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Timo's Tall Tales

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April 16th 2014 5:52 pm
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Please share in your groups and with your friends, cats and dogs.
Cat and Dog FOOD - MELAMINE again found in pet food.
(Melamine and cyanuric acid were found to be the deadly cause of the largest pet food recall in history in 2007.)


click this link

Also read below the paragraph that's marked with a red line.

Thank you to Hazel Lucy and Mazie's Mom for posting this and getting the word out, we all need to share this and get the word out ~ I remember what happened back in 2007, we should all be worried!!

Please spread the word and read the article!!


My eleventh birthday

April 6th 2014 7:35 pm
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Today is my birthday! They say I'm eleven but I don't feel that old. I thank you all for stopping by and sending gift and well-wishes. I really appreciate it. I took some photos of my birthday, see my page.

I got many wonderful presents. Mietzi let me sleep at the top of the BIG BED. Usually I have to sleep in the middle. I woke Mom up bright and early by licking her hand. She got up but didn't mention my birthday at all :( Had she forgotten again?

Well, that was OK. She had already given me a gift. About a week ago I got these two PALM TREES and I LOVE them. I pretend that I'm on a tropical island and then I nibble on my palm trees. Mom said unfortunately these probably cannot be saved. A neighbor gave them to her but they are in bad shape. The leaves are all turning brown. One already went into the dumpster. I want to keep the other one, please Mom!

Mom went to Church in the morning. I guess that's all right for her to go. Don't want to make my Creator mad by not letting Mom go. I did a bit of BIRD WATCHING while Mom was gone. Just for my birthday mother nature has sent the little peepers back from their vacation in the south.

BLUE BUFFALO also gave me a nice present. They developed some great new flavors. Mietzi got on the puter and was going to order me a big box of Blue Buffalo. That's when Mom came back :(

Mom did LAUNDRY and I got to help with the comforters. Next I went outside in my harness to check on my nip and OH HOW WONDERFUL - my NIP is GROWING. There is one tiny green bud, just in time for my birthday! We went back inside and I got some NIP from last year's crop. Mom checked the puter and there were so many messages for me. And that's when she remembered, it's my birthday today! I got some Blue Buffalo TREATS!

Our homeowner association also gave me a neat present. There are now FINES FOR DOGS, related to them doing their business in the wrong places (yuck) or them not making their humans clean it up immediately (yuck yuck). Also fines for dogs who are walking around without a leash. Mom pointed out to me that it says "Pet(s) not leashed." For some reason she thinks this applies to Mietzi and me. Clearly it does not. Dogs are pets. Cats are V.I.P.s (Very Important Purrs).


I am in love with an older woman

March 2nd 2014 3:50 pm
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Friends, I have been such a fool! This beautiful Lady Cat asked me if I wanted to be her Valentine and she send me a sweet message in a rosette and you know what? I've been so busy and so frazzled about Catster going away and trying to save stuff, and then we switched internet purrviders, I didn't see her message until now!

I am so lucky that she's even asked me. I have noticed her a while ago. She has beautiful long fur and pretty blue eyes. She's from Persia but now she lives in California. She is 14 and I am 10 but that's OK. My sisfur Mietzi is older too and we get along. Some of her siblings say that she's pushy but I think she's just a Lady who knows what she wants and she doesn't like compromises.

I hope she doesn't reconsider. Holding my breath.


DDP thank yous and my fast internet has arrived

February 15th 2014 11:07 am
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Furst of all I wanted to thank everypaw who made my DDP on February 12th such a special day:

Buddy - snow flake, thanks. I'll add it to the others that are falling from the sky right now.
Meezers - a heart. I love you too.
Midnight Son - huge trophy that sits next to my puter now.
Humphrey Lee Haunted, Roger Bleu, Angel Greta - beautipurr bouquet of flowers. Thank mew. It's on my dining room table now.
Some unknown Partner - for giving me the present of saving the Community.
Also many thanks to all who have sent flowers, hugs and hearts for Valentine's Day or just because. We love you too!

Now the big news in my house:
Since I've learned so much about the Internet and puters in the last few weeks, I decided to get a job as Purrgrammer. I can work from home using Mom's puter. I'll like working from home because I can snack and watch TV while I work. Maybe I could even work for the new Community! I'm expecting a pawmail from the new Catster Partner any minute. They can pay me with bon bons. I love my bon bons.

