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Being fuzzy

June 19th 2011 12:07 pm
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I would first like to say congratulations to my fur sister Lucy who is DDP. I am very proud of her. So here it goes Congratulations Lucy.

Well, yesterday was not one of my best days. My mom decided to give me a bath. Yes, that is right a bath. For heaven sake I am not a dog. Us cats wash ourselves, and in fact I do a darn good job thank you very much. So what would make my mom give me a bath? Did I run into a skunk? No. Did I get real dirty and need help getting clean? No. Was I greasy or oily? No. Mom heard on some TV show that cats need baths to get out the daily junk from our fur. Well, I think us cats do fine with out human help. Anyway mom came home from Pet A Palooza with the dog who I hoped would get lost, but unfortunatley did not. When she got home into the bath tub I went. She got me all wet, then poured shampoo on my whole sweet body. She scrubed me up and rinsed me off with water. Then She took towel and dryed me off, but I was still damp. When my fur finally dried up my fur was all frizzy. I looked like I put my paw in a electric shocket. My mom said I looked real cute and my fur felt soft. Well, of course I looked cute I am still me.

To get the frizz to go away I had to spend all night washing my fur. I finally got it back to normal, and I now look like a normal cat. However, I am so tired I think I will take a long nap.



December 4th 2010 8:05 pm
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I have lived with my humans for a couple of years, and I still do not understand them, and doubt that I ever will. Take making beds for an example. Humans make there beds, then unmake them at night to sleep in. If you ask me that is stupid. Why not leave the beds unmade. Unmade beds are more comfortable and very attractive. In an unmade bed you can play make tunnels, cuddle, and hide. In a made bed you can just sit and sleep. You can never ever get comfortable in a made bed. Unmade beds also can keep you warm when you are cold. What good are made beds for. Humans are strange.


My Poor Fur Sister Lucy

October 5th 2010 8:19 pm
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My fur sister Lucy had to go to the vet. Yep she had to go to the place where they usually cause pain. However, my vet's office the people are nice and even the vet is nice. Despite being nice they do cause a lot of pain. I do not think I have been to the vet when I was not poked, punch or given a shot all which hurt. Sometimes the vet is a little to nosy as he wants to look in your mouth. What kind of cat wants someone dirty hands in there mouth,and I do not care how clean they may smell they are still dirt. Eventhough my vet does hurt me, he always plays and hug me. He is actually very nice to me. I can not say how he treats Lucy or Abbey. I think he likes me best. Any back to Lucy, She had to have her teeth pulled. She had some bad teeth and they were causing her some pain. It was the first time Lucy and I were separted for any length of time. Well, that is not exactly true as we were apart when I had to have some my teeth cleaned. However, I was at the vet and put under some magical medicine that makes you sleep through the procedure so I really did not miss her that much. I am sure she missed me, but she was use to not having me around. She lived 9 years before I was born, and 10 years before I came to live with her. She new how lonely it would be without me. So when I was at the vet it was not to hard for her as she knew loneliness. However, today when she left me I was very lonely. I did have anyone to hangout with. Yes, the dog was here, but dogs are not fun to play with.
When Lucy came home she was very very hungry. She was so hungry she went an put a hole in Abbey dry dog food so she could get some dry food. The whole was pretty big cause when mom went to move the bag all the dry food went all over the floor. Abbey, was there to help clean it up which is no surpise as that dog loves to eat. The vet's office said she should not eat for awhile, but Lucy had other ideas. Mom finally gave in a gave her some soft cat food. Then when mom was not looking she was once again sneaking Abbey's dry dog food. Mom, gave her some more food and right now she seems to be happy. She is very restless, and mom thinks she is in pain. Mom gave her some pain medicine which will help. I got to go, and help mom take care of Lucy.
Ps I think Lucy is mad at mom for making her go to the vet and having her teeth pulled


Lucy's Birthday

August 7th 2010 3:07 pm
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Well today is Lucy's birthday. She is turning 12 today which seem awful old to me as I am only 3. We started celebrating last night. We played and chased around for a long time last night. I am thinking we can do it again. Although I am somewhat tired and have done a lot of resting today. So I guess I will be ready to help Lucy celebrate her big day. She got some real good treats, and I really like them too. Our house is a sharing place so we all have to share except we do not have to share with Abbey as she is a dog who is on a diet. She does not get much treats. Now that I am thinking about it Abbey does not have to share with anyone. That does not seem fair. Dogs are so spoiled as they get to do a lot of stuff. Oh well, back to Lucy's birthday. She gets a real nice dinner for her birthday dinner, and of course I get to have some of that nice dinner. Abbey will just have her regular dinner. It is great to be a cat. Well, going to rest so Lucy and I can celebrate tonight.


