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March 30th 2010 8:05 pm
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My asthma has been bothering me a lot, and I do not like it one bit. I hate coughting and wheezing it is not fun. Asthma takes a lot out of you, and you have to spend a lot of time just resting. I hate resting when I could be watching birds, playing with my feathers or ball. I also hate taking the medicine that helps you to feel better. I know it is important to take the medicine, but I hate my mom opening my mouth and putting a pill down my throat. The pill does not taste good so why should I take it. I personally think if they are going to give us cats pills they should taste like fish.

Despite not feeling to good I have been able to get some important stuff done. This early morning I helped my mom make her bed. I think I did a really good job. I made sure the bed had a few wrinkles in it so it looked comfortable. I also make sure her pillows her still soft as I rolled on them and sat on them, before they could be covered up. Of course I went under the sheets to make sure everything was safe in there.

I also did some much needed discplining of Abbey. She was walking by me without giving me some respect. She knows she is to wait until I leave the area before she goes near the area I was. She is suppose to stay a good 50 feet away from me at all times. However, this evening she wanted some water, and I was there finishing my drink when she came up. She got to close so I hissed and hit her. Mom got mad at me, but it is Abbey's own fault for violating the rules. I think I am going to go rest for awhile


Finally Abbey comes clean

March 27th 2010 4:15 pm
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Well, my dingy dog sister finally admitted she is a thief. It is about time, as I have seen her steal before. I have seen her sneak over to the cat eatting area and finish my leftovers. I could be coming back you know, but she eats it anyway. Now she is admitting she is a thief. There must be some kind of 12 step program is involved with in order for her to make a bold statement. I hope she continues in this program, and gets more help. Hopefully she will soon stop stealing food. It is embarrassing to have a thief in the family.

Lucy and I do not steal food ever. We are very good. When we are hungry we ask polite for food. On occassion Lucy has helped her self to some dry food, but that is only when mom is not home and it is past dinner time.
Cats are good law obeying citizens


Playing with my new ball

March 21st 2010 6:36 pm
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The other day I found this real cool ball. It is not big, it is cat size ball. It is orange and white with lots of short strings on it. Mom and I play with that ball for a long time. She threw it up in the air and I would watch it land then go and pounce on it.
I then put in my paws and rolled on my back playing with the ball. Mom also but it on the bed and made the ball roll around by making the bed move. I sat and watched then again pounced on the ball. I loved playing ball, and I hope I can play again maybe we will play tonight



March 19th 2010 7:05 pm
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Tomorrow is going to be spring and I am very happy. I have spent a lot of time watching out the window. I have been looking for birds. I have finally since some different birds other than the usual wren. I saw a blue bird just yesterday, and my dog sister said she saw a robin at the dog park on Sunday. It have also heard a lot of birds singing early in the morning. However, I do not always see them. We are here in Sacramento we are experiencing an early spring and hope it does not get to hot. We still need rain, but I am glad it will not be to cold for awhile.

I am also enjoy the daylight savings time. I enjoy the days being light later as there is more time to bird watch. In fact that is what I am going to go do look for more birds.


My birthday

March 16th 2010 6:52 pm
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I had a great 3rd birthday. 3 came in the middle of the night and I turned 3 years old. It did not hurt at all. In fact I did not feel a thing and I really do not feel that much different. I got up in the morning to hear the words happy birthday and I had a good birthday breakfast, and then I got my presents. I got some toys and feathers to play with. It was fun, but my mom had to go to work so I waited until she came home until I played with my new toys again. I had a great birthday dinner as it was special cat food, It was good. Then I played with my toys, then back to bed. Now there are 365 more days until I turn 4, and I wonder what that will be like. I think I am first going to enjoy being 3 before I start thinking about being 4.



March 13th 2010 5:54 pm
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Yesterday I was a very very lucky cat as my diary was DDP. It was a very nice suprise. I was very lucky as many cats sent me nice letter, and comments. Some even gave me a rosette. All were very nice. I appreciated them all so much. It made me very happy.

Today is very windy and pollens are blowing all over the town. Both Lucy and I had asthma this morning, but now we are feeling much better. I even ran up and down the hall chasing a ball. I think Abbey being gone helped to make me feel better so I thank mom for taking her on a day trip so both Lucy and I could rest. Even though we were resting we were able to have a lot of fun. I can not say what we did as mom will find out and she may be mad. So I guess I had another good day.

Monday well even be a better day as I will turn 3 years old. I can see 3 coming around the corner. I can hardly wait to see what mom will get me for my birthday.
Abbey better get me something nice or she will get hit accross the face.
I know mom and Lucy will get me great gifts as they always do, but Abbey is a dog and does not know what to buy me, so my advice to her is ask LUCY.


