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Bundles of "Joy?"

August 12th 2010 9:57 am
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Mommy got a call last night saying that somebody has preggo they have no room for, and asking if she would foster her and her kittens to, when they are born.
Mommy is always torn with these pregnant cat cases. In her spay and neuter work, the pet's owner gets to decide if the pregnant cat is fixed, and mommy doesn't have to. Mommy isn't against a humans right to choose, though she thinks using birth control is a responsible adult's duty.
When pregnant kitty is fixed, the kittens kinda OD on the sedatives, she is told. But it sounds like it is kinda icky and slow when they are very far alone. It is hard to say what the momma cat feels about the whole thing. She is likely very aware she is expecting if she is far along. Mommy doesn't know how far along this kitty in question is.
So is it right to let more kittens be born into a world where thousands upon thousands are euthanized already for being "extra?" Is it fair for more homes to be taken by cute little kittens that didn't have to be born that may otherwise have gone to adults needing another chance and dooming them to euthanasia? These are hard questions for mommy.
And if momma cat rejects her babies, they will have to go to the bottle feedin' granny volunteers. Do they have too many to feed already? Would mommy have to carry the kittens with her all summer and learn to do it?
And what if something is wrong with the kittens, and they get sick and die, and $ that could have gone to saving kitties that are already here or to spay and neuter is lost when it didn't have to be. Money is a cruel consideration, but when there is so much need out there, mommy can't help but think of it.
And what if the delivery is hard on the momma cat? What if she gets really sick and is never the same? Mommy will feel terrible she didn't end the pregnancy.
So many considerations. Mommy is too torn. She expects she will defer to the judgement of her acquaintances who have much more experience in these things than her. She has never been in the situation before, so she doesn't really know.


Sad News

August 6th 2010 8:27 pm
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The starving kitty mommy found a few moths ago whom her friend was trying to cure died this afternoon.
He ate a lot, over a can of food a day, and was getting his thyroid meds. Mom's friend had just started him on raw food in the hope that his body could use it better. But today he was cold and staggering around, and mom's friend took him into the yard to be in the sun. He seemed to like that, and while she was reading the paper, he slipped away.
The vet thought the problem was that since he was so thin, under 3 lbs, he dared not give him as much thyroid medicine as he wished, as it may have killed him. The poor cat just kept loosing weight, no matter how much he ate, and his organs just shut down.
Mommy wishes she'd found him before he'd gotten so thin so maybe the vet could have had better luck medicating him. Mommy assured her friend that she'd done all she could, and that she'd given the poor kitty a few happy months, at least.
He was a silky black and white cat. Someone had owned him at some time, but apparently they did not value him much. He was a sweet and gentle cat, so grateful for all kindness and affection. So sad such a creature is discarded so readily in this cruel and warped culture, where vicious dogs and brain-dead celebrities are revered and corrupt corporations are given more rights than individuals with nowhere near the accountability for misdeeds. A world where kindness and love vanishes, those urges satisfied with the purchase of some junk made by slave labor in China, or some sugary foods that make the brain feel good for a moment, or a bad T.V. show where you watch someone else's supposed emotions. So many are so disconnected and poisoned, they don't see or value that unconditional love dispenser sitting right in front of them. They will spend their money on cable T.V. so they can watch more garbage, but not on a friend who loves and needs them, and doesn't care if they stink or are fat or have terrible clothes. They may have numerous human children, a souvenir from every man whose been in their life, that frankly, the planet cannot support and there probably is no future for, in order to feel loved, but kitty is right there with love already. Why do people who can't care for a simple cat think they can raise babies with adequate attention and care anyway? That's hard to do, my mommy admits it would be way too much for her, she'd care for 100 cats more easily. I guess such people just shove McDonald's in their kid's face after the school baby sits them all day, then stick them in front of a video game for the remainder of the time and call that parenting. Yes, that is easier than scooping a litter box, mommy must admit. But what happens when people raised in such way join the adult world? I weep for the future. Anyway, enough of my Ming-like rant on the fall of Western culture and civilization.
Elan. Rest in Peace.
If he'd been treated for his condition sooner, he'd probably have had a healthier and longer life. And so it goes for so many of us, cat and human alike, but all he may have needed was a simple pill twice a day.
Rest in peace, poor Elan. This world didn't deserve you.


