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Puff's New Home

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New Year's Resolutions? What's them?

December 31st 2008 5:17 pm
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I keep hearing effuryone talk of "New Year's Resolutions". Would someone kindly tell me what they are??? Meowma said it's something I want to do and try not to do something else. Needless to say, I'm confused MOL! Here are some things that I would like to do and hope they pass for these resolutions for this year.

1. I will try harder to play and love my sisfurs.

2. I will try not to hog the food...well a little anyway MOL!

3. I will get to know Spike a LOT better! He's so cute!

4. I will learn to use more manners in the house.

It's been a bit difficult getting to know all the new rules and stuff in my new furever home, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I've learned that daddy is loud sometimes, but he's pretty harmless. He loves us all and even me, though he doesn't have much to do with me yet. Meowma loves me lots though and shows me effury day what it feels like to be loved. I'm treated as the others are and disciplined too. We get lots of treats and toys to play with too!

Hope effuryone has a wonderful New Year! I know mine will be!

Purrrrs, Puff



December 23rd 2008 7:45 am
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I just cannot believe how lucky I am!!! Not only did I find a terrific new furever home and a very loving Meowma and daddy, but now I have my first "date"! I've been asked to go to a Valentine's dance if there is one here! Woohoo!!! The furboy who asked me is a very handsome black furkit by the name of Spike! He is just so good looking!! I can't wait for Valentine's to come around and here it is not even Christmas MOL! This has been the most pawsome three weeks in my life!!!

Meowma even took one of our purresents out of the tree and opened it up so I could have my furst taste of treats! They were soooooo yummy! Meowma says they are shrimp and crab, but whatever they are they are sure good! I even gently took each one out of her fingers and never got even close to them with my mouth. I AM learning some manners MOL!

To each and effury one of you that have become my furriends, I thank you! It's so good to be loved and cared for when I was so very close to dying. I've gained a good pound Meowma says which is very good. I run and play now and act just like all the others. SPOILED!!! MOL! and I love it!

Merry Christmas effuryone!

Love and purrrrs, Puff


I Can't Believe This!

December 15th 2008 5:56 am
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This is totally pawsome and tells me my new sisfur Patches has accepted me totally! This morning when Meowma dished up our food, I was eating in one of the three bowls she fills for us and in walks Patches and comes straight over to me and eats with me!!! No hissing or slapping, she calmly sat and ate breakfast with me! Isn't that neat??? She's the one I thought would never accept me, but she has never really made me feel too uncomfortable about living here. None of my new sisfurs even mind me now! It's totally amazing at how well I have just fit into the group and I'm soooooooo spoiled already MOL! I love it here and will stay furever!

*Note from Meowma Cheri*: This little girl is truly special! She's never once tried to attack any of the other furkits and the others have totally accepted her presence. It's like she was born into the family, not a little starving dropoff that someone no longer wanted. She's finally playing some and she wrestles with me a little, but she's a very loving kitten. Someone just didn't know what they had and I for one am happy that I rescued her. She's just precious!


Puff and Meowma Cheri


I'm sooooooo happy!!!

December 11th 2008 5:22 am
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OMC!!! I just cannot believe the amount of furriends I have in such a short time! Makes me soooooo happy I could just dance! I have some wonderpurr furriends, a new home and lots of love. What more could a little girl like me ask for?

Only one of my new sisfurs is picking on me and I just don't understand why? Itty is soooooo beautiful and I leave effuryone alone, but she just doesn't seem to like me...OR maybe she's jealous? Hmmmmm!!! Now that's a novel idea since I just came into the house a few days ago. Might be the problem so I'll have to work on it MOL!

In any case, I am terribly happy and purr up a storm to let my Meowma know I like it here and don't ever want to leave! I love Catster and all my furriends too! I hope to have many more!

Purrrrrrrrrrr, Puff


I've Been Saved!!!

December 8th 2008 7:20 am
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Woohooooooo!!! I love my new home and new pawrents! I was unceremoniously dropped off in front of their house and my new Meowma was so loving and kind to help me back from almost starving to death! I was oh so cold and shivering and sooooo hungry, but I just couldn't eat right away, but I sure drank a lot of water MOL!

I just want to say thank you and I love you Meowma! You saved me from certain death in the sub freezing temps and made sure I came back from almost starving to death. I will be forever grateful to you for that.

Merry Christmas effuryone, I know I will have one!

Purrs and Love, Puff

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