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He is back

November 21st 2009 7:35 pm
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Almost 4 weeks ago one of Abbey's dog friends came for a visit and I did not like it one bit. In fact I was very very mad. He was a dog who thought all the dogs and cats in the world just loved him, and we should feel priveledge to know him. Well, he stayed for about 3 days, and they were not fun days for me. He was always looking for me, and wanting to chase me, he was a pest. When he went home, I thought good, I will never see him again.

Move ahead 4 weeks, and what to see coming through my front door. The dog. He is back, and just as pesty and happy as ever. He thinks I want to be his friend. He is always looking for me, and just stareing at me. I have ran and jump up on a dresser or some other high place. When we do come face to face I hiss or growl at him. I do not think he is very smart as he comes back. He does not get the hint I do not want to be his friend. Man, as I understand it he will be her until after Thanksgiving, so my thanksgiving will be ruined. Any way, the only good thing is I know he will be going home soon. I have the days counted.

Tomorrow, is my one year anniversery living with my family. I am very happy I have this family. However, I hope they understand I can not live here with more than one stupid dog. If they want another dog please have it be as smart as me.


A new place

November 11th 2009 8:02 pm
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Guess what I found a new place to set. I have known about this place for a long time. It is what my humans call a dryer. I love sitting on the top, but now I have tried sitting inside. It is nice and warm so I like sitting inside. Mom only lets me stay for a short time, as she claims she want to use it to dry clothes. I wish my mom would let me stay all day, but she says it is to dangerous. I do not think it is dangerous, but mom thinks I need to find a new place to hang out. Tomorrow I will start looking. I hope I can find just as fun place to hang out in.


It is not my birthday

November 6th 2009 7:57 pm
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On Tuesday I got a card from Petsmart wishing me a happy birthday. It was very nice, but not my birthday. The card also offered me a free gift. That was very nice, but not my birthday. Mom figured it must of gotten the card because I was adopted around this time of year, and they thought it was being used as my birthday. I was adopted from a rescue group that had adoption events at PetSmart. Mom decide we would use the card and I would get a nice new present (yes Lucy and Abbey got gifts too). My toy was a nice long string with a feather attatched. I enjoychasing the feather down the hall. Lucy got some treats, and Abbey got a stuff walrus. My gift was the best.



October 27th 2009 7:58 pm
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Today is not a good day for me. In fact the past few days have not been feeling to good. I have asthma, and it has been bother in me a lot. It seems this asthma condition really is no fun. You make this funny nosy, take away your energy, and leaves you tired. Fortunately, Mom gave me some medicine, and I am begining to feel better. I hope I continue to feel better


A good day

October 23rd 2009 7:23 pm
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Today I got a nice surprise, and it can just when I needed it. I was Daily Diary pick. As a result I got a lot of really nice rosetta and some nice new cat friends. The Diary pick, new friends, and rosetta's made helped to make my day a good one, and believe me I need a feel good day.

My family decide to let Abbey (family dog) have one of her little dog friends come and stay a couple of day. This dog is part wheaten, and named Rick. I do not believe this was discussed with Lucy or me. We did not get a say in if Rick stayed or not it was not fair. He was just forced on us. Oh by the way we never get any cat friends come to spend a few days. Anyway, Rick came here and that only lead to the neighbor dog coming over and playing . So for awhile we had 3 dogs over playing at our house, and it is not even halloween.

