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Nikita's view of the world.

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Good day

March 24th 2012 6:25 pm
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Well rain is on its way. I had a pretty good day Abbey was out and about doing errends with my human sister soI had a peaceful day with out any dogs. But she is not a good watch dog, my human sister was harrassed nby some weird biker guy and Abbey did nothing to protect her, they were almost run off the road and Abbey did nothing. IF I would have been there I would have showed them my claws and he would have taken off. What makes it worse is that my human ssiter defends her and says Abbey did Bark at him, well he still bugged them Then my human sister went and got 2 more plants for poor Lucy to have to take care of, she is training me to help with 32 that is alot of Plants to take care of sO Lucy does need help. us animals Have to help my human sister do taxes this week, I bet Abbey just sits and watches while us Cats do the Math as my human sister is not good at Math. Well I got to go an see what is going on with the Rain.


DDP today

March 24th 2012 7:44 am
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Well today is my turn to be Lucky I got Chosen DDP. I am very Happy about it! Thank you so much Catster for choosing me! Well we are waiting for rain it is to rain all week but as ussual it is late in coming and we really need the rain! I played Strings yesterday and I had fun. I like playing strings. Lucy and I had a real nice time messing around the house last night oh boy we had a ball. We knocked a few things over, but they were in our way. I got my laps in the house last night I woke my human sister up around 3 am running over her face, what can I say she was in the way of my run. yesterday was treat day so we got new treats, chicken and turkey flavored treats. We LOVE our treats. the birds came to our back Yard the first ones of Spring. I have not seen any Squirrels yet, which brings me to wonder where they are because we used to have a lot around here and now they have disappeared! I hope No one hurt them!Well I got to go and do my cat chores a cats work is NEVER done and think about where all the Squirrels are and waht dogs do all day. I think they just goof off and leave the work to us Cats.


Friday March 23 2012

March 23rd 2012 8:10 am
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Well I found a new spot to sleep in, it is a nice little basket that is small and Lucy is to big to fit in it, so I do not have to worry about her stealing it. My Basket is quite comfy and I fit nicely in it. We had a peeping cat Oliver from next door I think it is rude that he peeps into our house. I guess he thinks that Lucy and I are cute- he properly thinks I am cuter because I am. Congrats to Lucy for getting DDp again! She is one Lucky Kitty.


Thursday 3-22-12

March 22nd 2012 7:45 am
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well I have an upset tummy today, I think I ate way to much as I threw up on the bath room rug. I seem to be ok as I am able to run my laps 10 times and jump around. It is peaceful morning as Abbey is at the park. Yesterday I played strings with my human sister and had fun! I also slept with her last night, I snuck in and cuddled up on her pillow, I am such a sweet kitty. well I am going to go and take a nap.


Wednesday March 21 2012

March 21st 2012 8:15 am
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Well I got my 10 laps done early today aroun 2 am. I did my youga around 6 so now I am going to get ready and take anap. Maybe I will wake up and all the past 6 months have been a bad dream and our Momma Human will be back. we all miss her so very much. Yesterday I took a short rest with my human sister I slept with her in her arms and I looked so cute if I do not say so myself. I am very cute kitty. Last night I did not get to watch my programs as they watched 2 movies the Young Adult and the Desendents- I did not like either- but thatis just my kitty thoughts. I got some nice treats turkey flavored. I love turkey very much. Still no birds, I agree with Lucy thatthe neighbor's dogs keep them away.Well I got to go and help my human sister look for a new job- she could use all the help and luck in finding one.


Dancing with the Stars

March 20th 2012 8:43 am
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well I finally got to watch a program that I like. Dancing with the Stars. Ireally like that show. Last night it was fun to watch. My human sister wants Gavin Mc Graw to win and he is in last place. I know if I went on Dancing with the Stars I would win bcause I would be a natural. Happy first day of Spring. We have fog and clouds here. I have not seen any birds around, I just hear Frogs at night alot of Frogs. I had a little bit of ice cream, it was tatsty, No my humans did not give it to me, I had to help myself. It was good but cold! if humans are not going to share and be greedy with their food I have to help myself. I did my joggin I ran alot around the house and my yoga. I did sleep with my human sister last night and sat on her lap for 45 minutes purring and playing with the strings. I am finally beginning to talk alot like Siameses, it has been 3 years of not talking that I decided I better pipe up and talk and make sure my humans are doing things right- after all my momma human sis gone so I have to step up and take charge. Well I am going on cat patrol around the house. Oh before I go I see that the media barrons in charge have heard my complaints and are putting more cats on T.V Meow mix and purrina cat chow. There is also a new book out about a stray cat called Bob the street cat- I would like to read. All I got to say is that is about time us cats get the exposure we deserve! Move over marly here comes BOB!



