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Timo's Tall Tales

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Do not make any changes to your pages whatsoever!

January 3rd 2014 5:07 am
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Update from Watchdog on the disappearing codes problem. Also see my previous diary entry: (I put part of his message in all caps because I don't know the code for bold)

The Bug Ticket for this problem has been created and your Community Team continues to do testing. We didn't have problems making changes to other parts of our pet profiles, but some posting here and elsewhere have said they did have problems. So for the time being, the safest thing to do is NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR PET PAGES, especially since recovering previous versions of pet pages would involve a server roll back.

As many of you have already done, keep passing the word.



December 31st 2013 2:53 pm
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Furs, don't make any changes to your bio fields. Stay out of the Fun Stuff area. There is a bug in Catster and Dogster. Several members had their bio fields totally wiped clean after they tried to make small changes. No code will stay in there. It all gets wiped clean. Here is a link to Watchdog explaining in the Dogster & Caster All Paws Bulletin group:
Watchdog discussing the problem.

His post in under BOLO (be on the lookout) on page 168


We HATE our new plates

April 3rd 2013 6:35 pm
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New plates came in the mail. They are so UGLY. Mom doesn't like them either. She didn't order new plates, only a new tag.

Our old plates had a nice number/letter compurrnation that we loved and had for years and years and had gotten used to. Apparently the Iowa DOT is running out of number/letter combos, so all new plates have Letter/Number compurrnations. Yuck. We hate it. Ours starts with A. We don't want A. We had nice letters from the middle of the alphabet.

Dear Iowa Department of Transpurrtation: If you HAVE TO send us new plates, why can't we keep our old number/letter compurrnation? Who is using that one right now anyway? Why can't we keep it?

Our Cat Recreational Vehicle looks so ugly with the new plates on it. I think I'll ask Mom to get us Purrsonalized plates. TUNA4ME or something like that :(


Happy Palm Sunday

March 24th 2013 1:04 pm
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Let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich"
Let the blind say, "I can see"
It's what the Lord has done in me

Let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich"
Let the blind say, "I can see"
It's what the Lord has done in me

Hosanna, hosanna To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna Jesus died and rose again
Hosanna, hosanna To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna Jesus died and rose again

To the river I will wade
There my sins are washed away
From the heavens' mercy streams
Of the Savior's love for me

I will rise from waters deep
Into the saving arms of God
I will sing salvation songs
Jesus Christ has set me free

Hosanna, sing hosanna to the Lord
To the Lamb that was slain
Unto the Lamb, forever, forever and ever


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving us now. For saving all those that come to you.


Hey Furs!!

February 7th 2013 4:24 pm
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Meiko is new to Catster. He's a cool cat from TX and three years old. He sleeps in a King bed and has his own room. He's pretty new at his home too and right now he's busy training his humans (we all remember how much work that is).

He's writing a cool diary! He had one treat on his page and I left him another one but my laptoppy doesn't wanna do the F5 thing.

Let's show him some Catster love! Here's his page link
Meiko from Texas


A litter box for Christmas?

December 16th 2012 9:19 pm
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Word is we might be getting a new litter box for Christmas :( Really Mom? Do you think that's a good gift for Christmas? What if we would give you a new Toilet for Christmas. How would you like that?

How do I know about the box? Well, it's easy. You just check your Mom's email and watch for the "your order has shipped" notice. This order is being shipped to Mom's work address. Hey, maybe it's not for us. Maybe they have an office cat at work that needs a box?

Hoping for some pawsome presents,


ATTENTION everyfur: Miss Zoey is having a contest!!

October 4th 2012 8:15 pm
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Miss Zoey is having a cool contest. Purrlease go to her diary and read all about it. Miss Zoey is the first undercover Cat of the Week. Please read contest rules CAREPURRLY. If you don't live in the U.S. you can win zealies. Watchcat has chipped those in. And if you do live in the U.S., you can even win a prize that the pretty Miss Zoey will purrsonally deliver. Oops I'm dreaming again. Zoey will mail your prize, not paw-deliver it.

Here is the linky to Miss Zoey

Why am I telling you all and lower my own chances of winning?
Because it's fun and the more, the merrier.
Because I'm a nice cat, Mom always says I am.
Because Miss Zoey is a pretty cat and everypaw should go to her diary and look at her pretty pictures.