More Fosters and My New Hobby

August 3rd 2010 10:20 am
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So, I got out for like 2 days while mommy was on vacation, and I liked it! Now I yowl and try to find ways of escaping the catio all day long. Mommy tries to distract me with laser toy and cuddles. She says she can't put money into enclosing more yard for us right now, and there is still a murderer out there. So no out. So I yowl most pitifully all day long and refuse to enjoy the enclosed yard I do have.
There are 2 new foster kitties in the bathroom, Blackberry and Sprite. They like being petted, but slink down low as if they are avoiding it, and hide a lot as if they don't like people, yet they come out if you call them long enough. Mommy needs to get them more loving, confident and outgoing in a hurry, their kittenghoods are almost over, and they need to be adopted. She doesn't know any surefire tricks if there are any, so she is using various types of positive reenforcement, feliway, and attempting to desensitize them to the sensation of being picked up. Any trick suggestions would be totally helpful, though. There is something very phony about how they slink past her,over and over, acting like they don't want to be touched, but they obviously do. Mommy is having some luck making them stand up and arch their backs if they want to be petted instead of the slinky shy act. Anyway, she is gong to try more play therapy and some confidence building exercises today. They do crave interaction. she hopes to get them walking around the bathroom like they own the place soon. -Niko


I was BAD, BAD, BAD!

August 1st 2010 6:56 pm
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Some time when mommy was gone, her best guess is Friday, I wormed my way out of the catio, loosing my collar.
When the tall teens came to feed us, I came and stared at them, but wouldn't let them near. They didn't know who I was, because my collar was gone.
They told mommy they hadn't seen me that night. She should have called someone I know to come look, but I'd done a really good job a few days before hiding within the enclosure so well she couldn't find me, so she assumed I was just in "stranger danger" mode hiding again. On Wednesday when they reported seeing me in the house where I belonged, it actually had surprised her, because I'm a hider with strange people. Not seeing me would have been more normal.
Well, when she came home I was in the yard to greet her, and very hungry. I left some fur where I got out; a place where chicken wire overlapped itself. She really had to look for it, because it wasn't exactly a hole. I really had to squeeze! Mommy sewed the layers together. Bummer.
The sitters were apologetic for not realizing it was me in the yard and not some neighbor cat.
Guess mommy shoulda assumed the worst and called someone.


Mad. Any San Diego Catsteers?

July 28th 2010 7:30 pm
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I'm mad. Mommy ignored my whining to go out for days. She says "it isn't safe, Niko, remember Vincent?" and "there s a murderer out there." Yeah, she is trying to scare me from wanting out. But we have a big, beautiful yard totally overgrown with weeds and trees, and you bet the birdies and all sorts of bugs and things love it. I just want to go out there. Mommy says it would cost thousands to fix the fencing all around, and grandpa would probably just leave a gate hanging open so a dog could come murder us after all that. She says someday she will make a bigger safe place for us.
Tonight she sent spies! 2 tall girls. And a 3rd spy, a tall man, we've met him before. I think he is called Egger or edger or something. I didn't want anything to do with them, but the others thought they were nice.
Mommy says the whether is almost as nice in San Diego as it is at home today. She saw a kitty tied out in a little front yard there. She hopes large, stupid, vicious dogs are not as popular in San Diego as they are at home.
Do any of our Catster friends live in San Diego? Maybe you have activity suggestions for our mommy.


Gettin' Stinky in Here!

June 11th 2010 9:20 pm
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Mommy was working all day, with her cat rescuing friend. She didn't have to read the awful things kitties have been saying were on Catster today, and neither did we.
Ming has complained about how mommy encounters anti-cat talk all over, almost every day, and how mad it makes her that people are sick enough to pick on such inoffensive, pleasant, useful animals who mostly just want to love and be loved, or to simply be left alone. Creatures man domesticated because with the advent of agriculture and cities, mice and rats were, and still are, a threat to foodstuffs and human health. We have been mankind's friend and helper for a long time. Why are we so hated?
Now, mommy had the misfortune to work in mental health for a number of years. Something you learn working in that, if you don't already know it, is that some sick people like to hurt animals. And then they go on to hurt humans, then they finally get in "trouble." Something more needs to be done about the mean, sick people. The mental health jobs were all about keeping the sick people safe and well fed and medicated and healthy and giving them a nice, clean place to live and making sure all their "rights" were respected. What about their victims? What about protecting animals and other people from these persons? There wasn't much of that, all mommy could do was call the cops if they did something, she wasn't legally even to keep them from going right out on the street and doing whatever they wanted to whomever or whatever they wanted. She wasn't allowed to physically restrain them even if they attacked someone. I don't know, that just doesn't seem right to me. It didn't to momma either, she quit her job when the house she worked for decided to both adopt a kitty and take in someone who'd killed a kitty. She couldn't talk them out of it, so she quit so she didn't have to see what would happen as the result of such stupidity. Maybe that was not the right thing to do, maybe she should have waited 'till they got the kitty and kidnapped it. But you know what? Then SHE would be the criminal, and may not be able to get another job if they pressed charges. How messed up is that? She probably should have done it anyway.

