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Where are the birds

September 25th 2009 8:43 pm
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I have been wondering lately where are the birds. I hardly see any birds, and I do not hear them much in the mornings. I wonder what happened to them. My friend Lucy says they are getting ready to go south for the winter. I do not know why they want to go south for the winter. It seems like a long trip just for a few months. Anyway there are some little wrens walking around the back yard, but they are not that interesting or brave. They always fly away when they see me looking at them. There once was a blue bird who would look at me when I was looking at him. It is very interesting that all the birds are gone.


Looking forward

September 18th 2009 7:47 pm
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Finally the weekend is here. I am so very happy as I am feeling much better. My teeth do not hurt and I am not coughing or wheezing. although I did not want to go to the vet, I am sure glad I went as I feel so much better. I do not have anything special planned, but I will spend time with mom, watch birds,squirrls and other things going on in the neighborhood. I hope I will get some time away from the dog. I hope she has somewhere to go for awhile so I can rest. She can really get on my nerves. Well, here is to everyone having a great weekend.


very nice surprise

September 15th 2009 6:19 pm
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Hi I got a very nice surprise today. I was choosen Fancy Pants diner customer of the week. I am so thrilled. It made my day. My asthma and teeth are clearing up. I do not like take the pills for My asthma.Today We had a man come and check out our heater and air conditioner, I had to be put in the bathroom while he was here with Lucy. Mom was afraid that we would run out. she does not rust us. I don't know why. Maybe Lucy and I do not trust her, but we do not put her in the bathroom. Well atleast when we got out, Momma gave us treats . My sister is thinking of getting a French Lop bunny> I do not want a bunny hopping around, I already have problems with a dog(Abbey) and Lucy bossing me around why would I want bunny or a Boarder terrier. Another dog, I do not think so!! Well I gotta go and get ready to watch my programs, Big Brother and Glee. Lucy and I went to Fancy pants Diner and had Tacos on Taco Tuesday they were very good.
Ps. The dog wants everyfur to know tommorrow that it is her birthday and she will be very old 10 years old. I hope she isnot expecting a gift from me, I do not like her.and did not waste money buying her one, cause I don't like her If she is Lucky I will only hiss at her 10 times instead of the ususal 20 and I won't hit her.


Today suprise

September 10th 2009 4:38 pm
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Well today started of like any other day. I had breakfast, ran around the house, looked out the window, and helped mom. Then things began to change. My mom got out the cat carrier and put it in the living room. Then she shut all the doors in the house so there would be no where to run, and she picked me up and put me in the carrier. I was very scared and jumped out and ran all over the house. Mom finally caught me, and put me in the carrier, and carried me to the car. I was so scared as I thought I was going to be put up on the adoption circut again. I wiggle around, and tried to get out of the carrier. I was a very sad cat. Then we got to the vets. Once I got in there I could tell by the smell it was a vets office. They all made a fuss over me, and told me how cute I looked.
Eventually, I went into the examing room, and the vet came in. Mom said I had a cough, and did not seem to feel well. The vet gave me a lot of attention, and then examed me. He looked in my mouth and listen to me breath, and looked me over good.
He said I was cute, but I had asthma and my gums were infected. He gave me medicine, and said my teeth would have to be pulled in a couple of months. They made me sad as I do not want to lose any teeth. However, I can now say both Lucy and I have asthma so now we have more in common than before. We both have to take the same medicine and we going to become even better friends since we have the same condition.


