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Gottcha Day 11-22-13

November 23rd 2013 6:29 am
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Well yesterday was my 5th year anniversary. Yep I lived with my family for 5 years, and it is a good thing because they would be woirthless with out me. They really need my help. We got a big bag of treats and toys from a very nice friend. It is very cold finally looking like fall. We had 3 days of rain which we really needed. It is 5 days until Turkey day and I am very excited. I love turkey. well the computer has fremlins agian so I go. I got to go and help look for jobs. see ya later. Have a Great day and weekend


Rain and upset

November 19th 2013 6:42 pm
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Hi we finally got some rain which we needed very much because we are in a drought!
Now things I upset with
1. the stray ferral cat that hangs around and begs for food and my humans feed her- she is around 16 years of age. She sits on the widow ledge and peeps in to our home. My human sister put a blank out for her and feeds her.
2. Did any cats see the tv show on CBS Mother? The lady a drunk says cats stand for= Crazy annoying Twits! What?? Yep you heard that right Crazy annoying twits- I could not believe my ears either- I think Cats should boyucott that show and the owners should too. Well I came up for Dogs that I feel are true- unlike what was said about cats!Dogs- Dingbats Obnoxious Goffballs!!
3. Third thing I am upset with is that I am not allowed to sit on the TV because it messes up the tv- Bijou gets by with more than I do.
On friday it will be my 5th year gotta anniversary. I hope I get something special for it!
see all you cats later


Long time writing

November 17th 2013 8:32 am
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Boy it has been a long time- Almost a month. I guess my typist has been busy. Not much going on. Halloween was ok not many beggers came to the door. the temps have been very hot for this time of year in the 70's the past week. It is suppose to cool down this week. I cannot beleive that it is only 11 days until Turkey day. I love Turkey day!!;)I am such a sweet kitty- I love to be cuddled and love to give kitty kisses to my human. it seems that the week of Thanksgiving is Bijou and Roxies birthday they will be 1 and 2 years old. BIG DEAL!!! Everyone knows that kids born in March are much better pets then November kids!!! it is getting kinda cold here- I wish my momma human was here and she could knit me a nice blanky like she made Lucy and Sophie that I could Never use- I miss my momma so much- Life was betetr when she was here!;) well I am going to go and see what is going on in the neighbor hood. I hope my human sister takes Roxe running soon she is being a pest to me and does not get it I do Not want to be friends with her or Bijou-they just do not get it- babies! Kids under 6 I hope I hope you all have a great week and a godo Sunday see ya


Computer Problems

October 16th 2013 8:08 am
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sorry I have Not been on this thing, but the computer has been acting up and NOT letting me on Catstser. I guess the Halloween Grimlins have been working over time.
I have been a very cuddly kitty. I just love to sit on my humans lap and be cuddled. I just sit in her( my human sisters lap) and purr and purr my self to slep. I love to do that is a very fun thing to do.
Th weather has finally cooled off- I Love this cool weather it is very nice kind of weather- I hate the summer heat. The Plants have to move back in the house which I really do not like them taking over my space. a new Siamese has moved into the Neighborhood, and she is allowed to run all over. she even came into my home- she has alot of nerve!
well I am very tired I am going to take a nap. see ya


New Kitty in the neighborhood

September 24th 2013 9:15 pm
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I am back had to take a break my humans and tyopist have had really bad luck with car breaking and computer breaking and they have been busy. There is a new Siamese in the neighborhood she is a Siamese. she is a kitty who gets to run all over the neighborhood and at all hours of the night. My humans will Not let me outside at all. I guess sheis pretty Lucky to be able to run the " Hood " Like she does. My humans seem to think I am the lucky one- well on secone thought I really do not want to go outside. there is a little grey and white kiity in the neighborhood too his name is Lucky he is only 6 weeks.
Thanks to all the nice gifts and comments from you cats for the DDP awardd and tother stuff. My poor human sister had her leg run over by a car- Lucky nothing was broke or damaged. Huamns need to learn to drive and slow down.


Abbey's Birthday

September 16th 2013 8:46 am
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Today Abbey would have been 14 years old on Earth. I Do Miss her. She is much better and easier to deal with than that Skirt Roxie. I hopo she is happy up in Heaven with out Momma and a man who my human sisters call dad. I am Lucky this morning Roxie is out walking with her friends so I am having some peace. I wish Bijou owuld go away for a few hours than It would be blissful. well ia m going to go and see whatis going on out side, do some cat Yoga and enjoy my time with out Roxie for awhile. I ill see ya. take care and have a GREAT Monday.


Breezes in

September 15th 2013 8:48 am
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well the Delta Breezes came in and hopefully it will stay and keep temps cool. One of our neighbors had a small fire in her home. well she only has 1 dog , if she had a cat= the cat would have let her know there was the fire dept would not have to come. Oh guess who is DDP today? The answer Roxie on Dogster. Yeah I know I am schocked too. well Not much else going on. My human ssiter sarts her new job on Tuesday. I hope everything goes well.


Nothing going on. Friday the 13th bad luck friday-- MOL

September 13th 2013 9:24 am
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Happy friday the 13th!! I do not believe in weird things happeneing on this day. In fact Bijou got good Luck she was choosen DDP today. So congrats to her. A siamese kitty who was missing in the nighborhood was found today so it can not be to much bad luck. The best thing today is that Roxie is out at the dog park and walking with her friends this morning so I am having some peace and quite this morning. Now that is Lucky!!!!
OH No I just remember that Bad Luck is coming- Trixie the dog is coming is here to stay for a few days. I do not like strange dogs coming to visit. well I got to go. It is going to be another hot one in the 90's. See ya have a good friday the 13th!


Finally good news

September 12th 2013 7:51 pm
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well got some good news. One of my human sisters got a full time job~ well 32 hours which is full time her in ca. Now just have to study for the state and get a job there. I am very happy about that.
It is Hot here again suppose to be in the 90's just wih it would stay cooled off. well got to see ya


102 degrees and DDP

September 10th 2013 9:19 am
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well it was very hot for us in sept 102 degrees. I wish it cool off- this climate change really stinks. I got 4 bags of treats yesterday which is veryu nice. My one human sister has an 2nd interview for a full tiem job- I am keeping paws crossed that she gets it. Nothing else really going on. A boring day for me. Oh yes Thanks Catster for picking me for DDP. I really appreciate it. Thanks again

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