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Timo's Tall Tales

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Mr. Fox

November 25th 2009 4:52 pm
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'Fantastic Mr. Fox' looks like a good movie. I hope it's not too scary. I'll add that to my Netflix queue. 'Old Dogs' - not so much. I don't like dogs. Not old ones and not young ones. Except my dog friends here on Catster, they are nice. Sorry Marley, Sailor and Spotnic.

Looking forward to watch Mr. Fox's adventures,


Happy Thanksgiving to the Shelter Cats

November 23rd 2009 10:27 am
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Thanksgiving came early for some cats at the Des Moines Animal Rescue Legue. Yesterday Mom packed up some of our cat food. I asked her just what does she think she is doing. She told me not to worry. This is food that we don't like. It's Wellness beef and salmon. Mom had bought in bulk and we had like a dozen cans of it (the big ones). No cat here likes it. I hope the shelter kitties like it. I am glad she didn't give any of the good Fancy Feast away. We are eating mostly Fancy Feast now but also some Wellness. Just the chicken and turkey, not the jucky beef/salmon.

Happy Thanksgiving shelter cats. Enjoy.


Pawlenty plenty paws

November 7th 2009 5:47 pm
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So this morning I was reading the mewspaper and one of the headlines in the Des Moines Register is "Pawlenty to address Iowa GOP tonight". So now they speak Catster in my local mewspaper. That's nice. I was eager to read about all the animals that will be addressing the Iowa GOP tonight. Imagine my disappointment when I found out Pawlenty is actually the name of the Governor of Minnesota. Oh, no animals addressing the GOP, just a hooman. All you cats in Minnesota, please forgive me, but I have never heard of the man before. I think I still might like him. His first name is Tim. My own name is derived from Timothy. And maybe he has plenty paws at home?

In other Mews: Meowmy needs to up my weight in my profile from 12 to 13. I had a checkup the other day and I gained a little bit of weight. I'm not worried. Don't these hoomans know that winter is coming and we need extra reserves for the cold days?

I wanted to apologize for the summer background on my page. Meowm says she just doesn't have time. Oh well, Saylorville Lake is pretty in the summer and winter.

Maybe I'll get to meet Mr. Pawlenty some day?
Purrs, Timo


Gotcha Day

September 7th 2009 7:04 pm
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Whoopsy I missed my Gotcha Day. It was yesterday Sept. 6. I came here 3 years ago and now I'm 6 years old. That means I have been living here half of my life. Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday when Meowmy came to the shelter and got me.....

I used to have a family but they gave me back to the shelter because they were mooving. The shelter put me in a big room together with 4 females. That was nice. The room had alot of toys and cat trees and food and really everything a cat needs. When I got there I told the other cats about my hoomans mooving. I told them they'd get me back when they are done mooving. I didn't really know what mooving was. Emily, I remember Emily, she said: "Ha Rocky, they are not coming back." (I was called Rocky back then, can you believe that). "They moved away and left you behind", said Emily. "Happens to alot of us. Humans are cruel that way".

Emily thought I wouldn't find new hoomans. She thought I was too old and not pretty enough. Emily was a beautiful cat. Long white and gray furr. So one day Meowmy walks in and she goes straight to me, picks me up and gives me cuddles. Usually I don't like to be picked up but that time I was on my best behavior. Then she played with all the other cats too.

Now what is this? She is leaving! Oh she is talking to one of the shelter hoomans. Now she is sitting at a table with some papers in front of her. I said to the other cats: "That is my new Meowmy. She is gonna take me home".
No" said Emily, "not you. She is here for me of course. She played with ME".
"Emily" I said, "she played with all of us but I was the only one she picked up".
"I'm telling you Rocky, she won't take you. I'm much prettier", replied Emily.

Oh no. Now one of the shelter hoomans is bringing a dog over. And it's a big one and he is walking him right up closed to our room. Now he tells my Meowmy: "He doesn't like dogs".
Well, of course I don't like this animal that is like 6 times bigger than I and he smells bad and he barks at me. Well doh.

Oh no, my new Meowmy is leaving, sniff. Emily is right. Nobody wants me. Every hooman wants a kitten and I'm not pretty either. Maybe she wanted a cat that likes dogs. Too bad.
Hey what is this. She is back. Took only half an hour or so. Now they are coming into the room, oh I am so excited. She is coming for me! They put a cardboard box on the floor. I know what that is. That's for her to carry me in. "Wait", I say, "how long will we be travelling? Do you have cat food at home? I better eat a bite before we go". And I did. I went to the bowl with the kibble and started chowing down. "He likes his food", says the shelter hooman. "Rocky, Rocky", says Emily, "you are not going anywhere. She came for ME". And with that Emily jumps into the box! The shelter hooman says: "No Emily, not you. Rocky is getting a new home today. But we'll find you a home too".

