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Nikita's view of the world.

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February 19th 2012 11:28 am
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OMG! dogs have taken over the Tv. Now they are doing commercials for cars. It will be a very scarry day when dogs drive. I wonder why they do not have cats on tv. One of my human sisters said it is because we demand to mucha nd hard to work with- I say that is hog wash- us cats are very easy going and easy to work with!!! I got to go. My sisters are heading out with the dogs to the snow- Thank Goda apeaceful day to enjoy myself.


I am a hero

February 18th 2012 8:22 am
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Well, once again I show that cats are better than dogs. This morning I got my human sister up. Yes, it was a cat did the job. My human sister aways gets up early at the same time. It is like clock work. She gets up and feeds us. Well today she was going to get up 10 minutes earlier, but did not. I knew she wanted to get up earlier, so what did I do. I jumped up on the bed and sat on top of her just staring. She quickly woke up and said oh my Thank you Nikita for waking me up. She was so happy I got an extra treat. Now we hear how dogs are the once who help humans, but I do believe that belief is wrong as I am a helper and the dogs were just sitting in the living room doing nothing. Not much help if you ask me. I think my helping humans is going to change the whole belief system that cats are not helpful. I going to keep working on that, and showing how laszy dogs really are. I think I will start a movement


Dogs on TV

February 17th 2012 11:15 am
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Hello Cats
I have some scarry news. It looks like the dogs aretaking over the local ABC daytime t.v shows. They were on the view, the chew and the revolution. Why do the dogs get to be on TV and not cats? I watched the Views Mutt show and there was NOT one dog I would want to share my home with, as Far as mylittle blue eyes could see not one good lookng dog. I do admit thatis nice that they are having mutts on Tv to try and find them homes from shelters- because Iguess They deserve a home. I just think that it would only be fair to have a cat show, we are a lot easier on the eyes and head turners than dogs. cats bring alot to peoples lives too. We are wonderful animals too. I think cats should have a protest against this anti discrimination of catys on TV. Maybe we should not watch TV shows unless cats are on them- I think that is what I am going to do. Now I hear on the local news that Pitt dogs are having a separate spay nuture and vacation clinic hhere in sac ca. Again us cats are left out. This is not right. I am going to go watch the neighborhood and think of ways to boycott T.v show with out cats and not be bored whn my humans are not home. well Lucy says I am writing a book, and others need the computer because my human sister needs to look for a job.


Bad Luck

February 17th 2012 8:21 am
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Well it seems that my Asthma was reared its ugly head again. I have alittle asthma problem I hate having it. I think I got my germs from Lucy because she has astha quite regulary. Oh by the way Lucy I do not have fat cheeks- they are fluffy and cute! Lucy is still trying to steel the warm cozy coat from me. I do not know why she thinks she can have everything- she because she is older. It is a month until my 5th birthday- getting excited for it. Not doing anything exciting, I could not do my yoga , running and other stuff due to my athma. Any way my human sister went for a walk last night and I had to stay up and wait for her to get home. Abbey and Scrapppy slept through the whole thing- and they call themselves a watch dogs! Balony I say I am a better watch cat then they are. I guess I should go look out the window and see what is going on. I should see what our front yard Frog is up to- I have not heard him in a while.


February 16 2012

February 16th 2012 7:49 am
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It is a sunny day but cold. Guess what I found a nice new spot to sleep in. It is my sisters old coat it is coszy , warm and soft. The only problem istha Lucy claims she found it first and will not move from the spot and we have to share it. I think Scrappy is getting lazy and spoiled, oh yes he claims he is sick but I do not htink so. He slept in until 6 am got his breakfast in bed and gets his own walk. I think he is just a pampered spoiled dog. I hope I can find a new warm and cozy spot to sit in and lUcy can have this old on. I think I am going to go and look for one.