Mom said if I want to work as Purrgrammer, I'll need fast internet. So she ordered me one. I got all excited yesterday because a little box arrived and Mom said this is my fast Internet. I looked in the box but there was no internet in there. Only a plastic box thing and a green cable and a yellow cable and some papers. Not what I expected. Mom said it won't work until Monday night. That's when somebody will flip a switch and then everything will be super-fast on our net.

I have to go now and study Purrgrammer language.
A+ A++ B BASIC BeanShell BLISS Blue BREW Chef CHILL Cobra (yikes!!) Cola Cool


Yesterday's Pawsome Awesome Day

February 13th 2014 5:43 am
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Hallo friends,

Yesterday I was a DDP (thank you Watchcat), AND they announced that the Community features will not be shutting down!!!

WE ARE SAVE. WE ARE ALL SAVE. *grabs all his friends by the paws and does a happy dance*

Then the rest of the night I was busy saving a dog's page who wouldn't save right in my beloved HTTrack, so I had to use a different purrgram that I'm not so furmiliar with.

Why am I still saving stuff you say? Because we don't know yet how the new Community will look like. Obviously there are things broken here on this site. We are actually afraid to jump up and down too much, it all feels kind of fragile. We don't know if somebody else is taking this over from Say Media, if the pages will stay the same or if they're doing something new. We don't know if we'll have access to all our stuff, like all the comments in the diaries and on the photos. There will be some kind of Community for us but we don't know any details and they don't tell us yet.

So that's why we have saved our pages so that we'll have them furever no matter what. We'll back them up to an external flash drive and even if our puter ever says puff, then we still have it.

We are just so happy that there will be a place again where we can play, have fun, and help each other. Please, please, please, let is be as closely like this Community as pawsible in spirit. I don't care about fancy features. Those are nice to have but what I REALLY care about is my friends and the sense of caring and helping each other that has been a part of this Community for so long. Just nice furs being nice to each other. The world is so mean. If I want that I just have to step out the door. But this place has always been our sanctuary. A special place were furs obey the Golden Rule, and a place where we can be silly and unwind from the stress of everyday living.

Big hugs and purrs and thanks to whoever is making it pawsible that we will keep our Community.

Happy Timo


FURRY important - There is a mistake, EDIT

February 7th 2014 4:39 pm
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2/09/14 Edit: don't use the scan rule for photobucket files. Several furs reported that they had lots and lots of photobucket files downloaded to their puter when using it. Files that were not on the page they were trying to save. I have removed it from the scan rules listed below. Please check Abby's Dad's blog for details.

2/08/14 UPDATE - if you have an existing, old save that you did with HTTrack then don't delete it but do an update. If you delete it and start new it might take forever to do the new save. Here's how to do an update (read Abby's Dad's blog for all the info on everything HTTrack related, link is below):
"Beepers" on the Dogster forum posted a suggestion on how to speed up an update if you already have an existing download.

On the first option page, you can choose "Existing project name". Click the arrow to choose the one you want to update.
On the next page/screen, in the "Action" block, click the arrow again and choose *Update existing download.
Then click on "Set options" and the "Scan Rules" tab as usual. All your rules for the previous save will be there. Just add the new rules at the bottom and proceed as usual.

Here starts the original diary post from Feb. 7th:

Pals, things are never as easy as you think they should be. Especially catputers are furry complicated.

IF you saved your pages with HTTrack as suggested in my last diary, please be aware that the pages will NOT work after Catster goes away. Don't panic, you'll just have to re-save your pages. Please read all of this. I don't want you to end up with a garbled mess after Catster is closed!! Here is the start of Abby's Dad's blog to explain. (ALL CAPS added by me):

"Folks on the Dogster forums groups discovered that the archives would not work when they had no Internet connection. That implied that the download would stop working once Dogster/Catster shut down. I verified that this is a problem and am very sorry to say that ALL THE DOWNLOADS THAT EVERYONE HAS DONE TO THIS POINT WILL BE USELESS ONCE DOGSTER SHUTS DOWN. The web browser was doing some stuff behind the scenes that I wasn't aware of.
The Good News
I have a fix...."

