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Kitty Storm 2009: The Aftermath

September 1st 2009 8:39 pm
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Mommy says she is having a bit of kitty withdrawal still after her time in the house of 50 cats. One thing she doesn't miss, all those poops, pees, pukes and litter boxes! I guess those are 4 things. She is also glad to be home with us, and close to her livestock so she can check on them when she wants.
She really misses a cat named Noodles. He is small and orange with a little white and a kinked noodle-like tail. She would adopt him if either she or daddy had a permanent job.

Some sadness this week. The friend mommy cat-sat for rescued a kitty during her trip, and has now discovered the kitty has feline leukemia, so that kitty had to go to a special kitty sanctuary called the House of Dreams. Another friend of mommy's found a lame kitty who was starving and brought her to the vet and tried to save her...but she didn't make it. Mommy cried when she heard. Trying to rescue kitties can be such heartbreaking work.
Please purr for my friend, Sir Nikolai. He is having some strange health problems and we are hoping they are not serious. -Niko


Mommy is Coming Home Soon! 1000 ways to #2

August 26th 2009 4:42 pm
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The owners of the house of 50 cats are on their way home, so soon we will have our mommy back.
She says she spends about 3 hours on a regular day scooping poopies, pukes and pees and cleaning them up, about 4 hours on days when boxes need total dumping and cleaning, and about 6-8 hours if she really cleans everything. When she does that, it takes 1-3 hours for the 50 cats to have things looking quite messy again.
She thinks with a few more litter boxes the number of "accidents" could be reduced drastically. But who wants more boxes when there are already 16? Mommy thinks maybe some cat doors leading to secure mini catios outside, perhaps made of salvaged iron bird cages or gates or something else decorative, would help. Maybe some sideboards, dressers, or wardrobes converted to hold kitty boxes, maybe a few of the cubby holes around there could have fans installed and hold kitty boxes. Anyway, mommy thinks catios outdoors are the best solution for cat boxes, though she is interested in other solutions and in the idea of some kind of Zen sand garden where kitties can artfully arrange their poops and humans with little rakes can scrape them out, leaving soothing lines in the sand. Art made to be destroyed. She isn't sure how to get the pee smell out of the sand, however. Oh well, we like our ordinary garden litter box just fine. We can go there and pretend we are farmers.
Boy, I'm going to see mommy! I wonder if she still missed us, with 50 cats and all that poop to scoop. -Niko


Electric Cat Nip Test

August 21st 2009 10:49 pm
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I saw mommy for a bit today. She said Bowa says "hi." I grew up with him.
Mommy brought several sprigs of the type of catnip she is going to sell over to the house of 50 cats the other day and let them all have at it. She said they didn't get crazy on the stuff, but did seem to like it, and one fluffy orange boy foster cat who has been having a hard time because his human had to give him up (hopefully temporarily) really enjoyed the cat nip a lot. Mommy was glad it made him feel better for a while.
Things are alright here, daddy doesn't pay quite the level of attention to our needs mommy does. He let our indoor water bowl run out, although at least we had our outdoor one. I can't wait until we get our mommy servant back for good. That won't happen until Wednesday or Thursday. Can you believe it? -Nikolai


Gigantic Noisy Monster Birds!

August 18th 2009 2:49 pm
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There are 3 orange birds in the old "duck tractor." They are huge, and they are LOUD. They get really, really loud when I come close. Mommy says I scare them, but they are HUGE, I couldn't hurt them if I tried.
They squawk and cluck and are driving mommy bats. She doesn't think they are happy in their new home yet. Mommy says if they don't shut up soon she'll take them to live with the goats and mule where they may be happier. Mommy can't remember ever having such loud monster birds.
Mommy says they had babies and a boyfriend where they were living, and they may be so noisy because they are trying to call to them. A giant monster bird family drama. If you want to call someone, borrow mommy's phone, dummies.
I'm starting to wish they'd shut up to. True, this is a plenty noisy neighborhood and outside our yard they probably don't seem much noisier than anything else, but mommy is not very noise tolerant, and doesn't like to contribute to the din.
We can only wait and see. Maybe they heard about the goat farm and know they get to live there if they are noisy and it is a well-orchestrated giant monster bird plot. Bravo, monster birds, that is some keen plotting. Hope you enjoy the farm!