What a day

August 7th 2009 7:32 pm
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Today is Lucy's 11th birthday. She is a lot older than me. I hope I am as fun and as smart as she is when I turn 11 years old. She got a lot of nice birthday presents from the family. She want treats and no toys as she does not play with them much. She really likes her treats so that is what she got. She got 6 bags of treats and they all look good to me. Since she is a nice sister she let me have some of the treats and they not only look good, but they also taste good too.
For dinner we had some special cat food since it was Lucy's birthday. It was so good we licked our bowls cleaned. Mom said this cat food was very expensive and was only served on special occasions. I am hoping we have more special occasions


Humans are so silly

August 2nd 2009 4:12 pm
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Well today I sat and read the paper with mom. I am only two so she had to read it to me. I must say the humans have them in a big mess.
Here in California the governor has made everything a mess. It is very sad. He got elected before I was born, but what were the humans thinking when they voted for him. I do not know anything good he has done. If I was his wife I would be ashamed to be married to him.
Mom also read me an article about the blue dog democrates. I at first thought hey that is not fair dogs got to get elected them mom said they were humans and people just call them blue dog democrats. That is so silly. Anyway the are trying to mess up the health care reform Obama is doing. Bad democrats.
I am glad we have Obama as president, and to clean up all these messes. Poor man he will be tired after 8 years as president.
He needs a cat to help him
Oh well going to go play


busy little cat

August 1st 2009 4:17 pm
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Today is Saturday and it is the first day of August. It is not to hot so I thought I would get busy. I got up early today and ate a good breakfast as I knew I would be busy. I hissed and scratched at Abbey, then I ran up and down the hallway a couple of times. Then I went and sat in bed while I got petted. Then it was often to my bedroom to watch the birds and things going on out my window. Then I went out to kitchen to visit family, and read paper. After awhile of doing busy work I took a nap. I then got up helped mom with laundry, played strings and did more work with family. It is almost dinner time and I am hungry as I worked up an appetite. I hope it is something good tonight.


New toy

July 31st 2009 8:32 pm
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I have a new pink string with beads attached. I love this string so much. It is really not new, but it is new to me. I found the string when mom was cleaning out Abbey's toy box. The toy use to belong to a cat named Sophie. She must of put it there one day and forgot about it. If it would have been me I would never have forgotten where the string was. Anyway, when I found the string I was so happy. My eyes got really big, and I was ready to play. I chased it up and down the hallway. Played with it in bed, jumping off and on the bed just to catch this string. I even played with the string when sitting in my chair. I really enjoy playing with this string. It is a lot of fun. Going to watch my program


chasing a fly

July 26th 2009 4:49 pm
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Boy this morning I was busy. I got up early and eat my breakfast, ran around the house then went back to bed with mom. I was just laying in bed waiting for mom to get up and that is when I saw it fly by at first I did not thinking anything about it. Then it buzzed by me again and that is when I knew I had to jump to action as we had a full fledge invader in the house. It was Lucy's day off so I knew I was on my own. The invader was a house fly it flew all over the bed room, and I went into action. I ran all over the bedroom. I ran in the window, jumped on and off the bed several times. I even ran across mom's face several times. The fly would land, and I would get ready to jump on it and it would take off. This lasted for awhile. This fly was very slippery and smart. I could not get him. Eventually he flew out of the room, and I was on his trail, but eventually he flew somewhere I could find him. I know if I see him again I will catch him. Just do not tell Lucy I did not catch him. She will be upset, and grumple that she should have never taken a day off. She could catch the fly in a single blow. I going to look for the fly.


8 month anniversery

July 24th 2009 8:43 pm
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It is almost my 8th month anniversery since I moved in with my family. I really like living here it is a lot of fun, and there is always plenty of food for a cat to eat. I have even tried human food, and it is very good. I love Lucy she is a real cool cat. I like hang out with her, and she is always able to get us some snacks. We have a nice big box in our bedroom, and mom put a blanket in the box. We both like to sit in the box, and sometimes we share the box together.

Even though I love my family there is one member that I hate. Her name is Abbey. I never liked her. From the minute I moved into my home I knew we would not get along. She is always looking at me, and sometimes she want to play. I do not like her, and she is very loud. She barks and barks it hurts my ears. However, I must say I do have her under control. Ever since I moved in I let her know she can not mess with me. I have hissed, growled, and scratched her many times.
Of course I get in trouble for doing it, but I need to let her know I am the boss of her.

Well, I guess you could say I like living with my family, and I am glad I live with them. Of course they are very happy they have me. They could not have a better cat. They know they are lucky to have me

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