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I am being Tagged with a Loc8tor

August 3rd 2010 12:08 pm
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Yep mommy has finally gone and got me a loc8tor coming, daddy keeps telling me that i will have to carry round a big radio ariel and a battery pack on my back, but mommy tells me that i will only have a little adaptor attached to my collar when i go out and this will allow her to find me whenever and wherever I hide.

I do not go out for very long each day and mommy tries to monitor my outdoor time, but sometimes I am quicker and escape out the garden. At the weekend she was convinced that i had gone into the neighbours next door and she was not happy. The children have a habbit of picking me up, and treating me like a toy, it does not help that mommy and daddy have a lot of noise issues at the moment with them and have just made a complaint. The house next door is rented and until my pawrents finish doing their house up, they are unable to move houses.

Wonder if Anna is going to get tagged too, I mean the rabbit is a bigger escape artist than me. You think you have bunny proofed the back garden and surprise surprise Anna still finds a way to escape, normally when the window cleaner is doing the back windows.

Mommy says that getting a pet loc8tor will just give her more peace of mind as she knows that I like garages and worries all the time just in case i get shut in one. She promises me that she will not stalk me I mean a cat has to have some private hiding places.

Going to test out some hiding places now love Tilly xx


Cat Fighting and DIY ... What a girl Cat I am

July 20th 2010 6:45 am
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Yep what can I say I have been on form today. Both my pawrents are off this week doing this thing called DIY and I have been helping. Whilst mommy has been sanding down the stairs I have been supervising and covering her in kisses whilst she worked.

Then also with them being off I am allowed out all day, mommy was starting to get worried as I had been gone around a hour, then all hell broke out at the bottom of the garden ..... cat fight....

I WON, the other cat run by mommy at full pelt and then I appeared with an eye shut which just sent mommy into overdrive. "martyn, martyn .... Tilly is injured" not about what a clever girl I was. After quickly being caught and an examination, they realised that the other cat just got in a poke right in the eye nothing serious. But now grounded as this has spooked mommy right out.

Feeling really pleased with myself, see daddy not a poncy cat afterall :o)


Even from the Uk - Happy 4th July

July 4th 2010 7:15 am
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To everyone happy 4th July Day, hope you all have a fantastic day. We do not celebrate it in the Uk but am glad to share the day on Catster with everyone.

Lots of love and hugs from Tilly, Pebbles and Rhea xx


It was not a water infection .................. it was- constipation instead :o(

June 23rd 2010 3:04 pm
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After the experience of the vet visit last Friday for what we thought was a water infection, late on Saturday mommy realised that I had not got to the toilet other than for a wee (which I seemed to be passing really well). I was scooped up and taken to Auntie Angie at the cattery, there they discussed me, looked on the internet and realised that maybe not a water infection, but constipation, so I was given some laxative and waited for it to work.


Then I was given a bit more and it worked.

Then Nothing ...

Today I have managed to go on my own, and too my embarrasement, Mommy watched and checked it and there was the reason. A big hairball that has finally passed. I did not know who was more surprised me or mommy, she even called Daddy to have a look but this did not impress him.

I now feel wonderful, and finally mommy may leave me alone, instead of inspecting my litter tray every time I used it.

A very proud and a stone lighter Tilly xx


What a water infection again!!!!!

June 18th 2010 1:20 pm
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Well last night I kept trying to pee in mommy's flower pots, and after I was brought in for the night, constant trips to the litter tray only meant one thing ............. the dreaded water infection was back.

Mommy went through anything that could have upset me, and she has given in, everything scares me, I seemed fine when I went out for a hour as I did not wander far.

Today first thing, Vets appointment booked, and within half an hour I was back home, two injections, tempature taken (whilst wrapped in a towel for their safety) and 20 tablets to take 2 a day. What did mommy get, an empty purse but a happier furby.

12 hours later, feeling much better and not throwing cat litter everywhere. No longer am I crying when i go to the toilet and crying when I could not get comfy, mommy cried last night as she could do nothing for me, just gave me plenty of love.

At the moment i have got a litter tray in each room and a bowl of water, which Daddy has managed to kick two over already.

