a bird that would be a mighty good dinner for me. I still miss Lucy very much I wish she was here. On friday Ricky comes and stays with us for 2 long weeks- dogs don;t they know when to go home. Oh wait I can understand why their humans want a break from them too. I got my self some new treats that My tummy says I need to go and try. see ya later.
Next Thursday theya re coming back to fix something so I am off todo bye byes again-I do not understand why dogs like them- they are BORING! well atleast it iscool in the low 70's.
Thanks Again for all the nice gifts and comments about Lucy.
I can not believe that it is memeorial day weekend all ready!! Have nay plans??? I gues it is true once Easter comes the year flys by



May 22nd 2013 8:54 am
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Hello Friends
Thank you for all the kind comments after Lucys death. I greatly appreciate them. I miss Lucy so very much. Me and my human sister cried this morning about Lucy. we missherspilling her water and begging for treats. I am a little lonely with out my best friend- we were besties.
I hear a dog Ricky is coming to stay for 2 weeks starting on sat. Then I hear that in June that they are thinking of getting a new cat or WHAT?? a DOG! Why??? well I am going to go and rest. I hear that I have to go on a bye bye with my human sister a the new land lord is coming to fixsome stuff and my human sister is afraid I will runout and get Lost.
I hope all th FURSin Oklahoma are all ok- It is such a sad tragedy.


Very sad day---Lucy Died

May 21st 2013 6:10 pm
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Not much to say. I am just heart broken, My beloved best friend Lucy died today due to throat and Mouth Cancer. Thanks to all who sent nice comments to her and us. They were greatley appreciated. We will Miss you so much Lucy!! Are hearts are Broken. I know you are in a better place by my heart is just broken. My tears are over flowing, if my tears could build a ladder I would climb right up and bring you home. O love you Lucy! until we meet again at the bridge= take care and I will always remember you!!! You will Never ever be forgotten!


A Big Thank you and I am DDP! I AM ONE LUCKY KITTY!!!!

May 13th 2013 7:27 am
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Hello Friends.
Boy am I a Lucky kitty. I have very nice freinds that sent me and my fur family very nice gifts and comments about Lucy and Abbey. You kids Rock! Thank YOU so Very Much!! I am also lucky because I was choosen DDP . Thank You Catster for picking me. I appreciate it. I am also lucky for a 3rd time- SAMMY IS GONE!! Hurray. The pest went home. But guess what he will be back this weekend. Then he goes to Riverside Ca to live. Well he will be out of my fur. Then the 4th reason why I am Very Lucky is that I am Healthy. My cat and dog sister are ill, my one human sister has allergies then my human sister who is my typist has pulled neck mussles. see so I am the only healthy one and that is Lucky. I am also the cutest in the family. It is hot and Ilike hot weather- so I guess I am just LUCKY! Maybe my luck will rub off on my human sisters and they willget a job- well one has one - just waiting to start. well this computer is acting up with Gremlins- I guess it is jelous of all my luck. see ya


Oh Sammy - Sammy here is again!-- Lucy sick and Beans

May 11th 2013 8:58 am
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Hello. well as you all know that my kitty freind Lucy is very sick with Cancer. She sleeps alot and gets Tuna and I only get boring old cat food. Sammy is here AGAIN-- what had he moved in- is this his weekend home?? he is going to be here for 3 weekends in a row. well I guess I understand why his mom does notwant to be with him on her day off- He is a Pest!! Well My human sister thinks that Lucy and I are Beans! she calls me Jelly Bean,Lucy String Bean, we are cats Not beans. Humans are strange sometimes. It is very hot- I do not like hot weather at all. well i got to go and take of lucy. I do NOT like Cancer at all- Cancer Sucks just as much as climate change.

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