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Catster changes and rain

March 16th 2012 8:36 am
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Any cats not like the new set up on catster? Myhuman sister gets upset because I have a cat problem getting to my diary to write, we like the old one better. You know cats they do not like change. Well why could they not just leave things the way they were?I am glad they are coming out with a magazine.
We still have rain 5 days in a row, On saturday is my 5th birthday I am quite excited it is also St. Patricks Day. I hope Iget some nice treats. Oh cats have you noticed there aare alot more cat commericals on? All I got to say is it is about time. I hid in the closet and got shut in. I was in there for 2 hours no wonder I am grumpy, I do not like to be shut in closets. Why didn't my humans look before they shut the door.
well got to go



March 15th 2012 7:51 am
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Well it finally stopped raining, for a moment I thought we would flood. last night I got some chicken. It was very good. Today one of my human sisters sad I was chunky. I am NOT chunky, I thinki I look very healthy and fit. I think it is all the muscle I am building with my exercises, after all I did run 8 times around the house last night. I slept with her last night which she likes and should make her happy then she says I amchunky- I do not htink I am chunky. 2 days until my birthday. I got to go and see what is going on in the neighborhood, catcha on the flip side



March 14th 2012 7:34 am
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Well it is raining again. I guess we really need it. Boy the frogs are really out and the ducks, One duck was swimming down the creek and seemed to be really enjoying itself. Well todnight will be nice my favorite T.V shows are on- I call them my " Chuckle" Shows, they are on ABC. I really like to watch those shows. I got my run in the house done early last night around 12;30 am I ran 10 laps it was quite enjoyable, I jumped over my human sisters face several times waking her up. Well she was in my way- it was on my route- It is not my fault. well I am going to look and see if I can see any more Ducks floating around.


no Scrappy or Rain

March 13th 2012 7:51 am
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Well I am not happy no Rain, I thought for sure when I got up we would be in a flood according to the news there is suppose to be a big storm blowing our way. It must be crawling here because it has not showed up and it was suppose to be here on Monday. Well It is awfully quite here with out Scrappy, no one to bark at me when I am eating or chase me around. I miss the little guy . I hope he is happy and has no pain in heaven, there is a big emptiness with out him. It is a few days until my birthday and i am very excited about it. Well I am going to look for the storm if it ever comes. The whole country is having weird weather I am thinking Lucy might be right on this climate change thing.


Scrappy went over the rainbow bridge

March 12th 2012 12:47 pm
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Little Scrappy died today. at 9:00 am in his sleep. I will miss him chasing and harassing me like he has done in the last 6 months.
Rest In Peace Scrappy
We will miss you and alsways love you


being Fuzzy

March 12th 2012 7:43 am
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I can only write a samll onew today s my human sister has to look for a job. We really need it as our car broke, thatis all we need. But on the good side I recovered from my bath and I am all fuzzy. I do not like be fuzzy is like my fur is out of control and I put my paw in a electric socket. My humans love my fuzzy fur. I only have 5 days until my birthday. I hope my family finally gets some luck.


yeeks a Bath and a fight!!!

March 11th 2012 1:04 pm
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It started out to be an ok day . It was raining, but then it stopped. That is when things when bad. I had to have a bath, yep both Lucy and I had to have a bath. I fought so hard I got my sisters hair wet and knocked everything over in the tub. I hate baths I feel like I am drowning. Doesn't she know that cats give themselves baths? We are not dogs who are to lame to know when to take a bath and like going around smelly! I do not know why a vet thinks a cat has impurities on their fur and needs a human bath to get it off them- I think she is crazy and should have her license taken away. The dogs Abbey and Scrappy had baths yesterday, but that is ok they were dirty and smelled- but they always smell in my view of things. They got to go to the local park and play which was nice because that gave me some peaceful time this morning. well I hear from Lucy that we get salmon for a treat, well she should give us something for torturing us. I hope the dogs do not get any they do not deserveany they got a fun day. atleast she had the brains to to trun ont he heater so we will be warm as we dry. If my momma was around she would not put up with this. Oh how I miss her! I got to go and get some salmon


I am finally First

March 11th 2012 8:15 am
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Well I finally get to write in my diary first. I am usually last. The Rain finally came today- it is about time we really need it. I have not been doing much, well at least with this rain I do not have to have a bath. My human sister thinks cats need baths to get all the junk off them, like we can not do it ourselves. It is going to rain all week I hope we do not flood! I hope all remebered to set clocks a head, I was the only pet at this house that was ready for it, all the others were sleepy heads. Scrappy did not get up until 7.30 what a Lazy Dog! It is 6 days until my birthday I am very excited for it. Well I am going to make sure that no cats are out and peeping into my house. See ya


Pet Crazy- Abc 20/20 Friday 3/09/2012 10 pm

March 10th 2012 9:01 am
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Well I watched the show. It was interesting and nice. I do have a problem with it. It was not long enough and it did not have enough about cats. Mostly dogs- I feel it favored Dogs. The only cat they profiled is Dusty the Simese Bandit cat- yes he is cute and all and what he did was cute. But why have a mischievioius cat on- why Not a cat who saved lives we are out there you know! All I got to say is that atleast us cats are smart enough NOT to let our humans dye our fur and all that weird stuff that dogs let their humans do to theirfur. Our Cat fur is pretty enough with ourt humans messing with it. They had Gigi on from Real House wives why didn't they have that white kitten from Fancy feast commercials on Fair is fair. Oh yes as a cat I am going to boycat Petco they have a dog as a spoke pet, why not a cat? I think they should have a cat we are more dignified , or least they should have a Co spokespet CEP(CEO). I am glad that my humans shop at Petsmart. Have you noticed that these 2 stores always show dog food on sale before cats- why can't we be first-w e are not second class citizens! I am working on equality for cats in the TV industry which in my cat view of things favores dogs. I think it will be a long struggle!
Now off my soap box on to my life.
Lucy and I caught a black long haied cat and an orange cat peeking into our house through the back door window. How rude of them. What werew they doing back there, it is not there yard. I hope they were not hunting back there. WEll we chased them off. My huiman sister thought they were cute and said they were our boyfriends. I do not think so- I only go for Meezers and Lucy Main coons. I am only 4 and to young for one anyway and Lucy says she is way to busy fo one. Well I am going on patrol for strangers peeping in to the house. I got my run in this morning 10 laps at 3 am.


Why am I Last

March 9th 2012 7:53 am
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I wonder why I am last to get to write in my Diary. It is not fair, I think we should take turns being first and last, but no I am never first, maybe second and last but Never first! I am not the youngest so I should not be last- Scrappy should and I am Siamese so I am special and should always be first. I just wish my human sister would see it that way but no, she does it her way and to stubborn to change it. well atleats we have written everyday this year since we started writing int he diary- that is our goal.
It is suppose be in the 70's and it to hot for this time of year, I like the heat, but not to hot like in the 100's which I am afraid are coming sooner . It is suppsoe to rain next week and we really need it. I have not seen one Robin around, aren't they the sign Spring is right around the corner which is in 11 days. My Birthday is in 8 days, I will be 5 years old, which I am happy about and sad as it will be my first one with out my momma human she always made it special.
Congrats to Scrappy He Finally got DDp on Dogster- I say about time! Thanks to all the nice furs that leave comments on my diary, I like it

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