If you are a dog
then please go to Abby's Dad's blog and copy the new scan rules and re-save your pages. Here is Abby's Dad's blog.

then you already know that you are extra special. The scan rules need to be modified. Abby's Dad has also figured that out for us. This should work for cats: (take out the spaces in every line, Catster will add spaces)

UPDATE 2/08/14 I copied the below rules directly from Abby's Dad's blog (remove the spaces as always)

Copy and paste everything into a word document, also the litte -* at the beginning. REPLACE the ID 590841 with your own!!! There is three places where you have to replace the ID with your ID. You might not need the last two lines if you have no pictures or background from flickr. I left them in anyway because it doesn't hurt anything. After you replace my cat ID with your own ID, copy and paste these scan rules into HTTrack. See Abby's blog for instructions about how to use HTTrack.

Test your saved page by disconnecting from the internet. (click on your wireless connection bars and select disconnect. Don't just close your browser, disconnect. That will simulate not having Catster/Dogster there anymore and if your page works that way then it will still be there after Catster/Dogster is gone.

I needed to give you this information since I told you in my last diary entry that this is a good way to save your stuff. I still like HTTrack a lot but I don't want you to have nothing, so please re-save or ask for help. Please go to the All Paws Bulletin Group if you have questions.

Yours truly,
hard at work saving,


If you need help saving your pages

February 2nd 2014 2:20 pm
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I have been a busy little beaver and tried out different ways to save our stuff. We like HTTrack best. It makes a mirror of your page and then you can access it offline after Catster is gone (*sniff*). It saves your page and the photo album with comments, all your diary pages with comments. It doesn't take long. Try it. Here's the instructions:

How to save your page

This is Abby's Dad's blog and he's brilliant. There's also stuff about how to save your videos.
The page save instructions start where it says "Read this whole thing through". Read and follow carefully. It's not difficult. Heck, I got it figured out, so how hard can it be. It takes about 10-15 min to mirror one pet page. If it takes you MUCH longer then you did something wrong and should click on cancel. We didn't do the thing with the multiple url's at one time. We just did one pet and then the next and so on. Works great.

If you can't figure this out then pawmail us.

I wanted to mention the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Many of you like it and I do to. But be aware, it ONLY saves your main page. If you want all of your diary pages, all your photos in the photo album, all comments in diary and on photos saved, then you have to open each page and save them all there. Otherwise it's most likely not gonna be there after Catster is gone. The Internet archive is neat to see what your page looked like in past years. There are sometimes old saves there. Just be careful. If you don't save every page of your diary there then it's not gonna be there after Caster closes. That's why I like HTTrack better.

Also Httrack saves stuff on my computer's c: drive and then I can make a backup on a flash drive, but Internet archive is on the Internet. What if it ever closes? Not the Internet, The Wayback Machine. What if they ever run out of funds or just disappear? Then all your stuff is gone.

Finally, if you have ANY questions at all about this saving pages stuff then please come to the Dogster and Catster All Paws Bulletin Group And just ask. There are no stupid questions. Furs there will help you.

Feeling kinda sad today because it's only one more month *sniff*


Contact info

January 21st 2014 6:14 am
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Hallo friends,

We are very sad. We don't want to loose our friends. We'll write more later but wanted you to know we have joined the forum

Also we have broken down and made a facebook page, just so that we can try and keep in contact with you all. Hopefully there will be an awesome site in the near future where we can all play together (cats and dogs) and have some, and that is safe and family friendly.

We are on facebook under the name Mietzi Diener.
Would love to hear from all you Catster friends (((hugs)))



January 16th 2014 10:21 pm
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click link and sign please


What are we celebrating?

January 14th 2014 5:30 pm
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Wow, so much cake and balloons too. What's going on? What are we celebrating? Did the disappearing-code problem get fixed? Is that why the big pawty?

No, that didn't get fixed yet :(
You are working hard on that, right Catster? Night and Day?

Thank you friends for all the cake and balloons on my and Mietzi's page. I don't know if Mom will get around to send something back to you all but we love you!!! We apurriciate that you thought of us and sent us gifts.

Hugs, purrs and love,
Timo (and Mietzi too)

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