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Nikita's view of the world.

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well they are still here! WHY???

August 26th 2013 7:53 am
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Hello Friends
You might be wondering who is still here- well it is Roxie.and Bijou. They are brats and I do not know why my humans like them or even Love them. They do the following things.
1. They start fights with me- my humans think they want to play with me- well I do not want to play with them. They are not my type of friends. If I wanted to play with them I would.
2.hey still my sleeping space- I ind them and they take it- My humans say it is asharing place and I need to share
2. steal My treats
4. start fights and steal my humans attention from me. I think I should have been a single forever animal. I LOVE be an only pet.
My human sister and I do not think she got the job she wanted. It is a sad situation. I guess they know she Loves Bijou and Roxie aqnd do not want to hire her because of them- I understand. Bijou and Roxie have Bad Personally Disorder and I think the place thinks it will rub off on her. ( Ny solution to finding a decent job- Get rid of Bijou and Roxie)
The forrest fires are still burning out of control here in Ca and the Farmers Almanac predicts a very cold winter- I know Bijou and Roxie are to Blame for that too-- give me a few seconds and I will find a reason for that too.
See with all these problems I do not know why Bijou and Roxie are still here- they are NOTHING but TROUBLE!!
I hope are you are enjoying your days or last few days of summer .


Living with Pests= Roxie and Bijou! Humid weather again and- fires

August 25th 2013 8:11 am
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Hello furs.
I live with Pests!! Yes it is True Roxie the new dog and Bijou the new cat are PESTS!!! What do they do? Well let me tellyou. Yes I do admit I do not like them at all and do not think I ever will!!!
1. Still My kitty treats Temptations
2. Bother me- just so pesty that I have to thro w my paws at them and his1
3. Bijou ha a weird meow and Roxie has a freaky bark that pierces my ears and Bijou membles when she meows.
4. steal atention from me
5. try and boss me around- Notice I say try
6. Wake me up all hours of the day and night for no reason.
7. Steal my sleeping and hiding spots
8. Kiss up to humans- They need to learn that Humans kiss our paws We are the boss and Humans should wantus to pay attention to them- not the other way around.
I just wish that they would go back to where they came from. I called a taxi to come and get them but the Taxi Never came! I guess they did not understand Meows!What is up with that!
Well the fires are still burning which is very sad and scarry- I hope the stop soon!! It is HOT and Humid. we usually do not have humidity here.My human sister has her interview today for the full time job I really hope she gets it. so PLEASE PLEASE pray for her- power of the paw- Paws for Luck and paws crossed that she gets it= we really need this job- been trying for 2,5 years to get a full time job- The economy is really bad here. well i got the neighborhood news to read. Alot of dogs and birds have moved in. Many scarry dogs!!


Scarry times-- Fires

August 24th 2013 7:19 am
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well the fires here in Ca are just exploding up by Tahoe and Yosemitte. It is scarry I hope that they get them under control or they might just take over are state. I hate fires they do so much damage. I hope all the wildlife animals are ok.
Well one day unill my human sister has her interview for the job. We all have are paws crossed that she gets this job. We really need it it is full time. Please everyone keep paws crossed and power of the paw or prayer that she gets it.
Well I think that Roxie and Bijou will be getting their Catster/Dogster page in September. I do not like that I wanted to be the only one to have a page and be on Catster. It made me special. Well I am and always be a very special kitty.
see ya


This world is a BIG MESS!!! Power of paw needed ASAP!!!- PLEASE READ LONG DIARY__ THANK YOU

August 23rd 2013 5:55 pm
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well the heat is on plus the humidity. I hate those 2 things. The two invaders are still in my home- Bijou the Black cat and Roxie the Terrier who is a real menus to society.
I feel so sorry for all the furs and humans that are caught up in the TERRIBLE fires that are all over the west. Fires scare me!! I really hate the one close to me the Yosemitte fire- it keeps growing and nothing will stop it. I feel so sorry for all the wild life who live there, I hope that they are all safe. I worry about them. Then there is flooding in parts and all kinds of weird weather. I tell you it is Climate change= Boy humans sure have messed up this planet I think. Then there is the poor people and animals over in Egypt and Syria that is awful how their governbmant treats them. I am glad with all our problems are Government and country treat us good- Not perfect but good. You can not complain! we Love OBama in this house. It is sad that 50 years ago after Martin Luther Kings JR I have a deam speach and things have Not improved very much, the rich are still getting richer and the poor poorer and people of color still; face discrmination.
With all the animal movements we have discrimination to - NOT as Bad as the humans but take the pitt bulls, bully breads. Black animals and Siamese- we stillf ace negative stero types.
Now my human sister needs prayer, power of the paw fingers crossed that she gets this JOB. we really need it. It is full time and a nice place to work. I hope she gets it. I am tired of living like this. Humans always home and in my bizz- unleast when they work full time you have some peace to do Cat things and Dog things. I just hope and pray that they will hire her. She really needs this job and it will make it her happy. So please help us out with the power of the paws.

