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New spot

March 8th 2012 7:35 am
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Hi Furs
I found a new spot to sit and sleep. It is in a small basket on the floor. It is a cute little bbasket and I fit nicely in it. Lucy can not steal it because she is to big to sit in it. I can sit in it and no one can find me and scrappy has no idea where I am. I look very cute in the basket. Now I am sitting behind the computer and looking out the window. I am watching for any peeping kitties looking into our house through the bushes. I caught one big orange kitty doing that. I know that I am a very cute cat and he wants to look at me because I am a real head turner but peeping into other kids houses is just rude! well I sould go, can't write alot as my human sister is looking for a new job and I have to help her. I am having a nice peaceful morning as the dogs are at the park.


No chuckle shows

March 7th 2012 6:51 pm
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Well My one human sister is home to night who likes Crime drama T.V Shows, so I have to watch them. My other human sister and I like commedys we call Chuckle shows because they Make us laugh and I can not watch those on Abc tonight. I do not know why I can never watch my programs, always the humans shows. I do not like crime shows as they scare me and give me kitty night mares. We watched crime shows and chuckle shows last night and I had a kitty night mare and she was paranoid about the strange car. I think the cats should be able to watch Animal Planet 24/ 7 they have very good programs on that station, but No I have to watch these Crime dramas. Life is not fair. Maybe I will sleep though it then do my exercises and patrol work at night- but No becaus e if there is a chance i can watch my cxhuckle shows I will miss it. I heard the frogs again last night I do not understand why they are so Noisy. well I am going to go because survivor is on soon and I want to get a good spot to watch it. Oh Thanks to all the nice Kittys thatleft very nice comments on my diary- it is kind of you. Oh Congrtas again to Abbey for getting DDP ondogster.


HI it is just me

March 7th 2012 7:45 am
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It is sure Windy today, Just like yesterday. It is so windy we could be blowen away. Last nightthere was a strange white car parked out side our house for hours. The dogs thought nothing of it so Lucy and I had to take over and do cat patrol. It turned out to be ok but it was a strange car that we never saw before.The car left around 1 am. I was on patrol in one of my sisters rooms sat on a pillow and kept my eye out the window. I was busy on patrol that I did not get my run into 5 am this morning but I was still able to get 8 laps around the house in. I was able to do my yoga at 630 am. Well Now I am a little tired from all this wind and patrol work that I will have to take a long morning nap. We got another plant in the house, pretty soon this house is going ot be full of Plants and no room for us pets. well My human sister needs a new job by June so I got to go and let her have the compuiter to look, I hope she finds one. I keep giving her power of the paw and nothing happens- It is sad and scarry. She has one it is just not that good. Oh yes Congrats to Abbey for being DDP on Dogster today.



March 6th 2012 8:22 am
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I am such a good kitty, I sat on my human sisters lap and heleped her help us write in our diaries purring. I got my cute picture that Callie mad me put on my page and I look adorable in it. My beautiful blue eyes really shine! I am sucha cute cat if I do not say so myself. I am perfect! I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning and said to myself boy I am one beautiful head turner of a catwith a purrfect personality. My humans are sure Lucky that they have me as a cat! Now I know why all the neighborhood cats come and climb bushes to get a peek at me- I am gorgious! Well I think I am going to go take a nap and work on my beauty sleep- well wait I do not need beauty sleep, but I am tired so I need a nap. I did bet my yoga and running in today. 6 times around the house. Wow no wonder I am tired.


A Nice Gift--Thanks Callie

March 5th 2012 7:04 am
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I got a nice gift today- it was a picture of me being DDP today, it was from Callie. It was very nice of her to do that- So Thank You. My Human sister is going to put it on my page later on today. Last night I had to get my claws trimmed with Lucy I hate that. We are not dogs and do not need them trimmed.Lat night the dogs were not keeping the neighborhood awake all night with their barking- it was very peaceful. I had a nice run through the house last night. They left a little bit of dog food on a plate last night and I ate it and it tasted mighty good. Well I guess I should go and look out the window for birds- Spring is right around the corner and Robins should be coming. It is suppose to rain on Tuesday I hope so we need it.Thanks Ctatster for picking me for DDp for the second day in a row. I appreciate it!;)


new spot

March 4th 2012 8:11 am
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I found a nice new spot to sleep. It is on the card tabble. it is nice place to sleep and sit, I can keep an eye on the window and make sure no strange cats are peeping in my windows. Nothing new with me. Thanks Catster for picking me for DDP. I appreciate it. My heart goes out to every one effected by the Toredos in the Midwestand South, especially Missouri they were hit last year and now now. I hope things turn out ok for them


Not a happy kitty

March 3rd 2012 10:01 am
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On friday I helped my human sister make cupcakes the lemon kind with Lemon frosting. Lucy and I were hungry and thought since we helped make them that we should get a sample. Since my human sister was not on the same page as us, we helped ourselves to one. It was very tasty! Lucy and I are good little bakers I am sure they would not have turned as good if we would not have helped. Well the dogs saw us eating and had to help themselves and were little piggy they ate 2 each! My human sister was not to happy that we made a mess but thought it was cute. Then we had a very late dinner not until 8pm because they were out running around and other Shanigans. I am not sure what they were up to, but I do not appreciate having to wait so long to eat it was just plain rude! They claim they were at the pet store getting food for us and the grocery store getting food for them. My thoughts are they could have come and fed us then went to the store for their food or waited until today to get their food. Today is a nice sunny day like spring. I had a peaceful morning as the dogs went running with a dog running group, so I had 2 hours of peace and quite from them. I should have a cat running group as I am becoming a very good runner. I run around the house at night atleast 6 times. I have a nioe fun time for 1.


I am a good and sweet cat

March 2nd 2012 7:53 am
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Well I was an extra special kitty last night. I slept with my human sister with out being forced to( door locked so I could not get out) I slept right up by her head on her pillow and purred her to sleep. I have not done that all night since my momma human died. Usually Scrappy is in there but he was some where else. It is sunny today. I hope the neighborhood cats that run amoke do not decide to come and hang out in my yard, This is not their house or home so why do they think they can come and poke around my yard. I know I am very good looking and nice and they want to get a glimse of me but really I do not want them over here. I eally do not have much else to say, I think I will also help with the cupcakes especially if you get a sample of the Lemon Cream. Catch ya later have a good day.


Rain and cuddling

March 1st 2012 9:42 am
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I am a very loving kitty today. I sat in my humans sisters lap for 45 minutes and just purred ad talked. I purred very loud which I have not done it a long time. I love getting attention. I am helping my sister clean, pack and look for jobs too. I like to help Lucy is not the only cat that helps out. It is raining so no birds to look for. I got my run in the house at 1.30 I knocked over several things but oh well they should not have been in the way. I help my sister make bread and pound cake yesterday, did Lucy No she did not. I got to go and see where my help is needed. Oh caongrats to Abbey for Being DDPon dogster.


Leap year day and mischief

February 29th 2012 8:08 am
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The Rain finally came- we need it. This weather has made me really wild. I have been running all over the house and knocking stuff over. Boy am I having fun.We have not had any cats climbing the bush and peeping in and watching Lucy and me. My human sister says it is our admirers and I tend to think that they are my admireres because I am cuter and younger. I saw the wind monsters again last night and I had to go and hide on the sofa in living room so thatthey could not find me. I got my run in around 2.30 this morning after the monsters disappeared. I can not believe that February is over and March is right around the corner. I birthday is 16 days away and I am quite excited for it. I hope Lucy has a big cat bash planned for me. I deserve it.Well I am going to go with Lucy and mediate under the blankey.

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