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DDP and the storm!!

April 12th 2012 9:03 am
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Boyis it raining buckets of rain! It is really coming down hard. Yesterday we had Lightening and Thunderstorms something we do not have much of here in Northern California. There was even a toredo in a town not far from us. Weird weather I say!! I hope we do not flood. Well today I got my running in two times. One around 2 am and then the second one around 830 am. Nothing else to say except I am bored. I slept ith my human sister for a little bit last night, until the wind monsters came. we do need the rain but I wish it came in the winter! My human sister says we eat to much snacks five bags this week and then she says this when she guzzles soda like it is going out of style. We say when she stops the soda we will stop the treats, I do not think I will have to worry about my treats for a Very long time. Boy Frogs must like this weather I heard them they must have been having frog parties the way they were croaking up a storm! no wonder we have so much rain it is the frogs Fault. well I got to go.


DDP for the 3rd time =Lucky kitty and Rain

April 11th 2012 7:47 am
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Well I do have the luck of the Irish or Siamese because I am DDp again. I am very Lucky and honored to be chosen again. I wish my Luck would rub off on my humans and they could find a job.Thank you so much Catster for picking me- Thank you.
Boy did it rain hard in the middle of the night, I was doing my laps and I saw the wind monsters trying to get in the house. Boy did they look mad that they could not get in. I slept in the hall so they could not see me!
Since it is raining we will not have any squirrels Peeping into our house or Oliver will be in his house and not sleeping in our bushes.
It is suppose to Thunder this afternoon and I bet those Nasty wind Monsters come back. I do not like Thunder.
Well I got to go and see if my human sister needs my help looking for jobs. Thanks agin Catster for Picking me as DDP. Thanks to all the nice furs who leave messages, they make my day ;)


Busy day while waiting for big storm

April 10th 2012 1:09 pm
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Hello. I have had a very busy day today. I helped my sister clean the house, look for apply for 10 jobs. ( I hope she gets one!) I helped Lucy on Cat patrol and we saw 2 squirrels peeping in to our house through th bushes. I do not know why they were peeping in, they can not live in a house- silly squirrels! then to our surprise and Horror we also found out that our neighbor cat Oliver has been sleeping ( taking a nap) in our front yard bush. That is very rude, he has a house and yard he does not need to com over and hunt and nap in our yard. yes we are house cats but leave our hunting alone! I got some nice treats, our human sister was eating bacon and we all got a little bite, it was ok but Lucy and I did not like it all that much. Then she left an Easter bunny Chocolate on the table and Lucy Knocked it off and Abbey was going to eat it but got Caught( what a pig!) well she was not to happy with us. so I guess i should go and do my yoga. I sat on her lap to try and make up to her. I am so cute and sweet that she can not stay mad at us for long. well I am off to look for peepers see ya


Waiting for a Big storm Again

April 10th 2012 6:58 am
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Hi Furs
Hi I guess we are on wait mode for the storm to come. They are always slow in coming. We really need the rain. I am upset last night I was peacefully running my laps in the house and all of a sudden at 2 am Abbey the dog just Started Barking for no reason at all. She claims people were out side, Lucy and I say No because I was doing laps and did not hear anything and Lucy was on patrol and did not see or hear anything. I think she did it to be a brat and seem like a hereo chasing people away. We were Lucky because we got the other Turkey leg from Easter yesterday and it was very tasty, I love Turkey. Well I got to go help my sister look for jobs. I wish the economy would improve so that so many people were not looking for jobs and she would get one. It is very scarry. well I will catch you in the funny papers!


Lucky Kitty DDP

April 9th 2012 7:19 am
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Hello Furs
I am one Lucky kitty. I was chossen DDP again- So Thank you Catster for choosing me. I am very luky kitty because I have such nice friends on Catster that give me gifts and for Tiny Tots for the nice picture( Will post tody hopefully) and nice comment. I got very nice gifts from the Bunny. Last night I was a little upset with Abbey she got Lucys left over Turkey, I should have gotten it it would be only fair since we are both Cats. I got my laps in 8 laps . I only could get 8 in because I was busy taking care of Lucy and her Asthma. I am good at Taking care of sick people. I slept with my human sister a little bit last night. Rain is suppoe to come again.It should have come in the winter not spring and ruin peoples plans. But We do need the rain. well I got to go and help my human sister look for jobs. Thanks again for all the gifts and comments and thanks again Catster for chooseing me as DDP