Wednesday 2-15-2012

February 15th 2012 8:27 am
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Well I survied Valentines day with out much fanfare. It was a good day for me! Congrats to Lucy and Scrappy for being DDP it is funny they got it on the same day- dog and cat. Now all three have gotttne it this past week except me. Well i am not worried I have had many times and my diaries are good Ctat diaries so I am sure my time will come. I hope one of my dogs do not get it the same day. Thanks to the furs who sent me the nice heart on valentines day it was nice of them!Oh my one human sister who likes Criminal Minds is off tonight so I will be able to watch that show- itis one of my favorite programs. I hear once we move we are going to get some fish. It willbe a private lake for me and Lucy to go fishing. We LOVE fish!! I found a new new spot to sleep in- on the back of the sofa. It is real comfortable. I have to go there so Lucy does not get it or worse yet-- Scrappy! he has tried- i saw him with my 2 beautiful blue eye- I know I could not believe it myself.- a dog trying to steal my cat spot-- How RUDE!!


Valentines day

February 14th 2012 8:09 am
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL FURS! I hope allkids are having a great day and are as Lucky as me. I got some treats Frikies and cat nip. No I am NOT spoiled I got my human sisters something too, a stuffed frog and socks. I also have a very peaceful morning as the dogs are at the park. Oh also Max goes home finally he was here for 6 days I was beginning to think that we were going to get a new dog! Not a good thing for me! It is a sunny morning it is to rain this weekend. I found a new spot to sit on the arm of the sofa it is very comfortable. I ran aroun 1;30 was worried one of my human sisters could not sleep so she went for a walk , so I was able to get my run in with out waking her up and complaining or asking what I was doing! Well I am going to look for our frog that hangs out in our front yard. see Ya furs. I hope everyfur has an excellent Valentines day!


rain finally

February 13th 2012 8:29 am
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The rain finally came. Well all I got to say is it is about time . we really need it.!! Oh congrats to Abbey for getting DDP on dogster. On t.v the show Good Day Sacramento the anchors are running for President of the show-- weird but I will not cast my vote or thow my support for Amy C I do not like her. I will vote for Cody he has 3 cats. If a man has 3 cats then he can not be all that bad so he should be president and he has No dogs- Smart man cats only. My tummy was upset again last night. My human sisters thinkit is because I eat to much and my tummy gets sick- I say it is germs i get from scrappy he is a very germmy Dog. I got my run in the house done early this morning and now going to do yoga. I do not see any birds or Squirrels or No frogs. I thought Frogs liked this weather so that they would be out- but nope! I feel sorry for all the homeless pets in this weather- very sad!I think I will go and see if there are ducks floating down the creek. write to you later. It seems like a boring day with rain. The dogs will be home to pester me.


I found a new spot to sit.

February 12th 2012 11:30 am
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new spot to sit in the house It is very nice. It is on the arm the sofa. It is very comfortable. Sometimes I sit on the cushin but Lucy and I fight over the spot. During one fight my human sister infered with our fight. She tried to make me move to the other side. I did not think that was fair so I moved right back and squeezed in next to Lucy. I treid to get Lucy to move by giving her a bath and nope she would not move. She said she had the spot first. I said no. So we ended up sharing it. I do not think I am going to give her a Valentine because she does not deserve it because she will not let me have my spot I found-- after all I found it first- even though she says she did. I am going back to my spot so Lucy or worse yet Abbey or Scrappy take it!
See ya later


Just me up to my usual stuff

February 11th 2012 7:10 am
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Not doing anything special. I ran my laps at 2;30 am this morning. I woke my human sister up I was going so fast and cheering myself on with my meows. It was fun. I do not know why she asked Nikita what are you doing? she should have known.- Humans! I helped make Valentine Cupcakes yesterday and she droped some frosting on the floor and I went and licked it up it was mighty tasty! It was Pink! with sprinkles in it. Well I am going to go watch Good day Sacramento- I do not know why I do not like one of the humans on it Amyc. It is covering a dogs Phat Tuesday part why not a cats we have them too! The dogs are going to dog park so I am happy about that finally some peace.

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