I guess my point is that this is a very messed up, unjust, dangerous world, especially for us kitties. It is frustrating, and it is hard to know if one can make a bigger impact by fighting or by leaving. There are no easy answers.
Mommy wants some contact info for all her pals that leave, though. Our farm has a f-book page, us kitties don't yet, but will probably soon. So any kitty who is leaving or who is going to stay and try to fight and may be kenneled because of it, we are vince price on there, with a big, white goat. Maybe we can form something better together, or at least stay in touch.
Please purr for the 7 year old human boy who went missing from school not far from us. Children are much like us kitties in that they are easy for mean, sick people to harm, and they need such people locked away so they can't get at them. Kids are little and trusting critters like us, and too vulnerable. He needs to be found really soon, safe and sound. -Nico


Update on Stray Cat

June 10th 2010 4:11 pm
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The vet said the stray cat just needs some thyroid meds every day so he can get nutrition from his food and not just poop it right out. Makes sense to mom, she doesn't think a cat could simply starve to death in that neighborhood, many people feed their pets outside and he could swipe some. So he is currently under the care of an expert cat rescuer, and mom needs to get some pictures of him so she can try to find the owners. No collar, no chip. Failing that, when he is well enough, he will be adopted out to a good home that can provide the care he needs. A rare happy ending (knocking on wood).


A Kitty in Troubble!

June 7th 2010 10:42 pm
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Mommy was on a walk today, and she stopped to say "hi" to a kitty in someone's driveway.
It was a medium haired black and white tuxedo kitty. His fur was all messed up and had bald spots, and when mommy picked him up he was almost as light as a foster kitten! Mommy knocked on the door of the house he was in front of. No one home, but she knew they didn't own him, because those were good people who wouldn't let a kitty get so sick. she was just hoping they would know whose he was. Mommy carried him home. He purred and mewed now and then, but did not try to get away.
Mommy called her friend who rescues cats to find out what to do. Her friend met her at the vet. The vet said the kitty had tiny kidneys and only weighed about 3 pounds! He was fixed, and so friendly. Surely he'd had a home at some point. Mommy gave him some canned cat food on the way to the vet. He ate it all. At the vet's he ate 3 more servings of food in the short time mom was with him there. The vet said he was negative for feline leukemia and AIDS. He said the kitty would need to be hydrated before kidney tests would mean anything. Sub Q fluids wouldn't work at this point, so the vet had to keep him to give the fluids overnight.
Mommy went home and put found cat adds up on craig's list. She got 2 responses from folks hoping the kitty was theirs, but they weren't matches. It made mommy sad, because she is still going through this with Vincent being missing. She hopes everyone will find their kitty, and that this kitty has an owner who will read Craig's list and find him. Mommy may need to give the shelter a picture of the kitty to. So much to do, but mommy has to work tomorrow. Her rescuer friend said she had a cage the kitty could stay in to recover. That should give time to search for an owner, or find a new owner, if no one comes forward.
Mommy hopes the kittie's kidney's aren't too bad, and that he will have a happy ending to his story.
Happy birthday to my beloved friend, Vincent, wherever he is. -Nico


Quality Control! A Plea for Skilled Labor!

June 4th 2010 6:20 pm
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Alright, pirate cats, computer geek cats (I'm look at you, pawsome page members), and all other skilled and motivated kitties, why don't we start a new kitty website? One that promotes our values and increasing awareness of issues that harm kitties, like breed snobbery, food quality issues, the lack of spay and neuter funding, the People's Republic of China's many crimes against cat kind, and the many other things this site refuses to see as problems? It could be a place where fosterers and rescuers could help each other out and find each other, and where members could vote for a BOD, or run themselves, and volunteer opportunities could be shared, and it could be altogether more philanthropic? Maybe some business kitties could help us think of a way to make it pay for itself without ruining it with poisoned product promotion, etc. Craig's list does well, we can find a way to do this, no?
My mommy doesn't know much about computers or business, but she can follow the instructions of others and do research assignments and such. A fair writer, she could contribute articles or something from time to time. She is very involved in kitty rescue and spay and neuter resources and other things that need promotion big time. She has some basic design skills and proofreading abilities. This isn't much to bring to the table, but if every kitty brings something, I know we can make a better site. Lets stop meowing to indifferent ears and create something better!
If there are any groups of kitties working on this, point them to us or us to them. Or if such a site already exists. Plenty of our humans are out of work but highly skilled. Let's put them to work for US!


Kittens, Kittens, KITTENS!

June 2nd 2010 9:54 am
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Our foster kittens have a page now, though mommy spends more time with them than on it, so there isn't much there yet.
Grandpa's dog, Pepe, was put to sleep today. He was over 15 years old and his kidnies were failing. He wasn't bad, for a dog, and mostly left us alone. He had a good life and once went up a big mountain with mommy. She will never forget what a good climber he was.
Rest in peace, Pepe, and check out the foster kittens' page under my family. xxxooo-Nicolai

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