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Nikita's view of the world.

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Wind and Rain Monsters

January 23rd 2012 7:39 am
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They came back last night and still here. It is still dark at 7.30 am here. It is raining and windy. Guess who showed up the wind and rain monsters. Boy were they eager to get inside the house. They even cried to come in. They scratched at the Windows to come in. Lucy laughed at me and told me they were bushes- but I know it was monsters. Rain and wind mosnsters are nasty and mean! They look mean and scarry!!! I found an exellent place to hide under some warm clothes, so no monsters could find me! and they did not get in Thank goodness my humans locked the doors!
I am sad that the 49ers are not going to the superbowl. Us pets will be watching it with out my humans because they have to work. I hope they leave snacks for us to eat during the super bowl. Well I am going back to my pile of clothes to hide from Monsters. The rain sounds like pebles hitting the window. It is an awful storm. Yes we do need rain but not these nasty ones that bring Monsters and pebles!


Sunday Januay 22 2012

January 22nd 2012 7:24 am
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well Thankfully we did not flood yet. More rain is to come. There were no wind or rain Monsters at the windows trying toget in . I am very happy about that. I do have a spot picked out to hide if they do show up today. Wea re to get more rain so If we do they will be back. Abbey got DDP Dogster dairy pick so I guess Congrats to her.Footbal today I hope the 49ers win it would be nice if they did. I am going to watch the game it is intersting to watch. Scrappy will be here pestering me all during the game as ususal.I hope my friend Sir Winston woofhill on Dogster is feeling better with his Cancer and illness- Power of the paw to him.A new Simese moved in up the street a kitten only 6 weeks old. They have a whold bunch of meesers theya re show cats. If you ask me I am a whole lot cutter than any of those cats so I could be a show cat and I would win all the big blue ribbons. I wonder why my humans never got me in cat show world. guess they would be jelous of all the blue ribbons I won and they never won any beauty pagents. or Lucy would never get any because I would win them all because I am such a GREAT cat!


Scarry Rain-- and Rain Monsters

January 21st 2012 7:52 am
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HI Diary and friends
It rained and rained and more rain yesterday. I guess we need it. It is cold gloomy and dark. We do need rain very much! The goodthing about the rain is the dogs hadto stayhome from the park- Hehe!!They were all upset that they could not do anything- I say Just relax and enjoy the day resting!Scraapy is hyper and can not go that. He is getting his pictures developed and will be on here next week. Then you will see what a pest he is!
At night it really pored I thought maybe we would need an ark because it just pored and windy, I thought maybe we would blow away! and more rain is to come. I guess I am glad it came then people will not complain about not having any and enjoy the nice weatehr I like! At night it got scarry there were Monsters at the windows, My human sister said it was just the bush and the wind blowing through it! I do not believe her I think it was Rain Monsters trying to get in from the cole. It scarred me very much! I cried and tried to sleep with Lucy but she would not let me in her chair- she said it was her chair . I told her I was scarred then she said ok but only gave me a inch to sleep. Then I decided I would go sleep with my human siser, but the Eain Monster followed me and was out side the winow trying to get in , so I left there and braved it out in the living room where no rain monster could see me. I was a brave kitty!!!!:) It is suppose to rain and thunder that will be scarry and then the rain monsters will come back at night I hope they do not get in!
Well I am getting scarred thinking about it- I guess I better go and find a safe place to hide from them tonight so I can get some seep at night.



January 20th 2012 8:19 am
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well My human sister who called me fat apologized and said she was wrong, and sorry for hurting my feelings. I am not fat! so being the big dignified and sophisicated cat that I am I said I was sorry for writing about it my diary. I am Not fat! Want to see Fat look at Scrappy.
It is raining finally getting some rain! we need rain I like rain, you can stay all warm and cozy in side the down side is that there is no birds to watch! Not doing much today because of the rain. I was sitting on my human sisters lap it was nice and I was purring to myself a nice song then Scrappy saw me and got all upset--- weird dog and jelous dog!
It is suppose to rain today and for 5 more days I hope it does not flood or we need an ark because Lucy has not started it yet.
Well I hope my dog friend Winston is feeling better


Iam NOT FAT!!!

January 19th 2012 8:28 am
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Hello Friends
I am upset very upset! This morning my human sister said I was getting Fat. I am not. It is extra fur this winter has been very cold at night in the 20's so I had to grow more fur to keep me warm!also I have been running and doing Yoga and it is mnuscle. I am a very athletic cat and buff so I am not fat! I have cut down on my eating and been stressed about loosing momma so How coul I be fat. some humas are so rude. The to add insult to injury the same sister( not the one helping me write this!) said she did not want to sleep with cats but with Dogs! WHAT??? What is wrong with her?? I always thought something was wrong with her- maybe she is part dog! Why wouldn't any sane person Not want to sleep with a cat but would like to sleep with a dog, especially one who hogs the bed! No wonder she says I am fat but denys that Scrappy is Fat- he has gained weight since he got here from 18 pounds to 21 pouns he is the fatty Not me! I think she is prejudice against Cats- she is good to me and lets me get by with stuff and gives me snacks more than th other one, but I think she is related to dogs . That is my only conclusion why she would say I am fat and not scrappy. I have not gained weight- Do I look fat??? No you are right I do not just trim and mucle from all my running and Yoga! Maybe she is jelous because she does not do Yoga or Scrappy does not- he is a bowl in a China shop! well I got to go and do my yoga and read the neighborhood news paper
The trim and fit kitty!


