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Nikita's view of the world.

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Nothing going on

February 1st 2012 7:43 am
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Nothing much going on today. Poor little Scrappy is very sick. I miss him running around. I found a nice shirt to sleep on. It is a nice fleece one and it is fuzzy and warm. I really do not have to worry about it being warm as it was very warm yesterday. I agree with Lucy I think It is Global Warming- all temps are high all over the USA. It is Scarry. Yesterday we all got tuna sandwich which was very good- Scrappy would not eat so my human sister brought us one to try and get him to eat. I hope we get another one- it was mighty tasty! I got all my exercises in- Lucy said I would need to do themn today after all the Tuna sandwich I ate- She ate more than her share so I do not know what she is talking about.
I am going to secure my shirt and make sure no other kid(fur) gets it


A good morning

January 31st 2012 8:01 am
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Well today has been pretty good. I was able to get my run in the house done, my yoga an dpilates all doen by 6 am. I was able to have 2 snacks and breakfast. The only thing I have not been able to do is read the neighborhood newspaper due to all the dense fog up here, I have poor eyes(Cross eyed) so it makes it hard to see cleary and fog makes it worse. I hope it clears up so I can read the hneighborhood news and see what is going on. I have to say Congrats to Abbey and Scrappy for being Dogsters Daily Diary pick of the day. 2 in a row for Scrappy. I had a peaceful morning because Scrappy is sick and is in bed and leaving me alone, the sad thing is I kinda miss the little guy. Well iam goin to Watch the T.v


Nikita's life as seen by Scrappy

January 30th 2012 10:06 am
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Hi. I am writing for Nikita for some weird reason, my human sister says if we see each others life in our eyes we will get along. I do not think so Nikita is hard to get along with period.
She sits around like a a prima donna and bats her blue eyes. People pet her and she purrs. so what- What is so great about a cats purr? To me it is noise!
Cats are spoiled they have better tasting food and get to inside to the bathroom. Nikita says cats have velvet for fut and dogs have ruff fur. Why do cats take baths so much do they get that dirty sitting around expecting everyone to kiss their paws when the dogs do all the work?
To me Nikita has a very pampered lazy life and gets way to much attention! She likes to use her needles in her paws way to much plus she likes to hiss, and has stinky cat breath, and they say dog breath is bad.
Oh I do try and get along with her but it is hard to get along with some one whose first words out of thier moths in the morning is a hiss and growel. If I try and play with her she runs off and then turns and hits me with her needles. I get yelled out and he gets nothing except poor Nikita. No wonder I do not like her, she is so spoiled pampered diva and the humans just feed it to it. I have to do everything, while she sits there pretending to mediate.
cats just have an easier life then us dogs. I do not think I will understand them , they are like a puzzle to complicated to figure out!
Scrappy for Nikita



I am doing nothing up to nothing andnot much to say

January 30th 2012 7:40 am
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well today is a lazy day. I am going to just relax after a very busy weekend. oh what did I do- Just the usual stuff and then my relaxing day yesterday wore me out so I am using today to recoup. Hey I am NOT lazy, I did my run at 2 am this morning racing up and down the hall 12 times and my yoga and mediation. I just need to recoup from the weekend. I need to try and de stress. Cats are always busy on the clock 24 /7 watching out for their families and homes. I am taking the day off and leaving it up to Lucy and the dogs which might be scarry because they do not do it as well as me. I finally got Lucy convienced that we need an all cat station with no dogs and tv is boring and it just needs to be cats on tv. That took alot of work so I am tired from that. Oh congrats to Scrappy for being Daily diary Pick and most active poster. I wonder how he got that? Sound fishy to me just being new and all and gettiong all that?? Oh well I got it 3 times this month the little Brat can not catch up to me on that.Dogs and especially Scrappy drive me nuts- I am not a fan of his- abbey I can tolerate but diffentally NOT Scrappy! and Cats and Furs if you knew him you would understan why
I am off to relax


A Me day

January 29th 2012 8:12 am
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Well today I am going to take life easy today. Isn't sunday meant to be a rest day? Well I think I am going to do that just rest. I am tired from my busy week. I think I will just mediate the day away and watch the neighborhood go by. It seems like today will be a lazy cazy day. I am excited for that. I have not taken a day just to be me for a very long time! Sometimes a cat needs 1 day out of their busy lives just to be a cat. we are busy taking care of human family, cat brothers and sisters, dogs in the family, the house yard and plants. So today I am just going to relax and take care of me! I deserve it. Nothing to stress out about. If it was raining it would even be a better day to have a relaxing me day- but I guess I can not be picky. I hope no one interups my day with any problems that they need me to take care and my human sisters do not come to me to be their therapist. I am a very good therapist but even the best therapist need time to theirselves. well IHope all cats take a day just to be themsevelves. But before I go and do that I have to congratualte Lucy for being catsters Cat diary of the day pick- if I don't congratualte her now she will hound me all day about it ad there goes my Me day
Going to go and enjoy my me day



