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It's State Fair Time

August 17th 2009 7:19 am
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Yey, it's State Fair Time in Iowa! Meowmy went Saturday with some friends and she brought food back for us. So I went to my Pen Paws group Sunday morning and shared the food with them. My friend Alfie from England walks in to the Pen Paws Cafe and had some chow. And then he suggested the two of us go to the fair together. We had some furs ask for fair food that my Meowmy didn't bring back, so we needed to get that. Well, Meowmy could only carry so much.

Alfie and I had a great day at the fair. There are some photos here on my page of the animals we saw. I'll tell you more about our day at the fair later. Meowmy says I need to get off the puter now, she needs to go to work. Mmp.

I love the fair,


Fresh Cat Scent Purrfume

July 25th 2009 7:25 am
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Meowmy has a shampoo for her furr that smells like coconut. Then she went and got a conditioner that smells like mint. And she has purrfume that smells like orange. You know, purrfume is that water that they spray on themselves. Now Meowmy smells like a fruit cocktail. Well, mint isn't really a fruit but you get the idea.

I wonder why hoomans want to smell like these things? I think Meowmy would smell much better if she would use a purrfume with fresh cat scent. There is nothing like a fresh smelling cat. It's the best scent in the world, well, besides tuna and nip maybe. We work hard on smelling good efurry day and it shows. Fresh cat is irresistable. That's why most doggies want to bury their noses in our furr and the hoomans give us kisses all the time.

Need to go and smell Mietzi. She smells sweet.
Smell ya later,


It's so gray

July 20th 2009 7:35 pm
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Whoops what's this? It's so gray here. It used to be green, now it's gray when you first come here. I like green (have you noticed). I like green trees and green forests and I like to eat green grass and I like cats with green eyes. I want my green back. Are the dogs gray too? I don't know. Need to run over and look.

Why is it so gray? They say All cats are gray by night. I KNOW. It's so you can see Skeezix's new green sunglasses better! What do you think?

Going to take a walk in my nice green forest.


Owie Meowmy

July 19th 2009 2:52 pm
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Meowmy opened a can of food for us for breakfast and the can attacked her! Yep, she showed us. She had a big gash in her hand and blood was running out. Meowmy screamed Ow! and ran to the bathroom to search for the biggest Band Aid in the house. Owie. When she came back I was up on the counter eating the food out of the can. Well, no use letting good food go to waste, right? And this was a new kind of food that she had caught for us. I really really really like it. It's too bad that the can bit Meowmy. I don't know if we'll get any more of this delicious new food if the cans keep hurting her.

I offered to lick her owie but she said that's sweet but No Thank You. Doesn't she know that you are supposed to put cat spit on it when you have an Owie? My fur Mom taught me that. Cat spit heals anything. Oh, Meowmy said she doesn't think she'll need stitches but she might go to the doc anyway tomorrow, she might be due for a tetanus shot.

Healing purrs for Meowmy,



July 18th 2009 8:07 pm
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OMC. Did you see that on the catster home page? In the blogs there is an article about "Is your cat plotting to kill you?" There is a quiz that your hooman can take to find out. It's so funny.
Me? No, I wouldn't plot to do something like that. I am a good kitty. Now Mietzi on the other paw. I am not sure about her.



Warmer purrlease

June 28th 2009 2:17 pm
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Why oh why does the hooman think 76 degree is warm enough in the house? Doesn't she see that I am sleeping in the sun spot and Mietzi is cuddling up with a fleeze blanket? Doesn't she know that we are decendent from desert animals? It's summer. It should be nice and warm. But no, here we are shivering in 76 F. Meowmy, make it warmer purrlease!


Turn the air on?

June 21st 2009 7:54 pm
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The summer so far has been very rainy and colder than normal. Meowmy said she has been saving alot by not having to turn the air on. Not turning the air on? What does she mean? Is there no air? I know there is air here because I can breath just fine.

Now the hoomans are pretty big and powerful but I didn't think that they control when there is air or not. I thought the Lord made the whole earth and also the air in it. And he made cats and dogs and mousies (yippee) and the hoomans too. Purrlease tell me that Meowmy is not in control of the air. She is so forgetful sometimes.

Hoping the air will stay on,



June 15th 2009 7:04 am
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Meowmy says this will be a good day. No more deadlines. At least not any pressing deadlines. She can finally get her desk cleaned up and live can return to normal.
Happy that cats don't have deadlines,


Tornado Warning

June 14th 2009 7:00 pm
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Last Sunday something scarry happened. We had a tornado warning. I know it was already a week ago but I beg Meowmy to write in my diary more often, I purr and meow and make my cutest face but she says she is busy.

So anyway, it was a lovely day in the 70s. Then in the afternoon it got cold real fast and it got dark. Meowmy had the talky picture box on and they said we should go into the basement because a tornado is coming our way. Then the loud dog houler went off (the hoomans call it a siren). We don't have a basement, so Meowmy grabbed Mietzi and put her in our bathroom's linen closet. Then she came back and wanted to pick me up. But I was half asleep and didn't know what was happening, so I tried to hide under the table. She said we need to hurry and this is no game. So I let her carry me into the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door and let Mietzi out of the closet.

I don't know if you have tornados where you live but they are very dangerous. We just had to wait. I kept looking at the ceiling because I heard the wind houl and it rained really hard. Mietzi was purrty good but she can't sit still furr long. She kept asking what will we play next. She kept running up on the bathroom cabinet and into the tub and out and back again. Then she started pulling open some drawers and cabinet doors. She hissed at me once because I was in her space (says she). Then she discovered Meowmy's hairbrush and rubbed her furr all over it. She said it feels really good. When Mietzi had played enuff with the hairbrush Meowmy brushed my furr with it and Mietzi is right - it does feel good. Meowmy said she needs to buy a new hairbrush now. I don't see why, that one worked really good.

We waited about half an hour, then the wind and the rain died down. The tornado ended up turning north and it missed us. It did some minor damage in another town, no hoomans or furrs were hurt.



Mia has a home

June 3rd 2009 5:22 pm
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June is Adopt A Cat month. At the place where Meowmy gets our food, there are also cats and dogs for adoption. There was a cat named Mia. She is 14 years old and used to have a good home. But her hooman passed away and so she ended up in the shelter. Meowmy was seriously thinking of bringing her home. She is a beautiful tabby like us (the cat, not Meowmy) and the shelter people said she has a sweet purrsonality. Meowmy thought she deserves a good home to live out her remaining years. My biggest concern was Do we have enuff food furr another cat? So Meowmy opened up the pantry and Yes there was plenty of food there. Meowmy said if that runs out she'll go hunting furr more. So I thought well O.K., as long as there is enuff food I guess it's OK. I'm a shelter cat myself and I remember how happy I was when Meowmy picked me.
The next time Meowmy went to the food place, Mia was not in her cage. The shelter people said Oh yeah Mia got adopted.
If you are thinking about adopting a cat, don't forget about the senior cats. Everybody wants a kitten but the older cats are not so wild and have alot of love to give.

Happy purrs furr Mia,

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