Bed wars 2

January 18th 2012 7:53 am
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Hello World
Well I am caught in the middle of Scrappy and Abbeys bed wars. They are fighting over 1 bed and it seems that I am the one being punished. I ususally sleep with 1 sister and Scrappy with the other. Well Now my oldest human sister took Abbey to bed with her and that has left Scrappy out so he moved into the cats room. well now when I drag my beautiful cute cat body to bed I find Scrappy there. This upsets me very much. It has alsways been cats in 1 room and dogs in the other, never mixed! Now I have to share a bed with a dog and that makes my meeserblood boil. I like separate but equal. My sisters think it is not a big deal but it is because Scrappy hogs the bed and does NOT like to share. I hiss and hit him with my claws but he still does not get it- so I get upset and leave and go sleep out in the living room. I do not hink this is fair. Scrappy should sleep out in the living room. Once we move my human sister says things will be back to normal, she says we have run aamuck since our Momma died and we have to get back to things, Rules Well we never had much rules to begin with .We were always very well behaved cats and dogs until Scrappy came he is one wild bratty dog in my view.
Well there is mischeif going out in the kitchen Scrappy isbarking got to go see whatis going on. proberly Lucy getting attention he is such a jelous little brat of a dog- not dignified like us cats at all. Dogs I wll Never under stand them!


cold sunny morning

January 17th 2012 8:10 am
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Hello Furs
It is very cold today but the sun is out and No wind. Itis 24 degreees which is cold for Northern ca cats! I like warm weather it must be the meezer in me. It is a peaceful Morning as the dogs are at the dog park. Last night I was a very Lucky kitty- my human sister was not at home, but left the t.v on and I got to watch the Bachalor I like that show it is interesting, but she does not and I can not watch it when she is home. We watched Castle together it is a very good show.Well I am not doing anything just enjoying my time with no dogs- awe it is so nice this is how it should be all the time!Well this weekend my human bought me extra treats because the store had them on sale for only 95 cents. hey were very good treats I hope she gets me and Lucy more. I think I will go and get some now, just thinking about them makes my tummy rumble and I do not like having a rumble in my tummy!
Ps, I hope it is cold next week as she has a crappy job and will be off next week and planned on giving me a bath- but in cold weather I can not have one! so pray for cold weather for me!!;)


January 16th 2012 Monday

January 16th 2012 7:30 am
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Hello World.
Thanks Catster for choosing me as Catsters Diary of the day. I appreciate it! It is nice of you and nice to honor me.
It is a nother cold old boring day- We need Rain it is cold and windy but no rain that we desperately need. The dogs are very spoiled they are at the dog park again today! But atleast I get a few hours of peace. They went down the bike trail Yesterday so I had a peaceful time. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day- There is a parade I might watch if it goes by my house but I do not think it will since it never has before- I wish it would! I went to sleep on my sisters pillow But Scrappy was there so I had to go and steel the one she had. Scrappy hogs the bed and pillows a typical dog! I am going to help my human sister look for a job she has 1 but it is only part time and crappy! only 16 hours a week. Good things she babysits and takes care of pets on the side. well I got to go and help her look for jobs. she can not do it with out me! Any Fur that want to join Pets for Obama Paw mai me.


Sunday 1-15-2012

January 15th 2012 7:39 am
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Hello World
Congrats to my sister Lucy for being choosen Catster diary of the day. Now she is caught up to me. My friend Winston is very sick ( he is on Dogster) I worry about him. I hope he gets better fast and does not have Cancer. Power of the Paw Winston I am sending it to you!
I wonder what is up with dogs they seem to be attacking people 3 in our area. I do not think it is all thedogs fault, it seems to be pitbulls and they get a bad rap. They are not more likely to attack you than any other dog. I was attacked by a Weimerwaner when I was a stray, The vets were very good who took care of me after the attack. That is why I am not real fond of dogs.
Well the 49 er won the foot ball game against the saints from New Orleans. I am glad the Broncos lost to New England pats. I would like to see the cheese heads and ravens the 49ers would be ok. But I think they are all on the same side so can not play for the superbowel.
We had another nice spring day for January it was 67 degrees. It is suppose to rain from wed- sat. I hope so we really need it we had no rain since Nov or snow and ski places are hurting! The dogs and humans are suppose to go for a walk /run down the bike trail this afternoon- so I will have some peace. I slept with my human sister last night and Scrappy was there but I chased him off- cats rule!!!
See ya



January 14th 2012 8:07 am
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Hi Any Cat tried Yoga. Well I was trying and my human sister caught me and told me Nikita what in Earth are you doing you are going t hurt yourself. So Now I have to do when they are in bed or not home. Humans spoil everything. Don't they know Cats do Yoga before Humans made it Cool to do? But then on the other hand they let Scrappy act like a nut by running around in circles when he gets home from his walks! What can I say the dog is a Nut! well I am going to go rest up for Foot ball games. Have to watch so I will be in with the cool cats. We need rain, and I guess we will be getting it this week on wed- Fri Keeping paws crossed that we do get it!

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