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Jumping dogs

July 9th 2012 2:35 pm
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Who would have thought dogs could job. Because I do not like Sammy and do not trust him I have been sitting a lot on top of refrigerator. Today I was sitting on top of frige and I saw Sammy walking by. I decided to give him a warming as I hissed and growled at him. He turned around and looked at me. Then all of the sudden he started jumping and jumping. He can almost reach to top but can not reach. I just sat there staring and growling as he wore himself out jumping. He is not to smart as there no way a dog is going to fixure out how to get up here. I have to admit at first I thought he could jump and I was a little nervous as I growled real loud. My one human sister came to see what was going on and told Sammy to stop bugging me, and he did. She also said if I did not growl he would not see me which is probably true. Anyway I hope I can find another place where he can not bother me as I need a place of my own where I can just think without a dog bugging me. Lucy has a place under the bed which I might join her, but I do not think she want me.
I will find another place soon


BOY is it HOT Tripple digits all week!

July 8th 2012 10:40 am
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It is Hot. I like hot weather but nothing over 95 degrees. I bet you could cook an egg on the side walk. I am just going to take it easy today and all week. I hope all the furs are ok with their heat problems. It is Hot all over due to Climate changes- I hate it. The squirrrels were here peeping in the bush again. I got my laps in, only did them 2 times due to the heat. See ya. Take it easy



July 7th 2012 8:44 am
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Well Epona the dog who is Abbeys friend came and stayed the night. she si an d average dog. Atleast she RESPECTS US cats and Knows we Rule the Roost unlike Sammy who could take some lessons from her on how to treat Cats. The Squirrels were here peeping into the house this morning. I got my laps in early around 12.30 am- the neighbors were out really late messing around so I decided to do my laps. hey they were having fun so I decided if they can make noise and keep folks awake I could too.
Oh congrats go out to Abbey dog she was DDP on Dogster 2 days in a row. My human sisters are such air heads that they did not even know it, but hey Dogster Head quarters did not send a note like they do on Catster either. So Congrats to her. A heat wave is coming it is going to be n the Tripple digits. I hate the heat when it gets in the tripple digits. I hope all the cats in the heat are all ok and surving the heat that has this country by a strong hold- climate Warming. Thanks to all the nice kids who leave nice comments on my page. I am going on Cat patrol. see ya all later., going on cat patrol before the heat comes.



July 6th 2012 7:22 am
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Just wanted to say Say Thank you to all the kids who wrote comments on my page and sentr Rosettes. I really appeciate it!!!!;) My human sisters and I will be writing Thanks later on. we will work on it on their days off. But Thanks to all you who you are so very KIND!!!!!! I had a good day yesterday. I only have 3 weeks until Sammy goes. Epona comes this weekend. well I got to go and help look for jobs, and hopefully my good luck will rub off. Thanks again!!


A Very Lucky Kitty and a very shocking nice surprise!= Cat- of the day

July 5th 2012 7:54 am
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well toay I was told that I was DDp again, but my human sister looked again and found out I was cat of the day. I am very happy I purring up a storm!!! I never dreamed I would be that I have been on Catster for 3 years and never choosen, so I am pleasantly happy!!!! I am the first in my family to be choosen. Thank you Catster for choosing me! ( with out being rude I would like to say you did make a good choice I am a real head turner with my beautiful blue eyes and dark face! Just an adorable Kitty!!!)
I hope all you cats survied the heat wave that is going on. ifeel really bad for you. I agree with Lucy it is Climate change. I do not like tripple diget weather. It is going to get to the tripples digets this weekend here.;(
I hope all you did not scarred of the fire works- Lucy and the dogs did but I did not! I am glad it is over for another year. The squirrels must have been scarred off as they were not here this morning. I got my laps in, I do them every night and my humans think I am a little strange runnig around the house all hours in the morning.
Well I hope all the cats had a safe and good forth and have a great summer and handle the heat well. Thanks againt o catster for picking me as Cat of the day. I am going on Cat patrol and hope the squirrels and other criters stay away.


squirrels and exercise

July 4th 2012 3:13 pm
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Happy 4th of July

Well, today is our country's birthday. I can not believe it is 136 years old. Pretty old if you ask me. Anyway, It is kind of warm here, but the squirrels are still peeping in and spying. It is very upsetting. I really do not like squirrels looking at me. Sammy claims he chased one yesterday, but I do not think he did or they would not come back.