March 19th 2012 8:03 am
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Hello. I am a very Lucky Kitty and very honored that Catster picked me as DDP. Thank You Catster.
I am really up to nothing much. It is kind of cool today only inthe 40's but no rain right now. It is going to rain again at the end of the week. What happened did we get moved back to January with the time change? Well My human sister thinks I am chunky. I am NOT chunky I am just right. I do not understand how she can say No treats Nikita when she is eating peanuts. Sure she runs miles with the Dog- Abbey but I do Yoga and run laps around the house to keep me trim. If she would let me outside I could run miles too like the dog. I am a very good kitty I slept with her last night right up by her head taking over the pillow. I love Pillow they are so soft and fluffy. Then this morning I sat on her lap and purred for 30 minutes- you do not see dogs doing that. She wants another dog since Scrappy died. I say No to any more dogs! I wonder where the birds and Squirrels are? All I hear is the frogs. Well I am going to see if I can find any birds or squirrells. One thing about this weather is that we do not have any cats peeing into our house.


A Very Good Girl

March 18th 2012 1:09 pm
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Last night I was a very good cat. It did not start out that way. My human sister wanted me to sleep with her all night. Well, I did not see it that way, and ran out of the room like a bat was chasing me. She was not happy. What does she think I am a dog who has no brain so relay on a human to make my decisions. Well, I had some business to do like yoga, running, and visiting with Lucy. After awhile I decided I would try and make her happy. So I gave up my 3rd late night run and went into her room and sleep on the pillow by her face. She was happy. It seems like little things we do for humans make them happy. They are not a complicated group. All you have to do is purr and they are happy. Sit with them and they are happy, Sleep with them and they are happy. Humans are funny

Oh yes, Lucy is diary pick of the the day. She is very happy so I am happy too.


My Birthday and St. Patricks day

March 17th 2012 7:49 am
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Today is my 5th Birthday. I am very happy about that. The only sad thing is that My momma human is not here to help celebrate it. I got 3 bags of treats and a can of special cat food for my birthday dinner. Boy last night was very stormy. I saw those wicked wind monster came back and were very scarry. I do notlike wind monsters they peep through the windows at you. Last night I purred one of my human sisters to sleep, I feel asleep in her arms, Today is St. patricks Day so happy St. Patricks day. I am a very lucky kitty to be born on this day. Many people are going to be out drinking and celebrating it, I do not know what Alchol is but people are already drinking it at a bar at 7 am. I know it makes people feel silly and act weird. There are suppose to be more storms coming in the next 4 days. I hope that no wind monsters come. The frogs and ducks like this weather, I heard the frogs last night and yesterday afternoon I saw a duck floating down the creek in the nasty rain, Ducks are part of the bird family so I guess theya re weird like birds. In a town down south they are having a big Lab dog show and Abbey is all upset that they are not having a wheaten dog show since they are from Ireland and it is and Irish Holiday. Personally I think that they should have a big party for All cats whose birthday is on St. patricks day. Why does everything have to be with Dogs? Did you know a man from Ireland created the oscars?Well I am going spend the dy celebrating my birthday by watching Basketball- I find it quite interesting.


Rain part 2

March 16th 2012 7:40 pm
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Hi furs
It is raining. I hope it does not rain on my birthday on sat. I know that we need the rain but 5 days of it is a little much- it should have come in Oct and continued on and not just come all at once. I think it would be only polite for it to stop raining on my birthday and be sunny- since I am such a nice and happy cat I think I deserve it to be sunny on my birthday. Now plus the rain now they are talking about Flooding- that is all we need. I see the creek across the street is pretty high. I guess since we begged for rain we should not complain, this climate change is for the birds! I am very excited about my birthday and have my birthday hat and stuff already, I hope I get some nice treats. I saw my humans bring a bag home and put it in a high cupboprad so I could not get in to it. I had 3 hours of peace as Abbey was gone and :ucy and I could run amuck with out anyone watching and eyeballing us. Well I think I will go and get some sleep as I have a big day ahead of me it is my birthday.

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