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My New Family

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Gave Mommy a Scare

October 2nd 2010 10:38 am
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Last night I slipped whilst getting on the window sill, I had jumped on Daddy's bedside cabinet at a fast pace whilst trying to jump to the window too. Mommy was laid in bed, when I did all this, then fell between the wall and bedside cabinet. I cried out loud as then a massive bang as I landed, I scared myself and mommy very much.

I laid very still at first, shocked at my fall, mommy quickly was by my side, keeping me calm whilst she checked me over. I think I was just stunned at what had happened as this morning I am fine, no broken bones or scratches, just a bit of damage to the bedside cabinet from my claws.

Daddy too checked me over, and placed me on the bed where I slept most of the night. I did really just play on the situation, but I was taken to the vets this morning for a quick check over and passed with flying colours.

Mommy was so glad that I was okay, as she kept checking me through the night and this morning was so tired and looking forward to a good night sleep tonight.

I will have to start slowing down and stop getting excited.

Love Tilly xx


Back Home

September 26th 2010 4:54 am
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I have arrived back home this morning from holiday. It was fantastic seeing mommy and daddy again but tried not to show it as I always try to make them feel guilty about leaving me.

Mommy got done from Auntie Angie for spoiling me too much and making me a picky eater, also that I am a few pounds overweight too. So Mommy is trying to become more strict on my eating patterns and not always filling my bowl when it is empty.

I got really excited when we pulled up in the car ............ I'M HOME, LET ME IN NOW. I then spent 10 minutes checking that everything is just like it used to be. Not too happy that I am not allowed in my own bedroom, Mommy says it is only until the paint dries, but come on how long does that take. Also does that mean you was off your holiday a couple of days before picking me up.

Daddy told me that this morning Mommy was up early and ready before him which is never the case any other day. She was constantly checking the time and jumping around as she could not wait to pick me up.

so everyone I am back at home, now snuggled in my Mommy's clean washing putting cat hair all over it, it is lovely to be back home.

Love Tilly xx


I'm on my summer holiday :o)

September 19th 2010 4:35 am
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Yep I am finally on holiday, though not to happy about it. Knew mommy was up to something, then the cat carrier appeared. Did I want to go in it NO WAY!!!!

I then did a runner and hid under the bed, and when mommy tried to get me out I attacked her, this just upset her even more so daddy took charge and finally got me in the cat carrier.

After a short journey I have arrived at my destination and into the hands of Auntie Angie. My Chalet was pre-heated and all nice and clean. I have unpacked my bags, turned my back on mommy and made myself comfy.

So everyone see you in a week, will miss you all and will have to spend a lot of time catching up on my return.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Going on Holiday .............. what about George

September 17th 2010 12:55 pm
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OMC I am going on holiday on Sunday, off to Auntie Angie at the cattery again. Really going to miss Mommy and Daddy, but they tell me it is the safest place to be, where they know I will be loved and looked after very well. Well come on mommy you work there too and you know I will be so spoilt.

But what about George ........... that is in hand too, Anna the bunny stays at home whilst mommy and daddy go away and grandma comes and feeds her every day. Grandma will also be feeding George as now he is a regular visitor who has completely fallen in love with Mommy. Grandma has been told that each day he must have a compete pouch of felix gravy and a bowl full of biscuits that will last the whole day. I honestly thought that they were going to pack him off to the cattery with me ..... but not until mommy tries to find out who he belongs to. She keeps asking people but no-one knows they thought that we had got another cat.

It has been an whole year since seeing Auntie Angie, I will get homesick but I know it is not for very long before I get to go home again. I am sure that Auntie Angie will get me out of my feed fads and keeps telling my mommy 'fussy cat comes from a fussy owner'.

Will say bye to everyone before I go, catcase is packed just a few more toys to add, and yes mommy do not forget the scratching post, and that pink blanket too.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Missing Daddy and completely Knot Free

September 7th 2010 10:58 am
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Can not wait until Friday when Daddy gets home, he is on business in Hong Kong and missing him like crazy. Each night I am pacing the house for him, this is the first time he has been away since i moved in 2 years ago. Mummy's pawrents are spending a lot of time here but it is not like Daddy being here. Good thing is that I get to share the bed with Mommy every night and snuggle in the warm covers. Normally I sleep under the bed in Mommy's clothes drawers, she loves this as she can hear me purring underneath the bed as she falls asleep.

YES I am finally completely knot free, after much worrying and getting scratched, Mommy took me to the V...E...T...S and a not very nice lady shaved my knots away (really she was nice but she was a vet lady). IT cost mommy £12 but she thinks it was good money spent. They have shown her how to hold me if I need cutting again and advice on what brushes to get. The did say I was not that much knotted up but I would feel better with the big one gone under my chest. I am all soft and fluffy again, but I have been told that now a strict daily brushing routine in underway to keep me this way.