During Ricks stay, I had to run around acting like a mean tough cat as I did not want him to get to comfortable, and actually move in here. Everytime I saw him I hissed, growled, and meowed. However, he did not get the message, as he kept wanting to be my friend. I never became his friend, and now he is gone, and I am happy. I hope he does not come back.
Thanks to all who helped me have a good day


I was very brave again (yeah)

October 19th 2009 4:28 pm
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Well, I was once again a very brave cat. I risked my own life to keep the house safe. This is what happened. Last night I was in the living room minding my own business, when I spotted a fly. Of course I knew I had to do my job and catch the fly. I began to chase the fly, and the fly flew into the lamp shade on the lamp on the coffee table. I put my head under the lampshade and used my paws to try to catch the fly. Mom says I was very brave as I could have burned my nose or paw on the lightbulb. I did this several times, and finally mom told me to stop as it was to dangerous, and I could get hurt. I did not care, as I knew I had to get that fly. Eventually the fly flew out, and I caught the fly. Mom does not want me to ever put my head under a lampshade again. I know I will if a dangerous fly appears. It is my job to protect the family.
A very brave Nikita


Once again I am brave (yeah)

October 19th 2009 4:20 pm
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Well, last night I was a very brave cat once again. I am very proud of myself. Last night there was a fly buzzing around the house. I spotted the fly, and began chasing and watching him. The fly flew into the lampshade of the light. I jumped up on the coffee table, and watched him. I even put my head in the lamp shade. I tried real hard to catch the fly. Mom said that was very brave as I could have gotten my nose or paws burned. I however did not get burned, but I did get the fly. Mom does not want me to put my head under the lamp shade as she is worried I will get burned. I not worried, just brave


A day of surprises and preparation

October 18th 2009 6:17 pm
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Today was a suprising day for me. First I thought mom would stay home with me today as she was gone yesterday. So I was so suprised when she went away again.

My second surprise was she found another feather. She went up to the foothills to pick Apples ( I guess she does not know you can get them at the store which is close by). Anyway she found a feather at one of the apple farms and brought it home. I was very happy to have this new feather to play with

The third surprise was she also brought me some cat treats which really made me so happy. I love treats a lot. Mom said I had to cut back on my treats, but I guess she was feeling guilty so she brought me some treats. Of course I have to share them with Lucy.

I am now preparing for another storm. I getting ready for the rain and wind to come. I looked out the window and it is cloudy and it has sprinkled some. I have looked out the window to see if there are any big storm clouds so far not to bad. It is not windy so hopefully it will not be a big storm. If it a big storm I am ready to protect my family,


The big storm on Tuesday

October 17th 2009 5:52 pm
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Last Tuesday there was a big storm. We knew it was coming as the weather people kept telling us. Some of them seemed very excited as they had big smiles on their faces. I guess they like rain storms. Well, it took a long time getting here, but the weather people kept assuring us it was coming. In fact sometimes thats all they talked about. They were so excited to use their new instuments, which I understand. New toys are always fun to play with. One even told people to go to store and get supplies as this was going to be a big big storm. Well, it finally came, and boy did it rain. On time I looked out the window and all my little eyes could see was rain. However, the wind started, and it was sure loud. Although Lucy says I was scared, I was not. I took control of the situation. I ran up and down the hall way making sure everything was fine. I looked out the window many times to make sure everything was doing fine. Several branches fell of the trees, but no major damage. I was a very brave as I watched the wind and rain out the window. However, when the rain stopped I was very happy. I hope we do not have any more big storms for awhile.


A nice suprise

October 3rd 2009 7:51 pm
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Well, today the family took Abbey (the dog) to another one of the dog event. It was nice to get away from her for awhile. I had a nice time with Lucy with played, looked out the window, and took care of the house. When my family got home I was happy to see them as it always nice to see they made it back home alive. Well, boy did I get a suprise.
When they came home momma told me she had a suprise. I was excited, but did not see anything. Then she told me she had found some chicken feathers at the park. I was so happy. I could hardly wait to see them. You see I love playing with feather. When I lived on the streets by myself I think that is all I had to play with. I must of had to hunt birds to get the feathers. I not sure if that is true, but I do love feathers. I think it is true, as the feathers make me happy This time it was nice to get some feather which I did not have to work for. The feathers mom brought me were nice a big, and I could tell they would be fun to play with when I was in the mood. Well, I can hardly wait to play with them, and I am off to go look at them.

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