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They're Gone

March 6th 2009 2:59 pm
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Well, I was neutered today. Whatever THAT means.
All I know is that I wasn't allowed ANYTHING to eat after 6pm last night.
I had my dinner, sure...but, no treats, no chunks of chicken or duck, no slices of ham...NOTHING.
This stinks like cooked peas, corn chips or smelly feet.
I was STARVING!! And what the heck was wrong with Mommy and Daddy??They kept telling me they 'couldn't give me some nums nums."
Um, YES, you can! Just open the door to the cold thingy, take out the duck, break it up and give it to me. Its simple. Really it is.
So, I kept shouting, each time a bit louder than the first.
Finally, out of complete frustration, I gave up. I went to the wicker basket bed and fell asleep.
This morning was a totally different story. I was the first kitty in the bedroom this morning. Hopped on the bed, jumped on Mom..."Good Morning! MAN! Am I hungry! Thank goodness its morning! I can't wait to eat! Come on, let's go.Get up, Mom, that's it, outta bed. Now, lets go up the steps. Come on, Mom. Mom? Mom? No!! Not to the our room. Where the good stuff is...Mom? My tummy is rumbling like a freight train. I'm SO hungry...Oh! I feel like everything is going dark....I can barely move...I'm so weak...."
Aw forget it! She didn't listen. Never mind. I give up. I'll steal Matilda (the puppy) food when she gets fed! Simple and easy.
Then Mommy scoops me up in her arms, kisses me on the head and says "Jakey, I know this is hard, Little Boy. Trust me, Mommy doesn;t like it anymore than you, but she can't let you eat something before your surgery. It could make you very sick and Mommy would feel guilty if you got hurt. I promise as soon as the doc says 'all clear', I will give you something good."
I played with Matilda but missed her getting brekkie. It must have been when I was yelling at Daddy in the bathroom. I wrestled with Rosey, then went back to Daddy. He was putting his shoes on and when he bent over to tie them, there I was. Sitting right in front of him, staring right into his eyes....I wasn't blinking.I stared harder and let out a TREMENDOUS scream! "DAD!! Food!"
Daddy was worst than Mommy because he didn't even act like I was talking to him.
Then I heard him tell Mommy that he couldn't even bring himself to look at me because it made him sad to hear me cry like that. Mommy said she was going to call the SPCA on herself and Daddy because not giving me food is like torture. She said "I've never seen a baby who likes to eat as much as our Jakey. This is a shame."
Then she packed me in the sherpa bag and we left the house.
Once we got to the animal hospital, they put me on a scale to see how much I weigh, took my temp (Let's not do THAT again anytime soon) and put an id collar on me.
I hung out in Mommy's office for a little bit and then I went back to the presurgery area. Mommy kissed me on the head, scratched my jaw, told me she loves me and said she would see me soon.
She came back about 40 mins later and Iwas feeling kinda funny. She asked when I would 'go back' and the doctor and his assistant said "He's already done. He did beautifully." Mom seemed to surprised, opened up my carrier and kissed me. She told me she was proud of me. Yeah, yeah, I was a good boy, I took the gas like a champ. really. I had no choice, the nurse held it on my face and I fell asleep. Then, Mommy turned to the doc and asked "When can I feed him? How long till he can eat?" YES!! CHA_CHING!!! There's the jackpot question! Nice going, Mom! Woo HOO! She wasn't kidding! She did want to feed me but wasn;t allowed to. This si AWESOME! Yeah! I'm gonna eeeeaaaaat! I'm gonnnnnnnaaaaaaa eeeaaat!
SCREECH!!!! Wait. What was that? REWIND! What did that doc say? I THOUGHT he said "Not for at least 4-5 hours" but he had that crazy blue mask across his face so I didn't hear so good. I looked at Mom, who looked at me with a sad face. "Okay" she said quietly, "its just that he REALLY likes to eat and he had such a hard time with not getting his nighttime treat or his breakfast. ut I'd rather have him safe and not throwing up. Okay, thanks Doc"
She came back over and whispered to me "Alright, Little Man, Mommy will be back in a bit. Sit tight. I'll see you soon. I love you like crazy, Jakey"
When she came back, I was very sleepy. I was glad to see her though. I purred like mad when she cuddled me.
After a little while longer, she came in and scooped me in her arms.
She carried me to her office where she had tuna for me. YEAH< TUNA!! Awesome! I scarfed it down BIG TIME and looked for more but Mommy said I had to take it easy because of the surgery.
After I ate, she took me back to the waiting area and put me back in my carrier. I took it easy and now we are waiting for Daddy to collect us so I can go home and EAT!!!!!
Later, Dudes....Its chow time!


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