Also George is now a regular at our house, but i am not happy if he tries to come in. Tonight he has even got a bit of chicken, which mommy had left over from her packed lunch. He is looking lovely too, after a good brush and comb, funny George likes being brushed and mommy has managed to get every last knot out of him. He also seems to have put on a bit of weight too, looking good George

Hope he is not out tonight we have had terrible rain in the last 24 hours, he was dry this morning as mommy went to work, looks like daddy could be putting the cat flap into the garage very soon.

Lots of love Tilly xx



August 30th 2010 12:17 pm
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Mommy was getting worried as she has not seen George all bank holiday weekend, even though the food has been going. Both my pawrents have had a busy weekend and has been out the house alot, but daddy put mommy's mind at rest when he told her that he had seen George this afternoon and had topped up his food.

Daddy I thought you told mommy off for putting food down and now you are topping it up.

On a serious note though George does have a collar on but not tag and mommy will soon have to find out where he comes from. She would hate to think that someone else was loving me and this is what she is doing to George.

They are too going away in a couple of weeks, I am going to stay with Auntie Angie at the cattery but mommy is leaving grandma strict instructions that when she comes to feed Anna, she must also make sure that George has some food and fresh water too.

Daddy says that if he keeps coming into the garden he will pop a cat flap into the garage so that George can be out of the cold. Mommy does not want to start letting him into the house so this is the best option.

Daddy asked mommy today that if she could have more cats how many would be enough .... two ..... no hold on one more would not hurt maybe three. Oh dear I could be in so much trouble!!!!

Lot of love from the one and only Tilly xx


Vistor Part 3 and Hair Knots

August 28th 2010 7:23 am
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Well my pawrents have named our visitor George after mommy established that he was a little boy. Yes he has become a regular visitor to our garden and to be honest still not very happy about it. Today he has been with us for nearly 2 hours and even allowed mommy to brush him and then fell asleep on the garden table. I am a creature that does not like change but slowly I seem to be getting a bit braver, i mean look how scared i was about Anna our house rabbit.

Mommy found a massive hair knot that went from armpit to armpit the other morning and is having trouble getting at it as I seem to become just claws when she is trying to have a look.

Well a parcel came for me today and inside was some cat grass seeds and a matt breaker, mommy is hoping that with some help from her daddy that this will help break up the knots and then get me deknotted.

Grandad is also going to grow my cat grass already for the winter. I love eating grass but in the winter Anna and I are not allowed out so mommy is getting us grass ready for us

Just been caught at the front of the house and again I am grounded, why do i never learn. Lots of love Tilly xx


Visitor - Part II

August 23rd 2010 10:45 am
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Yes our visitor has been back, today is windy, chilly and very wet. So my pawrents being how they are have place a bowl of food and water in a lovely little shelter near their house.

Mommy knows she is doing wrong, but the kitty is just too skinny and she will have to find out where it is coming from. She has decided that if it becomes a regular thing she will make little flyers and post them in peoples letter boxes.

Today the kitty has stopped for some biscuits and water and gone over the fence. Mommy says that if it keeps scratching it is going to be flead this weekend as she does not need fleas in our house.

As for me, I am completely loved and with the weather today, not even allowed out. Not too keen but hey every kitty should be loved and looked after.

Lots of love Tilly xx


A Visitor

August 22nd 2010 11:23 am
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Over the summer, our garden has been visited by a small black and white cat. It is quite slim and today mommy felt sorry for it and gave it a couple of treats, before you could blink it was running after MY mommy and going into MY house and started eating MY biscuits.

Mommy did not want this to start she just thought that getting friendly would mean it would stop chasing our house bunny Anna round the garden.

A bit later mommy and daddy was watching tv, heard a noise and when they went into the kitchen the visitor had managed to get in the kitchen window which was slightly open. Oh mommy what have you started !!!!

What do I think of the visitor ................ not happy, after a bit of hissing, hiding behind mommy, I disappeared upstairs and made myself comfy in her ironing pile of clothes.

Daddy not happy either, telling mommy that's it, it will be back everyday. What does Mommy think ............... she just felt sorry for it and thought it needed a good feed.

Happy to say it looks like it has left the garden and gone back to its own home. So we will see if it comes back tomorrow!!

Love and purrs Tilly xx


I am so in the bad books

August 18th 2010 12:13 pm
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Yep I am so in the bad books, mommy has found a big hair knot on my chest. She came over to have another look before attempting a brushing, and I have attacked with all claws.

You see I am in a bit of a mood today, it is raining and I am not allowed out, daddy is not here to have a bit of rough playing and mommy just got in the way.

Now mummy now smells funny and has plasters on a couple of fingers, I have tried to make it up to her by giving some leg rubs, but I am just being ignored. She is not even talking to me or playing, I have been fed but normally we play a game but none of that tonight.

Now I am sat indoors watching it rain, it is going to be a long night if mommy does not make friends soon :o(

Lots of unhappy purrs Tilly xx

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