The House of 50 Cats

August 13th 2009 9:19 am
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Next week mommy is house sitting 50 cats! She will be spending the nights with them in the very house I was fostered in! Some of them are kitties I knew, some have arrived since I left. One has diabetes, and mommy will have to give him a shot after his breakfast every day. One is a tiny calico kitten with a bad eye. Mommy will need to put ointment on the eye every day. Mommy is surprised that's all the medicating that needs to be done for 50 cats! But it will get complicated, don't worry about that. Some kitties can go out, others can't. One needs to be carried to the litter box because she is shy, and another has a bladder problem. Mommy needs to remember to ask if she's on any meds for that.
Some kitties only can have certain foods, some steal from other cats. There are lots of hidden litter boxes to clean and sneaky ferals that hide around the house, mommy will have to track them down to feed them or they may be too scared to come out and eat.
There will be a lot of poopies and pee-pees and barfies around the house to clean up, probably even more than they normally have because the regular humans won't be home and they don't know my mommy well. There will also be a lot of playing and morning snuggles.
What about OUR morning snuggles? Daddy will be home while mommy cat sits, but he is boring. He won't wake up to snuggle. Mommy says we aren't to worry, she probably won't get much sleep, so it will be like when she worked grave shift, and she'll snuggle and nap with us when she gets home. Yippee!
Mommy wonders what to bring. She is planning what cat nanny gear to pack already. Some Comfort Zone, No Mark, maybe some cat nip, and latex gloves. Hmm, I bet she needs other things.
If your human was watching 50 cats, what would you tell them to bring?


Tiny Droppings in the Box

August 11th 2009 8:45 am
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There are some tiny droppings in one of my litter boxes! The round box with low sides. Whatever made them didn't bury them. Mommy says they look like mouse droppings! Why would a mouse use MY litter box? That seems pretty stupid. Mommy says the litter is made from corn cobs, and maybe that is attracting mice. But could they possibly be getting any nutrition from it? And could it possibly be worth the risky trip onto the catio? I don't know, but I plan to watch that box until mommy finds another brand of litter she likes. Awful nice of the mice to make themselves so available, especially when there is a ton of fruit, veggies and seeds they could have in the relative safety of the garden. -Niko


Flutter Flutter, Who has Butter?

August 3rd 2009 9:20 am
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The other day there was this big yellow thing flying in the air. It landed on a box, and pow! I got it! Then mommy came and took it away! She said it was a swallow tail butterfly, and I should not have pounced on it. I ripped its wing, but it was able to fly away when mommy let it go. Mommy said maybe it could still go lay its eggs. I sorry, I didn't know there were forbidden bugs. The swallowtails must be like the humming birds and off limits. Well, I can live with that. There are still plenty of flies to eat, and mommy says I can kill all the cabbage moths I want! -Niko


Look What I Got You! I Wrapped it Myself!

July 26th 2009 12:39 pm
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The other day mommy and daddy noticed something stinky. Then mommy lifted up the throw that was sort of wadded up on the couch. Can you guess what she found? It was a giant poop, all folded up in the throw. Mommy started laughing, because the turd was wrapped so carefully in the throw, like a special gift, and because dad ran out of the house like a chicken when he saw what it was. Maybe he was afraid he'd have to help clean it up. As if he'd ever! Mommy flushed the turd down the toilet, and took the throw to the laundry, and scrubbed the couch with soap and water. Luckily the offending object had been wrapped so carefully in the throw it didn't actually touch the couch, but mommy thought stink molecules had gotten in there anyway.
I'm not about to confess to being the one who made the turd, but I am the resident soiler of cloth items.


Down on the Farm

June 30th 2009 8:02 am
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I've decided that I'm a rooster. I crow and crow every morning between 4:15 and 4:25. I feel that is when everyone should get up. Sometimes I pounce on mommy and crow right in her ear. When she is lucky, she can shut me up by making a little cave under the covers and luring me in there for a nap. Often this doesn't work. Sometimes I do get her up, other times she just lays in bed with the insomnia I've triggered. Every once in a while she gets really lucky and manages to fall back to sleep until 7. Lazy mommy.
Our computer still has worms, mommy can't seem to dig them out.
Mommy says in not too long we will have some chickens and ducks here, and some goats outside of town. I don't now if I'll ever see the goats. Maybe later if one is born that needs bottle feeding mommy will bring it home for a few weeks, and I'll get to see it. Daddy says no goats in the house, but before daddy moved in mommy even kept an opossum in the house for a few weeks because it was sick. Mommy says our house is a wreck, and there is nothing a goat could do to it time hasn't already done or started to do. However, if we end up with a kid in the house, it will have to stay in a kennel or wear diapers, because poops and pees in the house are something mommy won't permit. Well, that and spraying, sharpening claws on the couch, dead or dying birds and mice, and dogs. But that last one is for our comfort and happieness. Mommy is pretty strict!
Anyway, better go. We are purring Hooch gets well. We are all confused and frustrated that the vets can't get to the bottom of his problem and fix it, and are hoping his body snaps back into shape and his organs start behaving.
Sorry for the misspellings. The worm killed our spellcheck.
Hope everyone is having a good summer. -Nikolai


My Mouse Club

June 18th 2009 3:19 pm
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I had a dead mouse, and I was playing and playing with it. Then Vincent came to play with it, then Ming came to watch us play with it. then mommy couldn't find the mouse. Did I bring it in the house, or did someone eat it? I'll never tell. -Nikolai

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