Well I guess Next month Bijou and Roxie are finally going to get their own Catster/ dogster page. It willl not be as cute as mine because I am adorable. well Igot neighbors to watch so I got to go. Sorry it is so long- I hope you furs will read, comment and keeps paws crossed on the job front! Thanks furs in advance


Finally cool temps 80's and 90's- I am back- Love the cool temps for Aug

August 10th 2013 10:20 am
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well for August we have been very Lucky temperture wise. It is only in the 80's and low 90's. August is usually a hot month or should I say a very HOT Month!!!!;( I am happy because I hate the heat. Well this is climate in action- weird weather- many think we will have an early fall. I do not like the fall - it makes me sad because my momma human is not here and she LOVED the holidays. It is almost 2 years since she i gone. I can not beleive that it is almost 3 months since Lucy and Abbey are gone. Now I have these 2 new kids that are pests! My computer broke and was broken for a 3 weeks and now the car is broken. My humans have still not found full time jobs so our life is still the same! I do not know whyit is so hard- they are nice people and hard workers! UI think the economy still sucks!( excuse the kitty language)
I thought Bijou and Roxie would be gone by now but it looks like they are here to stay-My humans seem to LOVE them and for the life of me I can not find or figure out why?? well I am going to go and enjoy the cool temps see ya around. Hope are all having a FANTASTIC SUMMER!!! I hope all living in the flooded areas are safe and no one is having terribly hot weather!


I am on a night mare on Elm Street=Bijou and Roxie

July 6th 2013 9:59 am
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I am on a Nightmare on Elm Street. Thye will not leave I have done everything to make them leave except put them on Craigs list and taking them back myself( Thinking of doing those- putting them on Craigs list and to the shelter. if I can get myself outside) Those 2 are a menasse to society- My society. I do not like them at all!!!;( Bijou is always into my things and space asnd even ueed my litter box and not hers!!How rude of a cat is that! Ido not use her litterbox- I use my own- I like having my own litterbox- using another cats littebox is just plain RUDE! She is into all my space and stuff- she is just a plain Pest! She wants to be friends and well I just do not like her- after all she has bad manners using my litterbox and eating my treats!!! Then there is Roxie the dog- what can I say she is a dog- I do notlike dogs!!! Abbey the pest was ok Lucy had her well trained- this one is to dum to train. She is hyper and bounces like a ball- she is a dog Not a ball and she should learn that and the difference between the two- yeah both do not have brains- but get real. I do not know why my humans like her. She is up all night spying on me and my nightly activities then there is Bijou following me aroudn at night- how am I suppose t get my cat stuff done with those 2 folowing me and spying on me- Can't I have some Peace and quite for a change? When I was new to the family I let Lucy and Abbey have their space and Not inot their bussiness. I knew how to act- well I am a Siamese/ Burmese Cat and we are extra special- If I do not say so myself!! How could you resist a cat like me I am perfect and Have NO flaws! These 2 on the other paw Have way to many for me to count!
Well it has finally cooled off- went from 110 on the 4th of July to 84 on the 5th of July- Deta Breezes came in! Thn the cats God for those breezes. going to be 88. It is lower than reg temos in July- All these tem swings are climate change- abnormal weather. Aweek of over 105 is not right for anyone and we do not have that here.
Well I got to go and mediate and yoga. see ya all later. Going to enjoy the cool temps and figure a way to leave the door open so they Bi Jou and Roxie run out and away- not just have to figur way to climb up and unlock door and open it with my paws- any ideas.??? I do not want my humans to know I had anything to do with them leaving- they would be very upset.
I also have to find a new spot to sit and mediate they the humans keepfinding me and bugging me- they do not want me to think they dont love- wait how could you not love me- I am one lovable cat- If I wanted this attention I would let them know- dont they understand cats! I am a little upset with them for them bringing Bijou and Roxie home- don't they understand that? Humans!!! they are a strange breed- but got to love them for all their flaws.


Day after the 4th- cooler temps- yesterday 110 plushumidy-=OCH!- OH yes Thanks for the gifts!!