Due to the heat and Sammy I am still doing my jogging at night. I am up to about 20 laps at night. It always feels good to run. I am hoping when Sammy goes home I can run in the early moring too. Well, I am going to take a nap so I am alert to all the noise outside tonight. Have a good holiday


DDP and counting the days until Sammy is Gone

July 3rd 2012 7:55 am
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Hi It is 23 days until Sammy goes back home. I will be glad. My human sisters say they will miss him, I say they are NUTS!!! Oh Thanks to Catster for picking me for DDP today- I greatly appreciate it!!
The pesty squirrels were here peeping in the windows this morning, I had to chase them away. Now I hear crows in the front side yeard. I think My yard has gone to the birds and other criters, I think it is Sammys fault we never had this problem before!
Last Night we had some peace and quite as the dogs AKA Sammy and Abbey went to the park and running so I had an hour and half of peace. they are going to a park tonight too. They are out walking with their friends and going to the Big Dog park so I will have 2 hours of peace and quite. I heard some whispers and I did not like what I heard- Epona the big brute of a dog(Husky/Malumue) might come for the weekend. Well she likes cats and does not bother us, but whatare running a Hotel for DOGS!!! MOL I do not think so!!!
I Got my laps done early I am sure I am ready to go running with my human sister if only she would take me. Dogs are not the only ones who like to run.


Nice surprise

July 2nd 2012 1:12 pm
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Hi Friends
Wow I just found I was catster DDP. I am very happy about that! Thank You Catster for picking me. I really appreciate it. There was a 2 squirrels sitting in the bush peeping into my house and maing their strange noise- Lucy says it is there voice. I think they are Laughing at me. I just do not understand them. I wish the dogs would go out and get them- but onew they claim it is to hot, 2 they are lazy and three not allowed out front with out leashes. I hate squirrels. Now I see a group of birds has movedinto a bush back yard. UGGH! AYE AYE why do these criters keep bugging me They should move on out. se ya later. Thanks to all the nice comments.



July 2nd 2012 7:39 am
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well Ding Dong the big pesty dog will be gone on July 27th at the latest. His mom comes home on July 26th and might pick him up then. This is the best news since I found I out I got a forever home. I am very happy I only have 25 days left of that pest. then I will have some peace. I have never seen a dog like in him in my five years of life on this planet. I guess his Dog Mom Never taught him how to behave aound cats! That was rude on his momma human behavior. I got my laps done early wich is good as it is going to be very HOT in the 90's today and all week. Ifeel bad for all the cats in the heat wave and with no power we are Lucky out here for Now we do not have the heat or humidity.
The Squirrels were back peeping in this morning. I really think that these squirrels need to go to manner school and learn not to peep in then laugh in thier squirrel voices. They are just plane mean and Nasty. The neighbors bird has not been squawking around. Maybe a cat got to it? N o I do not htink so. he proberly in side due to the heat. I have not heard frogs or chickens either.. well I got to go and mediate and Abbey has been bugging me she wants to write in her dog diary. Like I care if she does or not- DOGS! why can't they be dignified like us Cats?????


half year

July 1st 2012 9:37 am
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HI Furs
I can't believe that the year is half over. It has not been that good. The squirrels were her peeping in. I wonder what they will do for the 4th of July. I am not looking foreward to that holiday as it is very loud and rowdy. A lot of loud booms and bright lights. I got my laps done early. The chickens and the neighbors bird have been quite today which is glad and I think the group of frogs moved out as I did not hear them the last 2 nights. It seems like it is a nice day. Not to hot which I like. well I got to go and look for peepers. see ya

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