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Computer Gremlins

October 4th 2012 8:33 pm
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This computer has been taken over by Hallowen Gremlins- it is not working right and is very slow. Well the weather finally has cooled down to to more fall like weather. It is in the 70's in dropped aboput 20 degrees over night. This Climate change is for the birds.
Thanks to all the nice furs who sent me nice gifts and Thanks to catster for picking me as DDp on Tuesday oct 2nd and Oct 3rd wed. i forgot to Thank everyone. I really appreciate the gifts and being choosesn. it looks like all the critters left the neighborhood bu tthe pesty squirrel. I am very sad about the Debates, president Obama did not do good. I hope he and Bidden do better next ones. well Not much going on in my life, I have my paws crossed that my human sisters get one decent job that they applied to- it seems most places only want part time or seasonal and we will be moving soon after Christmas 2-3 months so we need better jobs. Oh My human siuster was in an adoption center and Luckly she did not have 100.00 Extra dollars wiht her or she would have brought home a new Kitten to help with the depression of not getttin a decent job- That is all we need is another mouth to feed and a Kitten at that! a Tortie Kitty. I guess it could be a thousand times worst it could have been a dog. Speaking of dogs sammy finally went home- Yjank the Big Kitty in the sky for that. But I heard rumors and whispers that he will be back several times in November! Why?? I also heard we will be cat sitting and more dog sitting ! What do we have a pet hotel? well I am going on patrol, I will see ya around. Take care and enjoy fall



October 3rd 2012 10:01 am
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Well, Sammy went home last night and I could not be happier. He is kind of cute, but a pest as he is always wanting me to play with him You would think he would learn I do not play with dogs. I just do not give them the time of day. Anyway it is so nice a peaceful here. However, I have heard another dog is coming in about a week and half. He is pretty cool and does not pester us cats so that is good

Well, remember to watch the debates. GO OBama


bye Sammy

October 2nd 2012 4:31 pm
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Not much is going on here. It is hot and boring. Sammy goes home today and I will be glad. Finally the pest goes home. It will be nice and peaceful for us cats. However, my dog Abbey will be sad as for some reason she likes him. I think cause he is a dog. Well, going to go get some dinner
Have a great day


Sad news

October 1st 2012 9:02 pm
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Today started off with such promise, but them it all came crashing down on my little shoulders. I thought Sammy would be leaving tonight, but no his mom is not coming to get him until tomorrow. I also found out that in a couple of weeks another dog is coming for a few days. He is a nice dog and does like cats which is good. I wonder if my human sisters are running some type of dog hotel with all these dogs coming and going

Thanks for all the nice gifts



September 30th 2012 11:39 am
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Well, October begins tomorrow so that mean Halloween is coming up soon. One of my human sister has the house all decorated so we are ready for the big day. I am not fond of Halloween as I hate people coming to our house asking for candy. I never get to go ask for treats from the neighborhood. I do ask my family, but I often get told you had enough treats today. I never hear people tell trick or treaters you have enough treats so go home. It is just not fair. Oh well, I think I will go see if I can get some treats.

Have a good day


2 days left of Sammy and computer Not working well

September 29th 2012 10:53 pm
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This computer is Not working- I guess it is Hallowin Gremlins and Goblins Have taken obver. It is So Very HOT!! 100 degrees in sept and Fall. This Climate Change has to stop! On the plus side only 2 more days of Sammy being here, and if we are Lucky he will not come back! qwll got to go- see ya later


Hot again

September 28th 2012 9:29 am
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well it is another Hot day. I wish some one would turn off the heater. For peetes sake it is Fall and should be cool not in the 90;s and 100's for end of September. I know it is Climate change- i think all of us Animals know that but the humans will not believe it and do anything. It was a peaceful morning as My human sister took the dogs to the park in the early morning hours- So Lucy and I had some peace and quite to let us be CATS! Last night I slept with my sister then got hungry and made her get up and give me treats. Well I was hungry and after all it was the dogs that got 2 dinners last night Not me. I helped Lucy and my human sister clean up the house while the dogs sat out side- see dogs are lazy off playing and not helping. well I am going to go see ya cats later. I got neighborhood patrol, I have to keep the squirresl away. see ya then Help my humans find decent paying jobs- times are TuFF!! I am such a helpful Cat!


Sad News

September 27th 2012 8:02 pm
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well I just found out that I will be moving sson, proberly after the first of the new year, I am Not sure where I will go. I just wish that my human sisters find decent jobs. I hope our place is in california and close- as I do not like to ride in cars~! It was Very Hot and even sadder news is that it is Hot in the 90's again and it might get to be in the 100's in oct - that is Redicious! Global warming. I am tired of this heat and it is getting dark earlier and stayin dark in the morning later. I hope I get an earlier breakfast and not a late one. I saw that the dogs got 2 dinners I do not think that is fair as they are Fat and do not need 2 meals- Now Lucy and I are on the slim side and need 2 meals. well i am going to watch the house from my hiding spot. see ya later.


Another HOT day

September 27th 2012 9:30 am
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Boy is it hot- 23 days in the 90's for Septemebr. We are on to set a record It is climate chnege. Then what did my little Beautiful Blue eyes see today? Well I was on Neighborhood patrol and I saw my human sister petting Oliver the neighbors cat right in my own yard That was Rude!!! I was so mad I just went up to my cubboard and Glarred at her- then when she tried to pet me I went higher up so she could not get me. I am not going to be second Cat- she should have been playing with me!!
My breakfast was late for the 4th straight day- my breakfast is usally at 4.30 am not at 6.30 am! Come on I need to be on a schedule- I do not like any change.
Sammy is still being a pest! He keeps wanting to be our friend - well if he wants to be our friend( We do not want him to be) He needs to learn that chasing us is not the way to go. Well only 5 more days left of him. Then I hear rumors or whispers that another dog is coming at the end Of Oct- a Yokie- But what are we having a dog hotel??? well I am going back on Neighborhood watch and helping decorate the house. I will see ya Later. I hope my wishes are granted and my human ssisters find decent jobs!
Boy is it HOT!I am tired of it being Hot. I like the fall temps. I love that saeson and with these Hot temps it just does not seem like fall- I know it is climate change. I wish the Powers at be would do something to put an ened to it. see ya later.



September 26th 2012 10:26 pm
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thanks to catster for picking me as DDp. I really appreciate it. To bad it was Not one of my better ones. We ha another late brakfast 7am. Come on Humans get real! It is HOt again! Abbey went to Vet for her bad back and got new meds. Well I got to go see ya

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