I am tired

July 4th 2010 6:58 pm
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Well, I am very tired today. You may be curious of why such a cat would be tired especially me since I always make sure I get plenty of sleep so I am sharp throughout the day. Well, apparently people have decided to start to celebrate the 4th of July early. Last night some people started doing their fireworks. It was really scarry. I hoped mom would have gone out and to find those people, and remind them that is July 3rd, but she did not. I even gave her a look, but she was to busy watching a movie to notice the look. At night I cuddle right next to mom, but did not get much sleep as I kept hearing the noise. I just could not relax. It was a hard night. I was really stressed out. Mom is worried about Abbey's Stress, but what about mine? She took Abbey for a hike to get her stress level down. However, she did not take me, as cats do not hike
My questions is how does she know that when she did not ask me.
Oh well, I think I will run around the house to get my stress level down. Showing once again cats can take care of themselves while dogs need help from a human
Going to prepare for fireworks



July 2nd 2010 9:00 am
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HELLO FREINDS! Well I fionished off my medicine this past Tuesday. I am feeling much better and back to my old self. I hope I do not get sick in July. I have been sick every month since March, and I am getting tired of it. I found a nice cool new spot to sit and sleep in, and I told Lucy my cat sister about it and now she has went and stole it from me. She said she had it before me, but I do not think so cause when I found it no one had used it. Anyway Lucy is busy worry about politics so had she find nice cool spots to sleep in. The 4th of July is around the corner and there are a lot of scarry loud booms going on and I do not like them. well I am off to find a new nice spot top sleep in, this time I am not telling Lucy so she can't steel it or claim as hers.
Happy 4th


feeling better

June 22nd 2010 7:43 pm
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Hello. Boy I have not written in a long while. well this past week I have been under the wether. I have been having stomach problems. My mom took me to the vet- a new vet whho we don not like that much. He wanted to do a whole bunch of expensive tests on me. I am glad they said no because I had no time to study for them and I was afraid I would not pass them. well any way I got soime meds and on my way to getting better Than-you to all the kitties who sent well wishes and power of the paws they seem to be working. May was not good for me either I was sick with asthma and had to got to the vet to get a shot. It seems lately I have been sick alot. The weather here is finally getting hot. In may we had cool wheather. I like the heat. the dog in the family who I call dumb bell and the humans call Abbey Hates the heat- I think it is funny that it is to hot for her to go on bye byes so she is home with me and Lucy to torment . hey wait a minute maybe I should want her to be gone for peace and quite time. Thanks again for all who send well wishes my way- they seemed to have worked. as I am feeling better.


Purring my life away

April 20th 2010 7:29 pm
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I love to purr, I find it very enjoyable. I personally think purring is beautiful music.
I love to purr when I am getting petted. My favorite part of my body to be petted is around my ears. If mom, or any other person pets my ears or rubs them boy do I start purring. I purr so loud you can hear me across the room. Sometimes when I am purring I will kneed my paws. This is especially true when I am on a blanet or something else that is real soft. I think I will go get my ears rubbed so I can do some purring before bed time.


Bad weather

April 13th 2010 6:38 pm
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Oh boy! has it been bad weather here. It has been raining, windy, thundering, and we even had hail. It rained about a couple of inches and the mountains got a ton of snow. I saw the rain and hail and sure was nice to in a nice warm home. I am sure glad I did not have to look for a dry place to stay during the storm. Here is to having a home




April 9th 2010 8:30 pm
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I love to sit, sleep, and be petted in a bed. There is nothing better than sitting on a nice soft bed with blankets around. However, the one thing I do not like is having the bed made. I prefer my bed to be unmade. It is much more fun to sit in an unmade bed. You can hide under the blankets or behind a pillow. Mom on the other paw likes beds to be made. She is not happy unless the bed is made before she goes to bed. She has been know to make her bed a couple hours before bed time.

Lately, mom and I have been fighting over making the bed. I always know when she is going to make the bed, and I do what needs to be done. I jump in the bed and demand she pet me. Then I refuse to leave. What can she do she has to leave the bed unmade. She has tried to make the bed when she thinks I am not around. However, I always hear her, and jump into bed. Sometimes the bed is not made when she goes to work. That is good for me as I have more fun playing in the unmade bed. However, she somehow is always able to get the bed made before bed time. I think I better go she what she is up to before she makes the bed. Maybe, just maybe I will bet her tonight, and the bed will not get made.

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