Spring is coming and lots of celebrating to do

March 9th 2010 6:40 pm
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Although the weather is rainy and cloudy I can tell spring is on its way. The sun is getting up earlier, and going to bed later. There are even more birds around. In fact I saw several birds in one of the bushes in the back yard. I wish mom would let me out to catch one. The temps are also warmer upper 50's to middle 60's very sweet.

Before spring can come we must first celebrate my 3rd birthday which I am very excited about it. It will be March 15th next monday. I am hoping to get some nice treats and new toys. Of course I will share with Lucy but not Abbey as she is a silly dog.

Then we need to celebrate St Patricks Day. My family is part Irish so we always were green. I expect I will wear some kind of green ribbon around my little neck.
I also hope it is a lucky day for us Irish families

Then soon it will be spring and everything will start to bloom and it will look so nice and green. Just hope it does not get to hot real fast. I do not like hot weather

Looking forward to all the celebrating in March


After the vet

March 5th 2010 8:09 pm
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Well, I made it to the vet and back again alive. The vet did not kill me, and I am fine
The vet did not even pull any of my teeth which made me very happy. It turns out I have a gum disease, and it has not hurt the teeth yet.I went to the vet like a good cat, and let him look me over. Of course he fell in love with me, and I am sure he wishes I was his cat. When my family left the vet took me in his arm, and I became sad as I reached my paws out to mom. She did not take me, and she went home. I was very scared as I thought mom was going to leave me for ever. When she came to pick me up I was so happy. I was purring so hard my whole body was shaking. As I could not eat before going to the vet, I was hungry when I got home. Mom gave me some food, but not a lot which I ate right away. Then I wondered around the house as I was so happy to be home. I was so glad none of my teeth were taken and do not have to worry how I was going to eat. According to the vet my teeth are in pretty good shape. I did lose the one tooth, but it has not affected me at all.
Lucy really missed me when I was at the vets, and she was very sad. Of course she will not admit she missed me, but she did. When I came home she gave me a good looking over, and even kissed me. I now know Lucy loves me


Oh No

February 23rd 2010 7:27 pm
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A couple of days ago I was minding my own business when one of my canine teeth fell out of my mouth. It was a real surprise. If it were up to me I would just go about my business missing this tooth. I can eat and do everything I could do before I lost the tooth so why worrry. However, my mom saw the tooth on the pillow on her bed and she got all worried. She called the vet and wanted me to be seen right away. The vets office assured her it was not an emergency and to just watch me and see if my gums got red. Well, I have had teeth problems most of my short life so she has always worried about me. She looked in my mouth and saw several teeth were all red and swollen. So she again called the vet and made an appointment for me to be seen and have the bad teeth pulled. I am not looking forward to this period in my life. I am told my face will swell up and I will be in pain for awhile. I told mom I am expecting ice cream. I also told her this could not be used as a birthday present as I did not ask for my teeth to be pulled. My birthday is in a little less then a month so she better still get me a gift. I also hope she will get me something special for having my teeth pulled.

I am not worried about the proceedure as I go to the best vet in town. He will take good care of me. I just hope he does not take to many teeth as I still need some to eat. Maybe I can get some cat dentures. I have seen some advertised on a dog food comercial so maybe they make them for cats. Mom says they really do not make dentures for pets, and commercial is just for dental stuff. I think she is wrong and tomorrow I going to spend time on internet when she is at work looking for cat dentures just in case I need them.


Valentines Day Gifts

February 15th 2010 7:27 pm
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Yesterday was Valentines Day. My family does not really celebrate Valentines Day.
It started with someone called Dad or Grandpa to me. He did not believe in Valentines Day. He believed it was a made up holiday for corporations to get rich.
So they did not buy Valentine gifts. When I was adopted I soon found out there would be no celebration of Valentine Day. I was a little disapointed as a bag of treats always gets to the heart. However, I did not complain. I just went along.
This year it was the same so I decided I would give gifts to the family. Since I am a cat I do not have any money so I gave of myself which is an excellent gift. I gave my mom my time, love and extra purrs. Mom loved all the attention. I gave Lucy some attention. At night I jumped into the big chair and sat with her an her green blanket. I could tell she liked the company. I sat in the chair and did not leave even when mom told me to leave Lucy alone. Lucy did not mind me being with her as she did not hit me or growl. I do not like Abbey, but out of the kindness of my heart I even gave her a valentine. I did not hit her all day long, and I am sure she appreciated it. Well, I enjoyed my day of giving

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