Good luck to all.


Celebrating my poopy success

October 2nd 2012 3:29 am
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That is nice that Catster gave free balloons out yesterday to celebrate my poopy success. After being all plugged up Friday night and a trip to the vet which resulted in an enema (ewwwww) I did a little poopy Sunday morning.

Yesterday morning I went all out. First I did a regular size poop. Mom put that in a paper bag and took it outside. A few minutes later I felt the need to visit the box again. Two more HUGE poopies came out of me. Wow, I guess I was all plugged up. All systems are working great again. Thanks for all the balloons, friends, to celebrate my poop pile with me. We just didn't have time to send any. Mom had some bible study thing yesterday and came home late.

Poop on.


Do you know what an Enema is?

September 28th 2012 8:15 pm
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Hi friends,
I have embarrassing news. Do you all know what an enema is? Um, could the Ladies please all go and get their nails done or something.....

Okay, fellas listen. You don't ever want to get one of those. Mom got me one today and I didn't like it one bit. I had some litter box problems when Mom came home from work. I tried to go and tried to go and tried again but nothing came. Then I barfed out my supper. Then I started meowing really loud. Mom was going to check me out but I yelled at her NOT to touch me. Mom was getting scared because it was 6 pm and our vet closes at 8. And what if it's a urinary tract blockage? I had that years ago and it is very dangerous and expensive. So I was chauffeured to the vet.

The whole trip there I was yelling at Mom that this is NOT necessary. I'll get my business done. Just give me some time. I don't need any help! My goodness was the vet busy. They have four exam rooms and all were occupied. One after the other big dogs came out and finally I was escorted into exam room number three. The doc ask Mom how she's been. Good, she said. Hallo! Cat here not feeling so good! Vet prodded my poor belly and said my bladder is almost empty. I'm not blocked. It must be constipation. Oh thank God. Mom had been praying that it would be constipation. (Mom, could you pray for Tunie Samiches instead please?)

Now I was taken to the back. Hmph, no snacks there. They looked at me with X-ray vision. Yup, said doc. That confirms it. I had a feces ball which I apparently could not push out. Actually, I had been working a long time on that ball. Balls are fun. Just ask your dog. You know what vet lady wanted to do? Oh my gosh, this is really embarrassing. *blush* She was going to try to extract my feces ball manually. Off she went to try that. 10 seconds later she was back to report to Mom that I was not cooperating (you think!). I was in too much pain. What they would do now is sedate me. Not all of me, just the lower parts. That way they could clean me out and I wouldn't even notice. Well, I did notice! First they put something into me. It's called an enema and it's nasty. Mom was told it would take about an hour. So she went shopping (The nerve of that woman to go shopping when I'm suffering!) An hour later she picked me up all squeaky clean. The vet said I need to spend the night in the bathroom because I might leak. Also there might be "blowout" and Mom probably doesn't want my blowout all over her couch.

So here I am in the bathroom. We have a big bathroom. There are two old towels, food, water and a nice litter box. Mom thinks I need more exercise. Nope. I would have taken care of my feces ball. This was all so unnecessary. Poor Mom left a lot of bucks at the vet place. She was gonna buy herself a crown but she said it'll have to wait a bit. That's good because we already have a queen - Sisfur Mietzi.

Stay clean as a whistle everypaw.


Rats-Pie starboard side ahead

September 19th 2012 3:47 am
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I'm a Pie-Rat and I don't care. I walk around all day in my underfur.

Ahoy me maties. Full steam ahead. Hard starboard side. Look out yonder. Tharrrr she blows. Arrrrg, a treasure chest for me hearties. Quick-like, pull her in maties.
Heave Hoooo.
Heave Hooooo.
Heave Hoooo.
Gaaaar, bust err open on the double! Arrrrrrg, a treasure chest full a yummy pie. Rats-Pie, Mmmmmh, me favorite. Hoooo Cap'n Black Zack, back up. Not one step closer. Ya steal me Rats-Pie, ya get nip in yar eye. Gaaaaar.

Happy talk like de Pie-Rats day.

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