January 28th 2012 7:52 am
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Well My human sister got her pictures back and I am causght in the act. There is a picture of me sitting on the stove, and I am Not suppose to sit there but I do it when they are not home or a sleep. I guess I got caught and they took a picture for proof. I do have to say I do look adorable in the photo!! Well I tell them if Scrappy did not live here I would not have to go to high places to sit and not be harrassed. He has a cold so he has been sleeping alot- that is a good thing he is not up bugging me!
He finally got his dogster page and has 11 friends he need more. I had alot more friends when I got my page on my first day then he does- what can I say I am a very cute and sweet cat and he is a dog! I did my yoga and running and not just my pilates to do. I think I will do it when they do their errends. Humans have alot of errends to do. Well I am going to go do my mediation a and clear my mind and relax.


Spring day

January 27th 2012 9:25 am
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Ok Lucy took my title to my dairy. It s sunny and warm, I think spring is right around the corner. I am having a nice peaceful day- the dogs are out at the dog park, I got to play some strings and have a nice warm spot to sit that Lucy can not claim as hers - so Life is GOOD! My human sister says I need to cut down on my eating along with Lucy- Again I do not know how to get this through their heads I am NOT FAT so why cut down. Why don't they under stand It is muscle from running, yoga and Pilates that I do. I han 5 times around the house at 3 am, yesp an early runner. oh sure I wake the whole house up but I have to get my run while ol Sleepy bones Scrappy is sleeping.
Well yesterday we had a surprise rain. I need cold and rainy weather in Jan the way this weather is going it will be 100 degress in March and that is way to HOT!
Well I am going to go and take a short nap I had a very busy morning and been up since 3 am doing running yoga and pilates and mediating and watching t.v- Busy kitty.



January 26th 2012 8:37 am
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Well I finally get to play with strings. we Play when Scrappy is not around. He gets so jselous and barks if he is not getting attention. I love to play with strings . They are so much fun to chase. I like bird feathers to play with too. My momma humn used to go for walks and bring me home bird feathers she found on the ground to playwith. Oh they were so much fun to play with! I like strings too they are fun to chase and chew on, I am so glad I get to play with those and scrappy is out side when I do it. I do not know why he bothers me when I am playing strings, I never bother him when he is playing with his stupid Ginger beadman. I play a good 10 minutes today- it lets off stress. i plan on doing yoga today- saw on t.v that there is a fat camps for dogs- I think my huma sisters should send Scrappy he is getting fat.
well I am going to go and do my Yoga on the dryer on top on some warm clothes got to go before the clothes disappear
see ya Nikita
Ps. i hope to play some more strings!



January 25th 2012 8:30 am
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I am still upset that cats are not on Tv or in movies as much as dogs. I still do not undertsand why not. We are so much more appealing then dogs and then come to think about it there is No cat in the white house. There has not been one since Bill Clinton. I think it should be a law that the president has to have acat in the white house as an advisor- after all we used to be royality! I think people seem to forget that and feel that Dogs are mans best friends- I say ha . I am thinking of writing a movie and sendint in for a show that just has cats in it I think People will tune in just to watch- oh sure other other animals can have bit parts but the cats will be the stars.!
I had a peaceful morning- I did Yoga with Lucy played strings and sat and purred on my human sisters lap- The dogs are gone at teh dog park so it is very peaceful. You can not do anything with out Scrappy butting his fat body into things- He is a PEST!
Well I am going to go work on my cat script


Dogs onTV

January 24th 2012 7:34 am
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I wonder why dogs are always on tv and not cats? I watched a show Castle last night and they had a whole bunch of cats of course it was about a murder at a dog show-- why not a cat show - it would have been more interesting and woud have cuter animals to watch. Then on Sunday a local show had puppies on- Good day Sacramento had puppies on the show. They had them on for people who do not like football or the 49ers. Well how about people who do not like dogs or puppies- like me! cats would havew been such a better choice. I am really getting tired of theis anti cat on Tv. I am thinking about Boycotting Tv or writting to the stations about it. Dogs are annoying and not that easy on the eyes or head turners, I should know I live with 2 that are not the best looking. Lucy and I are so much better looking then those 2. Every cat knows that they can act better and are better on tv than dogs- we feel that it is discriminaton.
Well I am off my soap box about cat discrimination on tv. We have fog- well atleast the storm monsters are gone so that is good. My human sister is looking for a better job, I hope she finds one soon. Scrappy is to get his own page this weekend he is excited about that then all the kids on dogster and catster can see what a brat he is.( In my View)

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