July 5th 2013 9:55 am
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I hope all you furs survied the 4th of July Independence Day. I did It was not that bad. Not to many boombs only 1 million instead of a zealon like where I used to live. The Heat is still here. It was 110 degrees plus humidity it was stiffly Blazing HOT!!!! Hopefully the delta breezes blow in a cool things down. This climate change is for the NUTS!! Bijou and Roxie are still here- I was hoping the booms would chase them away- But NO they are still here.Bijou and Roxie were not to upset with the Booms- silly kids! Now the next scarry Holiday is Halloween which is right around the corner.
Thanks to all the nice kids who left all those nice gifts for me, Lucy Abbey and Scrappy. We greatly appreicate them. Bijou and Roxie will get pages by Aug 2013 If they are still here(Dont worry I know my humans will keep them around Unfornutally for me) Well it seems coolewr which is good. I just hope myother sister will get a decent paying job- one has and one has not. I am getting very worried. Well hope all are well, safe and enjoy the weekend. Thanks again for all the nice gifts- We really appeciate them very MUCH!Hope all are recovered or recoving from the noisy nasty 4th of July.


Happy 4th of July- Thursday and DDP on wednesday 7-3-2013

July 4th 2013 8:39 am
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Happy4th of July yth. It is very scarry night ahead with lots of loud booms and other weird noises. It is very hot over 105 for a week straight plus humidity. It stinks and I hate the heat. Cliamte change I say!! Thanks to Catster for picking me as DDP on wednesday 7-3-2013. Thanks to all the nice furs who left comments and gifts I greatly appreciate them! The invaders are still here Roxie and Bijou- they do not get thta I do not like them or want them here. I hiss snarl growl and hit at them and they still stay-- NOT bright at all.!!!
Been watching Big Brother one of my favorite programs that my humans let me watch- very disappointed. They are all strange idiots who are also racists. I do not like racists. Do not know it I will wtach or not according to the blogs these are not nice people- must not have any pets or they would not act like that.
well I am off to go find a cool and quite spot for the day and night that roxie and Bijou can not get. see ya on the 5th. Have a Safe dsy and night take care and bee cool


It is HOT!! 106 Happy canadian day. sorry for- firefighters(19) in Arizona

July 1st 2013 7:54 pm
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well we reached 106 today. It is very HOT and now the humidity is coming with about 40 percent. The invaders are still here- I thought they would be gone but No they are still here!!!! Roxie the dog and Bijou the cat. I just do not like them at all and do not understand why my humans brought them here. I did not need friends, and I LOVED being an only= Lonely but spoiled and now I have two new pets.
My hearts and prayers go out to the fire fighters in Arizona the 19 who died in the wild fire around Prescott Arizona. Hope their families are fine and if they left behind any pets they are ok and safe( dont end up homeless ina shelter)
Happy Cananada Day to all the Candian Kitties I hope they are enjoying your day.
I hope all the cats in the heat wave are fine and safe in the HEAT, the ones in the fire area are all ok and the rainy areas are not be flooded and are ok. This weather is strange = Climate change I believe.
We are expecting heat to be 110 plus 35 percent humity or more. Heat dangers. I hate the heat.My one human sister has a friend who loves this weather she is strange to like this weather and NOT have any pets. hey maybe I can send Roxie and Bijou to her house!
well for the Kitties in the USA it is 3 days until the big BOOMS! Scarry day and Night- Not looking forward to it- almost as bad as Halloween.
I got to go and find a cool place to sleep and sit, Have a good Night and day


Another Cat and 108 degrees

June 30th 2013 8:02 pm
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Hello This computer has Heat Gremlins it keeps messing up. It is 108 degrees . I hate the heat. There is not reason for it to be hot or 108 or I guess it is climate change, My family brought home a new pet well at least it is a Cat. A Black kitty with Golden eyes named Bijou who is 2 years old and from the sac county pound. well I do not like the heat the computer acting up or all these pets coming in. I hope no more come, Yes I know I thought I wanted some fur mates/ Brothers sisters. But I was wrong- I was influenced by humans. Anyway I thought that they would be nice furs and these kids are not, I just do not like them I can not figure out why. Everyone says in time I will But I do not think they have meet these 2. They are opne of a kind. for some reason I am to blame for not getting along- Oh sure I hiss and growl but I have to show them that I am Boss and do ot mess with me or even try to become Queen Bee cat because that is taken by me. After all asimese is the only cat who knows where it is at! and do not argue my views and beliefs are right and if you think differently then you are wrong and their will be problems.

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