Easter sunday 4-08-2012

April 8th 2012 12:54 pm
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HAPPY EASTER my little furry friends. I hope you are enjoying ths day I know I am. I got some very nice gifts from the Bunny. 2 bags of reats and a special can of food. then we get Turkey tonight. I am one Lucky kitty. I got my laps in early I got 10 laps in. It sure is a nice day. Going to watch movies. Nothing really going on. Just relaxing. Allergies bothereing all. THanks again for all the nice gifts and comments- I appreciatye them all. Thanks to Tiny TOT for my special picture. I hope you had a GREAT EASTER see ya Later.


Saturday before Easter.

April 7th 2012 7:48 am
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well Yesterday I had to help( supervise) my human sister mow the lawn. It is very hard work making sure that she does it right. Now I am helping her make muffins and Eater Cookies. Boy I am one busy kitty. I am excited to get real Turkesy for our Easter Dinner, we get it at Thanksgiving Christmas and Easter. ILOVE TURKEY! Yesterday was petstore day and we got some treats which is always nice to get. I just wonder what the Easter Bunny will bring me. It will be our first Easter with out our Momma and Scrappy which will be very sad. Oh yes I am Lucky today as I was choosen DDP so Thanks catster for That Early Easter Gift and Thanks to all the Furs foir the special gifts I appreciate it. Thanks to all for reading my diary and leaving nice comments. Well I got to go and help bake. Have a GREAT EASTER!!!


ITs Good Friday- so Happy Good Friday to you

April 6th 2012 8:06 am
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Today is Good Friday so I hope everyone is having a good one. Nothing new with me today. Lucy said that the human brought home a big bag of Easter stuff for us, thatis funny I always thought that the Easter Bunny brought you the stuff. Maybe they are getting us something too. I am excited for the Easter bunny he always brings us great stuff. It will be a sad one with out our Momma. I hope my human sister finds a job- soon before they stop hiring. I ran 10 laps around the house today at 1 pm and woke my human sister up. she was not happy as she just feel asleep and it took a few minutes longer to fall back to sleep. Well It was not my fault her bed is on my route loup. She should move it if she does not want me running there. She runs and I bet no one complains where she goes. There was a squirrel peeping in our window through a bush today. I do not know why they were peeping- I guess they are just rude! Well Ia m going to go and help her look for a job.


A chilly Cold Morning for spring

April 5th 2012 8:06 am
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Itis a little chilly only 48 degrees today. Well I measured the window sills at our home and they are not 13 inches. I hope our new place they will be bigger. My human sister brought oreso cookies yesterday. I live oresos especailly the creams. Well I helped myself to the cream in the cookies and got in trouble because they are chocolate ones and Chocolates is not good for cats. Well if she was kind she would have bought the white ones, but I guess she did not want to share the cream with me so she brought the chocolate one. I went running around 2 Am this Morning jumped over my humans face 2 times. I slept by the computer which is a very comfy place I hope Lucy does not come and steal it. The neighborhood is very quite today no frogs, bird or Squirrels in my yard. It must be because it is a chilly willy morning. Nothing else going on I am going to help my sister look for jobs I hope she gets a decent one. We really miss our momma human. Life is very sad around here. It is quite with out Scrappy dog wither. I can not believe it is 3 days until the Easter Bunny comes. I hope I get something nice. it will be our first Easter without Momma or Scrappy.


Wednesday April 4 2012

April 4th 2012 8:13 am
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Well I got my laps around the house 12 total, pretty soon I will be able to go running with my human sister.I am becoming runner. A squirrel was causght peeping into my house this morning. How dare he. well One of my human sisters says I am chunky and that is why I fall off the window sill when I am lying on it, I say that is all hog wash I am Not chunky. I think I need glasses- I hear they are trying them out on Dogs why not cats? did you hear Vanna White is a BIG CAT lover, so I guess I will be watching Wheel of Fortune to support her. Lucy and I think all the Plants attract Squirrels.

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