Got to go it is now tablet time, love Tilly xx


Little People

June 13th 2010 8:30 am
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Hi Everyone, last night Daddy invited his friends around to watch football and one of them little people came (mommy called them children). The last time i met a little person, i got scared and attacked and scratched, now normally I am placed in a bedroom and out the way of little people. Last night though I was allowed to mingle and what great fun I had. The little person was not that bad and I did not use my nails once, she stroked me, played with my toys and I purred contently enjoying the moment.

Mommy though was keeping an eye just in case she had to jump into action and swipe me up. Whilst everyone watched footy, I went from lap to lap getting all the attention and loved it.

See we have come a long way in the last 18 months mommy I even allowed you a belly stroke yesterday and a good hair brush too, what will I be doing next!!!

Lots of love and hugs Tilly xx


Mommy got some bad news today :o(

May 27th 2010 11:52 am
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Mommy has been told today that the company she works for Netto is being bought out by Asda. Mommy works in their Accounts department and has been there 10 years, she has been very upset and in tears at the unknown situation at the moment.

Daddy keeps telling her that this could be for the best, but it does not seem to make mommy feel any better. She has got a great job and lots of close friends at Netto.

After what seemed a long discussion, mommy is feeling a bit more positive and ready to take what happens, happens for a reason.

She tells me that if she does lose her job on the plus side I get to spend every day with her (YIPPPEEEE).

Giving mommy extra cuddles, purrs and kisses tonight.

PS where has the sun gone???

Love and hugs Tilly xx


Another Sunny Day

May 23rd 2010 11:03 am
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Again I have been outside all day today, but it has been too hot for me, I kept going up to my mommy and meowing telling her it was just too hot.

As I write this it is starting to cool down and I am so much more happy.

Alfie have u had a good sunny day, hope Rosie has behaved herself today. Have you all been sunbathing or have you found it too hot too.

Chloe i think you are so right we could be turning into Spain. Mommy says if that is the case I will have to have a hair cut hoping it is not a crew cut :o)

Hope you all have a lovely day, love Tilly xx


The Sun is here

May 22nd 2010 2:06 pm
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OMC the sun is finally here in the uk, for the last few day we have had sunshine and today has been the hottest day of the year so far. I wish I could have unzipped my fur coat and hung it up for the day as it was that hot.

I am not allowed outside unless I am being supervised and I have been out all day trying to find the coolest place in the garden. At the moment it is cooling down nicely so it will be ok for my pawrents to get to sleep. Mommy is a bit red from too much sun as she has spent around 8 hours with me in the garden, weeding, planting and gossiping with the neighbours.

Daddy has been busy too, but not too happy has yesterday he had an accident in his pride and joy .... his car and has been getting to a garage for an insurance quote. A silly accident but a quite costly one. He says one good point was that it was not mommy car as he would never hear the last of it MOL.

Tonight we have had a big firework display going off over the village. On the last night of the fair coming to town they do a firework display, i watch it out of the bedroom window with mommy and it was so beautiful, did not get scared for one minute ... me so brave.

I am soooo tired after being out all day so going to get into bed with mommy who has got a big cup of tea (even though it is still warm she says it cools her down????). Really hoping it is nice again tomorrow so that i can go out again.

Rustle, Jaffa and Lulu hope the weather has been as hot for you as it has been for me, enjoy the sunshine.

Lots of Love and big hugs Tilly xx


New Hobbies

May 8th 2010 9:06 am
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Mommy has decided to take up a new hobby and me too. Mine is trying to get onto the fence and jump into the palm grass next door to get the baby birds nest before mommy realises what I am doing. I have found a nest with 5 baby blackbirds in, if i balance carefully on the garden fence I am that close I can almost touch them. What I do not understand is why both my pawrents spoill my fun, and every time I get close, I am caught and brought back inside.

Mommy is going to take up photography, daddy says god help me when mommy gets a new camera it will be Tilly photos forever. I have never seen my mommy so excited about doing something, she does not have much free time with work and the cattery but she wants something for her that she enjoys now that the house is nearly finished. Mommy was good at photography at A levels but never really carried it on, going on to study accounts instead, so she is fed up with office work and wonders if she can make another career some time into the future.

If anyone has any tips on taking photos or on camera's would love your advice.

Lots of big hugs love Tilly xx

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