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Something strange in the sky

January 24th 2010 4:17 pm
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Yesterday afternoon I woke up from my afternoon nap, and I something strange in the sky. It was big and bright, it was beautiful. I knew I had seen it before, but it had been so long. We had 2 weeks of fog and gloom, then clouds and rain. All we ever saw in the sky was gray skies. This wonderful yellow ball in the sky made everything so bright. Then I remembered it was my friend the sun. Oh that beautiful warm sun. I wondered where he had been. Oh how I missed the sun. I enjoyed sitting in the warm window with the sunshining on me. I felt so nice and warm. Oh what a lovely afternoon it was for me. I felt so happy for the rest of the day. I was hoping the same kind of day today, but no such luck. It has been cloudy and now rainy. I can hardly wait for spring. Please hurry and get here spring. I need to see more of my friend the sun



January 8th 2010 7:24 pm
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Guess what I got the other day just cause I am a good cat. I got a blanket. It is really fluffy and soft, and pink. Mom brought it home and I got all excited. She put it on top of the dryer and I jump up on the dryer needed the blanket and purred. I was so happy to have a nice new blanket. Lucy also got a blanket her blanket is green. She likes her blanket, but she does not love it like I do. I have been wanting to try out her blanket, and yesterday when she was not around I jumped in the big chair and sat in the blanket. It was nice and soft just like mine. However, my blanket is the best of the two. Trust me I have the best blanket. Last night Lucy was sitting in her big chair with the blanket on top of her, and I jump into the chair and sat with her. She did not mind and she let me sit with her for a long time. It was fun. I am so happy to get my nice pink blanket. Thanks mom.


Waiting for the New Year

December 30th 2009 6:53 pm
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Tomorrow is the New Year, and I could not be more happy. This year has not been the best and here is why
1. fighting all the time with Lucy about the chairs
2. Having to deal with Abbey wanting to be friends
3. Having to just plain deal with Abbey
4. Having asthma
5. Not enough turkey to eat
There is my top 5 reasons this year has not been to good. I am hoping Lucy and I can stop fighting, Abbey ignores me, I get to eat more turkey, and I never ever have asthma again.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year



December 22nd 2009 7:44 pm
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Well there is only a few day left until Christmas. I am looking forward to Christmas and seeing all the presents I get. However, I am a bit scared of this man named Santa. I understand he is very nice, and he brings you nice gifts, but I have questions. I have heard he sneaks into your house when you are a sleep. I do not understand how he does that without me hearing him. Lucy said he puts a spell on you so you sleep through the night. That is scary. I do not want any spells on me. So I have been staying home and away from any Santas as I do not want a spell put on me. It also seems kind of ceepy that he can watch you without you knowing, I do not want a stranger to know if I have been good or bad. I think that is a private thing between yourself, and humans if they know you were bad. If they do not know you were bad then it is just between yourself. I also heard a song that said Santa ran over Grandma and that seems just rude. All these things make me suspecious of Santa. However, I am still willing to accept his gift, I just do not trust him.


The chair Fight 2009

December 13th 2009 4:01 pm
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Lucy and I are fighting again over the little chair. Last night I wanted to sleep in MY chair and Lucy would not let me. If she was in the chair she would not leave so I could sit in the chair. If I was in MY chair, she came a long growling and starting a fight to get me out of MY chair. To say the least I did not get much sleep so I have been doing a lot of resting today. It has been long established that the little chair isMY chair, and she has the big chair. Is it my fault that mom moved the little chair into our room? Is it my fault it is the most comfortable chair in the room? I do not thing so. Lucy has the big chair which I do not touch much. All day Lucy has been in the little chair. She is such a chair hog. However, no one makes her leave the chair so I can sit in. Lucy is so favored. I have been resting on top of the dryer where it is a lot warmer. I hope Lucy does not find out about the dryer or you know she will want this spot. Lucy thinks just cause she is the oldest he can throw her weight around. Well, I going to fight for MY chair.


A fight over the chair again

December 12th 2009 8:18 pm
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Since the Christmas tree has come into the house the family moved the small rocking chair into my cat room. It is a nice chair and I love it so much. It has always been considered my chair as Lucy has the big chair in the living room. Well, lately Lucy has started sitting in my little chair. This is especially true at night. Several times Lucy has come and sat in the chair when I was sleeping in the chair. It is fine, but it is my chair. In order to make sure she can not sleep in the chair I have been spending a lot of time in my room sitting on my chair. Of course my mom does not like that, and she keeps bring me out to the living room. It makes mad as I think mom is working with Lucy to keep me out of my chair. This is not fair. I think tonight I am going to spend time thinking on how I can keep Lucy out of my chair.
Going to sit in my chair until I moved to living room


Thursday December 10 2009- cold and strange day

December 10th 2009 6:01 pm
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Hi. it is another cold day. I do not like the cold and rain. My momma does and so does the dog. I like to sit on top of the dryer wraped in a blanket or inside when the dryer is not running. I would love it to be 75 degrees. ( Mom says I need to live in Southern Arizona where the temps are more to my liking.) My family did a strange thing, today they brought a great big giant tree into our living room and put lights on it, balls, and fuzzy strings on it. Next they will put big boxs wrapped in paper with strings under it. It is a strange idea,I would like it better if the tree had birds or a squirrel s in it, but no, these are critter free.Lucy and I like to sit under it and watch the world go buy and pretty lights. We also like to jump out at the dog and hit her. It is funny to see her jump, but we have to be careful not to do it when family is around or we are caught and told no no. Oh what do my ears ear the dryer door opening, gotta go and sitin it for a while.


Oh is it cold outside

December 7th 2009 3:52 pm
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My family does not let me go outside, but I can tell it is cold outside. I see people walking by with mittens, hats and coats on, and they look cold. I am not found of cold weather so I am glad I do not go outside. I use to live outside when I was a stray, and I got my fill of being outside. Living inside with a heater makes me happy.
Now knowing I am not fond of outside you would think my mom would understand I am not interested in anything that has to dowith cold weather. Well, early today my mom go me out of bed to go out side.
It was cold, and dark so I was not happy. Mom wanted me to see this stuff called snow. I was not impressed. It was white fluffy cold ice that made my paws cold when I touched it When I went outside with mom, I wiggled and meowed so she took me right in after I saw the snow. I hope I do not ever have to look at snow again, it not that interesting.


Happy Days are here again

December 1st 2009 7:56 pm
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I am so very happy Rick has gone home. He went home on Saturday, and the family was sad to see him go, but I was so happy. It is so nice to feel free in your own home. I know longer have to sneek around my own home. I can walk freely without some wanting to chase me, or thing I want to play some stupid dog game. I can sleep in peace. I do not have to worry he will try to become my friend, by following me or just staring at me thinking his big brown eyes will melt my heart and I will change my mind and become his friend. Now I just have to keep Abbey in line. I have reminded her several times I am the boss by hissing and growling at her. She is a smart dog as she gets the message and leaves me alone.


It is Thanksgiving

November 24th 2009 7:38 pm
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I am not going to complain that Rick is still here. That is bugs the heck out of me. He is always looking for me, staring at me, following me, and trying to steal my food. No I am not going to complain as it is Thanksgiving and a time to be thankful. I am very thankful that I have a new family that loves me, lets me be me, plays with me, and gives me a warm place to live. I love my family and I am greatful they love me. I am also looking forward to some of that good tasting turkey. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving

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