Then she picks me up and puts me into the box. "Wait - I'm not done eating", I say. And we are off to my new home. Yep, I remember it like it was yesterday.


It's State Fair Time

August 17th 2009 7:58 pm
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Yesterday was such an exciting day. Alfie and I went to the State Fair. I had brought some food to the Pen Paws Cafe and some furs requested food that I didn't have. So I picked that up while we were at the fair. I got funnel cakes, watermelon, fried pickles on a stick and Scrappie wanted Alligator on a stick. We had to ask a doggie to sniff one out for us but we did find one. Oly wanted mouse sprinkles on her funnel cake. I sent Mietzi out to catch a mouse. You can see a pic on my page of her and me with the mouse.

We saw lots of animals at the fair. Some big scary ones, some cute cuddly ones. We went to the Bill Riley talent show and there were some kids singing, dancing and stepping. Alfie thought we could sing much better than those kids, so we tried to get on stage but we just couldn't get thru. There were too many hoomans. Maybe next year.
There is a fun garden with lots of purrty flowers and a tunnel made out of big flowers. We had great fun racing thru the tunnel.

Then we got back to the Pen Paws Cafe with all the food and while we all had a big helping of eveything I showed the furs some photos of the animals we had seen. I asked if anyfur knew what the name of the little bird is. Molly was the first to meow that she is an Ostrich. And she named the Ostrich Freckles. All in all it was a purrfect day but now I'm really tired.

I love the fair,


It's State Fair Time

August 17th 2009 7:19 am
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Yey, it's State Fair Time in Iowa! Meowmy went Saturday with some friends and she brought food back for us. So I went to my Pen Paws group Sunday morning and shared the food with them. My friend Alfie from England walks in to the Pen Paws Cafe and had some chow. And then he suggested the two of us go to the fair together. We had some furs ask for fair food that my Meowmy didn't bring back, so we needed to get that. Well, Meowmy could only carry so much.

Alfie and I had a great day at the fair. There are some photos here on my page of the animals we saw. I'll tell you more about our day at the fair later. Meowmy says I need to get off the puter now, she needs to go to work. Mmp.

I love the fair,


Fresh Cat Scent Purrfume

July 25th 2009 7:25 am
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Meowmy has a shampoo for her furr that smells like coconut. Then she went and got a conditioner that smells like mint. And she has purrfume that smells like orange. You know, purrfume is that water that they spray on themselves. Now Meowmy smells like a fruit cocktail. Well, mint isn't really a fruit but you get the idea.

I wonder why hoomans want to smell like these things? I think Meowmy would smell much better if she would use a purrfume with fresh cat scent. There is nothing like a fresh smelling cat. It's the best scent in the world, well, besides tuna and nip maybe. We work hard on smelling good efurry day and it shows. Fresh cat is irresistable. That's why most doggies want to bury their noses in our furr and the hoomans give us kisses all the time.

Need to go and smell Mietzi. She smells sweet.
Smell ya later,


It's so gray

July 20th 2009 7:35 pm
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Whoops what's this? It's so gray here. It used to be green, now it's gray when you first come here. I like green (have you noticed). I like green trees and green forests and I like to eat green grass and I like cats with green eyes. I want my green back. Are the dogs gray too? I don't know. Need to run over and look.

Why is it so gray? They say All cats are gray by night. I KNOW. It's so you can see Skeezix's new green sunglasses better! What do you think?

Going to take a walk in my nice green forest.


Owie Meowmy

July 19th 2009 2:52 pm
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Meowmy opened a can of food for us for breakfast and the can attacked her! Yep, she showed us. She had a big gash in her hand and blood was running out. Meowmy screamed Ow! and ran to the bathroom to search for the biggest Band Aid in the house. Owie. When she came back I was up on the counter eating the food out of the can. Well, no use letting good food go to waste, right? And this was a new kind of food that she had caught for us. I really really really like it. It's too bad that the can bit Meowmy. I don't know if we'll get any more of this delicious new food if the cans keep hurting her.

I offered to lick her owie but she said that's sweet but No Thank You. Doesn't she know that you are supposed to put cat spit on it when you have an Owie? My fur Mom taught me that. Cat spit heals anything. Oh, Meowmy said she doesn't think she'll need stitches but she might go to the doc anyway tomorrow, she might be due for a tetanus shot.

Healing purrs for Meowmy,



July 18th 2009 8:07 pm
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OMC. Did you see that on the catster home page? In the blogs there is an article about "Is your cat plotting to kill you?" There is a quiz that your hooman can take to find out. It's so funny.
Me? No, I wouldn't plot to do something like that. I am a good kitty. Now Mietzi on the other paw. I am not sure about her.


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